September 2016

I am in Albuquerque, NM I was given a laptop everything was going great but when they closed their doors my laptop locked up and now I can't get into it and noone to take it to. I just need to know how to unlock my laptop
I was an instructor at ITT Tech from 2013 until last week.

At the campus I was working for, the Dean, Associate Dean, and Department Chairs were all concerned about the needs of the students above anything else.

I often stayed after class as late as 1:00 AM emailing students to ask them why they missed class if they did, and how they could make up the work.

We gave them plenty of classwork and homework, and I compared the curriculum of my class with the curriculum of a similar class in a "real" (read- not for-profit school) and found that our curriculum had more work than the other one. This with the stigma of "letting students have free As and not having them work.

We also cared for each and every student, knew them all by name by the second week of class (even if the class had 35-40 students) and helped each and every one of them succeed and DO WORK.

I have an advanced degree in education, and the workload and curriculum was not a "diploma mill" curriculum designed to give out free pieces of paper (as the screaming loudmouthed mass media continuously repeats) but a well-designed education that did provide skills and knowledge needed for the students' careers.

I did work previously for a school that became a "diploma mill" but ITT was definitely not. Many of my students went on to start careers at places like The Jet Propulsion Lab and other aerospace companies, or major software companies, or big technical companies like Google.

I had at least one student who ended up working for a major animation studio, and a few who worked for major architectural firms.

Of course, as with any schools, there were students who dropped after a short time, or did not apply what they learned, or who were flaky and constantly missed classes, but are you going to tell me the "real" schools don't have such students?

I graduated from a public university, and there were many such students in my classes. ITT did not have any more of these problems than a city college or a state university have, and the employment rate was actually very good at the campus for which I worked.

My experiences were fantastic ones, and if there is anything left to say, it's that I really miss my students and I literally cried when I heard they were having their degrees, which they worked hard to achieve, taken away and treated like they were worthless.

Please don't listen to the media, and take this to heart if you want to know the real truth about ITT Tech.
I attended ITT in Albany NY worst mistake ever the teachers sucked so did there programs the math taught was at a 8th grade level.

The instructors for the first week teach off of slides then lab time and there suppose to show you how to do the projects like VMware never showed us anything on how to run it.

We had kids fresh out of high school who were just in class listening to music and guess what they didn't turn in anything and still passed the class.

My one teacher gave our final exam a take home exam wtf how are we suppose to learn when the answers are given to us.

I funded my 9 month time with my gi Bill in May I saw our financial aid lady jump ship so I googled ITT news and learned of the fraud they were doing so I jumped ship too after finals and before I left I confronted the some staff there and asked about it they said no worries ITT will find a loop pole in staying open.

Here's a nice message to our dean mr. Berryman I hope you and others read this.
You sir are one big piece of **** telling students you were in the military yeah right if you were you wouldn't be working for such a big scam letting fellow servicemen get screwed over ITT will soon learn what vengeance is about. Your own teacher mr. Costillo ratted ITT out talking about how you guys replace deans every two years to keep the scam going and to put a dummy in the chair to take the fall if anything happened cause the new dean would be clueless on the ****up ways of this school.

The people who say you can't sue them that arbitration act means you settle with ITT and there lawyers with you and your lawyers if no mediation is met then court or a ruling by a single judge and no jury will make the settlement.

So people take a stand and chip away at there money cause mr. C said ITT plans on opening under a new brand and new name so everyone band together and let's sue this **** hole
I attended college at ITT-Tech in Pittsburgh,PA in the Greentree area from 2010 to 2012.

When I first got a tour of the school it seem like a affordable school that I could go to. So signed up for their electronics program which I later changed it to Visual Communications.

They said that I wouldn't have to start paying 6 months after I graduate which was fine because they were going to find a "career" as soon as I got my degree.

Everything seem to be going fine for the first half of my education. The classes work around my schedule while I worked two jobs.

My grades were doing just fine. Then as I got into the main classes one of the instructors, Michelle Crieghton didn't seem too keen on her design skills. Her classes seemed like high school and I couldn't take it seriously. But I did try my hardest to work around her faults. I even once talk to the dean about her ability to teach us. After that her and I had a argument about how she was teaching.

In the end we apologized to each other and I agreed to be more patient with her and she agreed that she would be more helpful. Well she was more helpful but she was still shaky with the material she was teaching us.

Then there was Jon Hall, who really knew his stuff. His work is all over Pittsburgh and was a great instructor. I always looked forward going to his class because I would actually learn something new. When I switched from electronics to Visual Communications it was only a Diploma but they were working on getting to a Associate Degree. Thanks to Jon Hall they succeeded in doing so.

Needless to say I was impressed by this and was looking forward to having more classes with Mr. Hall. But he was he was fired for a reason they couldn't disclose.

I continued my education there for the next year taking one class that I didn't need but they did not charge me for it. A month before I was going to graduate I failed a class. I couldn't graduate without passing that class. So financial aid urged me to stay another quarter so I can get my degree. They said I couldn't take just one class so they put me into a class that I didn't need.

They had a couple of problems trying to get me money for the classes for some reason but they got a loan at my parents expense without asking their permission on the go ahead.

I remember the finical aid lady saying to tell my parents about it and I can always pay them off.

So I graduated in September of 2012 with a not so good education. I didn't feel that I had the skills that I should to be successful.

I started working with the "Career Services" that ITT-Tech has so I could start working. I gave them my cover letter and resume. I waited a month after graduation for a call to see if they found me anything but instead I got a call from a new guy working in "Career Services". His name was Jeff and introduced himself as a new member to ITT-Tech and wanted my cover letter and resume. I told him that I already sent it in and that he should have on hand. Jeff did not have so I just sent him a new one over e-mail and he fixed it up a bit.

As I read my new resume there was a lot of programs and work that I was not familiar with. The resume looked good but it wasn't true.

I again waited for another phone call from "Career Services". This time it took a little bit longer until I got another phone from Jeff. Jeff once again introduced himself and ask me for my cover letter and resume. I then just gave up and said I would look for a job myself.

In the end another location of ITT-Tech out in Robinson called me and asked for my for my cover letter and resume. Then I was informed that the ITT-Tech in Greentree was shut down. I have been working jobs trying to support myself but I was not able to keep up with my student loans.

It was very easy to default. My loan in total is about $60,000 for a two year degree that I can't do anything with. Its not only affecting me it is also affecting my parents.

I believe ITT-Tech is to blame for this. Please contact me if you can help me, I have more details that I left out. Thank for your time for reading this.
Graduated from ITT Tech ofJacksonville in 1996.

Felt like the teachers I had for the most part were very good.The biggest complaints I have would of been with the placement system. They promise the world but then were having me interview for jobs at the time barely over minimum wage. That was very disappointing.

Seemed like the only thing they were worried about was having their job placement numbers look good no matter how crappy of a job they try to get you placed in.

One job they had set me up to interview in Jax was for 6 dollars an hour (minimum wage at time was $4.25) and with me living an hour away it wasn't feasible for me to take such a job.

Ended up finding a job myself within a couple weeks after graduating at Time Warner making $7.00 dollars an hour in the town I lived in.

Still paying on school loans 20 years later and had to ask for forbearance a couple times because just wasn't making enough to raise a family plus paying the loan back.

In just the past five years I'm finally making wages that I thought the education would of got me to shortly after graduating.

If I had it to do over again I wouldn't have went to ITT tech for an education.
I worked for a large (2500+) employer in an HR function. We offered college tuition reimbursement for employees.

The highest rates of reimbursement that came across my desk were from private, for profit schools. Many of those employees were unable to enroll in traditional schools because they lacked sufficient skills to do so.

At one point, the organization cut its reimbursement rates specifically to curb the charges of the for profit schools.

Additionally, when the hiring manager was reviewing resumes, the ones with for profit schools listed were immediately tossed. The thinking was (right or wrong) that if you graduated from these types of schools, you were of lower quality.

So irony of ironies, you paid more for your education (by far!), were saddled with more debt, and had fewer prospects to get a better position.

While I am relieved that the Department of Education finally took action against ITT, my question is, what took them so long?
I graduated from the Mt. Prospect, IL ITT in 2002 with a BASEET.

My original student loans were in the range of 60K. I wasn't able to make a single payment until ~2014. However, during that time and since then I'm doing pretty good for myself with earnings near 100K/yr. My experience at ITT was an ok one. If I had to do it over again, I probably would but instead of putting off my payments for nearly a decade I'd have been paying on my student loans.

What bothers me the most is that despite any wrongdoings the school may have had, not getting a job and pushing the buck on ITT is just a crappy excuse for not going out there and getting a good job. I know plenty of alumni who have found success through ITT's education. It's not a question of what ITT can do for you, but what are you willing to do for yourself. ITT was a "door knocker", meaning that it allowed one to apply for jobs that would have been out of reach of someone without a degree. But here's the thing, if you want to succeed in your career, you cant just send out 20 applications and wait for a job... that's called fishing and it doesn't work. You need to go out and do your research.

Anyways, I'll continue to be thankful for the opportunities that ITT gave me and will continue to speak good about them because in my case it was successful. I do empathize with those folks who may have been railroaded but for those people who are sitting on their butts at home, complaining they don't have a job... maybe it's not your school that is the problem...


For the record, most complaints on this site are about poor classroom experience, lack of actual education, employers not accepting the ITT degree and the loan situation.

This person does not state what program they went through at ITT or in what field they are working.

I graduated ITT TECH in 2004 from Portland OR.

I tried to file a fraudulent claim against them a couple years back. As I got older I realized how they had scammed my enitire graduating class.

First off I'm not working in my field and I never was since I graduated. I would say 90% of the classes were graded on a curve.

I remember in my physics class so many people failed the final that they decided to grade on a curve that was almost a C.

To this day I know nothing about physics. Almost every single class was fudged a little.

In my mechanical drafting class I was the only person who had a exploded diagram work properly but they still just passed everyone.

The worst was on the capstone project. It was a total joke one kid never showed up to class, didn't go a capstone and still passed.

Are teacher Dr.Woo, never learned how to speak English and it seemed like he didn't understand much neither but he taught us almost every term.

I really feel as I was scammed and taken advantage of. They got all my VA money, all my financial aid and never looked back.

I suppose it looks better on paper if everyone passes.

I don't talk to anyone in my class but I would bet $1,000 that less then 10% are working in there field. I also bet lots would feel the same way.

I am an employer.

I am a college graduate and have two sons who have graduated from public university or attending currently. My oldest son has $120,000 from a public university 4 year degree program in exercise science. You think you got scammed at ITT, think again!

But in reading many, many of the postings on this site it appears to me that

1) your high school educations failed you too
2) many students don't care enough to come to class or complete the work
3) a lot of people just quit the program and bitch about it.

As an employer, a 2 year Associate degree from a public community college is on par for the level of experience as a 2 year degree from ITT, it doesn't count for much. Basically means you have introductory level instruction and some dedication to learning.

But I wouldn't pay over $50,000/year for that when there are 4 year degree students available in droves with the rampant unemployment in the US.

I keep hearing people bitch about the Company and for profit universities are horrible, but I have to say 4 year colleges are an even bigger scam for even more money! You got lucky to only owe $40,000. And you had to have known what you were getting into with your high school grades/SAT scores.
I attended ITT Tech in Newburgh, IN beginning in late June 2002, only weeks after graduating high school.

I went to a small private school and didn't have any adequate college or career counseling, but ITT Tech had their sales reps making calls and got their foot in the door at my school to be able to come talk to the seniors in my school.

They were very deceptive saying that their program was fully accredited and that in technology fields (I was going to study software development), their two-year degree would be sufficient because they eliminated "unnecessary classes" (i.e what universities generally call "core curriculum"), and that their credits would transfer if I wanted to pursue a Bachelor's degree (at that time I do not believe they offered a Bachelor's degree either at that campus or in that field).

After about 11 months of math classes that I was essentially helping to teach, and programming classes where were were basically told to read the book and complete the exercises on our own, I realized that this place was a sham and a scam, and I wasn't actually going to learn anything useful.

I completed almost a whole year before I got out and that cost me about $16K - $17K, some of which had to be financed by very high-interest private loans. None of those credits would transfer to any of the universities in my area, and so I had to start all over having wasted, not only a year of my life and $17K, but I gave up a full ride to either of the universities in my area (as I was the valedictorian of my class).

Now, the loans that I had from ITT Tech were paid off by borrowing the full amount of federal loans that I could at my new school and using the balance not needed for my tuition and paying down the high-interest private loans, and the federal loans obtained to go there were paid off through my federal student loan consolidation loan, but I'm wondering if anyone has successfully filed a "defense to repayment" claim and had the federal loan amounts borrowed to attend ITT Tech forgiven / discharged, and if you did, what type of documentation or proof did you have to submit?
I was an ITT Tech recruiter for near 5 years at the San Bernadino campus and I have been an admissions rep at other schools.

The reality is this: All FOR-PROFIT nationally accredited colleges use the slickest of slick sales techniques to enroll their students. ALL! Representatives like me who take pride in providing solid career guidance and have a willingness to tell a student that something is or is not a legitimate match for their goals are pressured non-stop for NUMBERS! The compensation incentive ban put in place by the Fed Gov and the Dept of Ed did NOTHING to curtail unethical practices in these schools. Stockholders discovered that the 'education game' was a safe place for their money with tremendous profits and THAT is what drove the industry.

I will say, of the various schools that I have worked, ITT was the least 'shark-like' in it's tactics, however, I worked for a great campus director for many years and a great Recruitment director. Our market made a difference too. Not a whole lot of big name competition. In as much as I ever witnessed, they delivered excellent education and our students for the most part got great jobs. However, tuition costs were ridiculous. As is the case with 'for-profit' anything.


Note, in most of the instances, these schools are FILLED with minority students and students who did not fit well in the traditional educational environments. They are often what I call 2nd-chancers'. People who were not traditional university bound or discouraged for a range of reasons from financial to just not feeling academically capable and needing a hands-on training skill set. What are we, IDIOTS. The one style learning environments k-12 are allowing MANY to fall thru the cracks and these are EXACTLY who for-profits swoop in on.

THE NEW SHEEP IN WOLVES CLOTHING IS THE 'TURN KEY'. Where a third party company does the SALES WORK for a traditional college. I know of one such environment that represents several private NON-PROFIT, 100 YEAR OLD CHRISTIAN COLLEGES, applying the SAME SALES TACTICS of the for-profit market schools and misleading the prospective student that they are in fact dealing directly with the college. In one instance, the college itself didn't even create the curriculum! This is the new wave and it is being ALLOWED and in 10 years or so after the FAT CATS are FATTER and a lot of money has been made, millions upon millions, the DOE will step in like some cape wearing SAVIOR-OF-THE-LITTLE-PEOPLE, when they have been complicit all along.

I will say this...the for-profit industry right now is shaking and quaking!!! Never did anyone think think that the grand-daddy of them all, IIT TECH would be smooth TAKEN OUT!

Anyone remember CLC (Computer Learning Centers)...probably 70 campuses...padlocked overnight as a result of a massive multi-million dollar Qui Tam case.

Does anyone know if ITT was Quit Tam'd??? I'm surprised ITT folded and didn't just settle like Qui Tam, Hendow VS U of P.

I did at least do my part in throwing a log onto the track of this runaway training as a Qui Tam relater. The institution received a 'minor' wrist slap by the government and never lost steam, collect millions as it goes. The government gave them a million dollar fine and kept it pushing.

Until we the gen pub demand that government agencies do what they are designed to do, they will all continue to do what they do and that is allow high dollar investors in ANY industry to do whatever they want to do at the expense of 'we-the-little-people'.
Arlington Texas

I don't know if this very relevant, but I was an admissions rep with ITT Tech for about 9 months, a long time ago.

In 1993 we were to follow a script that was designed to make the applicant seem that they must have my approval in order to apply. Truth is, if they had the $100.00 application fee, they were recommended, period.

ITT Tech really did not care about anything else. There was a rolling average quota based on enrollments, per week.

I was eventually let go automatically, by a computer, because I fell below the rolling average. That was actually a good thing, I hated working there.

I would go to peoples homes, and interrogate some poor high school kid. If the parents had the app fee, he was recommended for school.
ITT Tech in Chantilly, VA. School wasn't entirely awful, there was some educational benefit.

I genuinely learned how to manage Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Environment. I learned about routers and routing protocols, and subnetting.

I got an associates in Computer Network Systems, and a friend in HR for a gov't contractor got me a job using said degree.

The problem was that courses were designed to allow everyone to pass. We'd have multiple choice tests, and the instructor would give us a copy of the EXACT test with answers a week before the test date. People who learned almost NOTHING were still able to pass courses with flying colors.

There was almost no homework what-so-ever. I recall hearing a couple professors actually admit they'd get in trouble for failing a student.

Even the entrance exam was a bit of a scam from what we heard. It's multiple choice test with 4 options per question. Half of it was math, half of it was English. The minimum score to pass the entrance exam? 25%. On a test with 4 choices for your answer, a 25% is required to pass. This means, from a statistical standpoint, you could arbitrarily choose answers on and still have a good chance of meeting the minimum requirements.

You could speak / read literally 0 english, and only know 1/4 of the math section, and you'd almost certainly pass the entrance exam.
I signed up for one of the program at ITT in Austin, TX and was very disappointed in the classroom education.

The classes do not prepare you for a future in the technical field.

I had made several complaints with the school and none were taken seriously.
As a (former) student at ITT Tech located in Kansas City, Missouri, I feel the method in which the Department of Education shut down the school was completely careless and unjust.

The faculty and students should not pay the price for terrible management! 6 days away from starting my 2nd quarter with ITT tech and I receive an email telling me we are closed, good luck. That my friends is not acceptable!

ITT tech has been in business for 50 years and just now in 2016 it ends abruptly!

The upper management will go and find jobs somewhere with the degrees they've already been able to secure meanwhile veterans and everyday civilians scramble to pick up the pieces in there hectic everyday lives!

We play victim because the government did not hold a standard until this year so we pay the price!

Why couldn't those who are already enrolled go ahead and finish out and make ITT tech honor those commitments?

Yeah don't allow anymore enrollments until proper framework is in place but don't punish those who were already preyed upon!

Seems to me a larger agenda is to blame here. Look out devry and any other tech schools and possibly community colleges, you could be next.
Knoxville, TN campus -

A complete and utter waste of my time that ruined the foundation of my adulthood.

Unqualified instructors reading from books, lessons primarily comprised of exercises from books.

You could learn more with software and internet tutorials, and it wouldn't cost you over $400 per "credit hour".
The ITT I went to was in Canton,Mi

I got my aa and ba there Found when I moved out to California to help my dad 4 years ago ITT is crap, can't get a job with the degrees there worthless better let we will have to fight tooth and nail just to get rid of the loans.
ITT tech closed laying off employees Madison Alabama
Saw a rumor online that all staff had received one week's pay in deposit, off a pay cycle. But it is true; ITT has shut down all locations.

Here is the ITT Press Release.

While the company (and many of its top level management employees) were unethical and while the company itself preyed on both students and staff in its practices--and I had direct experience, there is sadness for those faculty and adjuncts who relied on what income they received, and sadness for students who are now left with credits that do not transfer.

I left the institution three years ago and it was a tremendous financial struggle, but so glad that I did, as I did not want to be affiliated with it. Glad the education department cracked down and did the right thing.
FYI Saw this in the local news this morning - thought you might want to add:
It's amazing how so many current or former students on this site complain and complain about the lack of education that they got or are getting from ITT Technical Institutes across the country.

For those of you who are one of these students, particularly in the technical programs, I challenge you to go to and check out the many ITT Capstone Projects that were completed across the country by both Associate and Bachelor level students. Some of these ITT Capstone Projects came from several different programs at various ITT campuses, including Network Systems Administration, and the Electronics programs.

The projects vary in complexity, and some of them are absolutely amazing.

Check out the self-playing guitar project, for example. This project was completed by a group of Associates level electronics students at my campus....Wow! This project was designed and built from scratch by the students, with all of the hardware (solenoids, relays, etc.)and needed programming being put together as part of their design. This project, as are the other projects shown on this site, was an original design.

The collection of all of these Capstone Projects, shown on, are the epitome of what students who choose to put their blood, sweat and tears into their programs of study, could accomplish.

Take stock of the effort that you put forth into your program of study, and ask yourself if you put your blood, sweat, and tears into your program of study. Here's the link:

A bit too late.
Where you 8 years ago?

This is my answer to the question about reporting problems posed to faculty/staff. see comment below

My answer: I resigned and sent a 10 page single spaced letter detailing abuses to the then Secretary of Education. I do not want to share any additional information but feel the actions taken by the federal government were more than justified.
The following question is for all former and present faculty and staff from all ITT Technical Institute campuses who have posted very negative experiences with ITT on this site, and who were aware of any unscrupulous and unethical behaviors by ITT employees while they were employed by ITT Technical Institute:

Did you do anything to report these behaviors to either the Dean, Director, ITT Headquarters, or ACICS themselves, so that these behaviors were not perpetuated at your campus?

If yes, then please explain what you did to attempt to halt these unethical behaviors as well as when you forwarded your complaint.

see comment above
I think that it is important for people who come to this site to understand the full spectrum of educational experiences at ITT Technical Institute, not just the bad experiences that proliferate this site.

Regarding the quality of an education obtained at the ITT Technical Institute where I taught as a adjunct instructor for several years, one group of my students approached me about pursuing their Masters degrees in electrical engineering upon their graduation with their BSEET degrees from this ITT campus. This group of students was the best group of students that I ever had at this campus, so I felt that they were qualified to pursue such a significant endeavor.

During this time, I was also teaching at a different school that offered Masters degrees in electrical engineering. I approached the Dean at that school to discuss this possibility. After this group of students completed this school's entrance exams successfully, a plan was established to enable these students to pursue their Masters degrees in electrical engineering. The plan included several courses that would bridge the gap between each student's BSEET degree and the school's BSEE program. These courses included subjects such as differential equations, advanced electrical circuit analyses techniques, etc.

Once these courses were successfully completed by this group of students, they were then admitted into the school's MSEE program. I taught several of the MSEE courses to this group of ITT students, until they graduated with their MSEE degrees.

Upon graduation, some of these students continued to pursue a second Masters degree in Computer Engineering, and one student pursued his MBA degree. These students were all successful at earning all of their advanced degrees. These students have since been successful in their field(s) of study.

I understand that this case of ITT students earning their Masters degrees might be a special case; however, this case clearly demonstrates that graduates from ITT Technical Institute can, and have earned their Masters degrees in various fields of study.

My understanding about the recognition of a degree from a first school by a second school is that if the second school receives federal funds for financing their students' educations, then that school must recognize the degree from the first school, if the first school also receives federal aid for financing their students' educations. If anyone knows differently, please respond to this site with an authoritative response.

Thank you.

This is a case where an instructor went above and beyond ITT to help the students.
Intervention was required.

I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I never attended ITT Tech, but I do have several ITT Tech horror stories.

The first one regards a professor. In the fall of 2006, I was a half-time student at Ivy Tech Community College and graduated in 2010 debt-free (unlike ITT students). Ivy Tech is Indiana's statewide community college system and the largest single-accreditation community college system in America.

One of my professors was an economics teacher that taught at both Ivy Tech and ITT. He didn't give us much in the way of economics teaching. He did, however, provide as much far-right talk as Rush Limbaugh and sob stories about his wife that worked for Verizon (now Frontier). Not long after that one course, Ivy Tech fired him for violating numerous systemwide policies. Yes, that included peppering every lecture with politics.

And guess where he became full-time faculty afterwards: ITT's Fort Wayne campus. Since ITT and Ivy Tech compete for many of the same students, many fired Ivy Tech faculty then get hired by ITT. Of course, an Ivy Tech associate's degree actually has credits that transfer and costs less than one-eighth that of an ITT degree, not to mention that local employers in Fort Wayne see far more value in the lower-cost Ivy Tech diploma.

The second one regards ITT Tech's Breckinridge School of Nursing, which is offered in Fort Wayne and doesn't get talked about much here. The largest employer in Fort Wayne is Parkview Health, a massive health system. Parkview owns numerous hospitals, health care facilities, and even uses the same Airbus-built helicopters for EMS that the Coast Guard uses.

Parkview will not hire Breckinridge graduates because ITT's program lacks the proper accreditation and doesn't provide the right skills. The three local programs that they will accept are IPFW, University of Saint Francis, and Ivy Tech (with the caveat that they complete their degree as a bachelor's in five years). ITT is not alone: Parkview will not hire graduates of MedTech or Brown Mackie's nursing programs, both of which are dead (and by the time this is posted, Breckinridge will probably be, too).

Normally, I hate to see an Indiana company go under. But ITT Tech deserves to.
After reading so many of the negative posts on this site, I feel that it is important for people who come to this site to also understand the full spectrum of experiences from an adjunct professor who has taught at ITT Technical Institute for about ten years.

While at ITT Technical Institute, I never experienced, even once, any pressure from any administrator whatsoever to count students present when they were not present, arbitrarily pass students regardless of their poor performances, or any other unscrupulous practices.

The location where I taught was managed by a Director and a Dean who were both solidly grounded in maintaining ethical adherence of their campus to the accreditation guidelines. Based upon our most recent faculty meeting, the campus at which I taught was rated "satisfactory" by its accrediting agency.

I fully understand that ACICS is also currently being investigated by the Department Of Education. However, my personal experiences with administrative behaviors at my campus by the Director and the Dean clearly indicate that they both were very ethical in administering corporate policy at my campus.

In the ten or so years that I taught at ITT Technical Institute, I strongly believe that my campus was not involved in any unscrupulous activities from the perspectives of the academic integrity of its programs, as well as documenting attendance and issuing earned grades.

I cannot comment on any practices followed by the recruiting department, because I did not work with those employees.

Thank you.
I was an adjunct professor at this school for years. They made us lie, cheat and change grades to make the students pass with A's or B's only.

Also they made us mark all the students present even if they were not. We were told that we would get a $200 check each quarter if all of our students were marked present. They lie, cheat and are fraud 100%. I know everything about them. Too much to write here.

I would never work for them again ever!!!

I am happy that they will file Bankruptcy soon. I hope the CEO goes to jail.

I have so many stories to share with everyone about the scams that they have pulled. It is actually quite sad for the students.

For the record: I was a student at ITT for 4 years. I have my B.S. degree from them as a Valedictorian I was offered a job so I worked there for 6 years. I had to leave because what they actually did to me and the students. When I confronted them about their practices, I got slapped hard. Basically force to quit as I was a whistleblower. They even said I was banned from the campus, WHY because I fought for the students and was told to be against them.

No one listened to me and now the light is shining on their faults, lies and fraud!! GREAT!!

OH BTW, they overcharged for everything and the students had to buy the same books over and over again and they said that they will bill the government for it. Crazy!!
I am an adjunct instructor at an ITT Institute, and while a lot of the posts on this site are very negative about ITT, I can only comment on the following topics at the campus where I taught for several years:

(1) I was never asked to falsely report attendance entries in any of my classes.
(2) I was never asked to falsely report unearned grades in any of my classes.
(3) I was often reminded to complete my ongoing professional development activities for each Quarter, after which I did complete them on time.
(4) I was required to perform failure advising midway through each Quarter, and to record these advising sessions.
(5) If a student was absent from class, I was required to call that student to encourage them to attend class the following week.
(6) If a student was absent from class, I was also required to record my attempted call in an online tool from corporate.
(7) If a student was absent from class, the phone call to the student included information regarding where the student could pick up the material from that missed class by the following day so that the student would not fall behind.
(8) If a student missed three consecutive class meetings, the student was dropped from the class, regardless of the reasons for missing three consecutive class meetings.
(9) Instructors are 100% in control of their attendance entries. There was never any pressure nor incentives from staff members to alter attendance entries.

I cannot comment on any practices followed by the recruiting department since I did not work with those employees.
After reading a good amount of recent information regarding ITT Technical Institute in various press releases, I feel the need to describe my experiences while teaching at an ITT Technical Institute for the past several years.

...I can only conclude that the quality of the teaching effort at the location where I taught is not replicated throughout the country, and that the location where I taught is more the exception than the general experiences from other students from other locations of ITT Technical Institutes.

Each student should have good experiences while pursuing his or her chosen craft. I wish that every student had similar good experiences with ITT that I had, because every student deserves that experience.

This person left a very long post.
To read the entire entry, visit this link on the EMPLOYEES page.
Thank you.

August 2016

What a joke this site is. I graduated from there in Electronics. Have no debt(I'm VA) and decent job. Sounds like a lot of sour grapes on here.
ITT is terrible and I wish I would have followed my gut instinct to pull out right after starting.

I was lied to and deceived even after I brought concerns to the dean and other staff members only to be falsely assured and reassured.

I am now in debt with worthless credits. I have never been in a more unprofessional place.

The instructors were very kind and helpful but they themselves seem to be lied to and deceived.

This school needs to shut down!!!
I've thought about leaving a little message on your site several times for the past year or so, but I didn't want speak ill of an institution for which several decent people appear to work. But since the school is no longer accepting new students (and possibly closing), I figured that I might as well.

The problem is not the teachers or even necessarily the curriculum itself (for electronics, anyway. From what I know of the field, the textbooks come pretty close to providing what you need to know. It's not like animation or something where the knowledge will be outdated six months before you graduate.). It is ITT's stubborn refusal to fail anyone at all. That's why they are in this position.

The people who run the corporate office know that they'll get more loan money if they just cycle the people who never study through. They punish the professors for failing too many people. This causes most of the professors to cut corners on grades.

The fact that people who do not deserve to pass the first quarter wind up graduating is what gives the school a bad rep. It makes it way more difficult for the people that actually studied to get a job.

I know people in these electronics courses who don't know what Ohm's Law is, and they've taken several core classes! It's pretty maddening, to be honest!

These problems with undeserving students making it later into the courses directly affects the flow of the curriculum. In class lab assignments that should be done are not because professors have to spend that time re-explaining the most basic things.

The 'hands on experience' which ITT advertises seldom has a chance to surface.

Having said all of that, I don't know if I regret it. I honestly enjoyed many of the classes. There has been a lot interesting math problems, and I do like math. I suppose that I'll start regretting when I'm unable to pay these student loans back. :)
While I agree that ITT does have a lot to answer for, the students themselves should also take responsibility for their failures as well. I went to ITT, and it did what I imagined, provided an accelerated path to learning.

Through ITT and personal effort I was able to easily attain certifications. The naivety of all that lead to this litigation is appaling, and I am still a student. It devalues the degree, one for which I actually learned a lot and scored at level or higher than university and college students.

I wonder if this person is aware that the litigation is the result of a federal investigation.

I'm top of my class with a 4.0 with 2 quarters left to reach my bachelors. I've definitely learned a lot from the school. I read the books. Unfortunately a lot of students don't apply themselves and are of low caliber.

Like all the positive comments, this one is also vague: what school? what degree program? using ITT loan?

Read comments below.

I graduated from ITT in Hilliard, Ohio in 2012. I am very happy with the education I received.

It took me about one year after graduating to find the right job since I was already making decent money in a different career.

School alone is not going to get you exactly what you want, it takes work. I have seen naive people that coast thru school and expect a high paying job to fall into their lap. The world doesn't work that way but if you work hard and smart you will do great.

With my associates degree I secured a job, beating out others from top name schools. This is because schooling is only part of securing a job. You may get a 4.0 in school but that doesn't mean you have the drive or soft skills to secure your dream job. Get educated and sell yourself in an interview, don't blame ITT because your dream job wasn't handed to you.

Of course after the vague comment I point out, I get the standard, "work hard, try hard" comment.
Doesn't speak much about ITT however.
Suspicious to you like it is to me?

I myself am not an ITT graduate but my husband is.He is enrolled at the Hillard location in Ohio.

Before he even graduated with his associates degree he was continuously getting job offers and there were quite a few with great potential.

He accepted a position at a company he has now worked at for almost three years and has moved up twice in the company. In this company he works with some others that have degrees from ITT and he is now working toward his bachelors at the same ITT.

I am proud of his degree and the success he has had so far and I know he will continue to gain!

Another vague comment that talks about anything other than ITT.

What field? What ITT programs? What associates program is so good that employeers will hire you before you graduate?

Says more about the person than it does about ITT to me.

When I completed my associates degree in Design and Drafting, the instructors kept saying that we should go for our bachelors degree.

That the 3D animation and Design class was amazing! Sadly, I did just that. Only to pay almost twice as much for my new degree to train myself.

I was at the Indianapolis ITT and we even tried to get a lawsuit started while we were in class (2000). Because none of the instructors had any training in the new software.

So the whole class, including the instructors, spent our class time doing tutorials. And since no one knew what they were doing, we had no one to go to for help.
Today's news:

The Department of Education tells ITT that it cannot enroll new students using federal financial aid. They can enroll cash paying students.

They also jacked up the money that ITT needs to keep on reserve in case of default, from 124 million to 247 million.

This will likely lead to a shut down/teach out and an accelerated shift to the Daniel Webster Brand (which they ruined....) From a former employee who feel dirty for having worked there.

Sources below.

Department of Education Press Release

Inside Higher Ed
Forgive me if someone else already made you aware of this, but the Wall St Journal today reported how the U.S. Dept of Ed has cut off funding for new student enrollments at ITT:

Always glad to have information like this passed along, no matter if others have.

Great to hear the news from so many different reporting sources!

Game Over for the Modany Madness:
Company can't take student loans anymore.
Company stock is around 50 cents per share and falling fast.
Looks like the company will be out of business soon.
Huge news -
I was accepted to attend ITT in Orland Park Illinois in their school of nursing, I attended the school for 13 months

after 13 months of working hard, attending classes they decided I would not be allowed to return because the classes they accepted upon my initial enrollment, they were no longer going to accept

the options they gave me were to retake these classes, test out of these classes or not return to the school,it was their mistake but I had to pay the price for it

these classes were Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, Chemistry just to name a few

I am now paying back a loan I chose to leave the school, because I was not going to retake classes I had already taken and passed, it was a total of 7 classes, and I had already invested 13 months in the school,they treated me like I had made the error they were horrible to me

I hope they shut everyone of them down, I truly feel sorry for the students who are enrolled in that place.
I went to ITT Tech in 1984 to 1985 in Portland Oregon for Electronics Engineering Technology.

Several months into my program I figured out that I had been deceived by the admissions department. Before I was a prospect they told me "We are fully accredited". It was only when I looked at continuing at a regular university that I found out they were accredited by the National Association of Trade and Technical Schools. That and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee.

Portland State said that they would allow me to start over as a freshman with those credits.

Part 2 - About halfway through the program I was tired of some teachers skipping over entire chapters because of a holiday or being unable to answer questions. A few of the teachers literally taught out of the book and had little or no background. Many of my classmates were dissatisfied so I circulated a petition / letter to my classmates that requested the Oregon Education board help us. Everybody in the class except one signed.

Several of us met with a delegation from the state. While the people from the state took us seriously, ITT did not and nothing came of it except that I was called into the Dean's office.

Some of the equipment and the curriculum for the technical classes were seriously outdated. The math and science classes were solid though. Physics, algebra and calculus were challenging classes.

I finished my program in June 1985 and went on to a job. I worked in computers and migrated to industrial controls (which was not part of the curriculum). I now work as a Maintenance Manager. My degree has been an asset to me but I worked my butt off inside and outside of class. Several of my classmates graduated without basic skills like soldering, troubleshooting, etc. I feel like graduating these people dilutes my degree in the marketplace.

Years later, an accredited university accepted most of my ITT credits and was I able to get into their degree completion program. My time at ITT covered all my math and science requirements. In 2003 I earned my BS in Management and Business Information Systems from George Fox University and a few years later an MBA.

In general I would give this advice to people considering any private trade college. By the time schools like ITT have a program, the field is probably already saturated. My father gave me the advice to call around to employers before choosing a school. Being 26 I of course ignored him. This is still sound advice however, do your research!

Don't just Google and read two articles either, call HR departments, hiring managers, etc. and ask for their advice.

I agree with the above advice: call HR departments and hiring managers to ask what they think of having a degree from ITT before you enroll (or prior to enrolling any school for that matter).

ITT Technical Institute - Fort Myers, Florida

I am so glad I am no longer employed by this horrible, unethical company!

Recently the corporate team and Deborah Brent, SE District Manager, told an almost 30-year employee that because of a "clerical error" they were not only cutting his salary by over 50% but were forcing him to pay back nearly $19,000 that they over paid him. A clerical error on the part of HQ and the employee suffers?

Well, wanna know what happened...a week later the employee suffers a major heart attach and ends up in ICU. Wanna know what HQ and Ms. Brent's response was...well maybe he will retire then. Really??? You cause this issue and that's what you say?

I am a current student at ITT Technical Institute Norwood, OH 45227. I study in the field of drafting and design.

I just hope that once I graduate I would have the credentials I need to either further my education or work for companies that benefit from my field.

After seeing ITT Tech going through so many court cases and having bad reviews I get the feeling I don't want to regret my decision even though I do.

This is my 5th month as a student.

From: Web Master:
Keep us posted. Tell us about your current experiences with the classes.


I worked at ITT for over 10 years. I will say that when I started, ITT was a great place to work, and employees--particularly instructors--were always concerned about helping students be as successful as they could be. Everyone there had a vested interest in seeing graduates get placed in jobs in their fields of study.

Is ITT overpriced? Yes, I believe it is. However, I can say that I *never* witnessed any reps misleading prospective students, and if there was a hint of that, those reps were written up and if necessary, fired. Government hoops got higher and higher. I can say that ITT--as a whole--was very by-the-book regarding compliance and adherence to accrediting bodies--both national (ACICS) and TWC, etc. Internal audits were thorough and nerve-wracking, and did not pull punches.

Instructors at our campus--particularly the electronics and networking instructors--were top notch. Many taught not only at ITT, but also local community and 4 year colleges as well.

Students that succeeded were those that had goals to finish their degrees, get a job, and were highly self-motivated. Many weren't, and didn't, as well.

Has ITT gone downhill? Yes. Moving to almost all adjunct faculty will do that.

The best part of the job was seeing graduates finish and be hired. Nobody gets into teaching to get rich. People get into education to help people. I don't know all the machinations in Carmel, but the folks that actually had their feet on the ground at the campuses and fought, scratched, and clawed to help students stay in school did it because that's what they love to do.

A couple of other notes--ITT lab computers were on 3 year refresh cycles, meaning they were rotated OUT of the classroom every 3 years. That slowed down and stopped in the last 3-4 years as the $ crunch has made it impossible to do. The reason for swapping them out? Warranty expiration.

In the early days, workstation software was NOT upgraded UNLESS doing so meant that the student would be learning software that was IN DEMAND in the workplace. For example, ITT never went to Windows 8 because it had no penetration at the desktop in the REAL WORLD. There were exceptions to this as years went on, but you get the idea.

Worst period for textbooks (beyond the recent move to online text) was the NIIT books--particularly in EET. However, that was many years ago, and was corrected within about a year and a half--after the curriculum was rewritten. No question that was a black eye, though.

You're not going to get many (if any) employers to post information about employees, as HIPAA is probably a factor, but I can point to ITT graduates that have been successful for sure, and I work with an ITT grad right now.

Never saw the "pain funnel". Ever. It may have existed, but I never saw it at any campus, and I saw most campuses in Texas and in several states.

Neat website. Enjoyed checking it out.

From: Web Master:
Based on recent student and current employee posts, I'd say things have changed a lot in recent years.

You'll note that a vast majority of the posts on this site mention there are some good people who teach there.
The "pain funnel" would not have been passed around to the instructors.

I would like this person to encourage their former students and co-workers who were in the recruiting or administration offices to post their comments about what was going on behind the scenes at that time.

July 2016

Former employee--very happy I'm no longer there.

Just saw a comment that many ITT shares are being bought by Zhang family from China who own for profit schools there. The person who commented said he had filed questions with the SEC but had received no response.
Out of all the instructors I encountered, there were only 2 I have respect for.

I loved the school atmosphere, I was so misled. Too many lies, and too much bs.
I am a former ITT graduate. I entered the Criminal Justice and Forensics with Applied Science program in September 2014. Now looking back, I was so misled from the start.

To start off, I was laid to about my student loans. I was told that I would have a certain amount of money every month to pay towards my financial aid. That payments would not have to start being made until 6 months after I graduated. I knew that I could handle this amount. So I agreed to start this program.

Once I sat in class for over 3 quarters, I receive a letter from the school telling me that the monthly repayment had doubled, and that I had to send it to ITT, and they would send it to the loan center. I called the loan center, and they said it was the original amount, but added that the loan was for 20 years. I was startled.

I began to call other schools and discuss their cost. They all told me that I should be paying no more then $10,000 for an Associates degree, and here I am paying almost $46,000. There was lie #1 about the changing of my loan agreement.

Part of my tuition was a Dell Intel laptop, which I would not pay $100 for. It is the worse. Then today I receive a letter telling me that I have to start paying back my student loans by November to the school. I once again called the loan center, and they told me not to send them any money, and that I was not due to start paying back until January. Due to the fact that they changed our graduation date without telling any of us students. Six months from graduation would make it January, not November. That was another mistake they made.

Every website instructors sent me to had viruses. I was having to take my laptop in at least once a month to have him remove the viruses off my laptop.

In this program, we were supposed to have 7 very important tours of places that were in the field of forensics, and we got 1 tour of a courthouse and a jail, both on the same day. We were also suppose to have 5 mock crime scenes, and never got 1. We received a finger print kit, we only used once, and we never had to bring it again.

I did keep a high GPA during my time there. I was referred for the Federal Student Work Program. It took a better part of 2 months to start working. I worked with 3 different instructors, in the registrars office, and tutored 4 different subjects. I was never told about my employment ending until I was on my way home one day after pulling an 8 hour. I was doing work that others who got paid double the amount of money I was getting paid. One girl I was doing all her work, as she played on Facebook, and took selfies of herself and posting them on dating websites, also buying items online. She was finally let go about 3 months later.

As time went on, I started seeing that I was being made to tutor students in classes I was not set to tutor in. More and more I was seeing things that did not seem right. I was told it was a not for profit school, then half way threw school, I found out it was indeed a for profit school, another lie.

Then I was told that most of my credits would not transfer if I did not stay with ITT. I was finding that a lot of the instructors either really did not care about us, and did not really know much of what they were teaching.

During my Capstone quarter, my instructor kept grading reports and returning them. After returning the assignments, he would give us a failing grade, saying I never turned in my work. When I could produce the grades he was saying I did not have, he became angry. He made me feel as if he wanted me to fail the course. This happened on 3 different occasions, totaling 6 different papers.

Then all my thoughts were correct, that they would just pass anyone when we had a student I was tutoring, he did not know a thing about what he was doing. He was in his 4th quarter and did not know how to run a word program, power point or excel. They kept passing him to the next quarter. Also, I had a girl in my Capstone class who never turned in any work. She turned in 4 reports, (all past the time limit for late work), and they allowed her to graduate. During our capstone presentation, she argued with the person working with her on her project, did not know anything that she was talking about, and reading from her power point. When the director began to ask her questions about her presentation, she began getting defensive, and being down right rude and smart mouthed with him. Then all of a sudden, she began pulling she felt they were discriminating against her, and only her. She knew nothing of what she did her final presentation on. They still allowed her to graduate.

This is my thing, they charge an outrageous amount of money, for a half ass education, and they lie just to get people in there to boost their #'s. I will never step foot back into an ITT school as long as I live. I am not going for my bachelors, and I am praying at least some of my credits will transfer.

I loved the thought of being back in school, I just wish I would have gone to another school
I was an Admissions Representative (glorified telemarketer) for about three years at a Southern California campus.

As of 7/18/16, ITT laid off almost every representative at all campuses. The letter from corporate stated that they were only keeping three reps per campus, due to them transitioning to a national call center for all appointments to be made. Among the layoffs, in addition to the reps, were FACs, Chairs, and even Deans.

It's no secret that this school is a complete joke; thriving on mostly low-income students and their financial aid money. The main objective for us Admissions Reps was to get butts in seats. The school couldn't care less about "bettering their lives" or whatever BS they spit out. It was so sad how we had to call leads 3 times a day, every day. I don't know about you, but that's harassment. Not to mention once the student applied and enrolled, we had to hold their hand all the way up until their first day of class. We even had to wait out in front of classes with a clip board making sure they arrived.

We spent most days cold calling people who inadvertently clicked on something online which gave us their information. If we were lucky enough to score an appointment, we were told to make it within 3 days - same day if possible. This is most likely due to the fact that the higher ups know they will have the opportunity to research how much this school sucks. It was nothing more than a sales job. We were expected to have them apply AND get them through financial aid on the first visit. They didn't want any prospective student walking out without submitting an application. There's a 100% acceptance rate. As long as you have a pulse, are a citizen or permanent resident, and not in default on any federal student loans, you can get "accepted" into ITT.

We were trained to basically tell the prospective student how much their current situation sucks and how much they NEEDED to go to ITT, although the school masked this practice by saying we were getting their "motive" as to why they needed to continue their education. Since most of the students who came through didn't have any prior college education, they bought into it. All of the students I enrolled who had previously gone to traditional colleges ultimately dropped out of ITT after one quarter, citing the horrible curricula and inability to overcome the rowdy classroom atmosphere. We were instructed to not give the most basic information over the phone (program cost, class schedule) because the idea is to get the student into the campus and then trap them with the sales pitch.

I can go all day about how horrible this place sucks, but the truth is by the time I finish writing this, another campus will be closed. Corporate greed and lack of genuine concern for the students has finally done this company in. Right now, it's just a matter of squeezing every last cent into their pockets before they are force to close every campus.
I attended ITT Tech for my AAS and Bachelor's degree in software engineering and ITT was probably one of the worse mistakes that I have ever made.

I first started at ITT Tech, in Arnold, Missouri as a student in their CEET program. At the time, they took in students in what was called their PIE program, Partners in Education. Basically, these PIE students were at their last semester in High School and they were allowed to take courses at ITT Tech at a lower rate. These students had no idea how to perform in class, throwing papers and spit balls around and generally made going to school a living nightmare.

I switched from CEET to SAP, which was their entry level software development program. Some of the teachers were actually quite good in the beginning. Others were abysmal. One teacher spoke such broken english that the whole class banded together to make a complaint to the dean of the school. Some of the good instructors either quit mid-quarter or were terminated.

Cut to 2004 when I graduated with my AAS degree, I started applying for work and none of the jobs I applied for ever gave me a thought. I had 30K in student loan bills, so I joined the military and took a year or so off to complete my training. I called Sallie Mae, who then did not put me on their rolls as going into basic training. So, when I was gone for duty, Sallie Mae started hounding my own mother, calling her incessantly. We were finally able to put my loans on deferment.

Cut again to 2006 when I got back from training, I tried to contact several schools to finish my undergraduate studies. No school would take my ITT credits. None. Zip. Almost zero. One school would take me, but it was online only study. I bit the bullet and went back to ITT Tech.

Bad mistake. The training that I got from my Bachelor's program was even less substandard than before. In my ethics course, one instructor ended up changing the curriculum to an anti-evolutionary platform and brought in a guest speaker who was a preacher and gave an anti evolution sermon. The school also taught from NIIT textbooks, a publishing company from India. During studies, very rarely ACICS would come into the school to do a "performance check". We were told not to even speak to them directly.

At the tail end of the program, I was brought into financial aid and I ended up signing more paperwork and an additional document, which brought in a few thousand dollars into the picture. I was assured that this was just strictly a federal loan. Later on, I was told that my federal student aid had run dry and I had to pay $5,000 out of pocket just to graduate from the school. We were able to pay that amount from my father's retirement fund, but it was ridiculous, since I was a National Guard service member and state tuition assistance was paying a huge portion of the funds, per quarter.

Cut to 2008, I reluctantly started an MBA program with a not for profit University. I counted my lucky stars that I was able to get in with my ITT Tech degree. I received a call from Sallie Mae and they asked why I wasn't paying on my loans. Well, I told them I was still in school finishing my Master's degree. The additional document I was asked to sign was a private student loan. I signed over, unknowingly for $2K for a private student loan. They were able to put it under a deferment, but now my private student loan is now worth over $12k because of deferments and fees.

I did a little background work and I applied as an adjunct instructor. They offered me a job paying me only $1,200 per quarter as a Java instructor and I haven't used Java in quite a while. I didn't complete the background check and filled out official hiring paperwork, but they still expected me to teach a class on the first night. Even their "secretary" contacted me on Facebook asking me why wasn't I teaching that night. I told them that I found other work.

ITT Tech is a scam corporation that had stock owned by the most greediest of financial institutions, namely Putnam Investments. They do not care about their students at all or the quality of their education. It is within everyone's best interest that this school is shut down for good.
I have earned two graduate degrees from accredited universities, and I hold a daytime teaching position with a well-known employer.

My teaching job at ITT is helping me to pay off student loans.

Since coming to ITT as a part-time instructor, I have witnessed: grades being "enhanced" so students that I failed will pass; GI Bill students being counted as "present" even though they never come to class; students telling me that they don't have to come to class, because the dean will pass them anyway; payment of instructors under the table to circumvent laws that require payment of benefits.
I was hired at ITT tech a couple of months ago, As of now I am not laid off I am in the recruitment department thank you for letting me know what to expect..
I am currently and have been an Admissions Representative at ITT Tech for several years now. I love this school and how they put the students needs first We just hired 3 more Admission Reps this week. In addition I have enrolled 2 students so far this week. Their are no lay offs, we are hiring all kinds of positions. In addition all programs are Accredited.

From Webmaster
As usual, these positive comments give very little information: what is the location of this school?
And poor grammar.

I learned more on you tube.
Here's some fresh inside news about ITT as of today (July 5th 2016).

In response to the pending loss of accreditation with the ACICS...ITT Tech will rebrand 32 existing campuses as Daniel Webster Colleges (and piggyback on that school's regional accreditation). The remaining 100 or so campuses are either teaching out their students or closing outright.

This process began with the layoffs of all recruiting staff at those 100 campuses closing.

June 2016

ITT campus in St Rose LA.

So after reading the stories on here i can safely say thay my degrees are worthless and i am stuck with never-ending debt?

Thats about right they suck you in with promises of helping you getting a better job making more money but that doesn't happen. The equipment at the campus is broken and the computers are outdated. They charge full price for hard copies of the books but set you up with e-book that the school computers cant load properly.

The quarterly surveys are a joke no one responds and nothing is done about the conditions stated in the surveys.

There are times when i see the recruiters comming aroud with prospective students it takes every thing inside of me to yell "DON'T DO IT" but i just keep my mouth shut and let them learn on their own. On top of all of that i was stupid to go back for my bachelor's degree. Never did they tell us that the bachlors course would be all theory and no hands on. There a only 11 of us in the bachlors program all a various stages and we all feel the same way.

So to those who read this webpage before signing up uust remember.
Former ITT staff and ACICS (ITT's accreditor) auditor here. This is from an email sent today by ACICS, foreshadowing ITT's inevitable collapse once it's accreditor goes [belly]-up:

From an email sent by ACICS to member schools:

"June 24, 2016

Dear Member Institutions and Colleagues:

The National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) voted yesterday, Thursday, June 23, 2016 to send to the Senior Department Official (SDO) of the U.S. Department of Education a recommendation to deny recognition to ACICS. The SDO has 90 days to make a decision, based in part on the recommendations from the Committee and the Department staff, which also recommended a denial of recognition.

ACICS will continue to exhaust its opportunities to inform the SDO before the record is closed. As more information becomes available, it will be shared with all ACICS colleges and schools.

It should be noted that students, graduates, employers and other community members provided articulate and supportive testimony to the Committee regarding the value and quality of education received at ACICS colleges and schools. That support fortified the efforts to secure a favorable recommendation from NACIQI, and are much appreciated.


Anthony S. Bieda

Executive in Charge"
I had attended ITT between 2009 and 2011, I was out of a job and lured into their promises of a better future.

I hindsight there were numerous red flags, for start they did not require any form of merit to go there, with the exception of an entry exam that was the equivalent to a 1st grade math test.

Another red flag is that they placed me in the wrong program, when I corrected them they charged me $100 to right their wrong.

One more red flag was the first day of class they double booked then room for two classes, and then ran the two classes at the same time. I stood up and questioned the instructor on how he could let this happen, he then put us into a lab.

Half way through my experience, they opened a second overflow campus, to house all the warm bodies that they were stuffing into class rooms. That had only two super old dell computers, with CRT monitors. (that campus has since been closed)

I was at fault for continuing to persue such a lost cause of an education for the next 2 years. During that time, I can come up with over 1000 things that most people would beleive are made up. Unfortunately they are all true.

The education is so poor that anytime that I make an error in life I just state "don't blame me I went to ITT tech.

I do not want to get into the financial aid scam, especially because they are under investigation at the time I am writing this.

I did go to their website and they have an article stating that with solicitation they were able to rally 900 letters from students on how their experience at ITT helped them. Thats not a whole lot of students considering that at any given time over the past 8 years over 41,000 students are enrolled at ITT. Just look at the number of unsolicited comments that are posted here.

The whole school is a trainwreck, I fell victim to the hype, which is all ITT is

From a former CDD student Greenfield WI campus
2003 graduate.

I was exposed to much in the computer networking field.

I assumed upon graduation that ITT had relationships with companies in order for me to go there and apply. They did not.

I assumed I would get an automatic job within a month, so I waited for some months due to my present job. Upon going to the career service at ITT, they had me fill out a profile sheet and handed me a print-out of career builders web services for job seekers.

They never did help and I am still unemployed as of 2009.
ITT adjunct faculty here.

I teach at various institutions, both public and private, both for profit and not-for-profit. I have degrees from both private, for-profit institutions as well as public, state universities.

I have worked at virtually all levels of colleges and universities from admissions to department chair, to research fellow, to financial aid, to full-time faculty, to adjunct faculty. I have worked on accreditation committees as well as accreditation boards.

I have found that ITT's educational ideology is very poor at teaching any meaningful aspects of the course at hand. that is disturbing enough, but what makes it even more disturbing is the grade assessment. Essentially, ITT has removed course content as well as grade assessment out of the hands of the instructor. They mandate what is taught, how it is taught, when it is tested over, what is tested and even the grading. This was done in a misguided attempt to make grading more consistent, but what it does is effectively give every student consistently good grades.

After many discussions with the locals at my ITT campus, I asked them to remove me from their adjunct faculty list.

The training is ineffective yet is graded as though it is perfect. I dare say that virtually anyone can pull an A in any class at ITT. The scariest part is that they can do it without any real knowledge of the subject.

My last semester there, I had graduating seniors in Computer Programming that carried 4.0 GPAs, but couldn't troubleshoot simple code. I had graduating seniors with 4.0 GPAs in Electronics Engineering Technology, that couldn't reduce Boolean expressions or apply DeMorgan's theorem (this should have been mastered in their first year of classes) All of the fundamental troubleshooting skills were lacking.

The real problem is that a lot of the faculty I worked with were quite good at teaching and were very knowledgeable about their subjects. ITT simply mandated every single aspect of the point that the professors were only there so ITT could say they had degreed professionals in the classroom.

May 2016

I went to ITT in Phoenix, AZ. I was only there for a month, but that was all it took for me to see that I was not going to have a quality education there.

I enrolled last year and signed up for the IT Program. What a complete joke of a school. No self-respecting school would ever have "For Dummies" books allowed in their library for students to look through.

The teachers here had obviously no experience teaching a class.

My math teacher didn't even show up on the first day. The material we were learning was very outdated (When was the last time you heard someone talking about "Scsi" adapters and talking about USB being relatively new?)

My first day of my computers class was spent learning about what ports are on a computer (YES I KNOW WHAT A ETHERNET PORT IS FOR GOODNESS SAKE). Anyone born this century could have told them this.

I was being treated as if I was an idiot and didn't know any better. Needless to say I was not happy with my short time here.

After finding this website, It gave me the initiative to drop out and slam the door behind me.

I will be attending a REAL school later and in the mean time telling people to stay away from this school. What a joke.
I do not recommend ITT Tech's Breckinridge School of Nursing In Warrensville Heights, Ohio.

They are very unprofessional and unorganized and will cause you emotional stress. They fail to offer you clinical experience that you need in order to be successful and you end up teaching yourself.

They also have a mandatory Hesi exam that you have to score an 850 in order to get your diploma, even though you have passed all needed classes. They do not offer resources to help during the program that will help you become successful.

Every week they came with new information that should have been already set in place so that the students would be able to plan accordingly.

This school experience has been hell!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for all you do at My ITT Experience. Could you please put a note about the ITT Tech Warriors and their efforts near the top of the page?

The ITT Tech Warriors has been doing a great job fighting for justice, debt forgiveness, and veterans claims against ITT Tech--with help from the Debt Collective. They also have a Facebook and Twitter (@ITTWarriors) to build solidarity and pass on information.

The ITT Tech Warriors' most recent effort is in working on complaints to various federal and state agencies, including the US Department of Education, Federal Trade Commission, Veterans Administration (using the GI Bill Feedback System) and state Attorneys General.

I use to attend the Orange, Ca campus.

For the 2016 spring quarter I dropped out before classes started for personal reasons.

I recently recived a letter from the VA stating I owe the VA money. I called the finance department and asked if they charged the VA, they said yes because on their record it shows i attended class. However I spoke to the chair and the dean and told them i could not attend this quarter due to pseronal reason reasons. They assured me not to worry since i dropped out before school started.

Now they will not return my phone calls or give me a reason why i was marked present.

I can only hope the VA will investigate this and not make me pay them for something i did not do.
I went to ITT online through Carmel Indiana, I never went into a classroom, never say an computer parts, never even met one of the instructors.

During the application process they told me told me my credits would transfer to another college. The credits I earned from ITT are worthless. The degree is worthless and I know no other college will accept my Associates Degree in Applied Science with Information Technology Management from ITT Technical Institute.

They used out dated books about obsolete computers systems not used by the industry. They should have been training me to pay some of the Standard Certifications. This is what LAB SIM was trying to accomplish but during the last two sessions of college the stopped using a great tool called LAB SIM. They change to VLAB and it would hardly ever work it was so frustrating.
ITT's days are numbered.

The accreditor are in a lot of trouble. There are a lot of cutbacks these days.

Some campus are canceling things like work study and classes. Many are not allowing new students. Many are simply closing.

A lot of people in high positions are also quitting/leaving.

The number of students enrolled has fallen significantly and the enrollment keeps dropping. I would not be surprise if ITT goes bankrupt soon.

The stock price is around 2$.
I was "accepted" to the ITT Tech campus in Newburgh, IN. I am still in high school as of now. I graduate in 8 days.

Well, I recently called ITT Tech and wanted to talk with someone about my FASFA because there is something wrong with it. That's when the person that answered told me that the campus was closing.

The thing that really ticks me off is that the financial aid person told me straight to my face that I was going to be able to get somewhere around $23K worth of a Pale Grant. Well, I didn't know that ITT Tech wasn't able to get money from the government because of their fraudulent behavior.

Now, I understand why it was so EASY to get accepted. Because, THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY.

Talking to them was a joke. This school is VERY unprofessional.
I feel Itt tech was very misleading, I feel no student should be held liable for an account that has non transferable credits.

April 2016

I attended ITT Tech of San Bernardino, Ca. from June of 2006 - June 2008.

I was enrolled in the Computer Electronics Engineering Technology program.Back then the course estimated cost was $30,000.00. I can remember the month before actually entering ITT I was told I qualified for several grants. I applied. To my knowledge ITT intercepted those grants and "placed them in an account for my education expenses".

I recall that a co-signer was needed for myself to apply for a loan to help with costs of tuition.

Half way through my course, I along with several other students riding on grants, were pulled out of class and brought through the admin offices to have us apply for more loans?? Why? Because our funding had ran out.I was told just as the others were told,that if we didn't obtain more funding we would be suspended and would not receive our diplomas. The paper work was already filled out on our behalf, we just needed to sign. But why didn't I need a Co-signer then?

I became suspicious and began digging around for information on the finance dept. Learned they had been raided by the FBI the year prior to my attending. I then requested to see my financial documents and waited weeks before they provided me with a document that were to show where all my funds were being applied.The document was blacked out in several places. I couldn't do anything about the loans I had just applied for, as they were already approved from what they had advised.

Bottom line is this, per the 1098-T forms ITT provided me, The total amount of tuition that was paid on my behalf for 2006-2008 =$22,464.88. The total amount of Grants ITT received on my behalf was $18,703.07. But the total amount of loans that were taken out $27,642.00!!

None of my grant money was used to pay off these loans as they should have been. Instead, they were placed in an account where they made minimal payments to these loans while I attended the school.Not caring about the daily interest on these loans.

To this day USA Funds have garnished my tax returns, and have FAMS attempting to collect a total debt of $29,587.53! This is after 3 different Collection Companies sold my loan after collecting 10 payments from me, and having the balance of my principle loan multiplied by 18% to add that cost as their fees for servicing my loan.

I have written Congress about these loan companies collecting for Sallie Mae, and have added my comments to ITT Warriors whom are almost 300 signatures close to filing a class action lawsuit.

I hope this helps you with yours.






I attended ITT Tech on the Online Program for Paralegal Studies.

I should have known better when, the day I called to check on the program, I was pressured to complete an applications and enroll in two days.

I was told that the tuition for the two year program was, 13,000 total. When I enrolled and completed 3/4ths of the program, I received a bill from ITT stating that I had to pay 13,000 each quarter. What's more, I found out that they had been changing my Federal grants and signing them to their own specifications. The only reason I found out was because a new employee messed up and sent me a bill.

After I received that bill, I called them to see what was going on and that is when I learned the truth.

Apparently, they were submitting documents for grants and loans without my knowledge. Then when I completed the program, I received a bill for 2500 stating they would hold my Certificate of Completion until I paid. I was confused because the aid I received, that they filled out, was more than enough.

Since ITT said they do not give refunds and I had over 6,000 dollars in excess aid, I contacted Sallie Mae, who stated ITT never returned any funds to them, however that is not what ITT told me. They stated that they do not distribute funds to students and that all the monies went back to Sallie Mae.

I have not received my Certificate and I graduated in March of 2013.

March 2016

I started out attending the ITT in Fort Wayne, IN.

After having numerous problems I transferred to Oklahoma, where the problems continued.

I have finished all of my classes and am struggling with the exit HESI. In Fort Wayne, the HESI test was new and was not mandatory. Our classes nor curriculum were based around the HESI.

Long story short, when I got to Oklahoma I was told that after 3 attempts at the HESI we would have to remediate and then we could retake the HESI as many times as needed as long as we paid for the test out of pocket.

I have been studying like crazy because remediation was a joke. With each test my scores were improving, I was finally on the right track when the nursing chair in Oklahoma emailed me to say after Dec 6, 2015 I would no longer be able to take the hesi. She didn't tell me this until November.

After contacting cooperate they decided to extend it 3 months. I was able to take it one more time before they started changing the dates around again.

I am tired of fighting ITT because they are constantly changing the rules. No where in my handbook does it say anything about the HESI let alone there being anything about a time limit. The Hesi is not even a state required test.

I am in debt up to my eyeballs and now they decide I am at the end of my rope and there is nothing I can do it about it.

That's just it...all of my time and money wasted. I want to hire a Lawyer ASAP!!! If anyone knows who I can contact please let me know.
I attended ITT Tech in Cary, NC.

I received phone calls for weeks from a recruiter. Finally, I gave in went to an interview. I told them I didn't have a job. They promised me they would place me in a job that I was trained in. I have been a legal secretary for many years and have loads of experience.

They never sent me on one interview.

While I was being recruited, I told them it was too much money and I was 50 years old and could not possibly pay the $80,000.00 it would take to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. They told me most of my loan would be paid by pell grants and other grants I was eligible for and every year I would get those grants.

They also told me that they were accredited. When I left and tried to attend another school closer to my home, my 100 credits would not transfer to any other community college. Almost two years wasted.

The school was in a turbulent situation because the Dean got fired for having an affair with one of the employees. That's how my first week went.

Sometimes, we didn't have instructors in the class and alot of times, they didn't know the material they were teaching. In the computer class, we had old outdated computers.

I was a good student and did the work and made the honor roll 6 or 7 quarters. They let people disrupt the classes and it was often chaotic.

I never got a job while attending ITT Tech. I finally got a job a year ago and now they have turned my loan over to Navient. I think my loan is like at $22,000.00. Now, this is jeopardizing the job I have. I cannot afford to pay them and the interest in unbelievable.

They were misleading in every way. By the way, they never received their in-state accreditation so nobody can transfer their credits in-state.

We were stalked by recruiters who promised us everything and delivered nothing. Also, they couldn't keep help. They were always hiring recruiters, yet they never offered jobs to people who were qualified and then some.

We had a guy who spent four years getting his degree there. He was a veteran. When the recruiters came to the school to look for possible candidates for jobs, he was offered a big $10.00 an hour.

We really need help from these scammers and they need to be closed down. I am not sure what I am going to do because Navient calls me every other day. I have been on deferment for a while, and now they want money. I explained to them what was going on but they don't care because they are trying to collect for Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae should be the ones suing ITT Tech. It's because of ITT Tech so many people are having default on their loans because the education they got there is as phony and the school is.

I was a true student at ITT Technical Institute in Cary, NC and I believe them to be thieves. They had people signed up who could not pass the basic sciences and math classes. But, they still let them stay in to collect the tuition.
I enrolled in late spring of 2015 and started in the June 2015 school year at the Louisville, Ky Campus.

The first quarter went great, in fact I made the Dean's list (which is apparently not hard to do). At the 2nd quarter, Math 1 began. It was hardly "Math 1".

So fast forward to 2015 - I'm working at a medical device manufacturer and I wanted to gain a niche in electronics there since a lot of our devices were containing more and more electronic components & circuits. This led me to ITT. The enrollment process was very, very easy. Just like buying a car. The car salesman wants you to buy the car with not a single concern as to whether or not the car will break down in a day, a week or a month. They just want to make the sale. So they did a credit check and told me about all these incentive programs I qualified for and how I was only going to be paying for half of the actual tuition fees. It all sounded great at the time.

So class began and as I mentioned above, the first quarter went very well. The second quarter introduced Math 1. Now, keep in mind, I dropped out in 1987. Back then they only taught Algebra as an elected class, or perhaps at a senior level, which I did not reach, so I really wouldn't know.

So this math 1 class started and completely bypassed algebra and went directly into calculus and trigonometry. I was completely lost from the start. I tried to see a tutor and I tried to work it out in the ALEKS system, but trying to tutor and also keep up with the insanely fast math class was impossible for a working adult with a child 50% of the time. Even the instructor made a comment once, saying "I can't believe everything they try to cram into 10 weeks".

When I told the school I was going to fail they just blew it off as no big deal and told me I could just take a no grade and repeat the course next quarter. Oh yea, that will fix the problem, right?

So next quarter there would be the next two classes, a repeat of Math 1 and tutoring to try and pass Math 1 a second time around. Just so I could try to be prepared for the even more difficult Math 2 in the 3rd quarter. I felt overwhelmed and just said to hell with it. There was actually many things that went into the decision to withdraw, but all of those reason's were because of the school's disregard for the student's success at the enrollment stage.

Here's where I think ITT failed me and I am sure they fail most of their students this way: During the enrollment process there is no assessment or gap analysis performed to determine where a person stands as compared to the course's curriculum, especially in math. Had I known that the math was going to be so impossibly difficult and so far beyond my comprehension and ability to learn in such a short time, I would not have enrolled in the class and it would have saved me $9000 in student loans that I now have to pay back.

And speaking of student loans - Here is something else. During the enrollment process I was told my student loan payment would be $230 per month. This stood out in my mind well because my car payment at the time was $239, so I had something to relate it to.

When I was in the process of purchasing a house (before I dropped out) the mortgage company wanted a statement from the school that stated what my student loan would be after I graduated. They gave a statement of $375 per month. $375!! Where the hell did that number come from?? I couldn't believe it and it further fueled the fire for me to withdraw, while I still had a shirt on my back.

One thing I will say is the school obviously recognized the math began at a very hard level because late in the quarter when so many were failing. They started massive workshops and I will admit, this was a good effort on their part. But this was too little too late. If I can't do the work in class, how am I supposed to tutor beginning at the level I am comfortable with and still have to take the class where I have no clue what is going on?? And then be told by staff that all I have to do is take a no grade and repeat it.

So in closing I will just say this; ITT does NOTHING to ensure the success of their students BEFORE they enroll in the course. Especially for the older students like myself who had not been in a math class in 25 years. They have one goal - Get you in the door and put it ALL on you to sink or swim. Just one simple assessment would have saved me so much anguish and money.

And all I can do now is complain and pay it back. It is such BS.

I was enrolled in a course I should have never been qualified to take. If ITT cannot be held accountable, then they should at least be forced to implement academic assessments before a prospective student is allowed to take the course.

It would be nice if there was a way this could be recognized and for them to have to pay the tuition, instead of me.
I took courses online from ITT Tech.

I was enrolled in the Construction Management program since that's the field I'm currently in.

From the beginning I felt like these classes were a joke. The books were completely outdated. The assignments were stupid and repetitive. I was under the impression that this was going to better my career not get me 30k in debt with nothing to show for.

I completely agree that most people who stick up for ITT never give out specific information but I do believe that if they truly succeeded it wasn't because of ITT it was because of themselves.

I'm at a better job thanks to me and life's opportunities, not because of ITT although I was currently enrolled at that time. I make a decent salary considering I have no official education. I have experience and my experience is worth 60k and I'm only 27 and I just started this job 6 months ago. Again, not because of ITT.

Now they went and garnished my NJ state return. I got sick of their s*** and just dropped my courses and apparently I still owed them $218. Well I can tell you I keep track of my finances and I did not owe them S***! I don't care if I'm a multimillionaire, you don't go and steal!! That's my money not theirs!

I feel so stupid. Now I'm reading all these horrible things about ITT and people who are going through the same issues. How was I so blind? Why didn't I do my research? I'm enraged and feel even worse about not being able to do anything about it.

For anyone who happens to read this before enrolling..Just don't do it.. Keep researching, don't give up. Just don't go with ITT.
I am a father of a student that went to ITT-Tech (Fort Wayne, IN) branch.

I requested from the ITT-Tech (Fort Wayne, IN) branch (2) copies of my son's diploma. ITT-Tech (Fort Wayne, IN) branch sent me to ITT-Tech (Henderson, NV) branch because my son took (2) courses there.

ITT-Tech (Henderson, NV) branch sent me back to ITT-Tech (Fort Wayne, IN) branch because his degree stated ITT-Tech (Fort Wayne, IN) Graduate.

I contacted a David Massey, (ITT-Tech Fort Wayne, IN Director) and he became belligerent on the phone towards me. David Massey tried talking down to me and over my words. David Massey thought that he could intimidate me and force his will of blowing me off. I find that type of attitude very disrespectful and demeaning.

I do not know what college or school David Massey went to, but I do feel he needs to go back for Etiquette and Professionalism classes.

I will never refer anyone to ITT-Tech (Fort Wayne, IN) branch as long as David Massey is in charge.

February 2016

I went to ITT in Grand Rapids, MI.

I took a two year class for Computer Network Science and racked up around 40k in debt.

I can honestly say that the instructors were all really awesome. They taught "Off the books" alot, and we covered a ton of information that wasn't supposed to be in the class.

Despite the effort of the teachers, my education was worthless. Absolutely no one in Michigan was looking for ITT graduates, and for the most part if you mentioned that you had graduated ITT they'd thank you for applying and promise to call you right back.

I wound up joining the military.
I have worked as a general education instructor (science and math) at ITT-Tech for several years as a part-time, temporary faculty.

I like the students at ITT-Tech, and most of the faculty as well, and believe I have been a good instructor, and have always been paid on time (not much, but the agreed amount in any case!) I don't want to work full time. Sounds like I have it made.

But the more I appreciate the efforts of my students, and the better I get to know them (sometimes I teach the same students several quarters in a row), the worse I am feeling.

I am now seeking another part-time faculty job somewhere else. I feel like I am part of a slimey organization.

In my case, the ethical breaches are carried out for the most part by higher-ups in some distant office building in Indiana, and it is easy to pretend I am doing no harm personally, but I have been feeling worse and worse.

So this is my last quarter as an instructor here, though I have no new job lined up yet. I have dreaded a job hunt, because I am ashamed of working at ITT-Tech. How do I explain to prospective employers that Itt-Tech feels like working in a toxic atmosphere? How do I describe my job history on LinkedIn? How do I use my current supervisors as references, knowing that they would be appalled to hear what I really think of the numbers game being played with students lives?

I feel so much better about myself now, having made the decision to go somewhere else. It is like a gray sky clearing up, doors opening to the sunshine. I realize I have been ashamed to admit to former colleagues where I work, I have been too embarrassed to volunteer for agencies fighting social injustice. I have been afraid of meeting a young adult, or their parents, who has been given a raw deal by ITT-Tech, so I have been staying home a lot!

Here is what sickens me the most. ITT-Tech says they want to serve students not readily accepted by traditional colleges. But prospective students are not given any reasonable assessment of their career interests, or given any meaningful assessments of their academic level. So students of all capabilities are dumped into programs and basically told to sink or swim. If they start to sink, students are told to take responsibility for their success.

ITT-Tech does not do a good job of supporting students adequately, in order to help them overcome deficiencies, yet ITT-TEch will not accept responsibility for providing a lousy product for the huge tuition paid. SO these vulnerable people are left feeling it is their own fault for failing.

I have worked enough at different jobs, as a math instructor, to know ITT-Tech is doing a horrible job. Are there any people working at ITT-Tech headquarters in Indiana who have a clue? ITT-Tech says they are giving people who have struggled in the past a chance at success -- but all ITT-Tech does is take their money and give them a place to come and sit for a few hours a week in a pretend college.

Keep your eyes open, and you will see what I mean.
I went to ITT Tech in Wichita Kansas 2013-2015.

I had been working in Information Technology for almost two years before I wised up and went for a degree in Information Technology. I heard an ad on the radio for ITT Tech and decided to go for it and get my Associates degree. First semester went just fine. Had two IT Classes and a general education class. Both went fine.

Second semester, I began to notice small things wrong with issues such as the items being taught, the career placement, and how the back office operated. With the items being taught, ITT Techs curriculum is very out dated in Information Technology and will need to be updated quickly.

The career placement on site, I really didn't have any interactions with them until about the half way mark in my schooling. The back office, every single time right before our new semester started our books would be a few weeks late. Every single semester until they switched to the online books. Which suck by the way.

Back to career services. I went and spoke to the main person to see if he had any job positions open or places looking. I had my resume on a thumb drive and uploaded it to the persons workstation. The first mistake is they didn't even read it. I stood there wondering when he was going to read it but during the whole thing he never did.

He asked if I have talked to certain companies that have hired our grads before like Teksystems and a few others and began to explain to him what they were telling me. He called me negative because I always had an answer to the places I have talked to and those answers were what the companies were telling me and basically doing to me.

Second mistake, he did not listen. Typical. I told him forget it and walked out instead of getting mad. A few days later I then took ITT Tech off my resume and put in for a few jobs on careerbuilder and craigslist. I then noticed a huge increase of jobs emailing me for interviews including my current position i have now.

That right there should have been a huge red flag but since the credits do not transfer any where else I did not have a choice but to continue to go to ITT Tech rather than start over.

At this point I am about three quarters of the way through and had to take a semester off due to my new position. I was in the middle of this semester and had to talk with the dean on how to proceed. I was told that I could finish the courses remotely and that the dean would speak with the instructors to set this up completely.

Few weeks later when I noticed none of my instructors were emailing me I was told I could not complete the courses remotely and I had to come in on Saturdays to make up for the time missed. Needless to say I did not pass any of the classes.

Afterwards, I went back for my final semester and was basically blamed for dropping two classes the semester before. Your dean, at the time, said yes I can complete those courses remotely due to the distance I had to travel and then went back on his word. Guess it was my fault for believing huh?

I was completely pissed off that they had let me down like that.

My current boss found out I had graduated from ITT Tech and told me that he never would have hired me if he knew that in the first place. After talking with several employers in Wichita they all said the same thing.

Basically, I just wasted my GI Bill and two years of my life for what? A piece of paper that says I have an associated degree that is completely worthless in this state.

Due to past ITT Tech students that the career services got jobs for a lot of them in Information Technology did not make it too far and created a very bad name for the school. They asked if I wanted to go to a bachelors degree in cyber security. My words to this person was, **** no. Do you want to know why? Because it will be as worthless as the degree I am getting right now because no one will hire us.

If your going to ITT Tech, just because it's a bachelors degree doesn't mean anything here. It is still very worthless.

I was so pissed off that I didn't even bother with going to graduation knowing the real truth. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by none other then career services of ITT Tech about a entry level job with a local internet and cable provider. Yes. I am going to leave my Network Engineering Job for an entry level job because some ********* can't bother himself to actually read a resume. Great job.

Told them to stop emailing and contacting me because of the worthlessness of your education program. Four more emails later, Yes this is now harassment at this point, they finally left me alone. I know he reads these and NEXT TIME JACKASS READ THE RESUME, makes a world of difference.

Now? I am attending Butler Community College for Database Administration and Cyber Security. Yes, it will take three years but it will be worth more than what I got at ITT Tech. Two teachers I met there I will forever have the most respect for and hope that they will be teaching later on at BCC when ITT gets shut down.

I don't want to give names without permission but I am sure the Darth and a Veteran brother know I have a lot of respect for them and would be in any class they ever taught.

When I read posts on this website about crushing debt loads, I wonder what really can be done about this?

I am not a student at ITT-Tech, never was, but former students contemplating ending their lives is very serious stuff. I know I don't want my children going to a place like this.

I thought this school is under investigation by CFPB?

ITT-Tech ads look more like training academy than college. How is it possible they are approved to offer Bachelor degree?

How can young people, or people of any age, be given huge loans for 4 years of training at a career school? Why isn't this school being monitored more closely?

Please, if the person who posted previously can help others avoid this same trap, will they please share their ideas?

Can writing a senator or representative help in situation like this?
I wanted to respond to the teacher's comment that was just added:

There are a couple good teachers at most of these schools, but like he dances around the edges of, most of the problem is the extreme amount of debt and bad reputation this school has.

Even students who graduate at the top of their class are going to face an uphill battle to chase down expensive certifications and get that critical 10-15 years of experience to actually make a good wage in any field ITT pretends to prepare students for.

I was one of the students who showed up, did the work, and graduated with good grades. I got harassed right after graduation for phantom bills from ITT that got added after I graduated, additional bills for $1400 a month from just one of the dozen loan packages they created, and it took me 2 years to find ANYTHING in the field.

I have since gone somewhere else and dropped any hint of ITT Tech from my resume or job applications - something for anybody considering this place to think about.

This place has caused me nothing but grief and economic harm and there is a 75% chance I will end up killing myself in the next year or two because of the ongoing pile of debt that simply has no legal way to resolve.

If anybody is still thinking about this place, realize they WILL pile additional loans on top and lie their ass off to take out the maximum amount of loans they can. They will use high interest and predatory lenders. They will tack on additional charges months after you graduate. And their career services might give you a stack of two month old job listings if you're lucky.
I am an adjunct faculty. I am writing these comments to vent my frustration with a problem my students are having.

Yes, I know ITT-Tech has lots of problems. But the latest issue at my campus is serious trouble attracting and retaining good faculty.

Maybe when the job market was tougher, qualified individuals needed the work. But now, my campus is becoming dysfunctional.

Being a teacher is a challenge -- a lot of prep work has to be done, using the provided curricula as an outline, to deliver a quality product to the students. Many new teachers don't put in the time, or don' have the talent or knowledge to prepare for their classes.

My students tell me I am their favorite teacher, and it is because I put a lot of time into prep work for my classes, have a lot of experience in the field I am teaching in, and want my students to have a good outcome. I am not paid much. Maybe that is why there is a problem getting good faculty here.

The problem is getting worse - and my heart is bleeding listening to my students complain, with legitimate grievances. Little is done to address their complaints by "powers-that-be," unless a teacher is flat out verbally abusive to students.

Some disgruntled former students on websites such as this one would love to insult me, just for the fact I am working for ITT-Tech.

I realize a lot of people have been burned. I make it clear to my associate level students they are not getting a university education, they are getting a vocational/technical education, and they will not be able to transfer credits to a regular 4 year institute.

If students tell me they are about to enroll in a bachelor program at ITT-Tech, I caution them it is very expensive and they should do diligent research on the expertise of the instructors.

When they report to me an instructor is abusive, I go to the Dean.

Most of my students are well informed, feel they have no-where else to go anyway, and have reasonable expectations.

My students have chosen ITT-Tech for various reasons - they need a program that has night classes, they need a school that demands less time for homework than community colleges because of family and work commitments, or they were confused trying to fill out financial aid forms at public schools.

Some students were swayed by a "sales-pitch" when they signed up at ITT-Tech.

I used to think most of my students could succeed at ITT-Tech with the right instructors, even with mediocre curricula and equipment, at least at the associate level.

Of course I am looking for another job, at public technical institutes. I am hoping more public or non-profit, or quality private, technical institutes will be built in my area, and they will address the needs of the population ITT-Tech is targeting.

I have been hoping that ITT-Tech would improve their business and education model, but that is not the case. The dean has gotten rid of the verbally abusive instructors, at least, and is trying to find more qualified instructors without success.

Fundamentally, ITT-Tech seems to be a business, with little expertise with the education side of things. And now, without good faculty, the house of cards is falling down.

I don't feel like I am working at an educational institute anymore; there is little meaningful support for faculty or students.

Unfortunately, ITT-Tech today is too much about the money -- taking money away from students, paying faculty low wages, overworking the Dean, providing few services to the clients, and paying CEO millions of bucks.

Find another school! And thank you for listening.

From Web Master:

Many posts to this web site mention that they found several good instructors within the ITT-Tech institution and don't always blame the instructors.

Note to student February 2016: see below

Devry is also a for-profit and is also currently under investigations by Department of Education and Federal Trade Commission.

Note to any student who wants to sue: When you signed an enrollment agreement there is an arbitration clause in it that will prevent you from suing ITT Tech. The case will just be thrown out if you can even get any lawyer to take it that far.

I am a former employee of ITT Technical Institute and an education activist working against for-profit colleges for many years.

Note: the following comment is from a CLOSED ITT school.
Why would a seemingly good school close?

I was a student at the ITT Technical Institute in King of Prussia, PA (now closed) and was in the A.S.T Computer Drafting and Design program.

Maybe it was just the field that I studied and the fact that I made the most of my time there (I know nothing about network systems, programming, etc.), but I have nothing but positive things to say about the experience.

The professors I had were great and the staff was always there to help.

Within a month of graduation I was offered an entry level position with a great benefits package and wage.

I didn't just walk into my first job though. While at ITT Tech I was a member of the National Technical Honor Society and interned at an engineering firm.

I have had no issues with paying my student loans or finding employment. I graduated in December 2011.

I am no longer at the first job, but was offered positions with two other companies which were in the design field (as well as another one as a field testing technician) before starting where I have been for the past year and a half.

Although I cannot say anything about the other programs ITT Tech has to offer, I can say that their CADD department helped me to get to where I am today (and the Physics class I took was second to none).
It all started in 2014.

They started making students take more classes (which were NOT in the catalog nor in the program we signed) to "compensate" for their losses.

Many students who were supposed to graduate that quarter, they were pushed off another quarter having to pay that extra class out of their pocket because financial aid would not cover them since they were not enrolled "full time".

Another problem is that they lie to you with the programs and they are not only are what they are supposed to be but also give you two or three different courses with the same content but different point of view. Even the teacher (who taught us those two classes) said that the content was the same than the other course she taught with us.

I also have seen teachers complaining in public about the tardiness of their paycheck many times.

Now, students are stuck with "Visual Arts" class that has NOTHING to do with cyber security program but yet they claim it is a must "state-wise" to take so we can't even take it on-line but on-site.

I believe this is a trap that something really soon will happen with ITT Tech and they are buying some time before rejecting us the diploma.

Last but not least, I had a teacher begging me to do my Bachelor's at DeVry.
Now I understand why.

January 2016

I am a graduate of ITT March 2014.

When I started the program I was enrolled in was AS of Criminal Justice. But as I attended classes, I was informed that the degree was stopped and I would graduate with Criminology and Forensic Technology.

I got no help from student services for job potential, and found out last year when I came back to do their BS program, I owed money.

How did I owe money, when my FAFSA and GI bill covered everything?

Then this past semester I had to stop due to employment travelling and just got a call from a Collection agency demanding I owed ITT 5600 from when I was a student in March 2014 and graduated. But now because I do not attend classes until 3/2016 I will need to pay amount or settle or be reported on my credit. I told them to stuff it.

I am not again paying for something that should have been covered. I am suppose to attend again in March, but to be honest I am not.

I know the degree I have is no good, no one calls me for it and why should I go into Project Management with an Associates in Criminology????

I am trying to find a way to get into this lawsuit as the same issue reported last year still seems to keep happening to students on campus and online. I am currently an online student. any assistance there is to help me fight this, I would appreciate it.
I was taking the ITT Online course for Information Systems and Cybersecurity.

Recently after Christmas break, we returned on the 4th of January. That day I signed into the course only to find that I had 8 hours to log in. I didn't have time that day to submit any homework, as I was actually a week ahead in my assignments so I messaged my instructor, Ms Robinson for my Psychology class what had transpired and I was sending her an ATI (Ask the Instructor) message in which she replied.

That was on the 4th of January.

On the 12th of January I submitted a discussion on the site, which should trigger attendance, and 2 days later my grades were updated in the system.

That brings us to the 14th. I messaged my instructor on the 16th, to remind her that I was still a week ahead and was just updating my attendance since I was going to be busy a few days the next week. I logged in on that Thursday, January 21st and found that I was kicked from the class for non-attendance.

I called the school and discussed it with student support services only to find out that nothing was registered in the system. I sent them, immediately, the assignment I submitted (I submit all of my work in Word in case I have to resubmit it again even in the discussion panel). They said the paper could have been altered prior to the call. I sent him a screenshot of the last day that the file was edited, still they would not budge.

I then contacted the chair head only to get shut down again. The very last email that I sent to her, I called her out on many discrepencies and she refuses to reply to my emails.

The email chain:
Good day Chris,
I understand. Sending a message to the instructor does not trigger attendance unless it is an ATI (ask-the-instructor) message. This information should have been reviewed in your online training course. Ms. Robinson notified students about the holiday break and the importance of triggering attendance prior to/after the holiday break as this is the student's responsibility.

Also, there is no record of our system being down or having any issues with recording any student attendance. If this were a system-wide issue, it would have impacted other students as well, and it did not.

I did notice that you accessed an assignment on January 4th, this does not trigger attendance either. But, had you submitted that assignment it would have trigger attendance and it would have helped the matter. But, you did not.

Thank you,
Dr. Davetta Henderson
Faculty Manager
General Studies
ITT Technical Institute
Student Support and Academic Services Center
1289 City Center Drive
Suite 100
Carmel, IN 46032
1-317-324-5361 (phone and fax)

student reply...

This is not what was communicated to me! I was always told by student support services that when in doubt and you cannot upload an assignment, to send your instructor a message. I understand that your system did not register the message, that is not my fault. It could have not been a system issue. It could have been my issue, not sure.

With that said, I indeed sent a message to the instructor which in fact should have reset my attendance. According to the dates that was stated by Erin, that in fact did reset my attendance. If it indeed did not, then the mistake falls back on the school the attendance should not have been affected by the Christmas break. I understand that she mentioned triggering attendance, but if we are on break, that should not be our responsibility.

On January 4th, I did access an assignment, but that is also the day that I sent Ms. Robinson the message about the system showing that I was almost at deferred attendance to reactivate the attendance cycle. So stating that she indeed sent a message to defer the attendance system to recycle, why then would she reply that it was probably a glitch in the system, as Erin reminded me of yesterday.

This conversation that we are having right now was indeed not supposed to happen according to Erin, as she said it would not help me in the least bit. I was instructed, you can check the phone logs if you record them, to talk more in the aspect of time constraints due to work. Which I did indeed state in my primary email.

I don't really care if your system did not show an "outage", I just know what I did and my track record of staying in attendance. I may not have the best grades and know I failed some classes, but I have always logged in to make sure my attendance is activated.

I get that you will not grant me access back into the class but know I am disappointed in your system and there are other issues that ITT has caused me and this just adds icing to the cake.

I will start the reinstatement process against my better judgement. But if there is any way you can keep that from happening, that would be preferable as it is apparent that this is important to me.

Thank You,
Chris Austin,
I received no further reply from them other that Financial Aid pestering me to get reenrolled in the school.

I hope this sheds some light on some things for some people. I also had a lot of companies tell me they don't hire because of ITT's reputation and the knowledge base of the students that they did hire were subpar for those who graduate with a degree in Computer Science from a College or University.

So really a Bachelors degree from ITT does not hold light to even an Associates degree from a State or Federal College.
I went to the Swartz Creek, MI campus and it was lie after lie.

They never told me I was enrolled in a pilot program until half way through. They said I would make 80k-90k upon graduation.

I now have a job making 10.50 a hour. I was told by numerous employers the degree in have is worthless to them.
I attended the Norfolk and Richmond campuses while I was active duty Army.

I actually had decent experiences with the teachers I had and learned some things that helped me along in my career.

What they don't tell you is that your degree is worthless out in the real world.

The financial office in Norfolk is why my wages are being garnished for student loans. The director there assured me my tuition was entirely covered by my Tuition Assistance and Pell Grants but surprise, surprise: They took out loans in my name too when I didn't ask for them. When they didn't come through fast enough for them, they made me sign for a private loan or they would not let me attend class (I was almost ready to graduate and I had orders for Korea).

Found out later they were not turning in my TA forms (the excuse I kept hearing was 'Well, we are used to doing it the way the Navy does it. It's really different from the Army').

I have been fighting this fight for years and it feels like banging my head against a brick wall will accomplish more.

I actually earned my Bachelor's from an online school and even though this one has a mixed reputation (Kaplan), they actually worked with me and I have ZERO debt to them.

The job I have at a Florida school district accepted that degree but since I am in a Title 1 school district I am not making as much as my peers in other school districts.

As a retired US Army NCO I, am begging all leaders from all services: If any of your Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen/Marines are considering ITT, tell them to drop it like a bad habit and run!

There are better ways to get a degree whether you are using it for your military career or for post-military life. You will have an easier time finding employment with most other degrees or simply from the fact you are an honorably discharged vet.
My brother suffers from extreme schizoaffective disorder (high levels of anxiety, social paranoia, bipolar). He is extremely intelligent but has problems concentrating in classes and is often too anxious to focus.

He went to ITT with hopes of getting a job in video game design. My family had no idea he was doing this.

Despite them having video game courses, they convinced him to "start" with software programming. He didn't realize they enrolled him in the associate program until we received a letter with his course schedule and a loan disbursement letter. We were very leery, but since the loan was through the government we knew he had lower interest rates and agreed to support his (rare) motivation.

My mother called his "advisor" (I say that with a huge eye roll) to ask further questions and she insisted that not only would his credits transfer if necessary, but they were number one in the US for job placement and desirability from employers.

In his last semester, and nearly $40k in debt (for an associate degree!) they told him the government would no longer fund his degree and that he would have to pay with one of their private loans.

When he said he'd have to talk to my mom, they told him he wouldnt get the classes he needed bc they were filling up and it was the last year he would be able to take the course- they said the course was changing and he'd have to take everything over again if he didn't finish his degree THAT semester.

They literally fed him outright lies in order to sucker more money out of him.

He signed on an outrageous loan with sickening interest rates and fees.

He is now over $60k in debt, unemployed, and can't finish his bachelor's degree anywhere bc his ITT credits will not transfer to the local dump if he wanted them to.

No university or college accepts ITT bc they are bogus scam artists who take advantage of desperate people.

We are filing a lawsuit for rescission of the contract and claiming he was mentally unfit to sign in the first place.

I hope the SEC buries them.
A family member went to the school in the 80s/90s. I don't know how things were back then but I do know how they are now.

The stuff is out of date and mediocre. You think a tech school would be caught up with the latest technology.

I went due to suggestion from a family member but I doubt they know how things are now. One day on a Google search I seen Itt's very low stock price. It was about $3.20. I also seen how a search for just "Itt Tech" brings up stuff about low stock price, lawsuits, complaints, etc.

This place doesn't have too long. The stock price is $2.49 currently. It may go up a bit if the big markets like Dow Jones have a good day but any other day it is going to fall.

From Web Master:

You may follow ITT's stock prices here:, along with their news releases.
Their ticker symbol is ESI (ITT Educational Services INC COM).


Since I already had a job in a STEM field I thought a degree in the same would by good too. ITT seemed like a good fit as I would be able to work during the day and then go to school at night.

My first quarter there I noticed that most students just skimmed through the classes and seemed to not care. I didn't really think anything of it as these first classes were the normal core classes that are required, and figured the people that didn't want to be there would be weeded out as the classes became more difficult.

I was disappointed to find out that this was the way ITT did business. They cater to the lowest denominator in the classroom to ensure they "pass" the class. This ensures that the person will remain with ITT, happy that they are passing but without really learning anything. This, their sub par curriculum, and outdated equipment are why no self respecting employer will recognize an ITT degree as legit.

I feel bad for those going to ITT on their own dime as they will have wasted thousands of dollars or be in so much debt they will suffer immensely to pay it back.

ITT to me is nothing more than a diploma mill that will give you a "degree" as long as you pay your bill in full.
I "dropped out" of ITT halfway through the first class.

It became painfully evident, very quickly, that it was a scam.
The final blow was when an algebra question I answered was graded as "wrong" by the instructor.
I presented the problem to several Phd. Aeronautical Engineers where my wife works and they ALL agreed that the instructor didn't know what they were talking about. I presented these findings to the instructor along with contact information for him to confirm my findings with the actual engineers. He was NOT impressed and took great offense to anyone questioning his BA. WHAT A JOKE.

Thse people are a bunch of uneducated frauds.

I immediately contacted the VA and instructed them to not give one more penny of my GI Bill money to this scam. The school was PISSED OFF. They sent me several threatening letters, emails and phone calls. Each time I told them to drop dead and to do their worst. They eventually came to understand that they were not going to win. They said they had turned me over to a collection agency which I researched and discovered was just another collections office at ITT.

When I initially interviewed I was told by the Dean and Director that ITT Tech was targeting/catering to those students who did not or could not take classes at a traditional college. I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing as long as you are committed to providing students a quality education (at the time the associates would run about 45k and a bachelors 80k).

It seemed that the vast majority of those seeking an associate degree were there to hang out and get a job. One student told me "they told me they could get me a job, with what I'm paying they BETTER get me a job when I graduate".

It was rough getting many to focus on learning the material that there were frequent events during break times (free popcorn, sundaes, etc.). If an instructor was able to get all of his students to attend class for 2 weeks straight,then there was a free pizza reward for the class (pizza was ordered and they could eat in class).

Since I had a graduate degree I also taught courses for the bachelor degree program. Those students really focused on their studies and were fully aware of the debt they had and what was coming after they finished the program.

And yes, there were students that were there that I would easily have hired or recommended for a job. While I would not recommend ITT Tech as a place to get a degree, it can help if one studies and has the right circumstances,still, way too expensive. Plus ITT Tech, while being accredited by the Department of Education, holds a national accreditation. Traditional universities/colleges hold a regional accreditation. Very seldom can one transfer from ITT Tech to a regionally accredited college with their "degree" being accepted in full.

I do know a few ITT Tech graduates that are working for the FBI in technical roles and I have worked with a few at other jobs who were really sharp. So, it can be up to the individual to make the most of their circumstances.

Again, I would NOT recommend ITT Tech or any other nationally accredited university as a way to get one's degree. And the regionally accredited for-profit institutions (ITT Tech is for-profit) can be nearly as expensive as ITT Tech.

Good luck and hang in there.
When I initially interviewed I was told by the Dean and Director that ITT Tech was targeting/catering to those students who did not or could not take classes at a traditional college.

I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing as long as you are committed to providing students a quality education (at the time the associates would run about 45k and a bachelors 80k).

It seemed that the vast majority of those seeking an associate degree were there to hang out and get a job. One student told me "they told me they could get me a job, with what I'm paying they BETTER get me a job when I graduate".

It was rough getting many to focus on learning the material that there were frequent events during break times (free popcorn, sundaes, etc.).

If an instructor was able to get all of his students to attend class for 2 weeks straight, then there was a free pizza reward for the class (pizza was ordered and they could eat in class).

Since I had a graduate degree I also taught courses for the bachelor degree program. Those students really focused on their studies and were fully aware of the debt they had and what was coming after they finished the program.

And yes, there were students that were there that I would easily have hired or recommended for a job.

While I would not recommend ITT Tech as a place to get a degree, it can help if one studies and has the right circumstances, still, way too expensive. Plus ITT Tech, while being accredited by the Department of Education, holds a national accreditation. Traditional universities/colleges hold a regional accreditation. Very seldom can one transfer from ITT Tech to a regionally accredited college with their "degree" being accepted in full.

I do know a few ITT Tech graduates that are working for the FBI in technical roles and I have worked with a few at other jobs who were really sharp. So, it can be up to the individual to make the most of their circumstances.

Again, I would NOT recommend ITT Tech or any other nationally accredited university as a way to get one's degree. And the regionally accredited for-profit institutions (ITT Tech is for-profit) can be nearly as expensive as ITT Tech.

Good luck and hang in there.

From Web Master:

The above comment about graduates working for the FBI in technical roles: it is unclear if those graduates had other education, outside of ITT, or received on-the-job training for the techincal skills required for their job.

The following comment contradicts the experiences of the vast majority on this web site and igores the SEC Fraud Charges against ITT-tech.

Many students have had no assistance with job-finding, other than given a list of web-searches for jobs - and not always in their field of study.

You should keep all this in mind as you read the following...
I have supplied my rebuttal in red to this person's statements.

I first off want to say a lot goes into claiming "scam" on a school.

I completed my AA in Network Administration with a 3.8GPA and a BS in Cyber Security and Networking with a 3.5GPA from ITT Tech in St Pete. WM note: What year? Are there other students from your class who would post their experiences here?

There is pros and cons about this school but a lot of those pros and cons are the same for any other college.

I see posts everywhere with people complaining "I did not get a job once a completed my degree"

ITT Tech has a staffing dept that attempts to help find it's students jobs. However, it's not guaranteed you will get a job. This applies to ANY college. If the employer doesn't like what he sees he has a right not to hire you! Get off your asses and do some job searching on your own! WM note: they say they read posts everywhere about people unable to find a job. That's the problem. No one accepts ITT graduates.

The great thing about ITT Tech is that they had the class schedules to fit my needs which most colleges did not. I worked a full time job awhile going to college full time for 4 years... I was able to do night and/or weekend classes to keep up with a full time schedule and finish as soon as possible.

While I was at ITT-Tech I lost my job and they were able to provide me with job posts in my area and actually get me into a 15/hr job while I was finishing off school.

I before I even completed my degrees I continued my job search on my own "indeed, monster, craigslist etc...) I applied everywhere and not to long after was hired as a Network Engineer making over 50k/yr and that's not including bonuses... WM note: will this employeer be willing post their views on the value of an ITT degree?

You can complain all day long but the system works. It is a school that provides you with what you need "a degree and knowledge" for the field. It can't teach you everything but they did help me get to where I am now.

To call it a scam is nothing short of you just failing in class, getting a low GPA and not having the motivation to search for a job yourself. Sorry, but that is the truth.
WM note: The SEC calls it fraud, not a scam:

Also those stating they are paying 100k in student loans for a BS degree... all that means if you obtained a low GPA. If you complete BS with a GPA of 3.5 and higher they provide students with a "presidential scholarship" which takes off 20% of the total loan amount!

I owe roughly 50-60k and at no point am I struggling to pay the loans off. Because these are federal loans, you can apply for hardship if you don't have the job and you dont have to pay anything toward the loan until you get a job. Once you get a job you can make schedule crazy low payments. I pay not even $200/month for my loans and that is overpaying what the actual agreed on payment was.

Get off your asses, search for the job/career you want yourself and get a good GPA.

I can't say how many students I've seen in class BARELY pass because they didn't care and sat on their phone all day in class. Those are the people you see here complaining about not having a job. Fact. WM note: another "fact" - students on this site complain that the lazy and non-participative students get high grades just as easily as those who attend and work hard.

Everyone I know in my class that completed with a decent GPA all have good jobs now and some even work for the government. Which interestingly enough, recruiters for government and other industries came to the job fairs hosted by ITT-Tech all the time and students got hired on the spot. WM note: hired, but in their field of study? And at what pay grade?

So again, you are just making excuses to get out of a loan you agreed to pay. Stop lying to yourself and do something about it. WM note: many students were not made aware of the full terms of their loans.