December 2015

ITT is an awesome school. It has fantastic technology programs and as a graduate, I was sought after by several employers offering excellent salary and benefit packages. It is worth every penny and then some.

Once again, a very vague comment. No idea of what school or what part of the country.

I have never received any comments from employers who are glad to have ITT-Tech grads as employees, let alone seeking out students.

This sounds like a phony comment to me.

What classes or degree did this person get?

I am a LPN and wanted to advance to being a RN.

At the time, I was living in Lexington, KY and enrolled in that city's ITT Tech campus to pursue my RN starting in 2015 summer quarter.

I am 50 years old and I have a learning disability. From the first day that I met with the admission counselor to the first day of classes, I told the college faculty that I would be needing help with the math requirement 5 times. Every time I was told that I would get the help I needed.

By the second, I was behind. The instructor had set up a time that he would be available to tutor students from his class. I showed up and waited for about an hour with another student in my class and the instructor never showed up. That's when I stopped attending.

Several weeks later, I had received an e-mail from the instructor telling the class that they need to get into the "driver's seat" and take control of the education. I e-mailed him back with an angry response. I got back an e-mail saying that this was the first time that he had heard from me and basically accusing me of not being able to pass his course and that he had never received any electronic notice of me having a problem with his class.

Well, I look at it this way. First, thanks for TRYING to blame the victim and second, I did tell him personally and privately during a class break about the situation. Also, during the second week of classes, my class was told not to go bother the people in the front about problems we were having in class.

I also had a problem with anatomy and physiology. They had taken a semester worth of A&P and condensed it into a quarter's worth. When I told the instructor that I would be needing some help with that, I was told that help would be available AFTER the first exam.

Yeah, this school is a scam.
I am in my last quarter of the Associates Degree Software Development program at ITT Tech in Orange, CA.

First of all, I have to say that most of my teachers have been really awesome instructors, but that statement has NOTHING to do with ITT Tech itself or its curriculum. Since ITT is a tech school, and they are charging a TON of money to attend, you would think that their equipment would be at least up to date. The lab computers are so old that no one even uses them.

We were given $200 laptops when we started, but I have learned that they have stopped doing that for the new students, so I guess they need to provide their own?

The curriculum is on average 4-5 years old, which might as well be 20 years old when you are dealing with technology. Not only that, but ITT Tech is making a KILLING by not supplying us with hard copies of our text books. They are mostly e-books, which you can only access about half the time either because the system decides you don't have access anymore or because the internet service at the school is so bad, you just can't get into it.

I don't know about the other programs, but for software development, it is absolutely necessary to have an actual book that you can reference, while you are taking the class and a lot of times later on down the road. But once you're done with your current class, your e-book joke isn't even accessible to you anymore. So what is happening is that we are having to buy our text books online with our own money, after we are already paying for them in the tuition. So by the time we find out what book we need, order it and receive it, half of the quarter is already over. WE ARE COMPLETELY GETTING SCREWED ON THE BOOKS!

I have brought this up in almost every single MANDATORY survey that we have had to take, but I don't hear anything back. One time I said that I didn't care for the virtual library and I got an email the very next day about "I'm sorry to hear that. What can we do to improve this situation blah blah blah" And then I received like 5 follow-up emails about it also. But out of the many times I have brought up the e-book situation, I don't hear ANYTHING!.

So to sum it up: we are paying around $40,000 for an Associates Degree. We have to order our own books. The curriculum is outdated. The surveys are useless and the corporate office does not care what you think. The career center sends me emails about low paying jobs that don't even have anything to do with software development. The whole thing is a joke. I would love to start a class action lawsuit just because of the book issue alone.

I have put in 110% effort since I started at ITT. I have done all of my homework, studied hard, and have gotten A's in every class. I am a dedicated person, so I was fortunate to find a job as a Junior Software Developer (I found this job on my own, not through the career center). I have been at my job for 2 1/2 months and to be honest, I have learned more about software development in these past two months than I have learned the entire time at ITT Tech.

November 2015

I just finished teaching my first and if school policy doesn't change drastically it will be my last semester at ITT Tech!

I had previously posted comments and just wanted to add some additional information during my short time here.

I have a Master's Degree in Cyber Security and have worked in the computer field since the early 80's. I have previously taught at other local colleges in this area and this school is by far the worst I have ever seen.

Let's see now, where do I begin:

I currently go to the ITT campus, located in Durham, NC.

I am in the associates degree program and have about a year left to go before graduating and being in debt city, what fun.

Now, we merged with the Cary campus a little after March and it seems it was rushed. We have had three different deans since I started back in March. Some of the teachers seem inept to teach here.

One class, our instructor didn't start teaching till the last couple days of class. All we did for that entire semester was labs.

Our server runs slow and takes almost 30 mins just to log into the student portal.

If I would have known all this before signing up, I wouldn't have joined.

I have learned a lot of good information but I should know more than I do.
If there was ANY way to warn prospective students fresh out of high school or otherwise to find somewhere else to go to school, and do it in a mass communications type way, I would do it in a heartbeat!

The ONLY good thing about going to ITT Tech is that for the most part, the carpet is clean!

I went to ITT Tech from 06'-08' and got my AAS in Computer Drafting and Design. I have nearly 10 years of experience and NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE will consider you for a job.

I had to finally break off and start my own side business to make ends meet. You WILL be hit with over $40,000 worth of student loans which you will NEVER pay off and will likely end up going into default on.

Unless you have rich and very generous parents who will give you $40,000 to go to school at ITT, PLEASE don't go to school here!

Like I said earlier, if there was a way to raise public awareness and get prospective students to stay away from ITT Tech or any For Profit school, I'd be at the front lines! I say this because it's the truth, you'll be better off going to a community college for a couple thousand dollars for 2 years than going to ITT Tech.

The same degree that cost me and tens of thousands of others $40,000+ costs $2,000 at a local community college and has more validity to it!

ITT Tech will make you believe that you'll graduate with huge prospects. If you haven't noticed, their commercials are no longer aired during daytime television but early in the morning around 2-3 am. This should tell you something about the quality of this place.

It's a financial black hole that you will not escape unless you too start your own business!

Some people will say "you get out of it what you put into it." I graduated with Highest Honors and a 3.8 GPA...the top of my class! The BIGGEST mistake and regret of my life has been attending ITT Tech...and if I can help someone else from making the same mistake, then I've done my part.

If you don't believe my word or the words of thousands of other students, just check out their company info. Look at how low their stock prices have plummeted! Look at how many times they've been sued! Look at how the government has a strangle hold on them now because of their ongoing negligence!

From Web Master:

Here's a link to their stock prices (stock symbol ESI):
See my HOME page for information on their legal problems.

I didn't attend ITT Tech but was close to attending.

I was about ready to go sign up when I found these stories and all I can say is that I am glad that I found them.

I went for a "tour" of the campus with a friend who was interested in the school. I had no interest to begin with. I had plans of finding a good school for a degree in psychology. I wanted to use what I have dealt with in the past and help others with their problems and maybe even brighten their days.

When I told the recuiter that I was just there for my friend and that I wanted to pursue psychology elsewhere he just laughed at me! And then proceeded to downgrade me acting as though my idea was of becoming a psychrist was ridiculous and proceeded rope me into almost signing up for the school. I almost signed up for Drafting and Design.

I was a few days away from going and officially signing up. I am now glad I didn't sign up for ITT Tech. I can now maybe go back to pursuing psychology.
I am currently, but about to be formerly, an ITT student at the Rancho Cordova, CA campus and regret wasting 12 months of GI-Bill benefits, and life, on this scam of a school.

Thankfully, I still have 14 months remaining. I truly feel sorry for all those that have $60,000 worth of debt.

The instructors are alright but most of them don't check their emails. There is no accountability and you could literally pass many of the classes without ever turning in a single assignment. I doubt this is the fault of the instructors and more the corporation's fault since they see all the students as dollar signs and a failing student means lost revenue and angry stockholders.

If instructors were able to hold their students accountable, it would weed out the people that should not be attending college and possibly help restore the reputation of ITT. That and spending more on updating course material and less on marketing. They're still teaching Windows XP in their network administration program.

They could also offer IT certifications like other for-profit colleges do so that the degree isn't a complete waste of time. That means spending extra money and cutting into their profits though so that'll never happen.

The DoED just needs to pull the plug on federal funding and they'll be out of business in a week.
Visited the place located in merrillville, Indiana.

I knew when they showed me the class environment that this was a dud. The computers were old, classes were dirty and in the middle of the day there were no students. I asked why classes were in session and I was told they vary based on people schedules. What?

Anyway after meeting with the high pressure sales pitch, I said no thanks!

Now 3 years later I'm constantly getting calls from them. I have asked to be taken off there call list, but no chance. They just don't get it.

Stay far, far away!
I graduated from ITT tech in Pensacola Fl.

I'm currently in Industrial Electrical Technician in PA. My first year compensation is $120k.

You quitters can say what you want, but ITT Tech got me to where I am today.

From Web Master:

Not sure why this person has to sound so snobbish and rude.
There is no mention of this person's age, what classes they took, what years they attended...
They seem to imply they went straight from ITT to a $120k/year job.
To be taken seriously, they need to provide details.
They did not say they would be willing to talk with reporters for confirmation.

October 2015

I went to two different campuses.

I found that at one campus the experience was as expected based off of the comments here. However the other campus was very good. We as students were allowed to make suggestions as to what additional learning we wanted. For example we did a CCNA prep session that ended with 5 student receiving CCNA's. Two of those students received internships at cisco, one started their own cyber security business and the others are advanced in their courses. Later the two campuses merged and the leadership at the latter (better experience campus) was either let go ro moved on. When we tried to do the CCNA prep course again to help more students the corporate side and the director of the new campus stopped it and since I have found any attempt to come up with activities and Clubs (I am currently working with a fledgling IT club that is not getting any help from the administration) is near impossible.

In conclusion I think ITT could be a great institution for people that want to get a better education but can only attend school at night (most community colleges barely have evening programs) however the directors and corporate executives are too focused extorting veterans and other federally funded students that they lose sight of the students and that they are people that have come to ITT for help.

I hope that if Mr. Modany and Mr. Fitzpatrick are guilty of something that they see jail time but let's not forget there are people that deserve to be given what they paid for or reimbursed so they may go elsewhere to gain an education. Also that there are good employees of this company that deserve this place to be turned into what it has the potential to be.
I used to work as an adjunct instructor in Texas.

First of all at the campus I worked at all new instructors are told before they even teach a class that the students are not bright. In fact, you are told that they are not capable of complex thought and lack the ability to comprehend. You are also told that this will likely lead to feelings of hostility and jealously. You have to keep things simple because if you don't the students will have feelings of inferiority which of course will be bad for you because they will complain about teachers they feel inferior to.

Apparently there is a belief that most ITT students have had feelings of inferiority throughout their lifetime and just cannot handle any more. Now I met some really nice students who really thought they were going to learn something, but to many of students were losers. Angry, hateful losers who were not there to learn and didn't want anyone else to learn. If they were too dumb to see something from an enlightened, educated, intelligent perspective, they would just complain and get the instructor fired. Saw it happen countless times.

I quit.

If you want a decent education where you might learn something, go to a community college.

I was desperate and made a poor decision of getting involved with the school this past fall semester. I have not attended any classes or completed any assignments but a few weeks ago I have tried to withdraw. They are playing games with me.

I was informed that if I did not attend a class lecture, I would not be charged any money. My pell grant was taken out and refunded. Now they have taken out 3.2k in loan on me through my federally loan distributor.

I know from previous experience you can not get a federal student loan unless the student is enrolled at least part time. Private loans are nearly impossible for me to get as well.

They are lying to my federal loan distributor claiming I will attend until 2020 so they can take loans out in my name.

I tried to contact the loaners to stop the loans but I was unable to without ITT tech refunding the money. I have tried to withdraw and will continue to do so.

They are charging me and robbing for services I will not be able to get.
I went to ITT Tech in Oakland, CA and met with a recruiter a couple of times. She urged me to enroll. I was unemployed at the time and had had little income over the previous two years.

I was lied to and told I would get a lot of money given to me to offset their high costs. Once we sat down and they showed me the figures, I told them I was not interested in going. The recruiter cussed me out using the F-bomb many many times.

She continues to call my personal cell phone number and I am trying to figure who I can contact to make a complaint. I am now employed and if I told a potential customer to F--- many times I would be fired.

I am only telling the basics of the story but point is I would not recommend anybody to go to ITT Tech. It is a scam and a fraud and if you say no you will get harassed like I have been getting harassed.
My experience with ITT Tech is the same as everybody else here.

I was promise an education and a great future. What a got was substandard education mostly due to obsolete books and equipment.

Many of my teachers try to do the right thing but got punished for teaching outside the curriculum.

I did my part, I study hard and what I did learned, I learned from the teacher that did try to teach and a great group of friends mostly already trained by the arm forces or have already experience in field.

I graduated with honors.

The sad part is that after all that hard work and time, I ended up with a worthless paper and a very large loan. They told me that most of loan were government loans and I will not have to pay back. They got me into other loans because of one reason or another the loans were not enough.

I have contact every agency there is with little or no success. The government agencies and protection agencies are doing absolutely nothing. No attorney will touch it, unless they want to take your money.

The bottom line is these loans were given because they knew your changes to get the promise 50 plus job was small. They goal is to see the loans failed, destroy your life, sending them to collection and resell the failed loan. All win-win for them all around.

SHAME ON YOU ITT. SHAME ON YOU GOVERNMENT agencies for allow and still allowing this to happen.

Good luck to everyone and please stay as far as you can from ITT.
I was an employee of the Columbia, SC campus for years and a student at the online campus for a few months.

Someone had a great idea when they came up with this concept of charging outrageous tuition for mediocre technical programs and specializing in low income and veteran recruitment. It is clearly about making money and the system was designed to take advantage of idiots. The "admissions counselors" many times know very little about IT or Computer Electronics, they have degrees in marketing. They are high-pressure salespeople trained to recruit, above all else. They are pressured to do whatever they can to meet their quotas and keep their jobs.

The financial aid "advisors" also go through serious training to package students with the best interest in ITT, not the students.

Many of the instructors really cared about the students, but they can only do so much.

The company gets money based on enrollment and attendance so the emphasis many times is on just filling seats. Many of my experiences dealt with favoritism, racism and discimination from administration.

The company had an employee of the month program in which 1 person was selected and their photo stayed up for months. No one else was ever selected.

My online instructors were great but why do it if you can't transfer?
I'm an Adjunct Professor teaching my first semester in a large city in the south. I don't want to say the exact location.

At our training sessions, we were told that all of our training materials would be located on the school's website. Unfortunately, mine were not and it wasn't until the beginning of the 2nd week of school that I realized that.

Emails and phone calls to the department chair went answered, that is until a student complained to the VA about the instructor not having the materials needed to teach the class. That got the ball rolling! The campus director got involved as did the dean and within 24 hours I had all of the material I needed to teach my class!

On the first day of class, I instructed my students that if they needed to take a bathroom break before the regular break time to just let me know and they could go. When one of my students got up to go after about 70 minutes of teaching (our break wasn't scheduled until 45 minutes later) I told him to go ahead and hurry back. The dept chair was in my room at the time to observe the class, she immediately got up and informed my class that breaks could only be taken at the "official" break times and told the student to sit back down!

Shortly after that, she left the room and I once again told MY students that if they needed to use the bathroom before our scheduled break times, to go ahead and use it and hurry back, but don't make it a habit and I would take the heat from the dept. chair or anyone else.

It seems to me that the school administration treats these adults like they are still in high school, the youngest in my class is 29 and the oldest is 56.

Needless to say, this will be my last time teaching at ITT-Tech and would discourage anyone from attending this school - the costs are outrageous! I paid less for my Master's than someone here is paying for an Associates!

There is much more I could say, but don't want to run out of room.

From Web Master:

Take all the room you need.
Love to hear more if you care to share.

Tech Greenville, SC.

Told they taught stuff they did not. Told they could not accommodate people with disabilities.

Charged for classes I did not attend or want to as again they did not teach what I was told.

September 2015

I attended ITT online. When I signed up they gave me an estimate that I turned in to my employer as they were paying for it. (this was a verbal quote unfortunately)

As I took classes, I ran into instructors that did not care at all. For example. One instructor cut and pasted her comments from one paper to another that said almost the exact same thing. A couple words out of 150 were changed. I would say, get a comment about citing in text. So I would make sure it was done very accurately but would get the same comment.

Another instructor would assign work that would absolutely make no sense. When I asked him about it, he told me (in an email) to "turn in whatever".

In the last class, Capstone, the instructor didn't show up for the for two weeks. Then, when she did, she had no idea about a book or the files she was supposed to upload for us. It took another week to get that straightened out. After starting the class 3 weeks late you would think that it might be tough to catch up. Nope. She didn't care what went on in that class.

Finally, the bill was about $12,000 more than they quoted me. I was promised an $8000 scholarship for two terms. ($16,000) Then they told me that the way the classes were scheduled, I didn't qualify for the second $8,000. They are the ones who scheduled classes. They also tossed in another class that was not in the quote.

After complaining intensely, they reimbursed me for the class, but as far as I am concerned, they owe me another $9,000. Now I have a school loan that I had no intention of having.
Florida, the anatomy professor is discriminating against students verbally.

There are witnesses. It's a shame.
Hi I was a student at ITT Technical Institute in San Antonio,TX from 1998 - 2000.

I had several federal student loans taken out to pay my tuition. Eventually maxing out what I was qualified for. My mother was a single parent making less than 9/h while taking care of five kids.

While attending ITT, we were told that our credits would be able to transfer to public institutions. We were also told of high paying jobs after graduating.

After graduating, I applied at UT in San Antonio and they said none of my credit would transfer from ITT. I also was unable to get a job in the tech field with my AAS degree even thought I graduated with a high GPA.

I also become behind on my student loans and they went into default. I've had to go into forbearance. And because I had maxed out my sudent loans and we in default I had to pay for attendance at UTSA out of own pocket while paying my rent.

After many part time jobs and starting school over again at UTSA, I was able to start paying my loans at the bear minimum.

Eventually I ended up consolidated my loans to bring my payments down to be affordable. Today after 14 years, I am still paying that loan off which is still over 30k.

I understand there is currently a lawsuit against ITT as well as other For-Profit schools who have taken advantage of students like me. I'd like to know if there is a fogivness program and how I can be added to the complaint list towards the institution? Any guidance would be appreciated.


From Web Master:

I am not aware of any forgiveness program for loans handed out by ITT. Beware of scammers who say they'll help with your loan but charge you a fee: taking more of your money and not helping you at all.

The only way I know that you can get involved in the federal law suit would be to contact a Senator on that committee. But I don't think they will provide any help either.

I graduated from ITT Technical Institute in Norwood, OH in September 2008.

I was voted Student Class Speaker and gave the graduation address at my graduation. I truly believed that going to ITT was the best move I could have made - until I couldn't keep up with the expensive student loan payments! I am over $40K in debt for a 2-year degree.

ITT should be ashamed of themselves and the countless lives they have ruined, but I know their not.

If you can help it, do not attend here!

August 2015

I am a teacher with experience teaching at University level in Nursing programs. Funding cuts at the University precipipated an unexpected loss of employment. Since I was close to retirement, my job prospects were few.

The call came from ITT just when the unemployment benefts were set to be renegotiated. I was joyful over the interview with ITT, because I could sense that I would be hired. ITT seemed so eager to have me. Still, a little voice in the back of my mind wondered--was this all too easy?

Maybe I should have listened to the little voice

I have been working at ITT for 6 months,and grow more discouraged by the day. I am old school-- with a reputation for being stern, but dedicated to my students. They tell me that I am the first teacher they have had who actually teaches.

When I was handed learning materials and the assigned textbooks and told to make the courses my own, I did. The materials were not sufficient to meet the course objectives or the exams. I was not allowed to alter any exams even though they did not match the content. I protested up the channels, writing detailed analyses of the exam questions. Corporate got huffy with me, and threw out only 2 of the 20 questions that I had identified as faulty.

Facing the prospect of the entire class failing, I began adding content to my lectures that would allow my students a fighting chance. I spent many, many hours revamping the courses to cover content absent from the learning materials. Hours that I will never be paid for!

At the same time, I heard frequent comments from my superiors about the wonderful job the previous instructor had done and how her students had scored highly on exams. Yet,it was widely known that this instructor had emailed her students in advance of the exam with the answers. They had cheated! The student's themselves told me this.

To this day, I have students get belligerent with me when I refuse to give them a "study guide" or when I refuse to pass someone who has failed a course

Fortunately, I have been able to get almost all of my students to pass the exams honestly, but the work involved in doing so has been stupendous.

Then just yesterday, I learned that corporate planned to revamp the courses again.

I have no say in the curriculum at all. They won't even listen to their own faculty over exam questions. Looks like I am going to have to pour my time into fixing their screwups all over again! And though I will never resort to cheating on the exams, I can now see exactly why the former instructor did so.

Exhausted ITT Instructor
My name is Bob B. I went to ITT Tech from 2008 to 2013. My school is in Portland Oregon.

There were some stellar instructors, and some really poor ones.

I went to ITT Tech to take Construction Management as it would have been the perfect compliment to my 15 year construction career.

I graduated with honors from my AA degree and a G.P.A. of 3.64. Interestingly enough they dropped the Construction Management program one quarter before I started my BS degree and refused to let me catch up or take on line classes for the quarter that I missed. Instead, I took Project Management, which is technically an IT program, but there are/were many overlapping and comparable classes, so I thought why not.

I graduated with Honors from that program as well and was able to raise my G.P.A. from 3.64 to 3.71, something I was and am still very proud of. There, at the time I graduated, was a very drugged out student who missed more classes than he attended, and who was in the very same Construction Management course that I wanted. He was STILL taking CM classes. Kind of uncool how I couldn't get in to the program one quarter after it started, yet some doped out misfit can get the school to extend classes for THREE quarters after the program ended.

Now, two and a half years after I graduated, and literally thousands of resumes later, I am still unemployed, facing serious financial repercussions from student loans that I can not repay, and I can't even get a job in a gas station!

I understand completely that life is what you make it and you are only going to get out of anything what you put into it. I feel so screwed! I am disabled from an on the job accident in 2001 and thought that an education would make my life better. I thought I could reenter the career that I so loved when I was a carpenter and have access to "The American Dream". Sadly, this is not the case.

I find myself apparently over-qualified for even the most menial of positions, yet not qualified for anything that I went to school for.

I have sought work nationwide in an effort to expand my chances of finding a job. I have gone to probably 12, maybe 15 interviews over the last 2.5 years and gotten nothing. I take full responsibility for any opportunities that I screwed up, but seriously, I can't have screwed them all up. I was coached on interview techniques and used every tip. I have been told that I have a stellar resume by agencies such as state unemployment offices, as well as by temp. agencies.

Please, please, please reconsider your educational choices if you are thinking of attending ITT. When I graduated and the financial wolf was at the door, I consolidated what I thought were all of my student loans. I ended up missing one, PEAKS, and I am very concerned as to what repercussions may arise from that. Instead of the 65k that I thought I owed, it turned out to be 85k. Even worse, I parlayed that 65k into 130k in an effort to bring down my monthly responsibilities.

Now I have no job, no possibilities in sight, and a huge debt load with no way to pay for it. I am facing default because I can not make even minimum monthly payments and I am all out of forbearance options.
As the wife of a former employee with ITT, I feel it necessary to share our story. My husband was ( WAS in caps) a campus director until the first week in March of 2015.

His father, who lived in Arkansas, was 90 years old. He fell the second week in February, hitting his head and suffered 4 brain bleeds. My husband flew to his side as his condition worsened. He was in Arkansas I week when his Daddy died. He had kept in touch with not only the people he had left in charge at the school, but also with his supervisor who told him to "take all the time he needed."

We drove back from Arkansas with some of his Dad's belongings two days after the funeral. He went back to work having missed a total of eight work days. An hour after his arrival at the school campus here in Columbia, his supervisor walked in and asked for his keys. She cried and kept saying she had tried really hard to dissuade the people at corporate from terminating my husband, but to no avail!

He received no severance pay and, not even 2 weeks after his Daddy's death, found himself jobless and holding a cardboard box with his personal office items. He had never received any reprimands, write-ups, or warnings. On the contrary, his supervisor had so much confidence in him that she had him acting as a fill-in director on occasion at another campus an hour away from Columbia.

In protest, five of his fellow employees resigned, one being the same week as he was let go. He has always loved helping students find their way to a better life and truly is an inspiring man.

This campus here still has no director.....good for them!!

I am very bitter towards ITT and would not set foot in their door again....for any reason.

Present your back and have plenty of money in your savings account! It most certainly can happen to you!
Phoenix Az.


I am paying over $60 grand for my associates degree. I went to school to try and make a better life for myself and my baby.

As a single mom and now not even making ends meet because of the monthly payments of $700.

Don't go to ITT they will rob you blind and make your life hell
I graduated in March 2010. Yes, the school is awful, bad, horrible, etc etc. Yes, your credits will not transfer or be taken seriously by a state community college let alone a state university. Here is my story/experience with ITT:

I started in December 2005 at the Fort Lauderdale campus for Game Design (DEGD). However the school required you to first go through the bull**** Multimedia 2-yr degree later changed to the Visual Communications degree. I was one of the last Multimedia degree graduates in spring 2007 before it changed to VC.

Now before I started I was making my own games via Flash, Game Maker, Visual Basic, & board games at home with my friends. At the end of my degree in Multimedia or should I say Game Design, the Ft. Lauderdale campus "dropped" the DEGD. I decided to take the 1 class I needed in order to receive at least the Associate Degree on paper, Visual Concepts or something like that. Let me tell you I'm no artist nor wanted to be a graphic designer. And the whole Multimedia degree was bull** to begin with. However during my time in the bull** animation classes, make your own commercial or short movie classes, Adobe After Effects classes, etc etc I was still making games and/or level maps in Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, and UT 2003/4. No professional Game Designer ever uses anything in building animations, user-interface art, or After Effects or Photoshop. I know because I work in the field as a Game Designer.

Back to ITT Tech; so the only other campus with a proper DEGD program was Green Bay, WI.

Yes, I moved from South Florida to Green Bay, WI just for ITT Tech. The reason being is b/c the credits would not transfer. But I really wanted a career in game design and thought I needed to achieve that 4-yr degree on paper. I should have stopped but I kept going because the GB campus had some former Raven Software & one teacher from Raven & Radical Entertainment on Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. So I started there in the summer of 2008, and graduated March 2010. Now at GB ITT Tech, that too as a COMPLETE JOKE!

First, the so-called Game Designer instructors were lazy, egoistic, & never really taught anything. I once again was at home making more CS, DoD, Unreal maps and then started a Half-Life 2 single player mod all on my own learning LUA scripting and C++ scripting for HL 2.

Yes, there were classes on Level Design, Game Scripting, and even Game Writing (which the latter never truly did any game writing like we do in the industry). Some of the subject material for classwork and "homework" was a complete joke as well. For my finals for each class I just submitted a full working Unreal Tournament multiplayer map, Counter-Strike map, or an Elder Scrolls 3/4 quest (for game writing even though it also had game scripting, and level layout design), and even a heavily-modded MUGEN fighting game with Dragonball Z/GT characters for Game Animation class. I even submitted my own board game as part of the Gameplay Design class. That final was a bull** barely modded version of the Torque Game Engine default level with the Orc Archer character. And let me tell you, the Torque Game Engine is garbage. Thank you Unity!

In my last 3 quarters I switched to Unity w/o the teachers knowing because the school wouldn't change classroom material to the Unity Game Engine and decided to stick with Torque. My capstone project was my solo Half Life 2 mod that I finished by the start of my last quarter. I had only one teacher that switched to the Unity Game Engine. By then I had already built a level and did some gameplay scripting in it.

The students were gamers in their own right, but during class time they wanted to just play games and not actually do the work. Even when one instructor was teaching how to model and build a map in the Hammer Editor (Half Life editor) they didn't do a thing. When it came to doing a class team project during the class, everyone wanted to be the Producer because a Producer micromanages the development from the designers, artist, and programmers to other producers. I later became the school's IGDA Chapter President, and arrange trips to Raven Software in Madison, WI and did LAN Parties to raise money for the school DEGD department.

Now there was a local game studio called Frozen Codebase run by the school's "hotshot" instructor so when it came to teaching he was always late and didn't give a s*** about teaching. Frozen Codebase was made up of former graduated students that he picked up and they did ship some Xbox Live Arcade games like Screwjumper, Elements of Destruction, Zombie Wranglers but those games were not good at all. The quality of the games were bad, but at least those employees (former students) got shipped title credits and work experience. I tried so hard to get in as a QA Tester Intern but was never on the inside with him or the fellow students that were friends with the employees. Sadly Frozen Codebase is no more. I went back home to S. FL to start making iPhone games in Unity.

Luckily one of my former instructors from Ft. Lauderdale campus was a good friend and fellow mentor for me. I only had him as a teacher for my last 2 quarters there, and he was a former Game Animation/Artist and really knew his stuff when it came to breaking in and making games. I always remained in contact with him. We got together to make iPhone games and started an indie game in UDK (Unreal Development Kit). But when I got a job with THQ in Austin, TX he was very understanding and we stopped. It would be a conflict of interest if my new employer found out. I now work for WB Games after the THQ ship sank. I have been a Game Designer in the game industry for about 4 years now. And have just now paid off my student loans in full, thank God.

My advice is stay away unless you really can't go to a 2-yr community college. Otherwise please stay away from any campus. I attended because I really (really) wanted to be a Game Designer, and Full Sail at the time was literally going to be over $100k in loans! And DigiPen at the time was unknown until the students that got jobs at Valve made news (Portal). I thought ITT Tech Game Design was the place to because their classroom descriptions stated that you as a student would be working in game editors, game engines, and building games. But I did all that outside of school on my own time. In school we barely did any of that! I literally taught myself. My leads and a few senior designers at my current job never went to school for games. And from experience you really do not need any degree, as long as you can produce work in games: programming code, building awesome levels, building beautiful landscapes/maps (environment artists), character models etc.

Not all experiences at any ITT Tech are the same. But I will say the Ft. Lauderdale campus is a complete joke. However the Green Bay campus at least could say "Yes, our graduates have found work in the video game industry." Even if the school itself and its teachers are lazy, egoistic, and didn't care. It's funny because at THQ Austin I was able to work alongside a fellow GB ITT Tech student but he had graduated when I started there. And yes, he too had the same experience at GB ITT as I did. We're still good friends because the game industry is about who you know. So have an excellent reputation & work ethic.

Thank you for your time. And best of luck!
My experience at ITT was very positive and I have a great career with a valuable skill. I worked very hard in developing my skills and career.

Maybe ITT messed up somewhere down the road but that is no reason to lump all of the hard working people who have attended ITT into one category and say our core education is somehow less valuable than others. It is the student who makes their career happen not the school. The school provides the tools and core knowledge needed for a person to advance in their desired field of study.

In my experience ITT provided me these tools and core knowledge to become an expert in my chosen field of study and I recieve a big paycheck twice a month to prove it.

From Web Master:

This has to be one of the most vague complements of ITT I have ever seen.
No idea where the school is which this person attended, when or field of study.
What is the "big paycheck"? What kind of job?
Did this person take out a loan or pay cash for their education?

The above sounds fishy to me. Then I got the reply below:

I gave you my email so have the reporters contact me. To answer your questions.. I have made between 95K and 165K per year for the past 15 years. I attended ITT in Fort Wayne Indiana for the BAS in manufacturing. Yes, I used a student loan to pay most of my tuition which was paid off in full within 5 years. It was a 7 year loan. Like I said..have the reporter contact me unless you are a fake and this web site is just created to grind an ax because you failed. I went to ITT to learn a skill and that's what I did. I am not defending ITT for any alleged crimes. I am just telling my experience attending this school. If ITT's upper management is guilty of a crime I am sure they will pay. Have the reporter contact me so I know that this web site is for what it says it is. When I verify the reporter is legit I will post my name and phone number on your site along with my place of employment and copy of my degree.
Haha this is priceless: A self professed instructor completely ignorant of the terrible reputation and still thinks he is both esteemed and qualified to teach. Blames students for not paying thousands out of pocket for certifications for programs that cost $100,000.

"I am looking in the mirror idiot. I am an Instructor at ITT and have been for many years and I know for a FACT that myself and other Instructors with similar qualifications including EXPERT experience in the field, certifications and Masters in Business and Computer Science and from the students I keep in touch with and some are making 6 figure incomes, I know for a FACT that you are a liar calling out all the Instructors because you did not get what you expected out of your education at ITT. You are at FAULT for that because I have many SLACKER students who expect like you probably did that ITT should get everyone jobs. Well let me put it simply to you, YOU are the one responsible for getting the job, getting certifications to excel yourself and promoting (selling) yourself to the Industry. You are the SLACKER here IDIOT.


From Web Master:

First, a professional (a leader, an educator) would not call individuals an IDIOT when trying to state their case.

As I've said many times before on this site, instructors are not the major problem and most seem to be very good, especially the non-major/humanities instructors. Though they do hire instructors who are not competent to teach.

This person says: "I know for a FACT that you are a liar calling out all the Instructors..." The posts on this site do not call out ALL instructors.

This person did not identify their field expertise or which location they are from. You'd think they would brag about that particular location so other students & teachers from there could back them up. Maybe there is one location where the folks in charge are going against the grain and trying to run a real college: if so, we'd all like to know where that is and in what field students are making "6 figure incomes". Please have those students you keep in touch with post their successes on this site.

This person ignors this fact: the U.S. Congress is launching a federal law suit against ITT for fraud. That is not something you can blame on the students.

Not sure why this person included the above link since it contains complaints about ITT.

Here's a better link from the same site:

Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Announces an Investigation of ITT Educational Services, Inc. and Its Board of Directors in Connection with Possible Violations of Federal Securities Laws -- ESI

Springfield, VA
I signed financial aid for one loan, turns out there was two taken out.
Just a comment to the guy saying he wanted to hire someone from ITT Tech and was getting the run around even as an employer...

Most of the time it is new staff every week in that job, I lost track of how many people worked as a 'career services' person and you have to bother them almost daily to even get a rehashed month old stack of internet job board printouts. They claim when you enroll that they have dozens of partners chomping at the bit to hire graduates, but I think most former students can vouch that the schools attempts at job placement are usually no better than if they had no person in that role at all - probably worse because of the waste of time students go through trying desperately to find a job.
I called ITT trying to hire a graduate in drafting or engineering. Four times they called me trying to get me to sign up for classes. Every time they said they would put me in contact with the person to help me. Twice I talked to her. The last time she told me she would call me back on Tuesday. I guess I should have asked which Tuesday because she has yet to call me back with any info, good or bad.

If I was a student there I would be leery of the placement department trying to find me a job.
What a great job you have done with myittexperience. Believe, me it has made an enormous difference in educating the public. Could you put a space in your main page about how people can reach the ITT Technical Institute Warriors? Currently, they are on Facebook at

There are currently more than 800 members of the ITT Techical Institute Warriors on Facebook. They also had a petition signed by 1300 people, and the number of people in this student debt movement is growing.

Here is a description of the group:

"We are students, alumni and supporters that are victims of predatory lending by ITT-Technical Institute. They should be held accountable for the fraudulent enterprise they are running. We will not stop fighting and making noise until our loans are forgiven and all for profit schools pay for their actions. I want to thank everyone that has joined this page, everyone here is very courageous, and I look forward to working with everyone."

"New Members Please Read

-To anyone new to the page this is a group that is here to support each other.

- We are building a movement to discharge our loans.

-We can not sue ITT-Technical Institute because when we signed up to go to ITT-Technical Institute we all signed a contract with an arbitrary clause in it. It is up to us to form a group and ban together.

-There will be no hating,bashing,name calling or threats this will get anyone banned from the page forever.

-We do not sell anything. Anyone selling or spamming the page will also be banned.

-No one here is a lawyer but we try to get the best information we can and share it with each other"

July 2015

i went to itt tech in 2004.

the day I went to school one of the front disk lady took us to the tour to school .she showed us pictures of nasa engineer working on space craft. She said most of the teacher here are from nasa retired engineer. After graduating from here you will be able to work on such kind of project.

my uncle got so impress he got me admission here. I start going here with full energy of having a hope of better future.but that was totally opposite what I thought after graduating.

they find me $10/hr job with $30000 debt I try to go to another university to get higher education but they told me that don't accept itt I am stuck cant do anything other then start from scratch with 30000 thousand debt..........

I advise to other people who is thinking to go to itt tech-------donttttttttttttttttttttttttt-go

Greenfield, WI Campus,They let anyone off the street attend school.

The entry test felt like i was taking a high school test. I also experienced students who weren't there or did not pay attention, pass classes.

When entering school I was quoted approximately $68000 for a bachelors degree in computer science and engineering, but because they do not tell the students what kind of loans there were I ended with nearly $90000 in debt because most of mine were unsubsidized loans, which again they did not tell me. I

believe a few teachers quit because they felt like the school was a joke.

If I would have known about this school before I would have never went there.
Went to ITT in Henderson,NV from 2001-2003 for an Associates in Computer Science/IT-Multimedia or some made up b***s*** title.

I didn't have as nearly a bad future as some as I paid off a lot of my debt in the time that I went to school. When I came out, I owed 21k of 38k and it is now down to about 7k. I am probably lucky as I am an artist and it is part talent and mostly hard work that got me through this circus called life after ITT.

I know for a fact that only about 2-3 are currently in my field from about 20-25 students that went through the same course which is pathetic. Not that all of them even knew what the hell they were doing there in the first place, but that will tell you that they just want warm bodies getting loans.

I went through the general ed courses my first semester or so, so I didn't really notices the bad stuff until after I felt like I was stuck. The subject matter classes were mostly crap and nothing of value was taught. Most of the curriculum was out of date (even for back then). The computers that they had for labs couldn't run multimedia software so we brought our own with pirated software just to get by. The instructors were not qualified to be teaching the courses. It was a complete racket.

I did what I could to further myself on my own (web tutorials and books on the subject matter that I was studying). A few of us would form study groups and work through the projects. We were pretty much teaching ourselves by the last semester.

When I graduated, I pretty much figured out in about 2 weeks that their job placement meant working at Best Buy, Gamestop or any place that has a cash register..

I was out of a job for 18 months before I about gave up. I stuck with it and kept furthering my knowledge and finally learned on my own 3d modeling, animation etc.. and worked up my demo reel. Since 2004, I have had full time employment and work has been steady.

Funniest thing though, was when they called me after I landed my first job and started asking questions about my job. I told then to go to hell as they were trying to get credit for "placing" me ha!

Lets just say, I take my chances without education specified in my resume now because I am embarrassed by being associated to such a scumbag place. Luckily, the demo reel is more important for an artist.
My classmates failed classes and rarely attended, yet somehow they kept passing!

We often had teachers that were assigned to teach our classes from other departments WITH NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF THE SUBJECT OR MATERIAL. We ended up having to teach the teacher how to teach the class. When we did get a teacher that seemed to have some knowledge on the subject at hand, they were often screwed over by ITT's s***** policy they enforce regarding student attendance and grades.

If a teacher has students that don't attend enough classes, they get fired. The teachers are only able to fail up to 2 students. This led to a few situations where classmates weren't doing any work and were still passing their classes.

On one occasion, my classmate went to the Dean and asked if he could retake a class that he had failed because he hadn't learned anything. The Dean responded that he could not retake the class and would need to move on to the next class.

Basically, the good teachers get fired quickly and the s*****, lazy teachers will pass anyone to keep their job.,
Here's my story for those who didn't get to read it yet.

Let me start by saying I was a pool man before I went to ITT in King of Prussia, PA back in 06.

I don't regret many things in my life but going there is my biggest by far. I went there to better my life. Instead I'm in debit more than I ever would be if I didn't go. I got taught stuff that I could have learned off of YouTube or a 12 year old or simply just messing around with the programs myself.

Also the teachers didn't know dick. If I ever had a question. I got most of my answeres from my peers or YouTube. If there ever was a test it was always open book. So there was no challenge. The career services department just gave us handouts of jobs on craigslist. That was absolutely no help.

Over 10 years later, I'm still a pool man. I used up all my deferments because I don't have a job that makes enough money to pay rent, bills, plus the loan sharks that funded us. Now they are trying to garnish my wages. If this keeps going on my girl, newborn child, and I will be homeless. Just because I tried to better myself.

Looking back, I was better off going to fight a war I didn't believe in. One final thing, remember when Obama said "no student should go broke from going to school!" Sounded good at the time but it was typical politician bull!!
I don't even know where to start.

I was part of the Visual Communications program at the Springfield, VA campus before they did away with it.

The best way I can describe it, is our program was treated like red headed step children.

But now I know it wasn't actually just us. It was everyone.

Some of the teachers I had were just awful. Very, very few were top notch.

Every single one of us does not have a job in our field. When I left, I was about 50k in debt because I didn't enroll in the Bachelor program (Game Design, which they also stopped offering.)

The "School" chair for Drafting and Design was an absolute idiot. She tried to make you feel like an idiot. All the time.

I am currently trying to get into Old Dominion University to peruse a purely "I'm curious" BS in Psychology degree, but I am absolutely furious my general education credits WILL NOT TRANSFER.

I never saw a person from the career services room. I honestly don't even remember if anyone was ever in there.

Please do not go to this place. You will absolutely regret it.

The only thing I do not regret, is I was fortunate to have very competent (and smart) classmates whom I still talk to and am close friends with. We all hate ITT.

I am fortunate that I learn very quickly, as I would probably still be a manager in a retail store and absolutely misrible, and not in this highly demanding IT job that I managed to land just by word of mouth and work ethic reputation.

You'd be better off going to the Art Institute than this piece of garbage.
i attended itt in grand rapids michigan back in the late was an absolute scam and a joke...the only reason i completed the school was because my employer back then paid for it all

The scope of what had been done to me began to form in my mind while attending school, but the moment the reality of what had been done to me became most apparent when I interviewed for a respectable graphics firm in Spokane called Gravity Jack. I'll never forget what my interviewer said while looking over my resume; after noting that I was attending college at ITT Technical Institute, he asked "Why didn't you go to a real school?"

My degrees were in Visual Communications and Digital Entertainment, which focused on computer hardware and software and creative design. Despite being a supposedly technology oriented college the computers, printers and software ITT provides for students to learn on are highly outdated and irrelevant. In the final year of my Digital Entertainment degree the computers in the school were incapable of the processing required to create our class project and many of us had to buy or use our own machines to do our work.

A specific example of the outdated software is the entire Adobe Creative Suite. We always were using the second or third to the latest version and only updated to the next once Adobe released a new suite and the last one was discounted. Because of this our education and abilities would never be up to industry standards -- and that was by far not the only outdated software students were trained on.

There was no functioning photo quality printer in the school, and I had to design any printed materials often below my level of ability for it to print adequately this included my personal resumes which for a graphic designer is critical in obtaining work.

The textbooks were outdated and very few were ever even used in class although included textbooks were one of the benefits advertised in enrolling at the school.

While I have been out of school it has become increasingly apparent that the best, most up to date industry level companies see ITT Tech and other for-profit colleges for what they are and view their students as unqualified.

Instead of promoting my education I try as often as not to HIDE the fact that I attended ITT Tech to have a better chance of being hired at respectable firms. I have not yet obtained a job in my field in the two years I have been out of college.

From Web Master:
The above link, left by a visitor to this site, referenced ITT's "Pain Funnel".
I've had that posted on my site for many years here: ITT PAIN FUNNEL

Another recent article talks of For-Profit Colleges Loophole within the Military and Veterans Education Protection Act being targeted by Democrats:

My story is extrememly long, so I'll summarize...

When I was recruited, I was PROMISED I wouldn't need additional funding other than Pell Grant's and student loans. After 8 months in, I was told I'd have to get a private loan through PEAKS Loans or I wouldn't be able to continue school (this falls under the CFPB lawsuit for predatory lending)...

Anyway, teachers would skimp out on classes early, they would NEVER read the students work (just to test that theory, I wrote some pretty funny things (Faeries, folk tales, Disney stories, just total nonsense) for answers to questions just to see if they'd notice, 30-40 times with all of my instructors. They never did).

Half the time (literally), the equipment didn't work, the books and lessons were outdated to say the least. I remember one instance where the teacher actually let me choose my grade for the semester. Literally, let me do it. Just a total joke. Moving onto the "job" story...

I was told that although I wasn't PROMISED to find work right after I graduated, I was PROMISED that I would at the very least get a shot at being helped to find a job. The Job Counselor (or whatever the title is) was absolutely NO help. She was deficient, under-qualified, lazy, and useless. She put in literally ZERO EFFORT. Not one time did I even get told that she had a lead for me, that she made a single phone call, nothing. Her job was to try and place people, get them interviews, etc., and never did she make a single effort to do any of that, let alone pick up a phone to call me and tell me anything. It was always me going to her (and believe me, I went to her a lot... Somewhere upwards of 40-50 times), asking her things, any prospects, any leads, and all she'd tell me was that "I'm working on it"... Total BS.

There are hundreds of other students who went where I did with the exact same story. Overall, ITT Technical Institute is a joke, a farce, and all they care about is the money. They have NO INTEREST in the student, in their education (which is why they hire complete incompetents), their education program is less than equal to the lowest-grade community college, and costs the equivalent to a high-grade University.

Each job interview that I went to after graduation was more or less like torture. Total embarrassment when companies literally laughed at me that I got my degree from ITT Tech. Every single company knows what kind of a joke they are.

Had I had the sense to Google this school, in 3 seconds flat I would've told myself that this is just another example of corporate America sinking its greedy teeth into the economy in the sickest way; Targeting people (mostly kids out of high school) who are trying to build a future and get completely screwed.

It's the worst kind of things, and it's the very definition of being a total PREDATOR.

So, in short...
  1. ITT Tech has next to ZERO competent employees.
  2. Their literature & lessons are outdated, and their equipment is always broken/breaking down.
  3. No effort is put in anywhere, into any department, for any reason.
  4. Their teachers and staff are the most incompetent, unprofessional and sorry people I have ever seen.
  5. The school is absolutely nothing more than a farce, a for-profit institution selling nothing but fantasies about great careers waiting for you that ITT is going to prepare you for (hence the nonsensical commercials).
  6. This school, in conjunction with PEAKS Loans is targeting people to scam & steal their money, and in exchange give them a bottom-dollar education, debt so high that most people will never pay it off, and a degree that amounts to nothing more than a bad joke.
  7. There isn't a single student that went there, that I went to ITT with, that didn't have the same experience that I did. All of us feel the same way.
I know I said I would be brief, but the more I typed and thought, the more angry I became.

Please share my story. Save others from this nightmare...

2 years wasted, 50K in debt, a joke degree and no career.
In 2005 I went to ITT in St Rose, LA. Hurricane Katrina happened, and relocated to Duluth GA.

After graduation I was able to get a help desk job. I should have never signed the paperwork at ITT for the Computer Networking degree... the predatory loan is still haunting me, I've told everyone I know not to touch ITT Tech. I mean the job I have is alright, but not near what I was promised.

After working in the help desk field, I found the books (that are custom made for ESI) they sell are not up to standards of the industry. The classes were a joke... you are being swindled for a piece of paper.

Now while all of us will be in debt for the rest of our lives... the directors of this nightmare are comfortable in their mansions and yachts.
This video should just about sum up my experience at ITT Technical Institute.

June 2015

I posted something last year but as I read the crap on their stock boards and these comments about career placement I wanted to add that my experience was similar with them never bothering to give any leads and high turnover.

I actually had a job before I started that I'm 99% sure they probably counted as their own even though it had nothing to do with them.

The fact they are obviously so willing to lie about employment should be a huge red flag, and downright illegal.

Every day it bothers me to know more suckers are feeding this parasitic company that bleeds taxpayers for hundreds of millions with absolutely no harassment or jail time, while tens of thousands of former students live in fear and terror because of government backed mobsters chasing them day and night forever.

How in 2015 is student debt still viewed as anything but gambling losses or job training. How do companies walk away from billions of dollars in commitments daily and yet students with no assets and no job are being harassed for life because shady companies like ITT knowingly committed fraud against the taxpayers and stuck these young people with the damage?
Wow, where do I start, this is the definition of a loaded question. I'll start from the beginning, I was told so many things by the staff at ITT Tech (Plymouth Meeting, PA) location, which was proven to be nothing but lies later on.

Lie #1, was told that my military experiences would transfer and I would receive college credit for them; this never happen.

Lie #2, ITT was accredited and any credits earned would be transferable; this was also false. The only school that accepted my some of my credits was DeVry. Even they didn't accept all of my classes, said some of them were just not college level classes, and really didn't fall under any curriculum.

Lie # 3, when you look at the price of this school for profit VS other schools for profit, ITT is so much higher than them, don't know the reason for this?

I was told there would be tutoring if needed, but this only applies if you for some classes. I received tutoring for math classes, but not from the teacher who taught the same class I attended. The technical classes were hit or miss for help, and never a steady present.

To clarify I would get lucky to have a teacher help, but it was usually the chair head and he would answer a question and leave the room, with instruction to find him if I had another question.

I could go on and on, but there is a character limit
ITT Tech North Phoenix Campus, Phx ,AZ.

- My son goes to this campus- has been since 2010. taking CAD/ drafting and design. He's just finishing up his AA courses.

I don't like this school because when he took out the loans/ grants to attend, they just grab it ALL! He can't pay for a place to live because he has no job.

They don't seem to be able to find him a job. And when he graduates, there's no guarantee they'll even bother to help him find a job. So basically he's jobless & homeless.
ITT-TECH in Orange, Ca.

Had a teacher who taught nothing for 6 weeks for DT2630,3D Max. No lecture and no demonstration. When students asked for help, they were given the response,"it's in the book," and walked away.

The administration did nothing about it when it was brought to their attention multiple times.

Now the teacher has returned for another quarter of not teaching her students
I went to ITT in KNOXVILLE TN with my husband 2008-2010.

We both went for different degrees. My husband had the great failing attempt to get a degree since every time he tried they closed the degree program for that degree so he would have to start a different program to just get a degree which in the end rack up a whole bunch of debt.

I luckily went for a associates degree and was able to get it with 20 other students.

I had a loan that was supposed to just have my parents co sign for which in the end I wasnt even on the LOAN that I had signed for. I asked my loan officer numerous times that my parents would just be co signers and each time I got a yes, and in the end they ended up paying over 30,000 dollar of my school loan which in the end was just a dollar into the trash can.

It doesn't even come close to what me and my husband owe which is over 80000. The loan companies want over 500 a month which we can't afford since we can't get jobs.

NO ONE WILL HIRE ME WITH THIS CRAP DEGREE!!!!! or anyone else who went to ITT.

I know someone who went for coding and is working part time at a game stop.

My husband and I are in huge debt because we can't afford our loans, the loan company which was Sallie Mae which is now Navient isn't willing to be helpful so our credit is beyond bad now.

I can't get a job anywhere. My husband couldn't get a degree because each time he was ONE class away from graduating, they again would drop his field so he would have to start again.

It didn't really matter anyway because one ITT doesn't help you find a job nor do they care, and two you can't get work anyway because the degree you have is 80,000 worth of bogus scam.

It's awful and this needs to be sorted. This has to be illegal!!!!

From Web Master:
The Federal Government must think it is illegal or they wouldn't have initiated the legal action against them.

I am a recent former addmissions rep.

I walked out after 4 months of employment. I could not look at myself in the mirror. I could not sleep at night. The preditory practices and boiler room call center workplace was only to enroll as many as we could. Lie manipulate and strong hand anyone who in the loop looking for work just checked a box they would be interested in furthering their education.

To become "certified" training modules included tactics of unbelievable deception. I have a Masters degree in counseling education. I continued in the position as long as I could stand it to gather information on this pathetic industry. Weekly meetings were all about numbers not caring about a potential student's situation.

If someone went MIA we were directed to call them every hour or risk the loss of employment. Sell the program Sell the potential Sell the "product".

FOR PROFIT is just for what it is. FOR PROFIT. Everyone else be damned.

Web Master comments in RED
The timing of this post is interesting when you consider the one just before it (below).

My name is William Fletcher and I attended the ITT 140 in Oakland and will attend my graduation ceremonies on July 1st 2015 and receive my Associate in Science in DDT with a GPA: 3.85.

What is ITT 140? Sounds like an in-house reference number. I doubt any student could tell you their ITT's number.

In my research this AS Degree is recognized by Boeing aircraft corporation and is also good for a commission in the US Army reserve. and that is where I stopped happy in my knowledge that all the people that complain on this site were short sighted and and upset that they did not finish and still had to pay.

I have no way of knowing if Boeing actually accepts an ITT degree. And, if they do, What does that have to do with student complaints about their bad ITT education? This person does not say they went into the Army Reserve. Not sure why that would be a selling point if they don't go there.

I am graduating on time and have gotten Four job interviews during my attendance and two after provided by the school. four other students got jobs before they graduated. I started with 12 other students in the DDT dept and all of them fell behind in their studies and assignments turned in and thus are not graduating with me. some were unable to attend some classes and were dropped, others thought it was High school and the same effort would get them through classes - it did not.

This person had 6 job interviews but no job? No comments on what the response from the person conducting the interview had to say about an ITT degree. Obviously this person did not get any of the jobs for which they interviewed.

When comes down to it I did the math and figured out that every class cost me about $200 and I am not one to waste time and money so I made sure to attend every class and turn in all work on time. in the 2 years I missed 0 classes and and maintained an almost straight A average.

Receiving an A average is not the problem. Lots of complaints include having good grades and perfect attendance. It is the lack of up-to-date tools and qualified instuructors.

to those who have incredible debt or a bad learning experience I urge you to go back and get your moneys worth, and I am sorry. maybe try another campus. I did have some teachers that I felt were not that good as teachers but seeing this I made sure to put out the extra effort to learn on my own and pass those classes. all those classes that had sub par teachers I just followed the syllabus and turned in my work and forced the A ignoring the teacher.

This is part of the problem. If the classes/teachers are bad, why should the student have to put in "extra effort" and "learn on [their] own". What are you paying for? And to "try another campus"? With what money?

everything in life is what you make it. if you go into ITT with a firm understanding that it is not just a hand out like public schools and have a good work ethic and a reasonable amount of smarts you will do good like myself. anything else is less.

This life-philosophy has nothing to do with ITT making a promise on education and career and then not providing the education but, rather, putting a huge financial debt burden on students. You can't make something of your life when dealing with a false premise.

two other bits that have helped me out in life:
when you are upset with someone it comes down to you expected to much

...or you were misled.

Ockham's razor - breifly quoted - the most likely thing usually is

The most likely thing in this case would be the hundreds of posts on this site which detail the financial pain with no usable education.

I know several for-profit & nonprofit schools locally. I've also been a student at two of these local schools, and graduated from one.

**I give NO consent for the editing of my submission. I place this in an odd area intentionally.**

I've known several students and graduates from the vast majority of these schools; including ITT.

Just as K-12 schools: there are excellent -as well as less than desirable- educators in both the private and public sectors.

At the end of the day, you will never get more out of your education than the effort you actually to put in to it.

I live in a military area of Virginia.

From Web Master:

Like all the others who try to stand up for ITT, this person gives no specifics (unlike the comments below).
They list no specific ITT school, no specific ITT class, no specific instructor, no specific success story.

This person lumps all schools (not just ITT) into one and blames the student.

This person probably never went to an ITT school. And this person may even work for ITT.
This person certainly did not attend all other schools for comparison. It is unclear what they mean by having been a student at "two of these local schools". I doubt either were ITT schools.

Just look at how they insist this not be edited.

If there was anything good to say about ITT someone would have said it by now; but years and hundreds of detailed comments on the financial ruin by, and very bad experiences of, ITT cannnot be denied.

I challenge this person to go under-cover as a student and take a complete course at ITT - ANY ITT school, then report back.

My name is Niki H.

In June 2002 I was 18. I knew nothing about credit or lending. I came from a poor family. I myself was unemployed at the time. My mom was a single mom working as a waitress making $2.13 per hour plus tips supporting three kids.

I called an ITT Tech recruiter after seeing a commercial. Her name was Claire Levitt from ITT Tech Albuquerque, NM. She immediately rushed me through the loan process. I was told this school would cost me around $18k with my PELL grant. Shortly after recruiting me, Clair left the school.

I have kept documents and have proof of everything all these years. I even have my old student ID. I didn't know back in 2002-2004 that the recruiter pulled my credit, my mom's credit and my now ex-husband's credit -- until recently when I submitted evidence to CFPB to file a complaint. All of our credit was denied. ITT still found a way to fund me. I had no idea I would have private loans with high interest accruing interest while I was in attending ITT Tech. ITT Tech stole my PELL grant (as it was applied to my debt).

I was so determined to break the cycle of poverty in my family and I was promised a great job and a bright future. I believed that then, but now I know I was scammed and saddled with debt.

I was one of those "statistics" likely to default. I never have defaulted but I am stuck in a cycle of revolving debt. My student loan for federal was 11 loans totaling around $27k after I graduated -- interested accrued. THEN I have 3 federal private loans totaling over $6000 -- Initially. The interest rates on those loans started at 14%. Currently my interest rates are 13.25% for two of my loans and the third signature loan is 11.25%. Three private loans in total: $3000, $1600 and $1000 with high interest - I've BARELY TOUCHED THE CAPITAL 11 years later.

Bank One was the bank that initiated my high interest signature loans (Bank One later merged with JPMorgan/Chase in 2004 -- Ironically the year I graduated ITT Tech). Upon graduation all my signature loans were sold to Sallie Mae now Navient charging me a 10% origination fee and interest accrued on all 3 loans.

I've managed to defer my federal loans or apply for forbearance just to pay my high-interest private loans. I have been paying for 11 years. My student loans totaled $33k when I graduated. I now owe $27k. It is the biggest debt I have, I have absolutely nothing to show for it except a piece of paper on my wall with zero value in the job market.

At this rate, I'll be paying it off the rest of my life.

I have never used my degree. I was promised job placement. But the only thing ITT Career services gave me was a 1/2" packet with print outs from and other employment websites.

I had already been applying for work throughout my two years and well after. I finally found a job working for a phone company in 2005 which had nothing to do with my degree, "Applied Computer Science & Computer Network Systems".

The education was poor. I don't know how I even passed trigonometry or algebra. I have no idea how to do that math. I even have old homework [from when] I went to school for Computer Network Systems Applied Computer Science AA. I still have no knowledge of how to administer networks. It should also be noted that I had no formal education in middle school or high school. I received my "GED equivalent" from an unaccredited school called Dennison Academy at age 14 in 1998.

From Web Master:
Sadly we can all relate. My loan won't be paid off until I'm in my 70s.

Carrie Wofford (a staffer in the Harkin Commission that exposed for-profit colleges' worst offenders), has asked me to tell all veterans (and their supporters) who were scammed by ITT Tech to report their complaints to the Veteran's Administration.

According to Ms. Wofford,"We've got to get everyone to file complaints with the VA. The Veterans Administration has already cut off 3 schools from GI Bill benefits. But they need to hear from lots of vets to cut off more. Protect your buddies. The VA is taking action against schools that rip off vets."

File here:

Read more here:

and here:
The school that I attended is ITT-Technical Institute of Little Rock, AR.

After requesting information online about the school I received a telephone call from a recruiter. She explained a little bit about the school to me over the telephone and requested that I come in for a formal meeting.

At the meeting she described the benefits of choosing ITT-Technical Institute which included convenient class schedules for working adults, entry-level job placement in your field, seventy percent hands-on learning, an assigned recruiter/counselor to work with you for the entire four years, and top of the line equipment related to my field; all of which I later found to be untrue.

The recruiter also discussed how easy it would be to find a job in my field of choice because of how quickly it was growing. After our hour long meeting everything they had to offer sounded really great so I enrolled.

The only requirement to attend ITT-Technical Institute was to have a high school diploma or equivalent and pass a skills assessment test. You had to have a certain percentage of correct answer to pass. I was told at that moment that it was a timed test and that if I did not know the answer to a question to skip over it because it only counted the questions that I attempted. Therefore, if I only attempted five out of 50 questions and got them all right I had passed.

I passed the assessment with flying colors and began my first quarter in September of 2006. The first two quarters seemed to be close to what they had offered. This was because these courses were considered introduction courses which included Microsoft Office and Strategies for a Technical Professional. These required a lot of hands on with the computers.

However, further into my degree when I began taking my core classes the hands-on education began to dwindle down to almost nothing. Many of the courses required lab time which consisted of us simply staying longer to work on writing assignments.

One of the classes, CJ242 Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation, came with a separate lab workbook which we never opened or utilized. We had an outdated ASIS machine that we never used and an outdated superglue chamber that was used only once. Our only hands on for this class consisted of watching the instructor make a cast of a footprint and setting up a mock crime scene which included the placement of a receipt, a knife and some press on nails for us to analyze.

Sadly many of the other classes offered through my field of study were administered with the same level of education.

By the time I realized that I was not receiving a proper education I had spent a full year at ITT-Technical Institute. I began looking into other schools only to find out that none of them would accept the credits that I had already earned. This is one of the facts that the recruiter left out during our meeting. I did not want to lose the work that I had already earned and wanted more than anything to be able to say that I had a degree so I stayed. I stayed under the assumption that after I had completed this degree that I would be able to continue my education. I was even told by my recruiter in the beginning that I would be able to do so. In my graduating quarter I found out otherwise.

I had begun looking into the University of Arkansas of Little Rock (UALR) so that I could acquire my Masters and eventually my Doctorate. I had every intention of continuing my education as soon as I graduated until I was told by one of the instructors and department chairs of UALR that my degree would not be accepted (he also teachers at ITT).

I began to research other schools only to find the same. It was not until then that the difference between national and regional accreditation was explained to me.

In addition to the above stated facts there are other aspects of my experience that merit mentioning. Those include but are not limited to:
I now hold a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice of which it seems I cannot use. I cannot use it to further my education or obtain employment. I have been turned away because employers believe my education does not meet their requirements. I currently owe approximately $70,000 dollars in school loans of which I am unable to pay. My payments amount to over $500 a month. I am not alone in this either. There are an unimaginable number of people going through the same thing. There are numerous people who attended ITT-Technical Institute in Little Rock that wish to pursue a case against them.

In my heart I believe that this degree is something that I should be proud of. I attended classes for four years while working a full time job and taking care of my mother and brother. At 32 years old I graduated at the top of my class as valedictorian and with the highest honors. I am not saying this because I feel like I should be the acceptation to all other individuals that accomplished the very same thing with similar circumstances. I am saying this because I did work hard to better myself and my situation only to find out that it basically was for nothing.

I strongly believe that I did not get an education that was promised to me and I honestly believe that if I were to acquire a position in my field that there is a strong chance that I would not be prepared for that position.

By pursuing a suit against ITT-Technical Institute I hope to have any debt accrued through my attempt at an education eliminated. I am not looking to become rich off of this endeavor. I would simply like to obtain at least enough to pay back my various student loans.

I would also like ITT-Technical Institute to be held responsible for their actions and to be required to change their business ethics or procedures. They are crippling for life those who only seek to better themselves and the lives of their families.
I attended ITT in Lathrop, CA. for Computer Electronics Engineering in 2001 to 2003.

My first quarter I made the honor roll with a 3.6 GPA, the second quarter I was put on Academic probation for achieving a 1.7, third quarter they didn't have a professor to teach 1 of the classes I was required to take so they made me take a withdrawal from all 3 classes, but still made me pay for all of them, forth quarter they made me drop out and told me for academic reasons I would only be allowed to attend for an Information Technology Degree if I wanted to continue my education

2 of the 3 classes they scheduled me for I had already taken and passed, and when I complained they told me I am dismissed for not keeping a high enough GPA and attendance.

For 14 years my life has been a living hell, Sallie Mae loans, Fraud, my credit is in the 500 range,I have never been able to buy a house or car- this ruined my life!!! And it still is!!
I was charged a $200 administrative fee for classes I didn't sign up for. I informed the school I would not be attending ITT Springfield, VA anymore

three weeks before the end of the term and they still sent the VA a term enrollment for $20, 366.50.

Please investigate the shady dealings of ITT.
ITT Tech, National City, California.

On behalf of the staff (and students) at this campus, I'll post the following:

Students. D not plan on attending this college or any college if you do not plan on completing the course-work. I have been an Adjunct Professor there for just under one year, and have never been "guided" on how to educate my students. ITT Tech provides each instructor with course-ware. It is then up to each instructor to "make it his/her own". We are allowed to add up to 20% of what we feel makes the material better. I probably went farther than 20% because I care about the education my students are receiving. I cautioned students that were not "pulling their load". Do your part and I will help you pass the course. Don't, and I will strongly advise you to drop the course and perhaps pursue a different type of education (stocking shelves at 7/11 is easier). I saw my fair share of students that didn't care. They quickly found out that I do care. The 80% of students that did come to achieve an education did their job. ITT Tech, like any school, prepares you for the basics. It is then up to you to continue building your expertise. Good luck to all of you that worked hard with me. If ITT Tech survives, I'll be there again to help those of you that want to succeed.

Professor ofComputer and Networking

From Web Master:
Many students have noted the rare instructor who stands out and really teaches.
From the majority of the comments posted on this site, that is way too rare.

May 2015

I enrolled into ITT Tech, Indianapolis online in Dec 2007, graduated in Dec 2010 with a 3.25/4.0 GPA.

I was tired of working in that dead end machine shop and at the age of 43, I felt the need to make a change and to do that, through reliable resources, was to get a degree. I spent 3 years as a part time student working towards an associate's degree in Information Systems Administration. I had no other option but to do this online for I was working full time and maintaining a household as well as taking care of my wife who has medical problems.

I've known of ITT Tech since I was a teenager in the early 80's and had aspirations to go, but college was not an option for me at that time, so I dismissed it and went on with my life. After seeing all those TV commercials of success stories and comparing them to where I was at in life, I decided to make the move.

When the recruiter called me and of course with his sugar coated sales pitch told me that they had internships as well as job placement assistance for when I graduated.

When that time came, I only got one phone call from a career specialist and since I was at work I was unable to take the call as well as I was never able to even reach him when I returned the call. When I did finally get in touch with someone, all they did was send me links to job boards such as and CareerBuilder which I had already been through all of those and submitted resumes without a single bite.

It was to my understanding that employers went to the campuses to recruit graduates, but apparently weren't interested in online graduates. As far as I'm aware, when employers look at my resume and see that I graduated from ITT Tech online, it goes straight to the shredder. I can't even get a job as a help desk specialist.

I even ask the recruiter if the fact that I was a machinist for the past 12 years as well as my age, was going to hinder my prospects for a change in careers, he said not at all, he assured me that employers were looking for what they put out as well as I had a solid work ethic, a broader train of thought.

During the course of this online entourage, I started looking through review boards regarding ITT tech and all were negative reviews, anywhere from a waste of time to threats to sue for unethical practices of the institution. I wanted to drop the course right there before I accumulated more debt, but I decided to stick it out and obviously, it didn't pay off.

Now, after all that hard work immersing myself in this endeavor, neglecting my responsibilities at home and at work in hopes of living the American dream, I'm now over $50.000 in debt.
biggest mistake of my life I regre it so bad it's a waste of money !!
I attended ITT Tech from 2004 to 2009 in Alabama for a degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design (at the time of writing this, the program is no longer being offered at the campus attended).

I took an interest in AI scripting and working with game engines. I should have known the program would be short of my expectations as it was a brand new program that ITT wasn't prepared to support long term.

I was told that I had qualified for a scholarship that I later found out that was a load of bull and didn't really exist. The "scholarship" was there just to sell students on the other "programs" that ITT offered.

Well unexpected and tragically, I lost my father in 2006 to cancer and my mother became disabled with a heart defect. So I was put in a hard place of wanting to succeed and just plainly dropping out and helping my family which the latter I should have done. ITT "encouraged" me to carry out the remaining two years that turned into three as a couple of retakes and dropped "classes".

Oh boy the classes. Most of the classes I took had nothing to do with my degree or anything else for that matter. The "capstone" classes I took were fine but it was mostly due to my teacher having experience in the gaming industry.

The problem with it all was the course material being underwhelming. Sure the staff was OK but I knew a most of them hated working for ITT and there was a LOT of turnover throughout my time there. Did I mention I was working a job that was barely paying enough to cover my expenses?

If both my parents were still working, then I would've had little to no problem paying back my student loans.

After "graduation" in 2009, I left ITT with pretty much a useless degree and a huge bill through Sallie Mae (now Navient). The school's Career Services is an absolute joke (they had the most turnover), especially with Game Design graduates as they didn?t know what to do. There were at least two new people every month during my time there. I barely got any interviews and my work was only good for mods for existing games that barely got noticed. My loans were almost 50% federal and 50% private. As ITT expected, both loans defaulted as I couldn't deal with their outrageous payments and support my family at the same time.

I now owe a lot of money through deferments, penalties, forbearances and delinquencies.
I went to itt tech in albany ny. I graduated in 2011.

i have a degree in computer electronics what good that does.

Career services refused to help me find a job. I have loans that i really can't pay now. I don't have a job in my field i work at AutoZone.

Going to that school was the biggest mistake of my life
My experience there was the career services first there career director died about 4 semester's away for getting my AA degree also one class I was studying to many students were not listening to the instructor so the instructor talk to the Dean to come to class to talk to them.

Itt hired a new career director as I was in my final semester of my AA degree the director was not helpful they fired the director because of low ratings of helping students get jobs I went back to career service to as for job openings they send me an email saying thanks for the resume and have not heard from them sents.

This itt is in San Dimas California.
Just wanted to ask if you could please post this page, we are a group of students that are fighting back against ITT-Technical Institute for the wrong they have done to us...Many of us from our group have posted their experience here.

Thank you for creating this site and fighting back against this fraud factory.

Come join us as we fight to get our loans forgiven and force ITT-Technical Institute to close their doors.
My experience teaching at ITT Technical Institute is that it is indeed the monster that is suggested by the numerous posts on this site. The company has put volume and profits before any semblance of academic standards for some considerable time.

Why the Department of Education continues to recognize the accrediting body ACICS when it accredits organizations like ITT Technical Institute is a mystery. The DoE should be fully investigating both ACICS and ITT Technical Institute.

Apart from the various activities that Modany and his sidekick have been accused of by the SEC, Modany has also presided over an organization which lowers educational standards by blocking academic staff from teaching certain courses if they previously didn't pass enough students on that same course. If (as is most often the case) the low pass rate simply reflects the work submitted by the students then the effect of that interference is that a quota system is being operated albeit dressed up as teaching quality control. That system alone should be sufficient for the organization's accreditation to be lost. It also results in some ITT "graduates" having a poor grasp of the subject matter which has not gone unnoticed by HR departments and recruiters thus further devaluing ITT's somewhat expensive "degrees".

That ITT Technical Institute has been allowed to continue its current business model for so long is a shame on the nation. This is not a matter of political left versus right; it is simply a matter of right versus wrong both in terms of morality and what is right for the nation.

ITT Technical Institute has clearly oversold its programs to some students who were not able to derive the "benefits" that they bought into. Other students who had the aptitude to derive benefit from the programs have been disappointed to find that the quality of instruction and educational resources has often been lacking. That is not to say that there are not some excellent educators working in ITT Technical Institutes, but since the company's business model precludes it from attracting and retaining sufficient quality academic staff they often have to employ instructors who may be qualified on paper yet have little professional experience in the relevant field. How some campuses can pass an accreditation audit is a mystery given that faculty is generally treated as a commodity.

Even if the DoE does not act it seems almost inevitable that the company's senior lender will. They have to protect their investors and since ITT's Management in Carmel is apparently inept there can be little upside for the lender in allowing this charade to continue.
I taught at the Warrensville Heights location where they overload instructors with courses and clinicals and cannot produce policy documentation to prove this is a legitimate practice.

I felt like I was participating in fraud because they forced instructors in the nursing program to teach at clinical sites that were clearly inadequate for the subject matter being taught. I could not participate in that any longer.

I felt legally and morally forced to do what I knew was wrong and to go against the board of nursing.

The director of that school is is too old and out of touch with the nursing world and was made aware of the problems and clearly chose to defy the board of nursing. He knew and didn't care that the clinical site was clearly inadequate for the course.

They allowed people who got caught cheating to make up work and continue in the program. Any real school would have expelled the students because it happened more than once to my knowledge. But the director of warrensville a school said it was ok.

There is no integrity in that program. It's all about money.

Many students told me they were promised things by recruitment and in the end didnt have it in writing and they wouldn't follow through with. It is a bait and switch!

Run far and fast from ITT warrensville and the nursing program especially.

Please read the documents on the ohio board of nursing website, it's public knowledge. Beware! They are crooked and the schools director is aware of it all!!! Run run run!

I thank the lord every day that he gave me the courage to stand for what I believe and walk away and lead me to a real college to teach at. I will contact the board of nursing and lawyers involved to back up the deception!

It is morally wrong!
ITT actively has a public relations office in Carmel, IN full of employees who go all over the internet and post comments to counter bad reviews and comments. They are PAID a lot of $$$ to do it.
I work at ITT and although the institution isn't perfect, it isn't the monster everyone is making it out to be.

And whichever employer who wrote about the paper with crayon on it being of more worth than an ITT diploma is a complete moron. I personally know students who have graduated from ITT, including my best friend, who have said they were WAY more prepared and qualified for jobs than other candidates with degrees from other traditional institutions. And my best friend STARTED out making $67k/yr. He now makes 6 figures 3 years later.

Get all the facts before jumping on the "We hate ITT bandwagon."

From Web Master:

This employee did not state what their job is or at which ITT they work.
More likely they are administrative, not instructional.

They also do not state what program or course of studies their friend had at ITT.

I've been operating this web site for many years now and I have very few employees have anything positive to say and far fewer students.

This person should encourage their successes to come forward to post on this site.

Why don't the students from the commercials come forward?

I attended the Madison Alabama campus of ITT-Tech.

To begin I must clarify that I am a 56 year old male and had not been in school since 1977.

I began in September of 2009 after being layed-off from my job of 10 years. I worked in manufacturing and was interested in the Computer Drafting and Design Program to try to stay in the manufacturing field.

My wife and I visited the campus and was greeted with open arms. Before I knew it I was talked into taking an entrance exam which I am sure I failed miserably. To my surprise they told me that I (aced) the exam! That should have been a red flag there!,

On my first day of school, the instructor never showed. The Dean came in and told us to come back next week and maybe we would have an Instructor. Second red flag!!

I inquired about a Career Services Director and was told that they were in the process of finding one. Third red flag!!

In short this campus went through 3 career services people in the 2 years I attended.

Algebra instructors changed test answers just so I passed the course. Drafting Instructors admitted learning the programs as classes progressed. Architectural programs were taught by mechanical instructors that never taught the programs before.

Career services people would just copy and paste job postings from job websites to our e-mails. That is all they did in the way of helping us find work.

As everybody knows, the economy was just starting to go south about this time. As a result I went through all my savings and had to file bankruptcy 6 months after I enrolled. I consulted the finance department at the campus thinking that I would be kicked out since I had no income. But to my surprise they told me not to worry because they would find me work so I could pay my loans. Well that never happened.

Graduated in 2011 and was cast aside. Still looking for a job in the CD&D field. My loans are in default and am working for peanuts as a result of ITT's incompetence.
I attended ITT in Louisville, KY.

I went for two semesters and dropped out after my VB Professor threw away my final and said I never showed up.

Now, approximately 12 years later I have people coming after me saying I owe them $30,000.

Attending ITT ruined my chances at getting financial aid for a real college and materially effected my chances at having a successful career.

Now, a decade later I'm still trying to recover from the damage ITT caused.

I have friends that attended and suffered even worse than me so I guess I have to count myself lucky.

ITT is an utterly fraudulent organization that needs to be shut down.
I decided to check out ITT-Technical Institute I seen many commercials and I like the idea of it being hands on, I asked a friend if I could use her computer to look up information on the school I did not see anything bad about the school online I called the Canton, Mi campus I was assigned to a recruiter named Terry a young guy that said he just graduated in the same program I was interested in enrolling in.

...he told me about the different programs,the lecture, labs,career service for life at any campus in the U.S.. Terry said that I would have access to the virtual library for a lifetime, most students find a job in there field,credits transfer to any college and that employers are always seeking ITT-Technical Institute Grads.

My mom and I went out to visit the campus Terry was waiting for me when I walked in the door. We went for a tour around the campus then headed back into Terry's office. He then had me take a entry test after the test was completed he said that he had a couple previous graduates that was wanting to meet with me, would I be ok with meeting with them? I said sure, he left then returned with a young man and lady. They both introduced themselves then sharing with me how successful they have been since graduating from ITT-Technical Institute. Both of them said they had jobs before they graduated. Terry then had me and my mom watch a video about previous graduates success story's a video very similar to the television commercials.

When the video was complete he had a couple forms for me to fill out one was about the program, enrollment agreement and a paper that said something about paying a minimum payment of $50 on my loans if I struggle to make payments. Terry ask me if I had any questions and I said yes what was the percentage of people that graduated that found jobs in their field, he replied "80% of the students find jobs in there field". I asked if the credits transferred he replied " yes so if you wanted to go to get a bachelors degree at a different school then I should have no issues transferring"

He said he had just graduated and he was taking his bachelors at a community college and they accepted all his credits.Terry really acted like he cared about me and my concerns I never thought that I would have to worry about a college that I chose to attended not being their for a students best interest never would I have thought that they were not accredited, or even not regulated.

before he had me sign anything he said if I want to sign up I better hurry the classes are filling fast some people end up having to wait till the next quarter because enrollment is up. I was singed up and scheduled to start in June 2006

...The classes were packed 50 people per class in a very small class room I noticed there were a lot of veterans going to school here. When the second quarter started half the students dropped out. The class sizes then were smaller and a little more comfortable. The first couple quarters did not require a lot of lab time then when we started classes that did require lab time the labs never worked, we would end up on U-tube watching videos or we would just skip over lab stuff and talk about other things most of the time it had very little to do with the curriculum.

I had a couple teachers that taught me a lot and they tried hard to teach and help. Most of the teachers did not teach us much I had one class were I had 3 different teachers I never did one assignment or did a final and I passed as long as I showed up. I went and complained to our program char about it and he said that there was not much he could do to help me I asked if I could take the class again free of charge and he said no.

I was upset and very angry I was in my 5th quarter I was not about to drop out now I am already to far invested without the degree I will never be able to pay back what I owe.Then it was time for financial aide again took care of that a few days after I completed financial aide I get pulled out of class by the financial aide department.The lady said I did not have enough funding to complete the program and that I was going to need to apply for additional funding. I was confused as to why this was not discussed at the financial aide meeting she said if additional funding is not available then I was not to return to school. Then she said as long as I am employed then may qualify for a Temp credit through the school it is a 0% interest loan I will not have to make any payments until 6 months after I graduate. That deal sounded better than taking out private loans from private lenders.

I told them I was interested in the temp credit so I took out the temp credit and finished the Computer Network Systems program and earn an associates degree. I then got talked into staying and getting a bachelors degree in Project Management if I continued they would reduce the program costs 20%, never happened.

I started the bachelors degree program September 2010.Before signing up I asked the financial aide employee if I was going to have enough funding because I did not want to have to add to my temp credit or take out any other loans,she assured me I had plenty of funding. Then when I got about half way done with my bachelors program I was pulled into the office again and they said I was out of funding if I wanted to continue the program I would have to find alternative funding. Then I was told I could add to the temp credit that I already had through the school same terms 0% interest until paid off and pay nothing until 6 months after I graduate.

A week later a letter came in the mail telling me I had to pay $180.00 a month on my temp credit I called financial aide and asked why I was getting a bill I am still enrolled? I was told no payment need to be paid until 6 months after I graduate. She said " you can just go to school for free " I said I was told that I did not have to make any payments until 6 months after I graduate.She said you have to pay something or you can not return to school. I said I cant make this big of a payment and she said what can you pay I said $75.00 a month so in order for me to continue my program I had to again hurdle through a road block.

By this point I was angry and I felt like what was happening was not right but I had already invested this much time and I owed a lot of money on my loans if I quit now a will never be able to pay them back at least it would be easier using the degree anyway. So I felt like I had no choice I felt pressured into adding on to my temp credit. I was already mad at the school because I could never get all my books when the new classes started I always had a least one class I never received a book until the 5th or 6th week of class or never received one at all. Had to hunt down the program char asked her to find me a book most of the time she gave me the ones she used.

I thought the associates program was crazy the bachelors program was even worse.I had one teacher that encouraged dirty talk and cussing in class and she flirted and hung out with all the guys in class after class.This was one of my teachers in my bachelors degree program I was so far invested I felt trapped I had no choice I had to finish. I was also very hurt, angry and emotionally distress even becoming very depressed.

I did graduate in September 2013, I graduated with highest honors with a total of 104k in student loans. What I did not realize is this was only the start of my ITT-Tech experience after graduating I started looking for work no reply's I am still working at the same place I started working at before I started school and when I graduated ITT-Tech wanted me to sign something saying they help me get the job. I started getting all of my student loans I have so many different loans then I started realizing I had all kinds of private loans, 55k in private loans. I stopped paying my temp credit and they sent a bill out to me then I received a second one both had different balances one was around 5,000 and the other was 19,000.

I called the school to ask them why I had two different bills and she said there was a error in the system looking at my records it is the 19,000 balance I owe not the 5,000 one. Then I ask her what happen to the first temp credit balance and she said those were sold of to private lenders. That's were all my high interest private loans came from. The temp credit or what I found out was known as "Peaks" loans.

When I did not think it could get any worse it dose now I have a lifetime of debt a degree with no accreditation just a 104k piece of paper with ITT-Tech's name on and mine not tp mention a lifetime of collection calls and bad credit.I have so many complaints against this school and the education system as a whole.

Education should be free 7 other countries offer free education to American's.
I attended ITT Technical Institute from 2009 to 2011. During the enrollment process I was told they would help me with financial assistance as I was unemployed. The recruiter sat at the table beside me reminding me how easy it would be, after I graduated, to pay off any loans I would get. The "Financial Assistant" sat across from me with multiple stacks of papers. They would hand me a papers to sign, and as I started to read them over, the Financial Assistant would pull it out of my and, lay it on the table, and being to give me a "brief summary" of each section.

Then they would say "sign and date here, here, and here." If I picked the paper up to attempt to read it again, the recruiter would begin assuring me that ITT's "career services" how they highest success rate out of all other technical colleges. The recruiter would then go on about how a high percentage of ITT graduates would either get jobs averaging $60,000 a year, or would transfer to Universities to get their Bachelors' and/or Masters' to get jobs earning six figures a year. This would happen every time I would take more than 2 minutes reading over something they ask me to sign.

The Financial Assistant finally told me how much the tuition would be, and of course the recruiter would remind me that ITT would find me a job that could easily pay it back. The Financial Assistant then told me that I qualified for two loans federal loans, but they still wouldn't cover all of the tuition. They then ask me to sign more papers, telling me that they were for Scholarships, Grants, and Private Loans. They told me that I wouldn't have to pay anything until I graduated, and the recruiter added "and we find you a job."

About an hour later the tuition for the first year was covered. A year later the same thing happened again, only this was to cover the next year's tuition. I was informed there was a "Work Study" position available by the "Career Services" department so applies and got the job. I was now working for this campus' System Support Technician. My treatment while employed at ITT is outside the scope of this complaint, but it wasn't fair either.

A year later I graduated Salutatorian of my class. By that point I had about 5 interviews for "Temp" positions, irrelevant to my field of study, and all of which fell through. The career services pretty much submitted my resume to maybe 3 or 4 hiring agencies, and every position I interviewed for we either "Temp" jobs or companies looking for students with a Bachelor's Degree.

ITT kept in touch with me about finding jobs until I told them I was not going to return for a Bachelor's Degree; at which time all communications stopped. About a year after I graduated, Started getting mail from Peaks Loans telling me that my account was delinquent. I didn't even know I owed them money. I knew about the Federal Loans, of which I had in deferment because I still was unemployed.

So not to long ago, I looked into enrolling in the University that is in my area, only to find out that my credits from ITT would not transfer. That was one of the things ITT claimed to have, accreditation, and they don't. So now I have a private loan in default, that I didn't know I had, 2 federal loans that are now in repayment, a degree that is useless, and no job.

The education was fair at best, the environment was poor, and the lies they tell to pressure people into signing the papers are incredible. The way I see it; they are stealing money from the federal government, and private lenders, and making unknowing people pay for it.

It should be illegal!. I mean I never saw a dime of that money, and all I have to show for it, is a printed sheet of paper that says Associates in Applied Science, and an engraved pen I got for graduating Salutatorian.
I currently attend ITT Technical Institute in Hanover, MD.

I first had an issue about 3 months into the program but was told it was a new facility and if I could just hang in there it would improve. It did not improve.

I started complaining about this school via their surveys and the only thing that got me was continuously being called in by the Director where I was berated and talked down to. She went so far as to tell me that ITT did not see me as a paying customer and I should be grateful that they were providing me service.

We have been berated regarding the surveys-They even sent someone around to the classes to tell us that "clearly you don't know how to properly fill out the surveys because we keep getting bad reviews." The Director has dismissed all of my issues.

The curriculum is horrible (outdated, labs that don't work, lack of technology), the instructor turnover is high. I have had my grade changed to make sure I passed when in fact I know I failed at least one of my math classes.

Now we have all been forced into online classes but are still required to go to school to sign in so they can keep up the appearance of attendance.

We either go over outdated slides or watch movies for two hours then go home where we have internet access to do the work that we should be doing in class. It is beyond ridiculous.

So, after putting all of our books and assignments online, we are NOT given a reduction in tuition. This school has misrepresented the education I would receive and could care less about anything but how they can make things appear on paper.

I have been defrauded and ridiculed for speaking out.

The Director even told my fiancé point blank that if he expressed his dissatisfaction among other students (She expressly told him he was not even supposed to tell me about the details of their conversation) That she would expel him for misconduct! He is a retired Military Naval Senior Chief and my guess is she knew the students would listen to him and was afraid that he would cause them to speak out as well since they do look up to him.

The school is aware they look up to and respect him, which is why when we first started they used him to speak to the students on their behalf. Once we realized what was going on was not right and voiced our disapproval, she had to shut him down.

Being retired military, he is always concerned about his reputation and certainly did not want being expelled to end up on his record so he started filling out the surveys with neutral responses. I stopped filling them out all together until recently.

They can expel me, I just don't care anymore. I am going to tell the truth. I have gone deep in debt while trying to believe that my experience was unique, that my institution just had bugs that needed to be worked out.

The dean refers to us as "the guinea pigs" and says that we have bore the brunt of the mistakes made because the school was new but as I have researched, this is not a mistake for ITT, it is their business model. The deceit and corruption is the standard by which they run their business.

The students are just a dollar figure and a number on a sheet and once you graduate, who cares? They got all they can out of you by maxing out your loans and they are on to the next dollar sign. It is disgusting.

What's more disgusting is I can't quit. My credits are worthless and I cannot transfer them to a real college. I cannot quit because I have to finish what I started. My only hope is that someday they will be seen for the predatory rats they are and will be shut down and hopefully my loans will be forgiven.

Why is there not more oversight of these facilities? Surely our government is intelligent enough to know that what is on paper does not tell the story but I wonder if they care either. If any of them would ask a student, they would get the truth of our experiences and could force changes upon these institutions.

Students are coerced into filling out these surveys and "schooled" on how the school wants them filled out then ridiculed if they don't oblige. They actually stop class and make all the students go to a computer, fill out the survey and print out a paper showing they did the survey and turn it in.

There is so much wrong with ITT I will NEVER recommend this school to anyone. My experience has been horrible!!!

One more thing-How is it possible that my fiancé and I are charged different amounts to take EXACTLY the same classes? He is on the GI Bill and I am not but our classes are IDENTICAL and have been since DAY ONE! We have taken every class together but are charged different amounts.
I think the government should close the ITT tech because They have worst admin I ever seen.

I worked with them as adjunct

No respect to instructors. The charge the student more than $2000 / class and they give the PhD faculty $1600/14 weeks

They enroll 30 students/class so they make 60k/class and They give the faculty only 1.6 k. I called this Modern Slavery.

And You are asking me why there stock market goes from $95/share to $4.5/share. It is opvous that tgey are failure

I suggest firing all admin and selling this college to other Investor who can change the college to productive One and risk our students.

I really fail sorry about those students who tricked by The recruiters and joined this college. Government definitely Should put they under continuous watch.
I have worked for an ITT in Northern California as a representative.

While students have their grievances so do the employees. As a representative I realized that the DOR plays favoritism and tends to help her so called close friends do well by pushing and simply handing out prospective students to them.

The DOR of a certain Northern ITT gets involved in petty gossip and chooses and picks who should be getting the best walks and call-ins
I attended Itt in earth city MO. It ruined my life.

It literally is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

I got a job after I graduated, but my debt is so deep that no one will give me a loan for anything.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I had never heard of the term for-profit-college before but I sure have heard of ITT Technical Institute. A technical college within 10 miles of my house that caters to exactly what I wanted to be. This is where my nightmare begins 9 years ago.

My last week of high school, there were ITT administrators at the school talking to people and trying to convince them to come check out ITT's campus. I knew all about ITT Tech as I had seen their commercials and knew a few people going there.

As soon as I walked in the front door at ITT Tech, someone was waiting for me. It was Terry, the recruiter from my high school and I felt really comfortable. This guy was acted really cool, friendly, down to earth and so I trusted him. I trusted him to give me all the information I needed to make the right decision. Looking back, everything Terry told me was either an outright lie or a major stretch of the truth.

Being an impressionable 18 year old straight from high school, you tend to look up to these people that work at the college. You truly believe they are working for a respected organization and that they are respectable people.

After touring the school for a bit and answering a few of my questions about the programs, he brings me to the entrance exam room. It's just a regular office with a cubicle and a computer in it. They give you 15-20 minutes to take a short test with a bunch of math problems. I've always been terrible at math and I kind of figured I flunked the entrance exam. To my surprise, Terry comes back in and informs me that I have passed the exam. I was thinking, "Wow I guess I'm smarter than I thought, awesome!". I'll never know what I actually got on that exam but my money goes towards fail.

Now we're in the extremely uncomfortable, high-pressure room where the contracts will be signed. I didn't feel pressured or uncomfortable at the time because I didn't know any better but looking back now, at age 30, it makes me cringe. Terry brings out the paperwork that I will be signing and tries to explain everything to me. He does a very poor job of explaining the loan situation, how much it will cost, and never mentioned an interest rate. I was just a kid, I didn't know anything about loans and interest rates. They don't have a class that teaches this stuff in high school to prepare you for these predators. Private loans were never once mentioned at all in the entire meeting nor throughout my entire 2 years there. All they would tell you is that you need to fill out this form to continue your schooling here. If that's not predatory lending then I have no idea what is.

To read through that entire contract would take at least a week of studying it and a lawyer to interpret it, but they want you to sign with them right there in the office. They tell you that if you don't sign today, you might miss out on being admitted to the school due to maximum capacity. Terry knew at that point that I wanted to start college as soon as possible after high school and he used that against me. He said if I miss out on admission that I would have to wait until the next semester.

My first day of school at ITT Tech was almost embarrassing. It was like going to high school all over again. The teacher had us all stand up and say our names and two things about ourselves. Weird. Then we proceeded to take turns reading out loud from a book. Again, very weird. Not what I was expecting college to be like, but ok, it's only the first day.

I won't bore you with all the details of every class but a common pattern I noticed was a complete lack of supplies. Almost every classroom / lab had students sharing computers or sharing something else because there weren't enough for everyone. In one of the web design classes, Adobe Photoshop was extremely outdated. I believe Photoshop CS2 was out at the time (2004-2006) and they were still using a version from the 90s, Photoshop 5.5?

We did occasionally get current software. The only problem is that IT WAS PIRATED SOFTWARE! In fact, most of the computers there had pirated software which I believe is a federal crime. Among the software being outdated or pirated, the computers were all very outdated and slow. All of the work that we were supposed to be doing during lab time now has to be taken home where it can be worked on using our own current generation software / hardware. I believe the point of lab time is to be able to do your work at the school while also being able to use the teacher and other resources for guidance. How am I supposed to do that when everything is done from home?

Outdated and lack of equipment wasn't the only problem. Teachers were getting fired on a constant basis. I think almost every class I took had at least 2, sometimes 3 teachers come and go. A teacher would get fired mid-way through the course and then a new teacher would come in. The new teacher would always come in teaching something completely different than where we left off. Every so often you would come to class and there wouldn't even be a teacher there that day so we were just sent home. One teacher even told me that you don't have to do anything here because I'm going to pass everyone. He was fired shortly after that but sure enough, everyone passed. Even the kids who didn't show up for class got passing grades. Most of the teachers would completely disregard the very expensive books that we paid for and not even use them. Some teachers would read directly out of books that were purchased from Barnes & Noble.

Career services is another major disappointment at this school. They would look for potential job offerings for students on websites like and They actually had the nerve to offer me a $10 an hour position in a warehouse answering phones that I declined. Those are not the types of jobs I was promised to be set up with. I went out on a hunt for months every single day to finally land a job that is some-what in my field.

All in all, I find the education I received at ITT Technical Institute in Fort Lauderdale, FL to be EXTREMELY lacking and I absolutely did not get even close to what I paid for. I experienced predatory lending, false advertisement, lies, altered grades and gpa's, lack of equipment, outdated or pirated software, unknowledgeable teachers, teachers getting fired left and right and a career services department that tries to find you a job from Craigslist. I shouldn't have to pay for something that I never received.

Nine years later, I'm still paying close to $450 a month for these loans and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Most of them are high interest private loans that I was never told about. I can't use ITT Tech on my resume because no one will take it seriously. It's almost like I never went to college at all but agreed to pay someone close to 60K just for the hell of it.

Don't be like me. Don't go to ITT.

April 2015

ITT Technical Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida tricked me into signing up for high interest private student loans that were never explained to me.

Private student loans were never once mentioned to either me or my mother and father. They rushed us through the entire sign up process and I was just an excited 18 year old fresh out of high school thinking I was doing the right thing.

I don't think I passed the entrance exam but the ITT Tech salesman told me that I did anyway. I wanted so badly to believe him and so I did. All I ever wanted to do was go to college and get a decent education and a great paying job. I had no idea that it was all smoke and mirrors. I attended between 2004 and 2006 and here is my experience of that time there.

What they offered me was absolutely in no way what was described or advertised. My grades and GPA were artificially inflated by administration in order to keep the schools average GPA up, they were actually caught doing this. The classrooms were completely outdated, the computers were outdated by at least 6 years and software such as Photoshop was always at least 5 versions behind the current version. Most of the instructors knew less than a lot of the students in each classroom. Instructors were fired and hired at least a few times per course per semester. The new instructor would never know exactly where the previous instructor left off and it was just a complete disaster.

Some instructors would just read directly from the book, some would just sit around and try to make friends with the students and let everyone do whatever they wanted. This is not a way to run the school and I feel absolutely scammed that I am going to be paying $117,000 with interest on a $60,000 loan for a degree that most employer's seem to shun. That being said, I would like a refund for the absolute lack of education I received.

The fact that ITT Tech is currently being sued by the CFPB for predatory practices is exactly why I am here. Predatory lending is exactly what I experienced among myriad other disasters and major shortcomings that a major "college" chain should have standard.
I started going to ITT Technical Institute in Earth City, Mo back around 2009.

It was alright at first. I was able to look past the watered down education, the instructors who were plucked off the street that didn't have a clue, and even the cheap For Dummies (no pun intended) books they provided us at 100x the cost I could by them at the local library.

I think I really started to get annoyed when I started noticing kids who barely showed up and barely turned in homework who were getting passing A grades. That's what made me realize what this school was really about. I stuck at it though with the attitude that you get out of an education what you bring in. Received a 4.0 GPA and admittance into the National Technical Honor Society.

Just when I was about to get my Associates Degree, I was pulled into a room by someone from the finance department, they tell me that my federal funding is running out and that I need to get signed up for their interest free temp credit otherwise I wouldn't be able to get my Associate's Degree. Little did I know this was actually their PEAKS Private Loans with outrageous interest rates that they deceptively had me agree to because it was either this or I would have wasted all this time and not been able to receive a degree.

Soon after I received my Associate's Degree, I started working on trying to find a job that was aligned with my Career path. The Career Services department was of no help and absolutely horrible. They basically copied and pasted emails from and never returned my calls when trying to find out more information on a certain job offer.

The last straw for me was when I received an email from one of the Career Services ladies that offered a job at $25/hour doing quality assurance for some company in St. Louis. I figured it was too good to be true but I tried to follow up on it and again no one in the department would return my phone calls.

I just so happened to be doing an internship with a company and decided to ask one of the supervisors there about this email. She told me it looked like the email was a scam and she couldn't believe that the school would be doing something like this. She went down to the school and raised hell with the department.

They certainly returned my calls after that but it was only to berate me and tell me I was unprofessional for I guess having gone outside the school to find out information on this email they sent. They didn't care that I had tried calling the department several different times leaving voicemails that no one returned...they were upset that they got caught red handed being lazy. I tried to bring this up to my chair who told me not to worry about it that "by tomorrow they won't even remember your name." That didn't sit well with me which started a heated discussion with me and the chair Dave Steen who told me I needed to leave or he was going to call the police.

I left and never went back to that School.

Now stuck in over 50k over student loan debt and a worthless piece of paper to show for it. In interviews I am too embarrassed to even tell people that I went to that school.
In 2011 I was chair at one of their school's the criminal justice department and it was a constant battle with headquarters.

I did my best to insure the students were receiving quality teachers and classes and that they would have the skills to do something with their degree. Headquarters only cared that I spent an inordinate amount of time calling students who had left to bring them back. I knew they were not offering the classes that most of these students needed to graduate but they preferred for me to lie to them just to get them back in the door. I would not do that so it wasn't pleasant listening to their sarcastic and mean remarks and constant harassment.

Their course syllabi that we were supposed to follow were worthless and the books they used not much better. I added readings and assignments to make the classes worthwhile.

They promised that they would keep the criminal justice department open long enough for my students who were near completion to graduate but they did not. They shut it down and only offered classes online. This left my students in a terrible place. They did not sign up for online classes but now they were being forced.

I worked to get most of them transferred to a real school. They lost some of their credits but in the end they will be much better off.

ITT are scum and they do not care about the students, only about making money.

A degree from ITT is very expensive and students are left with large student loans and a degree that can't even be used to enroll in a master's program because the ITT accreditation is worthless.
I attended ITT in Albuquerque, NM

Its been 11 years since I have graduated and I have yet to use my degree. I was told that ITT helps place you after graduation. I did not get that service, my credits don't transfer, and my skill level is novice at best, even after graduating with highest honors.

ITT Technical Institute, offers according to the commercials, a foundation for learning. The admissions office made it seem as if I would be getting an education that would help me secure my financial future, this was not the case. What I did receive was a little bit of knowledge of many things. I went for web design, and I learned the basics of web pages, I learned some networking, I learned some programming, and none of it was enough to secure a position in the IT field. I feel like I wasted my time & resources because I believed the mess they were telling me.

I wish I had never attended ITT, I can't use the degree and I can't afford the $30,000 they charged me for the degree. Maybe if they had lived up to their promises...
ATTN LAWYERS/ATTY GENERAL I have PHYSICAL PROOF to back up everything stated here which I have submitted to the CFPB in my formal complaint against ITT TECH:

-PROOF ITT Instructors passing me on very hard trig/algebra and examples of the work required of me that I should have flunked

-PROOF 11 years of payments made to my private and federal loans to Sallie/Mae Navient showing what was applied to principal and interest

-PROOF of my wages at age 18 for the year I signed on with ITT Tech were roughly $4000 from the department of labor New Mexico's records

-PROOF that ITT Tech pulled my credit for these signature loans and were denied.

-PROOF letter from ITT Tech and Sallie Mae saying -- "good news we were able to fund your signature loans and your loans are now with Sallie Mae" (paraphrase).

-PROOF of my mother's poor income as a waitress

-I basically have two thick original folders I've keept since 2002 when I first decided to walk into that racketeering company known as ITT Tech.

I was unemployed and 18 years old when I contacted ITT Tech after seeing a commercial around June 2002. A recruiter took my information down and began the loan process. I was told this would cost roughly $18,000 in full. I wanted to learn how to be a Computer Network Admin through ITT Tech's CNS (Computer Network Systems) Program. I was told I could use my PELL Grant which would bring it down to roughly $12-$15k during recruitment. This was a LIE as you will see in my document proof attached. I believe my PELL grant was stolen but I have no proof of that, unfortunately. I was not smart enough to ask back then.

I did not fully understand the loan documents I was made to sign if I wanted to continue each semester as I was very young with no experience in credit or lending. The credits are non-transferable to other schools. My mother had terrible credit. She was a waitress at the time making $2.13 per hour plus tips supporting 3 kids. I used her as a cosigner on my loan as ITT Tech insisted as I had no credit. I never noticed ANY STUDENT I was in class with flunk a single course throughout my 2 year degree. I should have flunked the math, SQL database administration, Linux Redhat admin, Windows 2000 Network Admin, etc. I Know nothing about those subjects to this day. I have copies of some of the prerequisite trigonometry and algebra and the math should have failed. I was never flunked or properly instructed. I still do not how how to do that type of math.

Perhaps it is important to note that my highschool "diploma" was obtained when I was 12 years old in Los Angeles, CA for $500 and 8 hours from a non-accredited Scientology school called Dennison Academy. I never received formal high school or middle school education. Yet, ITT Tech accepted my "HS Diploma." I was never properly instructed or educated by ITT Tech in their General Education or IT specialty courses. The education was really not that informative and I got little out of the full course program by the end of my 2 year degree.

I was 20 years old when I graduated, still had not job although I had applied for countless jobs over the two years I was enrolled at ITT Tech. I went to career services during and following my degree where "career placement services" provided me a 1/2" thick packet of printed pages for my class (IT-CNS). This 1/2" thick packet included listings from the newspaper, and other employment sites. I applied for over 2 years (to 2006-2007 and was never able to use my degree. Today is April 20th 2015, I am 31. I graduated in 2004 from ITT TECH and I HAVE NEVER ONCE USED MY ITT TECH DEGREE!

The only thing I have left to show for is my 30k Student loan dispersed over 3 signature/private loans totaling around $4000 with interest rates between 11.25%-13.75% and 1 federal loan totaling for the remainder. This is the biggest rip off I have ever experienced. Somehow I have managed to keep my federal loan consolidated so I can afford the payments by proving to Sallie Mae/Navient my only income is Social Security disability. I am still in good standing with Sallie Mae now Navient despite the real life struggle as one day I would like to buy a house for my family.

Bank One (the bank used for ITT to obtain my student loan money) notified me that they had sold my debt to Sallie Mae. I have ALL the loan documents and letters from ITT Tech and Sallie Mae. My student loan was granted anyway and the full funds were given to ITT Tech in full later to be sold to Sallie Mae and dispersed over 8-10 signature loans with a 10% origination fee. Despite being jobless and with bad/no credit at that time, I was duped into the biggest debt I could ever imagined -- this is true today. I did not receive my full loan exit packet until I had completed all the courses.

My mother's name was used as a co-signer and she had worse credit than I did. I am a victim of predatory lending, non-transferable credits, not having the skills necessary to have ever use my degree. I have 28k debt left after paying interest and loans for 11 years, my loan has come down from 33k+ (includes Federal and private). You will also notice, that I have proof of my earnings in the 2001-2002 year were around 4k in total. I have also attached proof the Bank One ran my credit for this loan to which I was denied due to garnishments via Equifax. My loan was still approved via ITT Tech's private loan program. I have nothing but DEBT to show for this scam. ITT Tech did not deliver what was promised. More documents are available upon request.

I submitted the above statement to the CFPB and Ombudsman Group for Federal Student Aid. The Ombudsman group said there is nothing I can do with my student loans. I am still mid dispute/complaint process with the CFPB.
I attended ITT from 2009 to 2011. The campus is in Madison Alabama.

I was 51 years old when I attended and not been in school for 33 years. One of my courses was algebra which I had no clue about. My algebra instructor told me from day one to not worry about it. He actually changed answers on my test so I could pass.

During the 2 years the school went through 3 Deans and 3 Career services people. They did virtually nothing to find me a job.
I attended one of ITT's Illinois locations in 2002 and "majored" in computer networking. I chose ITT because of the negative stigma attached to community colleges, which was particularly strong at my high school. At that time, choosing a college didn't involve much Internet research, so resources such as this website weren't readily available. My impression was that I was attending a school that was on the cutting edge of technology and would be surrounded by like-minded tech-savvy students. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Here are some notes about my experience at the school:

*The counselors are essentially salesmen. The TV commercials didn't premiere until after I left, but they were working the same angle back then, which is a pitch about how the education they offer is the key to the future. They were very good at slinging out motivation and boosting the egos of their prospective students.

*During my initial meeting with my counselor, I asked flat-out: "If I want to leave this school and continue my education elsewhere, will the credits I earn here transfer to other colleges and universities?" His answer was an unequivocal "yes, absolutely." Obviously, that was a lie.

*The programs are "accelerated," but that just means you get a 1000 mile view of everything. So you're taught about what things are, but learn zero specific or practical information.

*Likewise, most of the textbooks highly substandard. Actual college technology courses utilize official certification prep books or official training manuals from IT vendors. Most of ITT's textbooks were made by ITT and, like the courses, offered little more than a broad overview of topics.

*Most of the instructors were highly unprepared for the courses they were teaching and would just assign busywork to get us through the day.

*Our networking program chair was rarely in the building and was typically not accessible.

*Failing students were pushed along. Multiple students in my class said they had failed courses, but were allowed to continue the program. Most of them had no idea what they were doing. Some didn't even know how to operate a computer, and were on their way to earning a "degree" in computer networking.

*Our financial aid department would routinely storm into classrooms and demand that we immediately sign loan documents because "they were due by the end of the day." This was an extremely shady practice and few students gave it any thought.

*When I went to the school's "dean" to tell her the networking program was not up to par and lacked any form of challenge whatsoever, she was visibly terrified and called in our program chair (he was there that day!) to assist. He gave me a run-around about how in the real world, things often don't go as planned, which was completely immaterial to the issues I presented.

*Overall, when the school's integrity was questioned, the answer we were given was "you get out of it what you put in." And while that's a mantra I truly believe in, it was sorely misplaced in regards to ITT. You can put in all you want, but you'll get nothing back in return.

My advice to prospective ITT students: if you can't attend a full-fledged college or university, at least go to your local community college. It's significantly less expensive than ITT, the schedule is usually just as flexible, and, despite the education level not being the greatest, you'll still learn far more than what ITT has to offer as well as credits that can transfer to a major college or university down the line.
Canton, Michigan location.

the actual Criminal justice teachers that worked the actual feild gave the best education. but the general added classes such as math, writting, ect. ect sucked.

my math skills really sucked after being out of school for almost 20 years no clue yet passed still not knowing the sqaure root of pi lol.

LIED about the job placement the jobs they claimed I will be able to get I missed the cut off mark due to age and the requierments of the placement program ( they use monster and other job search engines so save your time ). found a no experience or degree needed as security yay.

was turned over to collections after my 1st week 1 class, 3 total for the entire 11 weeks cause the dean somehow lost my letter to leave. and it was funds given that they had to give back so why am I responsible to repay??
When I chose to attend ITT Tech they really convinced me that employers in the field would be very responsive. ITT will sell you a huge bill of goods about their career services program and how they will be proactive in finding you a solid career job.

I finished my degree with them in Dec of 2012 and to this date I have yet to ever receive one call or email from any employer requesting an interview based on word from ITT. I have had numerous interviews and have worked a few short contract positions, but any and all interviews and jobs I landed I managed to get on my own.

When I approached ITT's career services dept requesting help they treated me with nothing but condescension. It was all my fault and I wasn't doing enough to get contacts and so forth...Fact is, their degree isn't really worth the paper it's written on. I told them that when I land that career position they sold me on I would begin paying back, but until then, services still haven't been rendered as far as I'm concerned.
Strat. for the technical professional class is literally the most dumb, pointless, lifeless class i've ever taken in my life. I'd rather repeat pre-k while getting my teeth pulled.
ITT ruined my credit now I can't help my son go to collage, Please HELP
Military Veterans scammed by ITT Tech need to come forward.
This informtion isfrom Carrie Wofford of Veterans Education Success.

1. Vets can file with VA:

2. Service members with DOD

3. All students who were deceived should file with US Federal Trade Commission:

4. Finally, many state AGs are great.
I attend Classes in Cleveland Ohio, I am 5 courses from graduating.

This has been the worse experience ever. I was told that the credits would transfer, so i went to Cleveland State and the Admissions officer literally laughed when i told her about my credits from ITT. All my Community College credits would be accepted but my ITT credits.

I was mislead about my financial aid. The Instructors changed each quarter and i never learned any thing accept in accounting, most of the courses gave you the answers and the curriculum wasn't challenging.

I feel bambozled.

March 2015

Nursing program completely unorganized. The staff is constantly changing. Lectures are read straight from power points and equipment in lab is not properly working.

I would never suggest this school, even to my worse enemy.

Orland park, IL
I live in Sacramento, California.

I attend the ITT Tech campus in RanchoCordova.

This crappy ****ing school robbed me of an entire quarter and a program. I was signed up for the NSA program under the guise that I would be able to learn all kinds of programming languages.

My bad for not researching this, but I was promised that there would be tons of programming in IT. After finding out that IT is just a corporate cubicle baby sitter.

I switched to the Electronics program. After having me sign the wrong paperwork, I was then enrolled into the wrong classes. It took almost the ENTIRE quarter for them to put me into the right classes.

I was instructed to request the instructors in the correct classes to email the program chair and let them know I was present in class. After about 4 weeks one instructor decided to tell me, "As far as I'm concerned, you have been dropped from this class. So you are wasting the classes, mine and your own time by even showing up."

So, after being withdrawn from the classes. I started the next quarter. To my surprise, I received a phone call from the Dean letting me know that my pass-to-fail ratio had fallen below a certain level and was being kicked out of the electronics program. So, now I was ineligible for the IT and ET programs. As well as the money for half of the second round of ET classes that I sat in.
I went to ITT-Tech in Lexington, KY.

I graduated with an AA degree in June 2013. What a worthless degree this is.

When I go on job interviews they are impressed that the degree is listed, but when they ask me technology questions, I cannot answer them. Not because I did not do well at ITT-Tech, but I was not taught any of the things they were asking me.

Secondly, I have learned more from Google on how to fix computers than I ever did at ITT-Tech.

Third, as far as getting employed and the job placement office at ITT-Tech, what a joke!! The only interviews they ever set up are for when they get lucky enough for people to come to the school. Or, they will send you to interviews for companies that are only hiring temporary and promise great technical jobs, when the jobs they send you for are even below best buy employees.
I was a student at the Getzville N.Y. campus from 2009-2011.

Everything that you read in any of the comments here are completely plausible, and I experienced quite a few of the stories cited for myself.

I was told what the tuition cost when I went to talk to the recruiter (salesman), but was assured when I graduated, they'd get me a job that would offset the student loan payments and to expect $35-$40k easily when I walked out the door upon graduation.

They seemed to rush through the fianancial aid papers like most say they do as well and it seemed to be their #1 priority.

wHile enrolled, I never thought I was getting a quality eduacation the whole time. I felt the instructors floated many people along (some students never came to class and were always there the next semester), there was even one class I had where a student literally came to class and slept the whole time sitting straight up in his chair and snored to the point you couldn't concentrate on the lesson, the worse part about it is the instructor never kicked him out!

In short, when I graduated, the school never helped get me a job, I did all my own recruiting and could never find a job for more than $12/hr, no benefits.

I owed the school tuition that was not covered by fiancial aid to the tune of $9k, and they told me I could just pay the school after graduating. I never received a payment book or anything to know what I owed in total or anything saying how to make the payments, I did get a call from a collections agency whom I had to battle with for about a month to get it out of collections and making payments to the school.

Since the lawsuit from the government has started, the school will no longer accept my payments to them and will not retutrn my calls so I'm thinking they may be refunding student after the lawsuit is over, just my thoughts though...

From Web Master:
Unfortunately it is highly unlikely that any payments will be returned to students after any lawsuit, except legal action filed directly by one or more students, as in a class-action suit.

February 2015

Instructor at ITT-Tech in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The Dean, the Assistant Dean, the Director, and most of the staff have been pretty good, but the problem is more systemic than that. I teach Software Development, a new course that has been rolled out in phases. It will almost certainly be cancelled like many other former ITT courses, (graphic design, paralegal, game development, etc.) The fact that so many former courses were cancelled should be a red flag to students.

Before the actual courses even began, I was part of a conference call where I reviewed the entire curriculum (for free, naturally, no one was going to pay me for this service), and I expressed severe reservations about it. I've been a developer for several years and worked at most of the major companies, and the curriculum wouldn't have made someone intern-level proficient.

Here's the cream topping on that. After voicing my complaints, the people on the other end said, "Well, that's fascinating, but have you filled out the official adjustment form on the website?" I said, "Aren't you the people in charge? Why do I need to fill out a form when we've just had a one hour call about this? And what official adjustment form?" I looked at the Dean and the Director, but they just gave me back puzzled looks.

I said, "Sir, there is no official form that anyone knows of, where is the URL on the website?" We then heard the phone get put down and heard, "BOB! Hey Bob, where's the official adjustment form? Oh, it's not up yet? Okay." Then he gets back on and says, "Hey, we'll get the official adjustment form online and then submit your criticism okay?" There is still no official adjustment form.

After that, when I started teaching, the courses were a shotgun splatter of random developer courses that switched programming languages frequently, covered them superficially, and featured several "theoretical" classes that taught nothing. The courseware was a USB drive that loaded a virtual machine. It ran so slowly, and crashed so frequently, many students couldn't even start it. They have now switched to giving out laptops the students affectionately call "craptops" that are full of bloatware and can't run because of the problem of Windows 8 and the ten malwares they install on it keeping CPU usage at 90+%.

The books were "Frankenbooks", stitched pieces from several different books so that they formed an incoherent mess. Lessons would refer to non-existent pages, (which, because it was stitched together, referred to the wrong pages anyway, and there was no change to make it match), or assume that things which weren't even in the Frankenbook had already been covered. Many of the books were badly outdated or were written by people who clearly haven't programmed before. The worst offender in that category is the JavaScript course, (technically HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript), written by a crackpot lady (Rachelle Reese, here: whose only programming skills seem to be Visual Basic in 2001.

Her book and labs do not work as written, and the code is appalling. If you showed that to any developer, they'd laugh at you. When I asked why they couldn't find a decent writer, it's because they pay tutoring pay for subject matter experts. Yep, Subject Matter Experts at ITT make a whopping $15 an hour to create courseware. That probably explains some of the problems with the labs and materials.

We had a group come in looking for interns, and even said they would train the students up. They left without hiring a single one because "None of them were even remotely prepared." A 48K degree that won't even get you an internship spot.

Most of the other instructors with few exceptions have no programming skills whatsoever, instructors quit or leave mid-course, the students come in with no computer literacy skills and no motivation, the instructors they've had prior are so bad that the students only come for their 1 in 3 to stay enrolled, and the courseware doesn't work or is completely broken.

Oh, the internet. The internet is so slow that we can't even watch youtube videos at 240p. Which means I teach web development classes where we can't connect to the web.

I only stay because every so often, I get students that I manage to find internships for, I teach them about our Parish library having resources like Teamtreehouse, Lynda, and Safari books online, and teach them about udemy, udacity, Saylor, edx, coursera, stanford online, and other free and paid resources. A small few actually learn from that and do that instead of bothering with ITT. And I live for those small victories because at least a few students learn from me.
ESI is in monumental trouble. Their path is eerily similar to Corinthian Colleges and Education Management Corporation. Look at the news from 2014-2015:

CEO Modany resigns (effective this month).
PWC quits its $6 million auditing deal (effective January 1, 2015).
Deloitte replaces PWC.

Board member Jerry Cohen (on the audit committee) is a former executive at Deloitte and worked there 40 years.

Still facing criminal charges with CFPB in Indianapolis US District Court (although Judge is business friendly).

Blum Capital Partners slowly divesting. Late on yet another quarterly report.

No full annual report posted since 2013.

From Web Master
ESI is the stock symbol for ITT-Tech (Educational Services Inc.)

In February of 2014 year their stock price was: $45.80.
This month, February 2015, it is $8.26.

I have not been an ITT student, but I taught a student who was deceived by an ITT recruiter. Like many injured consumers, the student didn't know where to turn, and assumed he would have to pay for the classes he took, even though he said he had been deceived.

This student told me that a recruiter told him that all of his credits would transfer to other schools. When he found out this was a lie, he told fellow ITT students, and was given a deal to leave (along with a future letter of recommendation).

I have made an effort to educate more people with my many entries on Wikipedia.

I encourage students (and their families) who did get ripped off to call and write to the CFPB:

Dahn Shaulis,@USinjustice
I attended the online Associates' degree program from 2011-2013, based in Carmel, IN.

I had no real complaints about the curriculum, and was happy to finish with my Associates. The real problems began shortly after completing the program. I was NOT contacted regarding paying my Private Loans, or 'Temporary Credit', as ITT would refer to it. I made several attempts to contact the Financial Aid Coordinator, and was told "You will get something mailed to you", yet after several more attempts, I was referred to Ms. Suzanne Hartell, Financial Aid Coordinator. I agreed to terms of $156.00 per month, and was obliged...until the first payment notice was mailed to me, in the form of a bill for $400.00.

I made several more attempts to contact Ms. Hartell, regarding the bill due, as I could not afford to pay that amount, considering the fact that I was already paying my Federal Loans, (which were a breeze to pay in my experience), and that was NOT what I agreed to. Keep in mind, I still have the signed payment agreement from Ms. Hartell, for the amount of $156.00 per month.

ITT would not allow me to work out a lower payment, and they stated that I needed to pay that amount, regardless of the fact that I could not afford to.

ITT immediately sent my account to collections, to a self-stated "Loan Servicer", by the name of FirstSource Advantage, LLC. Now I cannot even have my official transcripts sent to an employer, so that I could pay the remainder of the 'Temporary Credit' from ITT, which they 'screwed' me into anyway!

The so-called 'Loan Servicer' can't force ITT to release my official transcripts and diploma, and I seriously doubt that the Federal Loans could be refunded to me, seeing that I cannot even use the education that I finished and obtained to gain employment, so that I can pay the remainder of ITT's 'Temporary Credit'. Keep in mind, I DO pay my debts, as I am in good standing with FAFSA, and Great, regarding my Federal student loans!

This debacle is solely on ITT.

They need to be shut-down for good, and they should be required by law to refund any and all 'Temporary Credit' balances received back to their students past and present. This is extortion, and would be illegal if it were any of us!

Unfortunately, no bank that does 'Debt Consolidation' on student loans will help me, as this is now in default, (because ITT forced me into default), and most only will help with Federal Loans, because they are held to a certain legal standard.

I cannot get a private loan to pay the balance just to have my transcripts release, as I cannot get a job to pay enough, and this whole ordeal has damaged my credit.

The Government offers no assistance in this field, so institutes like ITT have figured out, and mastered this process of embezzlement and extortion.

My only recourse would be to contact an attorney, as I do have all of my original documents, but that costs money, which I don't have.

This is absolutely a travesty of justice, and I do not yet have an understanding of how this is allowed to happen.
I have looking for a lawsuit or trying to find out how to go about my issues with ITT tech.

I went to ITT tech in Oklahoma City from 2008-2010.

I graduated with my associates in the Drafting and Design course. The first thing that bothered me while I was there was my discipline teacher of the CAD program. He was a drunk that was fired numerous times for drinking on the job and rehired shortly after. He did not teach the class what we needed to know, we relied on each other for help.

I continued to push through and graduate though. Before my graduation the added another class to the course requiring me to pay for yet another quarter before I could graduate. When I confronted them they basically told me they were a private school and could do what they wanted.

When I graduated I was told I would have a job waiting in my field which was a lie. I ended up moving back to Amarillo where I went back to work hanging steel. My land lord at the time was needing a drafter and had talked to me about a position, so I took it. When I started working for him ITT tech started calling me and asking about where I worked and everything, then emailed me papers to sign and have my employer sign as an ?evaluation?. Later I found out that the Career Services department was taking credit for me working in the drafting field as though they had gotten the job for me.

I started working at my current job in 2012 in the drafting field. I was talking to the fellow drafters about their degrees and where they got them. Most went to the local college and acquired the SAME degree I have for LESS than $5,000??..My degree has cost me over $50,000. I am furious about this.

I even talked to some of our engineers here that went to West Texas A&M and graduated with their BACHELORS in engineering and paid LESS than $27,000 for everything.

It is very frustrating to know that ITT Tech is more concerned about money from their students then their students. Basically what I see from them is Misleading their students, Falsifying documents to receive commission, False advertisement, and not being able to transfer credits without starting from scratch.

This school is profiting from peoples lack of knowledge on the school. When they called me last I started asking them for all my information and documents from when I went. When I really started asking questions the lady ask me why I was asking for information like I was. I told her I wanted to get everything together for a lawsuit I seen pending against ITT Tech. After I told her this she refused to provide me with the information, said I needed to contact Houston?s office. When I called them they told me I needed to contact Oklahoma City again. I was pasted back and forth and still have not received the information and documents I asked for.

Is there anything I can do to join an active lawsuit against this school?

From Web Master:
You can search to see if there's a class-action law suit to join but I sure don't know of any.
And with the government's claim, all other actions may be put on hold. I'm not a lawyer so don't quote me.

January 2015

I taught English Composition at an ITT Tech campus in Wichita, KS, in 2010.

The only requirement for a student to pass was that he or she actually show up for class most of the time.
I attended ITT Tech Getzville from 2003 to 2005.

The whole situation was messed up from day 1.

I had to take a $100 standardized test to get in, which was easily passed by anyone with half a brain. The recruiter actually changed my major from web design to computer network systems without my consent and then when I complained they said it was too late to change it back. I should have just withdrawn at that point.

My education was 1/3 great and 2/3 what the hell.

Most of the teachers weren't even qualified to teach what they were teaching. Also, the curriculum changed one quarter after I started and I still had to take out of date classes. The teachers that were good were very good and we had a few top level network managers and an honest to goodness hacker who taught us some cool tricks to catch criminal behavior and how to annoy people using only Visual Basic.

In the end though everyone knew they were going to pass. It was very telling that the valedictorian didn't even show for graduation and the ceremony itself was pretty prententious considering that it was for a crappy forprofit diploma mill. I have never received my degree and at this point I don't want it.

Now I'm going back to school and I need my transcripts. I applied to another school in 2013 and an ITT Tech representative said that as long as I didn't owe the school money I was all clear. A call to financial confirmed that I do not owe them money. The transcripts never made it to the college I applied to and so I settled to for finishing up at a local community college that I attended before transferring to ITT Tech. Later today I am going in person to see if I can obtain a copy of my transcripts in my hand because registration is a week away and I need to turn in a tom of other forms before then.

I'm 31, lost two years of my life to ITT Tech, and only have a useless associates degree(which I have no proof of having) to show for it.
Former academic school chair.

Two phrases summarize one's teaching experience at ITT:

1. Student Success Rates:
an instructor's percentage in their course(s) of students receiving a passing grade.
If your SSR % numbers are too low, you find yourself written up (or in some cases, encouraged my academic management to inflate grades). Highly unethical!

Students passing keep Title IV financial aid dollars coming in, so best to pass'em all and keep the money flowing (note the sarcasm in that last statement).

Student Engagement Rates:
an instructor's percentage in their course(s) of students attending class.
ITT doesn't require an admissions entry test, so to say they scrape the barrel on some students the bring in who are Title IV funding-eligible is an understatement. Getting some students (who care nothing about class, only squandering a financial aid stipend check until the well runs dry) is impossible, regardless of outreach attempts (i.e. calling and emailing absent students to "encourage" them to come to class), yet if students don't attend the instructor's SER % numbers suffer and the instructor is held responsible.

Again, highly unethical!

This school is being sued by the U. S. Consumer Financial Protection Board, for predatory lending practices among other things, and have been the focus of criminal investigation by the U. S. Dept of Ed's Inspector General. It's corporate culture is toxic, and a den of thieves. I worked with a few good people there (mostly adjuncts who taught part-time), but overall this is a company I would never recommend anyone with integrity or ethics affiliate themselves with.









From Web Master:
We are unable to validate these claims but did find this person, as identified by the link on his name.