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December 2010

I am in the CNS program at ITT in Thornton, CO.  I have read the complaints on this site and have had many of the same issues that are listed.... Many of the instructors that I have had were not qualified to teach the courses they had been assigned. I had sent an email to my program chair stating that I was unsatisfied with a few of my instructors, they're unqualified to teach these classes and I wanted to know what was going to be done about this. Her response, "Well after you graduate you can come back and retake the classes you were unsatisfied with for free. Maybe then you will understand what the instructors are teaching you."
It wasn't me that was having trouble understanding, it was the fact that the labs and the equipment provided was out of date. I was in a Linux class and the labs were written for Fedora 12, we were using Fedora 8. The instructor could not get the labs to work either.
Another issue I had was when I started at ITT we were provided removable hard drives that could only be used on campus. My third quarter the incoming students were provided with USB portable hard drives. I wanted one of these drives and was told I would have to buy my own. I stated that I was paying the same price as the incoming students and it was only fair that I was provided with the same technology! I went to my chair and her response, "No we will not provide this for you. Think of it like this, when you buy a new car it will come with more bells and whistles than earlier years, sorry."

I was very unsatisfied with ITT Tech. This includes a lot of the instructors, the labs, and my chair. Don't get me wrong, I had a few instructors that were great and very prepared, but they were few and far between.
ITT obviously doesn't care about their students and thier eduaction. All in all I would not recommend ITT to anybody!

Your problem is a fact.

I don't know how or what is the system they use to hire teachers. But as you say sometimes they aren't qualified for the class they're teaching; or when they are the curriculum is just ridiculuos.

I also feel that I've been wasting my time and getting a big debt paying for nothing.  Paying just for a piece of paper that "will take me to a better job".  What better job?  if not even their career services office look for jobs that at least help me pay my student loan.

For real, I should have done better homework when I was looking for a school and had seen some others.

I just finished my first two courses at ITT, Big Mistake and I'm about to leave and find someplace else. My first class T139 was common knowledge and a waste of 11 weeks and my money, yet the teacher acted like you would never survive school without learning their ways of studying and note taking. I never bothered with their ideas on the matter. I renamed the class, "college for dummies" after the first two weeks and it didn't prove me wrong; got a 99% and never cracked a book outside of skimming through it the week before school started.

My second class: WD100. This class covered the very basics of web design. This class was also not needed. I asked a student coordinator why it was such a short class and so basic, I was told it was to make sure students knew what to expect and make sure this is what field they wanted to go into. This was another big waste of time. I think anyone enrolling in a course at this level has to have played with the basic's somewhat to have made the choice of that field to began with. However follow below, this is where I learn the school doesn't have a clue of what they are doing.

In week 5 of the class when our class project was due, a project I worked hard on going well beyond what the book taught. Most of what I looked up online 'cause the teacher was no help and I wanted to expand on what I already knew, after all that is why I decided to go to school. Suddenly a couple days before it was due the web site stopped working ( I took my classes online do to my disabilities this seemed to be the best choice) well with making no changes to my computer the links to the classes and information stopped working, kept getting error on page messages. I called tech support, well the basic tech support just tried all the things I had already checked on my own with no improvement. So then they sent me to their specialist (I'm assuming ITT trained) I gave them permission to log into my pc and take it over which I don't like doing but at this point I was upset, wanting to get my homework turned in. The tech support also did all the things I had already tried. After a long time not finding the issue, gave up, told me he would see if he could gather any more information on what was wrong and get back to me but never did.

I thought maybe it was something with the pc; I reinstalled my operating system which is the latest available, reloaded all the required items such as shockwave and java, still nothing just error messages. Finally I went and bought a brand new computer, when I should be spending what little money on my daughter for Christmas but we decided school was more important and Christmas would just have to fall after my next payday. I plugged in the new pc, went to the school site and still had the same problems, so I called tech support once again, got a different person this time, went through the same routine for him to tell me there has to be a third party block on my pc, even though the site worked one day fine and the next it didn't with no changes installs or uninstalls of anything in that 24 hour period. So much for their tech support; glad I didn't take the computer information's course.

This is where I find the irony in all of this, the first thing they teach us in our basic web design is to design your sites to be compatible with all possible browsers, and do what we can to give options to make it more accessible to more people, however the only browser compatible with their online course is Internet explorer which is known for issues, and why a good amount of people download something else. The site is very specific for what it needs to run from its low security settings that most virus protection warns you against as well as not giving alternatives when you suddenly get warning messages on its site that your java won't work even though it works on any other site you go to.

So right now, even though I emailed my assignments, my 99% grade has dropped 72 'cause of 0's I have due to not being able to turn them in on their site. The teacher says she has the assignments and they're well done but until I can submit it on the required page, the one that dosen't work, she can't do anything.

Can anyone recommend another program?

October 2010

I went to Itt tech in Columbus Ohio. I too had my advisor leave shortly after signing up.

One of my instructors did not have the "real world Exp" that they claim to have. How do i know this? He had a masters degree in teaching and had just got his BA in computer networking FROM ITT the quarter before WTF!

I also love how Itt tech says that career services will help you get a job after you graduate. What a crock. I graduated in march 2010, they helped me get one job that paid 8.50 an hour and required no degree. They let me go after a month because they could not afford to pay my salary.

As soon as I got that job Career services began harassing me calling me sometimes 3 times a day to "fill out paperwork" even calling my employer to find out what days i had off.

I have had friends who graduated with a 4.0 get laughed out of an interview and told Itt tech degrees mean about as much as a high school diploma.

I graduated from ITT with a BSEET degree. The education is phenomenal. My technical abilities exceed coworkers, some who have MSEET degrees from state universities. I have held sweet jobs for the last eight years. However, the degree does carry a stigma. This has been expressed by my employer and it was made clear that certain jobs are off limits because of my degree.
In short, I make a comfortable living and will always do so. (This will be the fourth in a row year I made over 52k and I've been out of school for three years.) ITT does provide an outstanding education. Regardless, if you are looking to go to school, chose a state university or community. You will go for the same amount of time, you will pay less and your degree will not carry the stigma.

Comments above in RED are from me.


September 2010



I am a student at the Portland OR campus and have been working for the past 2 years to graduate with the Computer Drafting and Design program only to find out that the Bachelors program that I initially wanted to be enrolled in was closing and they can't promise that they will offer all the core classes needed to require because there aren't enough students to hold a class.


There are about 15 students currently in the BS program including myself that may find out that the $85,000.00 spent may be a waste because they won't offer these classes again.


I will promise to give anyone who asks about ITT a VERY negative response; as they have not advanced my career, only put me farther in debt!


I like your site and hope to see more students standing up against ITT's bull****!



I graduated from ITT in Dec '07 with a multimedia degree.


The multimedia program listed web site design, which I was interested in. I ended up getting 2 classes in Flash, and 1 class of HTML/Dreamweaver. The whole curriculum turned out to be centered around video game design, sort of disguised as film making/editing.


The final project HAD to be a MOVIE. This sort of curriculum is NOT conducive to finding a job in my area.


After I graduated, they consistently sent me ads culled from newspapers (which I could do myself) for jobs which I did not qualify. Website design was the biggest offering, but they always wanted experience with ASP.net, XML, PHP, and a host of other technologies I was not familiar with.


If I had been allowed to create my final project they way I saw fit, I might have been able to get something involving Flash. But the push was for a movie, in order to fit the grading rubric, so all my energies were focused there.


Now I have a totally useless portfolio.


I once got a call from a recruiter who said they wanted to see my Flash portfolio. I was so embarrassed to say I didn't learn enough about Flash at ITT, and that I didn't have one to offer. What a disgrace.


I also should say that I'm a mother of three kids, and 45 years old at the time I applied at ITT. I graduated with honors. If someone wanted to be kind, maybe they just should have taken me aside and told me that maybe I should look at other opportunities.


Because a 45 year old mother of three, who hadn't worked since 1993, doesn't stand a chance with a worthless 2 year degree from ITT.


Of course, all they care about is the scam they have running with Sallie Mae.

From Web Master:

From what I've experienced; making your own self-study course using Wiley Publishing's "For Dummy" series is the most cost effective way to learn anything.  I'm in no way associated with that publisher and receive nothing to mention them.  You could buy a computer, software and any of their books on whatever you wish to study; it would cost a lot less and you'd actually learn something.



From Web Master:

The following claims to be from a general education instructor.

The complaints from visitors to this site are mostly about the instructors and courses relating to specific fields of education or upper administration policies, not the general Ed departments.


This person basically says ITT is an expensive, for-profit, non-accredited school.


The complaints posted on this site go far beyond that; read the next posts immediately after or the ones above as examples.


This person should speak with the students about their core classes to see what they have to say and then report back to this site.



I'm a gen ed math teacher at an ITT campus in Tennessee with nearly a decade of experience in teaching at high schools and colleges and I wanted to make some comments and refute some of the testimonials I have read here.
First, let me start by saying that if you are having a bad experience at your school, I'm very sorry and I hope you find the help you need to make it better before it is too late, or find a better place to go instead. No one is in control of your destiny but yourself.
That being said, there is something that any responsible person should be aware of BEFORE starting any program at any school:
1) Yes this is a school, but it is also a BUSINESS. Every school is. They want either your money, your attendance, or your success because these things make the school better and enable them to STAY in business. This is true for ALL schools whether it is a public high school, ITT, or an accredited university. I've seen ugly recruiting practices from Ivy League colleges too!

2) Yes, this is expensive. Guess what- all colleges are. Public colleges are just as expensive, but they are subsidized with state and federal funds to reduce costs. Taking out student loans isn't free money- you have to realize up front that you BORROWING against your future and then act accordingly. If you decide that you aren't getting what you want with this money at one school, then PLEASE change to another.

3) Yes, you have to teach yourself a lot of stuff. That's part of being a student ANYWHERE. The biggest complaint students make at every school I've ever visited, attended, or taught is that the material is hard, the books are confusing, and a lot of personal time has to be invested. This is a fact of school. If you really want to get anything out of an education, you have to study and you have to practice. Why is it that no one thinks it odd for a football team to just practice football 3 hrs per day every day of the week, but students refuse to put forth 1/2 as much time and effort for their classes?

4) No, these credits will probably not transfer anywhere else. It's not an accredited school. They say so in every commercial. It's up to you to decide for yourself if you want to attend a trade school or a common university. The upside of a place like ITT is that it's smaller and they will work more with you to make sure you finish faster and with more hands-on experience than doing a similar program at a community college, and they're more forgiving of previous educational experience. The problem with a CC or Univ is that if you don't test at a certain level, you can't get it- or worse they let you in and make you take several remedial classes, probably 20+ credit hours worth- all at full price and NONE of those count toward a degree either. And then you can take the regular courses. So in either case, if you're one of those students you are stuck paying for something that's not worth anything anywhere else!

5) I don't know about any textbooks that are written by the school. That may be something that has changed since I started here, or maybe because I only teach gen ed courses, but all the texts I have seen are well-known texts written by well-known authors and used in other institutions besides ITT.
I make a personal effort to teach to my students in a way that is meaningful to them. Every instructor I have worked with so far seems genuine, interested in their students' welfare, and qualified in their subjects. My students seem happy and enjoy their time at school. I wish you all the same experience wherever you choose to go to learn more- but please don't hesitate to learn more somewhere!



I enjoy how the "Game Design" elements of my ITT Tech here in Henderson included a teacher making everyone to create maps with Warcraft III's free map editor.
Also, all software we used and all material libraries were stolen and pirated. In fact, the teachers both facilitated and encouraged all students to steal copies of Photoshop, Adobe, 3ds Max, Maya (Though they did not teach this) and others, including expensive MatLibs and Add-ons, to use in their class.
I can go on about many other teachers and many other issues...



August 2010


I was (past tense) an Instructor at this location [Thornton, Colorado] around the dates mentioned. I am not one of the instructors listed but know, and worked with, most of them. I am not surprised by any of the comments. I would generally agree with the instructor ranking (color coding).
There are serious flaws in some of the educational practices of ITT. Good instructors are often hamstrung by corporate policy. Curriculum and materials had a massive implosion around 04-05. NIIT books were a nightmare for instructors and students.
I wish you the best in recovering from this experience.


From Web Master:

The financial recovery is what makes this such a tragedy for all of us who have student loans with nothing to show for it.



July 2010



I am getting ready to graduate in sept.


I too had a very bad experience with the programming classes. we taught ourselves and we all got b's.


I was fortunate enough for 3 of my instructors: tommy fincannon server2003 and xp pro 2003, bruce webb who taught me linux and active directory and dave stabenaw routers and switches.  My instructors were real world pros and knew what they were talking about so i did learn a ton from them.


I still am having trouble getting any decent job offers and i have a 3.71(charlotte campus)



I never went to ITT nor do I ever plan to. This is a great website.

I will refer people to this website if they think about going to ITT or other questionable trade schools.


I believe all of these comments are legitimate complaints and not sour-grape whining.

I feel sorry for all of you who have been duped.


Best of luck in getting justice!



I, too, have attended ITT (Tampa) and found the lack of equipment (routers, switches, functional PCs, etc.) to be absolutely infuriating. Instead, we are given "simulators" (software based virtual devices) which cannot run 90% of the labs that we are given for "practice". Even instructors cannot make these labs work and eventually just resort to "skip that one".


I feel as if my $50,000 would have been much better spent at a community college (too late now!). Hopefully I can make enough of this mess to get a toe in the door and learn from REAL professionals who know how to do this.


As far as pay for jobs from career services, I made more as a carpenter than 95% of the job offers that ITT forwards to me! ITT is a total waste and should be taken off the market on grounds of false advertising!!



June 2010


Well what can I say other than I find myself going through a lot of the same type of issue's in their CNS program. At the same time what do you expect from a profit organization?


Most colleges or schools in general are non-profit: itt is all profit. The REPs promise you anything to get you in the door because they make their money off how many seats they fill.


I am currently working on my capstone project for CNS and am finding I do not know 1/2 of what I should while being near the top of my class.

I guess what I am saying is I wish I had never attended ITT.


ITT prides themselves on hands on experience (I didn't think it was all that hands on with internet that seemed slower than a 56k line).



May 2010


I'm in the Computer Electronics Engineering program and currently "enjoying" this "wonderful" ITT experience.

(This is pure sarcasm) 

I am having the same Issues:
~ Teach yourself classes
~ In all my Classes, most of us are either High or Drunk and we're still passing with A's and B's
~ Almost all the qualified instructors are gone, the few that are left are not as helpful as they should be or use to be.

Wallis is always playing games after theory nowadays. Most of the time he has an auto-answer for you, "Your circuit is wrong." and he just walks away; that's assuming he even bothers to come over to check it!

And all the new instructors have no idea what they are talking about. They're reading out of the books, verbatim at some points, and they take so long to get through the theory that we'll only have 1-2 hours before school closes to do our labs.

~ Career Services is a Joke. Prior to getting our new advisor they required us to email it to them, which is fine, but when you have a hard copy in your hand they refuse to even look at it. That makes me mad. I never got any help the 17 times I walked in, even when they suggested the time to come to see them.  I ended up just using the career services website.  Now, we have new staff in there and you're lucky to catch them. Thankfully the website is up to date now but if you need to talk to the career staff you end up needing an appointment.

A lot of us are doing what we can to learn all that we can from this place, finishing our associates and getting outta here.  We all have found other schools that will at least take a few of our credits that are less expensive with better curriculum.

If you have any other choice than going to ITT for god sakes take it!

Go to www.ABET.org
If it isn't properly accredited it's not on there.

From Web Master:

It is sad to hear Mr. Wallis has changed.  During my time there he was one of the better ones: honestly, he's the only reason I stayed.  I learned a lot from him.

This just shows how ITT can ruin a person.



April 2010


As a former instructor at ITT-Troy, I felt embarrassed to associate myself with such a slimy outfit.


It is school policy to be deceptive and immoral.  Every instructor actually has a quota of students that are expected to pass and attendance percentage.

If a student was too stoned or was in jail on a felony charge to show up for class, it was a reflection on my inability to get them to come to class to "learn".

I taught Microecon and after 11 weeks, students couldn't even draw a supply/demand curve.

About 95% of the student body reads and writes at a 3rd grade level.


ITT figures anyone gullible/stupid enough to fall for their slick commercials is an easy mark once they come through the door. 

Shame on everyone who works for that place.  You are all complicit in robbing weak-minded people for promises you can never deliver.


I quit after one term because I was so disgusted.



I agree with you.

I go to itt tech west houston at gessner and on my last quarter this school is a joke; waste of money for not being able to transfer credits.


I want to thank you for this website.  I was considering a position with them but was a little reluctant.


Now after reading these comments, some of which were employees, I have made the decision to decline the position.


I cannot rob young people of money, time and their opportunities.


Again thanks! 



From Webmaster:


I'd like to hear why you were reluctant.


Though they may not have the prestige, local community colleges pay instructors about the same, charge students far less and provide better "protection" for students and faculty rights (in my experience) .




From Webmaster:


Check out the BBB Code of Business Practices.



If  ITT  did not live up to this, file a complaint.



If you contact the BBB, post your experience here.



March 2010


I have been surfing the web looking for others that are or did have problems with ITT Tech.


I finished my associated in CNS (Networking) in November 2009 and they held the graduation at the end of January 2010.


During the last year of classes at ITT I kept telling myself that this school is a joke, I am not learning anything.  They need more hands on training and not so much class work, and they need more Networking classes and less English, Math, and so on.


I have my degree but I feel dumber then rocks. I can tear a computer apart and put it back together but ask me what is going on with your network and why you can't get connected and my mind goes blank and that makes me feel worse because I should be able to troubleshoot the problem and give you an answer.



I also attended ITT Tech. Thank you for having this website.


I also owe a tremendous amount of money to ITT Tech. I really feel ripped: upon registration I signed for $36,000 and upon leaving they wanted me to sign a paper stating I owed $56,000 after two years. How can that be???


I did not sign and they said they wouldn't give me the degree without signing this. I got my degree and after I got the bill for $56,000 I couldn't believe it!!


Can you please email me I have a few questions for you I am thinking about suing as well and reporting them to BBB. Thanks.


From Webmaster:


Please feel free to post your questions in this public forum: you will remain anonymous and I'm sure the Q & A would be helpful to others.


Everyone should contact the BBB.  Even if they don't resolve the problem, they tally up the complaints and that alone lowers ITT's standings in the BBB ratings.




ITT Tech does NOT care about you, just your money!  Ask former students like me.  I paid a big tuition but had nothing but a big dept when I left.


I went to a public school and got treated a 1000% better!! 


From Webmaster:


Public Schools & Community Colleges, in my experience, are much better and far less expensive.



ITT Tech is a JOKE!!


They are slick talking, make you feel like their school is the best, and offer all these great opportunities.  But here's what they really have to offer: $400 a credit hour.  That's over $36,000 for an associate or $72,000 for a bachelor degree.  This is why they don't publish their tuition costs on line.  You have to go to them in person just so they can con you in to going there. 


If you are thinking about going you need to keep in mind what you will be getting into.  Look into ANY financial investment before you buy.  You would not buy a car before you test drive it.  The only way to find out about ITT Tech is not trying out the school and then stay or move on to another school, but read like you are now.


You will find that ITT Tech rips people off right and left 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  The evidence is there, you just need to believe all the former students.




I went to ITT for the program CEET (Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology) in Dayton, Ohio. I graduated and got my degree but I have had issues finding jobs.


I've had some people tell me that they wouldn't even hire ITT students because of how bad of a school it is.


I went through temp agencies and keep getting told I don't have the experience they are looking for and I would bet it actually has to do with ITT.


The teachers at my school didn't know what they where talking about except the math and science teachers, but what good does those classes do when you need electronic experience?


They had some teachers teaching classes they didn't even know what they where teaching because they where doing "restructuring".


ITT is an expensive joke.


Now, between me and my mom, we are over $40,000 in debt (after interest).


If there was a way I could sue them I would. I wouldn't want anything extra, just to not pay what I still owe and to get back what I have paid to pay for a better education somewhere else.


If you read this, then don't make the same mistake I did.  DON'T go to ITT.



Your website is awesome.  I wish I would have done a little investigating before starting at ITT (Seattle).


I've attended three quarters so far and I must say I am seeing a trend.  I totally agree with all of your comments and facts. 


I'm calling it quits now with ITT.  I'm going to pursue my degree elsewhere.



February 2010


Thank you so much for this site.


My husband was applying to ITT Tech and had orientation on the 27th of this month. After finding all of the negative feedback on this school (if you can call it that) he called to tell them he decided to go to a community college.


They seemed to have turned into used car salesmen at that point doing their best to get him to come to orientation.


Thank goodness he is stubborn as a mule and as nicely as possible told them to stick it.


Hope you have found a school that can help you attain your goals. 



I had attended ITT tech for approximately 1 year and then looked around and realized I was around a bunch of idiots, who seemed to be passing with honors but couldn't speak with proper English.

After signing out I noticed that they had withdrawn a private loan from me in the amount of $9,500 without my permission.

Also when filling out the FASFA they were on the computer handling that and controlled my pin. I now know that it is illegal for them to do that.


I would love nothing more than to sue ITT Tech for the theft that caused me.



January 2010



I am getting close to my graduation from high school, and I was just checking out some colleges to possibly attend, and guess what, ITT tech. was at the peak of my list.


I think this is a very informative site and more people should know about it. I mean, I thought i was going to attend this school for as long as possible... i now realize what an idiot i would have been (no offense).


I give this site 5 stars out of 5!



Here is our experience at ITT.

It first starts with the financial aid people, they constantly were getting info wrong on my FAFSA, and my tax info.  I was in the office at least 20 times within the first year of being there.  I do my own FAFSA every year, and she would go in and try to change info on my papers and have to start the whole process over again.  That should have been my first clue to get the hell out of here.

We are in the CDD (Drafting and Design) program in Michigan.  Some of the teachers have been great at what they teach.  But then there have been a few that have no clue. All the beginner CAD classes went great, a few of the GE classes, like Microeconomics.  The teacher for microeconomics was a good guy but I don't think that he was very organized for the class.  We would have tests on materials that we did not even cover yet because he had to follow the syllabus, if it said we were to have a quiz, we took it no matter what.


Our Civil drafting and 3D modeling instructor was the same and he had absolutely no clue what he was doing.  We had caught him numerous times with the "help" screen up to see what to do when we came back from break. In the civil class we did not even use the software until week 9 of the 11 week course.  I was looking to go into the civil engineering field. But after that experience I have chosen a different path.  Why go into something that you have no clue about...

And then the chairperson for our program, barley did anything for us if had issues.  I think that she had a deal with some of the teachers.  We expressed our issues with her and she sat in on the class one day.  Her opinion was that she would teach the class the same way and we just were not cooperating with him to get the information we were looking for.  The next issue that we expressed to her was that we wanted to take a class at the learning site, witch we drove past to get to the main campus.  She said that she could not create a class at the other campus for just a few students. 6 out of 10 students lived closer to the learning site and that all she had to do was talk to the registrar and get it done.  I talked to the Associate Dean about the situation and got it done by the next week. 

I really lost faith in ITT about midway through my time here, I only have 8 weeks til graduation and cannot wait to get out of here.  And I am saying here because I am typing this at the ITT computer lab.


ITT TECH is the nastiest school on earth!!!!

ITT TECH is run by used car salesmen and the most horrible management practices, most immoral and unethical they violate state and federal laws but they have the best lawyers on payroll (will get them out of any Contravention most of the time)


I filed complaints with the attorney general, State of California Department of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau and they both told me they couldn't do anything.

I filed complaints with the City Officials and after investigating they found no fault with ITT TECH.


ITT is surely paying off any and every agency that could get them in troubles.

Who would have thought that an educational institute in the U.S.A can be allowed to be up and running with so many complaints, ethics, morals violations, and educational deception and fraud.

Do not forget at ITT TECH you are not a student you are only a "start number".


ITT TEC is the nastiest business on earth, it's not a school, and this institute runs by animals the only concern of these animals in the HQ is to increase profits and do not care about students or education.

But I did find some help with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, please please and please send your complains to


Or call Ms. Shameka Erby, (Complaints Coordinator at ACICS) (202) 336-6849

E-mail serby@acics.org

This is our last hope.



I have not verified the above link or e-mail address.

Do your research before making contact.