Summary of My ITT Experience


The classroom content did not always match the syllabus

Most of the instructors were not qualified to teach their subject
(as a result of the above two we did not learn what we were paying to learn)

Pointing out poor instructors and bad curriculum did not get any response or changes


The problems were:
- Poor curriculum design.
- Instructors came across as unqualified for the topic they were assigned to teach.
- My student advisor left ITT one month after I started.  Every time I tried to meet with an advisor I got someone different. I had to repeatedly tell my story and they would pass me on to someone else.

After more than two years of trying to work with ITT to find a remedy, without success, I decided to put up this web site to make the internet world aware of the problems.

Please pass the link for this site to anyone you know who is considering attending an ITT school.

I'm not the only one complaining. Read what others are posting on this site.

Specifics of the problems I had with ITT Technical Institute:

Most of these are actionable items under the law as they were promised in their catalog and not delivered. You would think they'd be quick to remedy this problem. There appears to be enough disgruntled students nationally for a class-action law suit.

The program was centered around a capstone project in which students would design and build an electronic device controlled by a computer.

C Programming



Data & Network Communications


They offered private instruction:

They offered to let me sit in on classes again:


They offered repeatedly to have Job Services find a job for me:

Near the end of each semester they asked for student feedback:



Other points:

I had perfect attendance, but one night I had to miss for a wake (my uncle had passed away).  I told them of this days in advance.  They said this would prevent me from receiving the perfect attendance award.  Once that happened I did stop attending the Economics class since it was not really a class at all.  They showed no compassion.


They also held a silent/write-in auction on equipment they were discarding.  The person who typed up the results screwed up royally: individuals with lower bids were awarded the equipment by mistake.


The simplest of projects were frequently mismanaged.

Instructors (last names only):

Names in GREEN were good instructors who were given good curriculum.

Names in RED were instructors who did not come across as qualified to teach the content assigned.

Names in BLUE were good instructors who were not given good curriculum to follow.


Crook -      (Economics)


Freeman -  (Calculus)

Izerraden - (Data & Network Communications)


Mozer -     (C-Programming)






Courses in GREEN were well designed - probably at the corporate level.

Courses in RED were poorly designed - probably at the corporate level.

Courses in PINK were well designed but teacher was unprepared.

Courses in BLUE had good design but the ITT-published text books were poorly written.

Courses in BLACK had poor design and poor instruction.

EG317  Research Methods

IT340   Communications Cabling (not enough content for 15 weeks - only 5)

TM380 Advanced Topics in Technical Mathematics

EG360  Introductory Calculus

ET375  C Programming in Linux (no I/O programming commands as required)

IT342   Data and Network Communications I (no IP addressing, Firewalls, etc...)

EG372  Written Analysis

TM420 Technical Calculus (instructor did not remember calculus)

IT343   Data and Network Communications II (no IP addressing, Firewalls, etc...)

EG461  Business, Ethics and Technology

ET445  Advanced Circuit Analysis I

IT350   Modern Wireless Communication

EG452  Economics and Change (teacher only read from book - could not answer questions)

ET446  Advanced Circuit Analysis II

ET455  Digital Communications Systems I

EG462  Contemporary World Culture

ET456  Digital Communications Systems II

ET475  Electronic Circuit Design I

ET469 Unknown

EG481 Environmental Issues

ET476 Electronic Circuit Design II

ET485 Capstone Project

Actions Taken:


I got an e-mail from their corporate headquarters: Jeffrey M. Macy, Director of Compliance

The reply was about what you'd expect.  In part:


I have reviewed the allegations in your email as well as those contained on your Internet website.  While ITT Educational Services is always concerned with the satisfaction and academic success of its students, my review of your situation indicates that you initially raised many, if not all, of the issues contained in your current complaint, in an earlier concern filed with school Director Fred Hansen and Student Relations Manager Ta'Keisha Ryan on or about January 23, 2006.  Your allegations at that time, regarding the qualifications of your instructors and your participation in one class final project, were fully investigated and those allegations were found to be unsubstantiated.


I replied asking if they actually talked with the instructors or confirmed their knowledge of the curriculum they were hired to teach.  No response.


I filed a complaint through the local Better Business Bureau.  They had until April 3, 2007 to reply.  They did not meet that deadline.  The BBB extended the deadline until April 11, 2007 and, no surprise, ITT Tech still did not reply to them or myself.


On the day after the BBB deadline (April 12) I received a voice mail from the local director (Fred Hansen) saying they were going to FINALLY send out my diploma and "highest honors" certificate by certified mail.  However he insisted that I received a full and proper education. And he repeated the comments from Mr. Macy (see box above).


The BBB asked if I was satisfied with the reply.  I said I was not.  Here is what I said:


The instructors mentioned in my complaint admitted to us (their students) that they were not fit to teach the content: calculus, economics, programming and computer networking.

I would like to know if Mr. Hansen talked with the instructors, if those instructors still work there and why or why not. The text book used for programming didn't even contain the information required for the class, specifically I/O programming for our capstone project. Has that been changed? What have they done, if anything, to address that?

What "research" did Mr. Hansen perform to arrive at his decision on my complaint? I would like to review the data myself along with any notes taken during his conversations with the instructors in question.

I was happy with our capstone instructor, Mr. Wallis as noted by Mr. Hansen. Wallis was not a part of my complaint.

Mr. Hansen says himself that I've been eligible to receive my diploma since 2005 and it took this complaint to get it nearly two years later.

Mr. Hansen has yet to address specifics to my concerns on lack of training. For example: the math teacher (Mr. Freeman) had us write 5th grader algebra tests so he could use them for his elementary students. How is that relevant to calculus students? He did not teach calculus.

Mr. Moser did not know how to program serial or parallel ports as required for our capstone project; the text book did not have that information in it. The tutor later provided for me had no clue how to do it either. Has the problem been fixed for current students? How can I get that information?


ITT still insists there is no problem but they refuse to address my complaints.


ITT had until May 2, 2007 to reply to this and, again, they missed the deadline.  They did finally say that they still find no problems but did not address a single point regarding teachers or curriculum.  The BBB suggests I get a lawyer.


I would consider a legal complaint against Mr. Hansen himself since he has not addressed the lack of instructor proficiency or detailed his reasons for backing them up.