December 2014

I pulled a few quotes from various lawsuits and other sources about ESI.

From Web Master:
ESI is the stock symbol for ITT

This is who they really are: Halassa speaks ESI’s abhorrent behavior on page 3: Halassa observed ITT staff alter and destroy files required to be maintained by state and federal law to maintain ITT’s status as an accredited institution and ability to participate in federally subsidized student aid programs.

ESI: …quickly touching on grants and scholarships. Pell Grants, we've seen increases there over the couple of years, not only in the amounts, but also in the eligibility percentages because of some changes in the calculation criteria. So that's been a very positive thing for us, increased levels of Pell Grants for our students. And that probably hasn't completely played itself out, so you'll likely see some incremental increases there versus the numbers we disclosed in our 10-K that we just filed. --Mgmt conference 2/22/10

Teachers at ITT Tech must reach a quota of student attendance AND pass a certain number of students in each class to keep teaching the class.


Laveski: The FAFSAs submitted are false because they contained a Federal school code for ITT that was a representation that ITT was an eligible institution, which it was not because it knowingly violated the enrollment and financial aid incentive prohibition discussed infra. The FAFSAs submitted also misrepresented that the student is eligible for Pell and FSEO grant proceeds in that he was an eligible borrower, which he was not because ITT was not an eligible institution. ITT caused the student to present the FAFSA to an employee of the DOEd for Pell and FSEO grant funds. The amount ITT awarded the student on a Pell grant was based upon the information received from the Central Processing System in an Institutional Student Information Records (ISIR) that was created based on the information contained in the FAFSA. ITT then credited the amount of Pell grants authorized by the ISIR based upon the student’s EFC, and presented a disbursement record to the DOEd for each ITT student. ITT then submitted requests to employees of the DOEd for funds to replenish its Pell and FSEO grant accounts. These requests all were false because they represented that ITT was an eligible institution and was in compliance with FFELP laws and regulations.

1:10-cv-08323 Southern District of NY,Azar:

9. On or about March 28, 2006, Plaintiff applied to attend ITT Tech, an assumed name for, INC., ITT EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, INC.

10. On or about March 28, 2006, Plaintiff filled out a FASFA application for financial aid, specifically stating, in writing, that she would be applying for no loans, only grants.

11. On or about March 28, 2006, ITT EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, INC represented to the Plaintiff that it would assist her in applying only for grants and not for loans and that those grants, if she received them, would be applied to her tuition charges.

15. Plaintiff took minimal credit hours after her second semester but dropped those courses and informed ITT EDUCATIONALSERVICES, INC that she would no longer be attending that institution.

16. After 2008, Plaintiff discovered that ITT EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, INC had taken out, fifteen or more loans in Plaintiff’s name identified as Account Nos.(“the fraudulent loans.”).

17. Plaintiff never applied for the fraudulent loans.

Case #1:10-cv-08323-VM, Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York

Well after the Army i went to ITT tech i have had 0 problems, on most of these people are complaining about dumb things like lack of a diploma and it costing you a job

1. you going to school to get the diploma

2. you not going to get a job that's worth anything with 0 job experience in the filed you are studying in which if any of you who went to itt would know if you have 0 on the job training you probably need to volunteer time to get that added to your paper.

And itt tech is not a job placement agency they say they will help you they get your foot in the door for the interview what else could you want them to do tell the employer to give you the job because they said so ???

if you dont get the job at that point its your own damn fault.

2. your experience learning something is going to be a lot different to someone else if you been out of school for 10 years or so and you expect to come back and have no problems your wrong most of the people have no problems with itt tech those small percent "you whiners".

You are judging the work of individuals and the good teachers know now to use the course materials because they are outdated and the instructors who actually care do something about it.

don't judge an entire business because of individuals and material issues which you can go around and self learn yourself if you think its that bad.

From Web Master:

This individual is probably not aware of the government investigation or their legal claim filed against ITT-Tech.

I encourage folks to click on the red Gov Report button to the left and just read the highlighted portions for a quick summary: including ITT's misleading and deceptive tactics.

November 2014

First of all, thank you so much for creating this website... If I had known this existed before I enrolled in ITT it would have saved me so much time...

I graduated from the Owings Mill campus in MD in 2009. It's 2014 and I'm stuck getting paid minimum wage at a fast food restaurant because ITT did nothing for me while I owe over 70k in debt after I graduated. I want to detail my experience at ITT so here we go...

I was 21 years old when I decided that getting a degree in business administration would greatly help my future life and my children.

I lived in Baltimore so I chose the Owings Mill campus because of its location. I applied and got accepted quickly after I signed the documents for financial aid and loans. At that time I was really excited for my education, but here my troubles started...

During my first semester I took basic courses like economics, accounting, business management, and calculus. None of my teachers knew anything about the courses they were teaching. For example, the economics "professor" just read from an outdated textbook and didn't even know how to draw the supply and demand graphs.

The calculus teacher taught only algebra (did he think algebra was calculus? ). The accounting teacher actually knew something about the subject but I hated him so much. On the first day of class, after class he told me if I slept with him he would give me an A+... he started touching me after other students left the class and I was like wtf but didn't want to slap him or anything because he might fail me. I told the student counselor about this incident but he said it was because of my dress that provoked him... I couldn't deal with this so I dropped this course after the first day of class, hoping to take it again when someone else taught. Guess what? I was billed for the full amount of the course even though I only attended the first day.

The semester went by quickly because I worked part-time for a friend and barely had any work for my ITT courses. There were no final exams for all but one of my classes. Instead, I was assigned projects that I can research anything about and get an A+. I really tried to do my best on this project since I didn't learn anything in class. There were some students who came to class on the deadline day of the project and handed in a handwritten piece of paper with a single paragraph that looked like they did the project five minutes before class. I must have spent over 15 hours researching my topic (deferred taxes) and writing the final paper which was six pages with over ten pages of exhibits and appendices. I got a 95% with no comments or anything, as if the teacher didn't even flip to the second page or read my paper at all. I saw some other people who did minimal work like I described get 93s and 94s. It doesn't look like anyone got under a 90%, even the people who wrote a single paragraph.

At this point I don't feel like describing my experiences for the next three years... But basically it's been little or no work during my time at ITT while getting a 4.0, which I'm sure nearly everyone else received. When I applied to jobs, I got no responses at all. When I called back to ask why I was rejected, employers listed my graduating from ITT as the primary reason for not getting an interview. It would have been better to not have a degree than attend ITT.

My name is Tanya Smith. I was enrolled at the Green Bay, WI campus during 2006-2010.

ITT's practices need to be haulted. I filed suit as well against ITT Tech in 2013 in the Indiana, IN Federal court, case is still pending.

Plase feel free to read my case compliant files, they are alarming that they are similar to the Feds compliants that they filed in 2014. My case number (1:13-cv-00441-RLY-DML), case can be pulled up on line publicly using the case number.

I am also fowlling the proceedings for the CFPB filing suite( case 1:14-cv-292-SEB-TAB) on 2/26 against ITT Tech as well.

I agree completely with CFPBs complaints as mine were similar to the experiences I had at the duration of my enrollment and after with ITT Tech. I also agreee with the CFPBs resolution they are seeking against ITT Tech.

ITT Tech has negitivially and financially impacted many people, the economy and our education system.

I was a student of ITT Tech on the Seattle campus during the 1980s getting a degree in Business Applications and Information Systems.

We were learning how to program IBM System/34 and 36 computers that would become obsolete when I received my degree in 1988 as AS/400s were replacing many IBM mid range computer models. We did have the first IBM PC computer lab in Seattle but it was about 50/50 if the instructor knew how to use them.

I was fortunate to have a Pell Grant that covered most of my tuition at the time and I did receive a job from Pitney Bowes who does employ many ITT grads in the electronics program to work in customer service and tech support jobs but I knew I was an exception to the rules.

After I was laid off and tried to find another job, that degree was a red flag on my resume. I relocated to Oregon and ended up getting two associated degrees in computer science and business administration from a traditional community college while getting a minor from business and entrepreneurship from Oregon State University. I'm completing my degree in business administration this year. As everyone knows by now, none of those ITT credits were transferable (even though I took several college and business classes that were no different than what ITT taught).

One problem with computer science classes back then was that the University of Washington Computer Science program was a joke. Microsoft didn't hire anyone that went there. I knew that because I was working for the company in 1984 that did their recruiting. Many U of W students took classes at ITT to learn something about computers since we had IBM PCs, we were trained by former Safeco employees on how to program in COBOL and RPG/II (Report Program Generator used to create a database environment). It wasn't until Bill Gates and Paul Allen sunk money into the programs at UW and WSU that things changed and by then ITT dropped the program helping community colleges in the area such as Shoreline and Highline setup similar programs since they already had data processing programs in place but needed to be retooled for business applications.

I knew the grades weren't transferable at the time and I wouldn't be surprised if the federal government looked the other way in what they were doing because they were a defense contractor. I even sold their computers in 1985 before they were out of the marketplace.

My ITT experience was that the school may lie to you but, I am doing my research online please tell me if you agree.

From Web Master:
I think all the reviews on this web site would agree with you.

I believe this web site demands to be looked at and respected.

These people affected play a big part in the future Workforce of the united states.

My name is Mike D, I have attended this institution for two and a half years. I attended Lathrop California ITT Technical Institute studying Computer and Electronic engineering.

At the time I was struggling to find a career after being let go from and IT job. Working at a warehouse, I wanted to change my life and go back to school.

I talked to the so called "consular", she made me take a quick aptitude test of eligibility. Which I totally thought I bombed but completely did well. Apparently the test was for the school courses I would be taking for the next two years.

Then I met with the financial aid department and only saw them if I was going to sign up period (no turning back now). They would let me see how much it would cost. They backed it up by their claims of very possible employment after graduating, salary generated, percentage of graduate success and all. Only in the selected field that you wanted to study and only that field.

I had to sign into FASFA for the loans in their computer system. Went through the application on their computer system in an enclosed office. Every section was 1 on 1, step by step guided by the finical aid department. Everything digitally signed and was not thoroughly explained.

I had to pay extra for a amateurs engineering kit which had the a pack of resistors, small premade projects, a grid and the cheapest soldiering iron, that the total cost was almost 1 grand. All in all I knew how much this was going to cost before coming in through a friend. Anything for a good career right?... , 50,000 dollars approved.....

Later in the month, I had orientation and classes started. I'm on my way to becoming a awesome technician.

Some of the first classes were not, I guess classes. I mean I had a class in Microsoft Programs such as word and PowerPoint. No real emphasis on advanced Excel knowledge just more of the basic Microsoft home programs.

Some instructors were really good at the subject and some were just rejects of their field. Using youtube and google as in school instruction. Some classes were added to the schedule as you have to pass it to progress to your next semesters classes. In these classes a 12 year old could search the internet and write a paper two page paper. I believe it was called Strategies for the Professional. Freaking 5 grand for that class.

I was a 4.0 average in the first round of classes. Then I lost concentration and dropped out. Mainly because of the debt I was accruing. Also the lack of instruction and equipment.

Half the time in class we would just give up on Labs (bookwork) because we didn't have the correct component to get the book related results?!?! Automatic A for effort. Good for me now, bad in the future.

In the first semester or whatever, I accumulated sixteen thousand dollars. Seeing that made me run. So, I was now 16000 in federal and private loan debt. Private loans being the highest amount without a degree.

Few months passed reading about ITT tech and its lawsuits and terrible compliments on the internet. I was struggling still and now more in debt. I figure the best thing to do is go back get the degree and hope for the best. In that I mean obtaining some type of job in the Associate of science degree field so I can pay my debt.

I went back and finished in 2013. I was so happy I invited my family. I did it on my own. I was the first to go to college and actually graduate in my immediate family. Little did I know financially ITT technical institute of technology as a whole has been taking from the students and not giving back.

No jobs or better ability to teach students in the field that there pre-suing but taking it as all profit.

Once I graduated ITT tech had lost its social status even as a school. Now my accreditation is a stake. Even more, bashed everywhere you search the name.

No one wants to hire me in my field as a electrical engineer representing the ITT Technical institute brand as my education background.

I feel like a dumb ass for even signing up to this SCAM school. ,Anyway Thanks for reading.

If there are any electrical engineering firms out there looking for an intern please feel free to contact me.

From Web Master:
This was an exceptionally long post. I had to edit for space but I think I left the heart of it in tact.

October 2014

I just searched the BBB for ITT Tech ...very disgusted about what I found. Fraud school ...pure fraud:

I'm also including a cut and paste of a review of ITT Tech that I had made earlier on another website:

After graduating from ITT Tech with a BSEECT and a 3.99 GPA, I sent out a mass of applications to positions well within my skill and experience level for three months and didn't receive even one response from an employer.

From the information I gathered, ITT has such a heinous reputation for being a degree mill that employers regularly use the name of the school to pre-emptively weed out unqualified applicants in the Applicant Tracking System.

The advice that I received and finally used was to leave the degree on my resume, but expunge the name of the school. With this action, I immediately started getting interviews, but so far, as soon as the topic comes up about 'which' school I had attended, the interviews are soon after terminated.

September 2014

Nice website wish I had seen it much sooner.

My exp in 1 sentence: 2 yrs 3.8 GPA, $60,000+ in loans + Fees + interest = No Degree. Full Story..

I joined ITT shortly after highschool in 2007.
I knew what I wanted to go to school for but I didnt know where to go. I wanted to learn 3D modeling and game design. ITT was one of the few schools offering a BA focused around the field. Even better they are all over the place!

Not knowing much about the cost besides "its expensive." from my parents. And "It's expensive but you get what you pay for and you want a good education. Besides afterwards you will find a high paying job or the loan collectors will work with you.".

So going in I make it clear money is a concern.. I make it clear I want to go for a BA in game design.

They tell me fed. loans through sallie mae will cover my expenses.

So I sign up for an associates in Multimedia in Grand Rapid, MI. Intending to go the full 4 years for the game design.

The school is a pretty small campus packed with tech students at orientation. Classes can very in size but normally 5-40 students. Teachers know how and style varied quite a bit. While most design instructors were pretty aloof with by the book tuts and help in most cases if you have a question. The code and fundamental teachers worked the students pretty hard. Besides math the homework and total workload wasn't overburdening even with a full time job. It was obviously easy to get in.

Grades were 4.0-3.8 the first year. very easy art and design classes mixed with math which i excelled in some vis basic dragged me down some in my 2nd semester.

Anyway the actual learning experience wasn't that bad, it was a good environment. So when some students would bring up issues like teacher not being knowledgeable enough and rises in tuition cost I was content in riding it out and getting my dream job.

Unfortunately after my first year my living situation in GR had gone sour and I was looking to make a fresh start in MO. Transferring to the Earth city ITT tech I lost a semester's worth of credits because they no longer offered the Multimedia program I was taking in MI that was outdated including coding classes now replaced with Visual communications.

After my first Semester at Earth City I needed to review my financial aid, tuition cost rising and the fact I needed another semester of credits to finish my associates I no longer qualified for enough fed. loans to cover the cost of school. The solution was taking out two $10,000 parent loan, (basically both of my parents take out a loan to help pay off my school). They apparently agree to this, my mom paying for the first semester. Then my dad the second.

Finishing the second semester and my second year there I need to speak with financial aid once again. Apparently I still don't have enough funds to cover the extra semester and graduate. On top of this my dad refused to pay his $10,000 loan which was immediately sold to a private collector under my name and constantly threatened my credit until a deal was made. So I was kicked out after 2 years with no degree at all and a strong recommendation of searching for a private lender.

Whether or not they foresaw some of this coming and outright lied to me from the start or not I definitely felt pressured and rushed by this company, I mean school to attend. So my biggest complaint is how shady the recruitment services are and the consistently rising tuition cost. It is a good environment and there are tools to learn from. Whether or not they have competitive resources is somewhat unclear, I would lean towards lower end. Credits they were somewhat clear on with me saying they transferred to some collages and that if you intended to transfer to check. Both seemed to go though at least one test for accreditation while I was attending.

Researching more into game design I learned that while school can be a good environment to learn whats going to land you a job in the character or model design field is a portfolio not a degree so I haven't gone back. So I would say I enjoyed my experience and learning everything I could while I was there. But it didn't get me a job and now it feels needed more than ever before with all this debt from school.

Dec 2012, I attended the Nursing dept by ITT Tech Tampa, FL where they signed my financial aid documents electronically. The Tampa Program Chair, Lane stated NCLEX pass rates, were a 100%, The school is now on probation from the BON for failing to meet minimum success (1 yr later.) Noting grade inflation, permitted cheating during exams, FERPA violations and bullying with no response Director Gunning or Dean Smolen.

In July 2014, I returned after completing several classes at a competitor with an impeccable record.

I reentered the St. Petersburg ITT which had a better record: St Pete Program Chair, 2 registrars and Campus Director Raschi accepted prior nursing classes would transfer & could complete a degree in 3 terms. ITT then decided to close St. Pete and transfer students to the Tampa Campus. In this only case, ITT HQ overrode the St Pete campus decision of 3 months earlier.

Lisa Burr and TAMPA directors sought approval to rescind the decision made by the ST. PETERSBURG campus. I was then informed upon forced transfer to TAMPA campus that all previously accepted credits were denied, 12 weeks and $6,500 later. I would be required to retake the classes, after 5 extra courses previously accepted by the college.

Accredited by BON and DOE/CIE. ITT has an institutional accreditation with ACICS; but, neither has program accreditation or NLN. Other students have transferred credits from similar schools.

With dozens of students' transfer credits evaluated using the same method and for-profit education continually being based in the media, why did I stand out?

One fact: retribution,I blew the whistle on ITT Tampa's financial aid practices, cheating, dishonesty about the program success rate, and lax instructor practices to including grade inflation in letters to the ITT HQ and ACICS.

Request for documentation regarding this decision and paperwork in file was declined by Campus Director in meeting and upon email Sept 2014.

Then, after I was "removed" from Tampa campus the Tampa campus and corporate-pulled down thousands in my F.A.

Additional email proof obtained noting ITT decision to deny transcripts 3 months after accepting this students financial aid and student passing a terms worth of courses, based upon student's earlier whistle-blowing is available upon request.

Looking for any lawsuit or recommendations that may apply due to location and timeline.

I walk the stage on Sept. 25th 2014.

I have not learned anything challenging as the classes were not what I expected, as in I thought I would have hands on training as the commercials state.

I haven't acquired a job since I've been there (since 2012), except a work study program that ended abruptly and I wasn't even notified about it, I had to hear it through the grapevine and investigate on my own.

It's just a big mess.

my name is Brandon. I attended ITT Tech in Owings mills md from 2009-2012.

I did not even graduate from there due to there absolute poor teaching and horrible resources.

I had several teachers that had no idea what they were even teaching some were so rude they even gave students the fingers with the DEAN in our classroom.

I am in over $25000+ some Debt from the school and I did not even graduate and when I dropped out the school actually kept charging me money as if I was going!!!! I did not even go to school all of 2012 and the school charged me for 2 ENTIRE semesters.

I have no idea what to do I have loan collectors calling me nonstop over and over wanting over $1000 a month payments when I barely make $500 a week at my job let alone have to pay a ton of other bills.

please help me figure out what I have to do I have read that there is several class action lawsuits against ITT TECH. I know for a fact I was taken advantage of they made there school look so good to me my dream was to become a computer technician and to open my own PC repair business, now I have barely enough money to eat at the end of the week due to how bad ITT is screwing me they are sending my credit to the bottom and I have no way to pay it back not even an education to prove from them!

August 2014

I am a former instructor at ITT Tech Webster, Texas campus.

I am no longer there because the new dean encourages/forces the instructors to make attendance and grade changes.

Attendance and grade changes are very important for financial aid charges, engagement numbers, retention and attrition. Without the change, the school would have less students and hence less money. so, she is forcing the instructors to make the changes.

I will just use her first name Tamara. The worst part is that Tamara is allowed to be untruthful and unethical because the director and her boss Leslie is as well. I know that several instructors, staff, and even another director reported what Tamara was doing to Leslie and Leslie simply turns a blind eye. She is uneducated and has no scruples.

It's sad because the programs could be great and could afford a lot of students a great education to obtain jobs; however, leadership is sub par.

I really with the Department of Education would look into this campus. It's doors need to shut if Leslie and Tamara continue to hold leadership positions.

I taught at ITT in Southern California from 2000-2003.

I nearly quit during the first quarter there, but have a strong Don Quixote complex, and stayed to agitate for change. Others, like Former Instructor at an ITT in Texas have said they were coerced into inflating grades.

I feel the need to clarify that. I was never *explicitly* told to inflate grades, or to falsify attendance reports. My job evaluation, however, was dependent on student "performance", and "retention".

The greatest teacher of all time could do no more to motivate some of the students I had. Poor preparation for college, combined with a strong sense of buyers remorse dealt me classrooms full of belligerent attitudes, and apathy toward studying.

Attendance reports I submitted were altered by administration.

I am a Current Employee at ITT Tech. I have read all of the comments from Staff & Students on this site. I would like to clarify a few things.

  1. Representatives are NOT Student Advisers. They are Student Representatives who give the student a tour of the school,explain the programs offered and help the student sign up to attend.
  2. All Faculty must have at least a Bachelor's Degree and most must have a Master's in their field to be able to teach a class.The Dean,All Dept.Directors,CSS,CRS,FACs,and even the Library Employees must have a College Degree. The only ITT employee that does not require a College degree is the receptionist who must have at least a High School diploma.
  3. The is a "3 in a row missed class rule" that states in the Student handbook that if you miss 3 classes in a row, you can be dropped from that class. Read the Handbook. It is on the Student Portal
  4. This is a Post Secondary Educational Institution (Not Grammar School or High School)You are expected to behave as adults and assume the RESPONSIBILITY of coming to class, Studying, and EARNING your grades.
  5. All Financial information is spelled out in your Financial packet YOU sign when completing your Financial Aid Appointment. Why would you sign something without fully reading and understanding it first?
  6. Some of us really Care about our students and try to help as much as we possibly can but as the Student, you must also give your 100%.
  7. Yes,it does state on all Commercials that "Credits may not be Transferable"
  8. Come fully prepared when you tour the facility. Ask questions. Do your Due-diligence, Get your answers before signing up. Would you buy a Car or a House site unseen?
  9. No, ITT does Not write their own Books. The books are published by Pearson Education,Elsevier,John Wiley & Sons,& Jones & Bartlett.

and my Final comment...
I am truly Sorry for the ones who had a bad experience. Not all ITT Campuses are bad. I am very Proud of the students who have passes through the doors of our Campus and have seen many success stories.

From Web Master:
This person did not state where they work and in what capacity.

  1. True, Representatives are not Advisers. Why would ITT want advisers any way?
  2. Just because a faculty member has a degree does not mean they are qualified to teach.
  3. Being dropped after missing 3 classes in a row is fine, unless there is no allowance for family/medical emergencies. That would be heartless.
  4. One of the big complaints posted on this site is the high grades handed out for little and/or poor effort on behalf of the student. The grades become meaningless.
  5. Many students are young or inexperienced in the world of financing and report not fully understanding what they are signing.
    Many also say the forms are filled out for them quickly.
  6. I find the most caring and helpful instructors are ones outside of the major: English, Math, etc... the basics. It is the core classes where students find the poor instructors.
  7. The notice in the commercials about transferability does not stand out. That should be made clear during the initial tour. Many report not being told their classes won't transfer at the time they enroll.
  8. That is why this site exists: for people wanting to research before considering ITT for an education.
    I am glad many have steered clear of ITT thanks to the warnings posted on this site.
  9. I'm not sure who wrote the books I used while attending ITT; the ones used in my core classes were full of errors and had poor grammar.
    It doesn't matter who produces the books. It was a poor selection, that was the problem.


Don't trust ITT Recruiters, I was told $6000 per year because of my disability, Should have read and not Trust!

This is a really great way to get the high school graduates to research on further education.

I had brain surgery for an aneourisym of the anterior comunications artery and was disable but after 5 years from the surgery I decided to further my education.

Well this Joe_Marine gave a low grade in one of the simplest classes that I had "Introduction to computers" that second year making my gpa not good enough for me.

Anyway I graduated.[...]

I worked at ITT from 2009 until last year when I could no longer stand to work for it.

The director I worked for at the last campus used to tell students blatantly incorrect statements about the Dept of Ed, their loans and degrees (a bachelors is a terminal degree . . .); the director did not know anything about academics and would just b.s.

The campus was full of cronyism. Everyone was afraid of the director.

Was told by that director to change documentation All the time: "Fix it." That director refused to pay for tutors ($15 hourly for adjuncts) when students were forced online for many of their classes because of massive layoffs (to save corporate $) and the director said the campus can't afford it.

That March there was a glitch in the online reporting software. Saw the campus had made $2 million--after laying off half the academic workforce and forcing students online who were not prepared.

That director got promoted to be a regional manager.

In the campus where I worked previously, the director was a sexual predator, had affairs going on with adjunct faculty and others, got people jobs in exchange and even though the activities were reported, the corporation did nothing until a lawsuit was filed. At that campus I was told to revise grades for a student--the dean who was his friend arranged for another academic administrator to give the student the final exam and then told me to change the grades. I refused and got into trouble.

Thought the problems were only at that campus. Was wrong. It's system wide.

Workloads were crazy; OSHA should go in there.

Deeply regret my professional time there.

I'm in Wisconsin, and finishing my online classes through Indiana.

I'm not able to find any banking institution that will lend me a private loan to repay the $$ that wasn't included in my fasfa or pell grants.

It's ridiculous and I need to pay this off before I even get my diploma this fall.

Any ideas of where to get a private lender who actually works with ITT?

saddened by experience

As a life long learner (hold undergrad and graduate degrees - NOT from ITT) and former employee (for several years and at various campuses), I can assure you all that ever since kevin modany assumed the CEO role at ITT, the organization, as well as the quality of the education offered have suffered immensely. Nowadays, in my humble opinion, GREED IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR.

Whether you're looking for employment with ITT or to start school at one of the campuses, I urge you first to do your (thorough) homework BEFORE HAND.

Best of luck!!

July 2014

This is an informative web site, one I wish i would have read before I decided to go to ITT.

One problem I had with ITT is the instructors, they didnt care about the students, they pushed everyone though the material without explaining anything, they passed students who clearly did not belong there in the first place.

There was only one teacher there worth anything and he was gone before we had a chance to learn more from him. Most of the time the equipment or programs didnt work, and when they didnt we could go home. I live about an hour away from the campus i attended and it was a waist of time and gas for me to go in the first place.

In most cases me and 4 other students would get together and teach each other on our own how to do stuff.

Now im stuck with over $80,000 in student loans i cannot pay and i am only able to find temp jobs that dont pay that much. i am not getting any help from the school on finding permanent work. so when i am done with this contract i will not have an income.

how am i suppose to support my family. they didnt bother to explain the loan process to me and now im drowning in debt.

I am currently attending ITT tech in Tucson Arizona.

At first, like with most new things in life, I was VERY excited.

Now I am 6 weeks into my first quarter and I'm just saddend by it. Out of the 3 classes I am taking only 1 of them seems to be teaching me anything of use.

One class that is supposed to focus on Problem Solving (Which I assumed was how to solve real problems) turned out to be nothing but a math class. The teacher doesn't actually teach anything in that class. We work on "Modules" which are all basic math, and then hands out the assignments. That's it.

In the other, which is an intro computer class, I'm taught out dated and useless (at least considering the field I wanna go into) information.

After reading some of the posts on this site, I feel duped by a slick salesman that sold me on a "lemon" of a better life. As soon as this quarter is over, I'll be gone faster than a fart in a wind storm and moving on to my local community college.

Anyone with Peaks or Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union loans complaints can submit their stories here:
They are trying to sort out & help everyone they can.

I attended the ITT Tech in Arnold, MO.

No one told me that it wasn't accredited and I wish I would have researched before I wasted my time there. I am in debt for 1 year worth of tuition that I could have used to pay for Ranken, a school that is very work attending.

I was studying graphic and video game design and the teachers didn't care much, some of the gen-ed classes were literally pointless. There was one I took that was to teach you how to critically think. WTF is that. And it was taught by the associate Dean of the campus. Which he did a Terrible job because he didn't care about attendance, gave no homework, gave no final, and we could literally just waste a bunch of time in that class.

Another was a "business" class that basically told us how to save money and be organized. We talked about the same pointless crap every day that I already knew and practiced for years and was taught by an Indian man who you could barely understand.

The classes involved with graphic design and video game design were ok...but you could tell the teachers didn't care too much. On graphic design teacher basically passed students who would barely do any work when I would do all the work with 110% effort and they would get the same A+ grade as me. Problem? Obviously.

The video game design teacher I was taught about 3D design and animation was ok. But same thing...passed students who wouldn't do all the work.

I wasted about $20k on one year of school and had the worst college/trade school experience ever and is added to my debt for school.

Been an instructor for ITT Tech for more than 10 years. In the last three years, things have gone so downhill!!!

Been teaching a gen ed course, upper level, with prerequisites that include several writing courses, as all the assignments in this course are written in the APA format. Some of these poor students can barely read and write. It is OBVIOUS that they are being cheated out of an education. But as an instructor at several *real* school besides ITT, I do adhere to a set of minimal standards, some of which up until the past couple years were approved by ITT.

One of those standards is academic honesty, known in other schools as plagiarism. I refuse to allow it. I will give students the opportunity to rewrite their plagiarized papers. I have explained plagiarism at length ad nauseum. Yet, students continue to cheat, and I continued to forward their assignments to their deans. Students who commit academic dishonesty after three attempts are supposed to be expelled.

You know who deans blame for this? The instructor!

Instead of explaining that copying-and-pasting is cheating, they instead blame me. Deans even claimed there is nothing wrong with the plagiarized work. They claim *I* haven't explained the assignment clearly, even though the student asked for no explanation, and when it is explained, refused to take responsibility for the student's own actions.

Jacksonville Florida Campus.

This school is a misleading and a scam. I can go all day describing what I went through and how I am so in far in debt due to this 'some type of institution'.

I have been working with the Veterans Affairs Department of Nursing for over 10 years. I got my RN degree from ITT.

I was told by the Dean and the nursing Chair that I will be able to work at the VA as a RN, matter o fact, this was told to the whole class that the VA will accept ITT students.

How can I get my money back and make sure that this does not happen to anyone else?

I graduated from ITT Tech in Pennsylvania in 2011.

When I enrolled, they signed me up for a Sally Mae and a PEAKS loan to help cover costs. Since graduating, I am unable to work due to being permanently disabled. Sally Mae has discharged my loan because of this, but PEAKS doesn't offer that service.

I'm currently on a very limited, fixed income due to my disability and after paying rent and other utilities cannot afford monthly payments to PEAKS.

I'm at a loss as to where to go from here.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

From Web Master:
I am so sorry about this and fear it is all too common. You are not alone. Many are seeking help.
If anyone has any ideas, we are all open to suggestions.

I'm glad that you have opened this site so that everyone can see the truth behind the lies.

I graduated from ITT in Dayton, Oh where they lured me to go to school on the chapter 33 the month it came out after I was already using the chapter 30. Their misleading information and my lack of knowledge cause me to lose over 15,000 dollars of my educational benefits. They refuse me a solution to the problem that they created.

I know for a fact I am not the only veteran that they did this to. I've wrote several people in the veterans administration and the mayor of my city and I was told that Itt would have to settle it out in which they refuse to. Education benefits that I am entitled to they stole from me, leaving me with an associates degree from my totaled GIBill that I can not get a job from or know one respects or see it as being a credible degree.

They have completely screwed up and took away the one thing that I have gained from my faithful and dedicated service to my country and the military.


My ITT-Tech is in Tempe, AZ.

I'm in class as I type this and the teacher is showing us a youtube video of a tutorial for the program he is supposed to be teaching us.

Almost all of my classes have been a joke like this where the teacher doesn't know what they are doing half the time and 90% of the homework we do doesn't even get graded. They just slap a 100% on it and give it back to us.

Now I find out about all of this stuff they're doing and I just don't know what to do anymore.

If there was a lawsuit going on I would try to help out if I could.

I really identify with your website and the stories on it.

I am a spouse of an ITT graduate and have seen firsthand the hell he goes through.

If you don't mind, I have shared your website and a story from your page on our Facebook page How a For-Profit School Ruined My Future.

I have recently received a couple of stories from friends and acquaintances I will be putting up soon.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would share our page on your website. I totally understand if that is not your thing. I just want to thank you for showing us we are not alone.

From Web Master
I am always happy to have people share and post the link to this web site.
Make sure it is an active link.
I do post links of others who are also willing to share the truth about this and other, similar schools.

Your site is the truth.

I attended ITT in Bensalem, PA which has now moved to Levittown, PA for criminal justice.

Everything about there teaching practices, luring students, promises of helping to find employment after graduating, the tuition costs, lies about my credits all being transferable is all true.

Due to there high tuition cost, I am now in default on my loans due to not being able to make payments.

The loan company would not work with what I could afford and I told them that I only and still only was able to find a part time job that was only 28 hours a week and they still would not work with me.

Now my credit has dropped. I am planning on going to a not for profit school soon and I fear that I won't be able to get anymore student loans due to my credit dropping as low as it has.

This school has messed up my life so much it brings me to my breaking point every time I see a commercial for there school on TV and how I was tricked into believing everything they said.

This site is bring the truth about how corrupt this school really is.

Anyone who is a student, a former student, or thinking about how attending needs to see this.

After the first week at this SoCal campus, I knew right away that I was not going to teach but to call those students who did not show up to class and force them to come in.

Why is it such a big deal for ITT to force instructors to do this?

After 4 weeks I was bombarded with email asking for my improvement plan about eliminating absence of students. Then this is the top of them all, they treated students like Little League players, awards for attendance, honors every terms.

I am done after fulfilling this summer. Complete waste of my summer so far.

Yes this is a joke of a school.

I was employed by ITT Tech as an Academic Dean for three years. I'm going to list a few of the things I saw while employed there:

  1. Instructors who quit or were fired for speaking out about the substandard curriculum a few weeks into the quarter and there was no one to take over the instruction of the class so students were all given were told not to come to class that they would all be given As.

  2. Books not received until the last day of class. Books with misinformation, outdated software or no software for classes.

  3. Prospective students told bold-faced lies about the prospects of employment or about the cost of tuition.

  4. Program name changes (repeatedly) so the school would not have to report the dismal job placement rates to students or the government.

  5. Teachers, staff, literally every employee paid on a point system where one enrolled, funded, attending, passed student equals one point.

  6. Department managers, campus directors and employees who had no knowledge or experience in education whatsoever. Clueless.

It's all a big scam to get student's Federal loan and grant money. The education is worthless, the degree is worthless, the corporation cares nothing for students or employees.

If you sign up you'll be sorry.

I attended ITT Tech in Richmond, VA from 2004 to 2005. My experience was not as bad as some. My instructors were knowledgeable for the most part. However, when I took 3 weeks off for personal issues, they made me drop the course, and I would have to take it the next term on a Saturday. That would require me to drive to Richmond for another day in the week, and I was not interested in that.

They told me that I was "too far behind to catch up" even though I was still weeks ahead of the rest of the class because the material was stuff that I knew well. Oh, and the ridiculous amount of private loans they made me take out. Some of them have shown up afterwards that I knew nothing about, even though I read my financial aid documents thoroughly and kept track of it all.

I'm glad I didn't complete it and have what employers see as a worthless degree. I know one ITT Tech graduate who used his degree to get a very good job in his field. However, that does not seem to be the norm. I have since started another school and completed one degree, and will be completing the second one in two weeks. But, the experience at ITT put me in a large amount of debt at a young age, and that is still following me even 10 years later.

I graduated ITT Tech San Bernardino campus in 2002.

I worked 4 years for Barstow Unified School District as a Network Administrator.
I worked 4 years for Lockheed Martin as a Network Administrator.
I worked 4 years for Science Applications International Corporation as a Systems Engineer.
I currently Work for Assured Information Technology.

My pay now is well over 10x what it was before I went to school, but ITT Tech drastically exaggerates pay expectations when you graduate. Their estimate was mid seventies, actual was $28,000 a year.

Between graduating and actually being able to pay loans was a delta of 6 years. Work ethic and drive has more impact that what school printed your degree.

June 2014

Tucson, Arizona

I obtained a Bachelors degree in Game Design. The school told me the same BS about how I would get a great education, that some of my credits were transferable if needed, and how they would help place me in a job in my field.

Let me give you a glimpse of my real education.

One semester I was in a class where I was getting an A in the course, I had to take a few weeks off for family stuff but had worked it out with the teacher to where I wouldn't be dropped from the class. The last week I came in and turned in assignments and was assured I was fine. The next week, I was dropped from class. The Dean at the time told me that it was because I failed to show up for three weeks which was an automatic drop. The teacher of the class stood up for me and said I was there the last day but he had forgot to mark me present since I couldn't stay the whole day but the dean, in a heated argument with me in front of other students who will vouch for me, told me that they had messed up but she was unwilling to do the paperwork to admit they made a mistake and that pretty much I could suck it up. I was upset but stayed at the school because I was already in past the point of no return financially.

When it came time to transfer to the game design bachelors they told me they were probably not going to offer it. They last minute threw it together by using people still in the associates degree. I was one of the many students who refused to take their "alternative" degree in business management which they assured me was "equal to" the game design degree.

I felt so sad for one of my teachers. The school took our whole class of game designers as a joke. The teacher himself forked out money so that we could try and get real world training.

The school paid for monthly catered events for the criminal justice program but couldn't spend the few dollars to send us to study games.

Half way into my bachelors degree I approached the financial and human resources departments about job placement only to be laughed at and told and I quote, " if you really want into the industry, there's no way you can do that living here. You need to move to another state and try your luck there". I wish I would have been told that before I even started the school.

We as students managed to finally get a gamers gathering for our capstone projects where WE contacted and brought "companies" and people to look at what our accumulation of knowledge had gotten us. We were in groups and its not hard to say that my group was the best in school. We won 4/5 awards for what we accomplished.. that all sounds great except when you're the shiniest turd.. you're still a turd.

We were told we may as well restart our education somewhere else, that almost no one in the industry takes ITT seriously and its a laughing degree. We spent days upon days working nonstop on our project. Spending up to 6 days a week at school, full days just working on it only to be told it still wasn't good enough.. but what were we supposed to do when the education we received was a joke.

We literally tried our best, and it still wasn't good enough.

None of us from the graduating class got into game design.

Most of us took crappy jobs just to try and pay the 100,000 dollars in debt that we got from that horrid school.

One student during our school year, a good friend of mine, even took his own life.. when is enough finally enough.. so many people are having their lives ruined by this falsity of a school and I unfortunately am one of them and all I've given you here is the tip of the iceberg.

Dearborn, MI campus

I have never been so scammed. I went into Electrical Engineering at ITT.

My first statement to the recruiter before I even chose to be part of the ITT scam was "I know absolutely nothing about Electronics, but I am interested in learning. Do I need to know anything or will they teach me?" she said that I will be taught everything I need to know. LIE. I learned nothing but frustration

I was told it is all hands on experience. LIE. THe teacher would basically read from the book, give assignment, and then left to do whatever. Leaving us all to figure out what to do on our own. Which only about 5 of us would actually stay while the rest would leave and only return when class was almost over. Yet they still passed.

In our PC class we had books dealing with windows 95/98. this was 2006 and XP was soon to be replaced with windows 7.

Our tool boxes were incomplete, being only half full and/or missing several tools. which when mentioned I was told to share or when I went to recruiter I was told nothing can be done. Sorry.

For the final in our PC class nobody passed and I mean nobody. So the teacher took the student with the highest score of 63 and added it to the others students scores making the person with the best score of 63 the lowest score. He dropped out after that, which is understandable

Most of the students in my class were uneducated idiots, that would spend their time talking to their friends or constantly getting up to make phone calls or bringing in bags of food to eat during labs. and they would still get A's or B's

The lady in charge of the "library" gave the same speech every week on how to use the ITT digital library and how not to use the internet to find any information relating to whatever subject we were studying and that if information retrieved on the internet other than ITT digital library it was not excepted even if it had references.

She was also mean and gave serious attitude whenever spoken too such as ignoring students when a question was brought forth, insulting them, or would run into bathroom to avoid being questioned when in the hall.

As for the teachers, Only one teacher actually cared, the math teacher. All the rest could barely speak English, would leave the class for most of classtime, be late thus enforcing the 30 minute rule if teacher not their you can leave. so any student that left and the teacher arrived 40 mins late they were considered absent and 3 absents equal booted out of class.

12 students got booted because of this, even though we said he was here you were not thus rushing through the class to which he would leave after giving assignment.

One could not even spell properly and used text message spelling when writing on the board.

I dropped out after beginning of second semester when I got a job and they would not work around my schedule and realized this is going no where and my debt is going to continue to rise.

i received a call 4 months later from recruiter saying that I have not been in my classes after I had told them I am dropping out. I was charged for my third semester classes even though I had dropped out months ago.

I have received calls from the director of Dearborn ITT about coming back and continuing my "education" After three times I finally got nasty and said QUIT F***ING CALLING ME!!!

I still owe 18.000 thankfully got out before it got insane.

I believe your website is an eye opener for the injustice that this school has caused people all around the world.

I attended ITT in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I started on campus then transferred to their online program.

Everything everyone is saying about the school is true. When you start, the credit per hour was one amount, as your next year came they would go up even more and so on.

I received the Federal Pell Grant, subsidized, un-subsidized, and a Peaks student loan at 15% interest. With all that said, I am 67,000 in debt with just the subsidized and un-subsidized, a little over ten thousand with peaks student loans, they got my federal pell grants as well, and I still had to pay them 170.00 just to get my official transcripts.

I graduated with my associates and bachelor, which I ended up work on both degrees at the same time, because of their scheduling difficulties. I have been a graduate since 2012 and still have yet to find employment.

The worst thing is that most people won't accept the criminal justice degree without experience to go along with it. A List of jobs I have applied for and been turned down are; Juvenile probation officer, adult probation officer, accountant, FBI(which apparently don't meet age limit), State patrol officer(don't meet age limit),safety operation manager, corrections officer, legal secretary,and the list goes on and on.

How is it they state that this degree will get you to make at least 35,000 a year and yet after two years of being graduated, I make 00,000 a year.

The career center sent me job listings, but the problem was that you had to be a residence of their state to apply. It was worthless to get the degrees from them, when you can't do anything with it. Even employment agencies only have been offering at the most 10.00 start out an hour jobs even with these degrees.

I could of retained looking for employment before getting this degree and worked there at least for five years and be up to 35,000 a year, compared to now being that much in debt and making nothing an hour.

I get told a jobs a job. So just accept the minimum wage job for now till something else better comes along, but after two years and nothing has come along with having this degree.

I don't see one in the future either,unless I pay for other certifications to get a better job.

I have a request

I attended ITT in 1970-1972,Boston ma,Received a certificate for Medical assistance program,I've called many times. They say there' was no school there

Is there anyone who also attended that program or those years

I've moved many times and can't find the certificate and I need a copy

Who would have thought at 64 years old I need it,Anyone out that could help me??

From Web Master
Anyone who can help this person may send me an e-mail:
and I will pass along your information.

May 2014

Sylmar california

I like the website.

I'll also join any class action lawsuit since the A.S. is worthless to employers and am now working part time in a dead end job with no way to get a good job.

I have been disabled since I was 11 and in 2009 at around 30 was getting well enough to go to college and try to get into the work force. I went to itt tech in Sylmar california (Sylmar campus). Everyone seemed real nice and I got played into joining the school in a sense. I realized something want right when instructors would give the answers to the Labs quizzes assignments, midterms, finals.

I can relate to everyone here: when employees would leave they would tell me to get out and that I was getting ripped off. When they would do that someone that still worked there would come up and get me away from them for some reason or other.

I like many was told that to keep going in school I needed a private loan or pay alt of money so I went on the peaks probate loan and now I'm screwed.

Virginia, Springfield,Attended ITT Tech. from Nov. 2007 to Mar. 2009

Graduated with an Associate's Degree in Multimedia (Mar. 2009)

ITT Technical Institute is a scam, and Kevin Mounday (I am unsure of the spelling?)--the "CEO" and "President" of ITT Tech.--is a pinhead. Literally. Watch the commercials; his head is the size of a tomato! He looks even looks like a puppet! But I digress...

My problems/complaints were and are as follows:

  1. I was coerced and manipulated into taking out 8 (yes; 8!) high interest student loans (4 private; 4 federal). I defaulted on the loans pretty quickly after graduation, and now owe over $27,000 (over $30,000, when the federal loans are included). Sallie Mae, and various debt collectors, called me many times daily. My current high score for most calls from debt collectors in a single day: 19. And I've been unemployed for over 5 years now. I still am.

  2. On 49 occasions, I arrived to my ITT Tech. for an early morning class...only to find the doors locked (yes, ITT Tech., I was counting!). On each occasion, many students (myself included) had to wait an average of 47 minutes and 45 seconds before someone would come to unlock the door (yes, ITT Tech., I was timing you!). This was especially bad during those cold Virginia winters.

  3. My [Multimedia & Game Design] program chair, Ella Novak, was a tiny little Ukrainian woman, whose only job experience was being a secretary in Pripyat, Ukraine, until the town was evacuated following [the disaster at] Chernobyl. She had absolutely NO experience in game design, multimedia, or--frankly--any industry! She didn't speak English very well, and it was clear that she couldn't comprehend the textbooks. Speaking of which...

  4. The textbooks, software, and computers at ITT Tech. were--and are--all obsolete. I took my Introduction to PC class in the fall of 2007, and we had to work with Windows 95/98/2000/NT computers!! Hell, we had to do projects, tests, homework, and labs...about FLOPPY DISKS. In 2007!!

  5. My ITT Tech. went through 3 DEANS in the course of a little over two years! The first dean got fired, allegedly because he had a threesome in his office with two of his students! I don't even wanna know what the other deans got fired for...

  6. My tuition went up approximately $200 per year. I heard that this is a lower annual increase than most ITT Tech.s.

  7. Oftentimes, two or more classes were crammed into a single computer-lab; many times, two-thirds (66%) or more of the computers in the lab didn't work! I remember vividly one terrible event that occurred during one of my classes: There were two classes crammed into the lab; mine was one of them. In the middle of the class, the professor of the other class proceeded to go on the most racist rant that I have ever heard; during which, he proudly proclaimed that he was a card-carrying member of the Klu Klux Klan! He was reported by many students and, two days later......he was given a promotion, and a small pay raise. To my knowledge, he still "teaches" at that ITT Tech. to this very day.

  8. There were only two Metro buses that went to my ITT Tech., and I didn't (and still don't) have a car. I had Saturday classes from time to time. Guess which day of the week in which those two buses didn't run? Saturday.

  9. One of the deans (I can't remember which) stole money from the box where the student government and I had been keeping our donations. All we had wanted was a couch for the "cafeteria" (I put the word "cafeteria" in quotes, because they don't serve food there; it's just a handful of expensive vending machines.), and the dean walked away with over $45.00.

  10. My diploma is completely useless. Here is what a potential employer at a multimedia firm in Northern Virginia told me during a job interview, verbatim: Mr. Arden, if you showed me a piece of red construction-paper, with your name written on it in yellow crayon, it would have more credibility, longevity, and educational integrity, than your ITT Technical Institute diploma.

    I know that that sounds like an exaggeration, but trust me: That's what the guy said. I'm not gonna lie: I wept for almost an hour after that job interview.

  11. No necessary software was provided for any of my classes. Most of my homework, I ended up doing in class.

  12. Used textbooks at ITT Tech. cannot be sold back to the school (unlike, say, George Mason University, in which a student can do just that), and oftentimes when they're sold on, they are often sold for as little as $0.01! I can't blame Amazon, though; those were--and are--the most useless textbooks I have ever seen in my life.

  13. At my ITT Tech., absences were more of a problem for the professors and instructors than for the students. I recorded (and reported) the following: 19 instances of a professor not showing up for class, and failing to call for a substitute; 12 instances of a professor showing up an average of 42 minutes, 3 seconds late for class. It got to be so bad, that the "school" (if one could ever call ITT Tech. a "school") created a rule: If your professor is more than 30 minutes late, the students [in their class] can go home!

  14. I was told that the Career Services center could only help those with Bachelor's Degrees. I was only told this after graduation, of course.

  15. The so-called employers that claim to hire ITT Tech. graduates on those ITT Tech. commercials are CLEARLY reading teleprompters. I have also heard rumors (rumors that, I admit, I cannot prove or verify) that many of the companies featured on those commercials are shell corporations (That is, fake companies that are created by bigger companies, so that the bigger companies can avoid paying taxes. Granted, some shell corporations are legal, but nothing is legal about what ITT Tech. is doing, so I wouldn't be surprised.).

  16. They dropped my Game Design major two weeks before I got my Associate's Degree! A little over 9 months later, ITT calls me to inform me that they have reinstated my major! All I have to do, is retake all of my classes, and do it entirely at my own expense. Needless to say, I said no.

I have not been back to the ITT Tech. in Springfield, Virginia since I graduated. I see absolutely no reason to further my education while at the mercy of incompetent teachers (ya hear me, Mrs. Novak?!), card-carrying Klansman, muggers, embezzlers, dunces, frauds, idiots, and con-artists.

I am now in more than $27,000 of debt, and my fellow "brothers-in-arms" on this website have indicated that they are in even deeper debt. This means that ITT Tech. is clearly getting worse.


The Louisville, KY campus is full of under qualified instructors, or instructors with dated knowledge.

Most instructors just talk with students about current events for the entire class. I've been told many things from instructors that just weren't true and or amazingly frightening.

Nursing program - Alabama

The nursing program is the worst mess I have ever seen. The curriculum clearly was not designed by a nurse or an educator. Maybe ITT has a trained monkey who changes it randomly, based on horoscope signs. Or maybe a dartboard.

An intelligent student would have trouble learning in their "accelerated program". Most of the students admitted to the program do not have a prayer of completing it. Many are uneducated and cannot think, read, or speak and write coherently. Cheating is rampant.

IF they get through classes, no way will they pass exit HESI or NCLEX. This is a good thing. Many of these students should never be allowed in a nursing program. I've had drug addicts and child abusers in my classes. (The background check is not done until third quarter. This allows ITT to get money for 3 terms even if the student is a criminal. Students can pass ITT background check but not the hospital's background check. ??!)

Chairs are incompetent at best and psychotic at worst. Definitely the worst, soul sucking working environment I've ever been in.

Of seven full time nursing instructors, six are actively seeking other employment. This is not easy because having ITT on your resume causes employers you assume you are incompetent and/or unethical.

I'm hoping the program will be shut down soon. It is nothing but a way to steal government money, ruin student's lives, and endanger the public with poorly trained nurses. (I have had 2 graduates who are competent nurses.) If I could afford to quit I would do it immediately.

Do not go to school at ITT!
Do not teach at ITT!

I attended ITT Technical Institute in Norwood, Ohio from 2006-2008.

My class started off at 40+ people, when I graduated I was one of 3 people.

After graduation I did find a job in my field at a cabinet company. After two months, I was demoted and my hours were cut due to budget cuts.

I went back to the ITT Career Placement Center multiple times and told them every time I needed help finding a job.

They got me one interview at a temporary agency. The rest of the time they said that they had nothing and were unable to help me.

I did get several other interviews from submitting countless resumes online and nobody would hire me.

I am now working for a window company barely making $28,000 a year. In six years I have never used my degree again.

I am paying almost $45,000 in student loans for an associates degree. Right now I am paying almost $425 a month on just three of these loans. The rest (the government loans) are all in deferment because my wife and I cannot afford to pay on all of them at once. We would be paying almost $650 a month altogether on these loans.

The three loans I am referring to are private loans. These loans have a 10% interest rate attached to them that apparently is a floating rate, which my wife and I did not know anything about.

We cannot find that this rate would change in any of the contracts we signed 6 years ago. These loans are not eligible for any type of income based repayment plans nor are they eligible for deferment. You can get a forbearance on these loans but only four times, and you have to pay $50 per loan.

Because of this particular loan and the restrictions it has, I cannot pay the government loans back until I pay this loan. And if the interest rate goes up again, it will be even longer before I can even begin paying on these government loans.

It is a horrible feeling to know you are going to be in debt more than likely for the rest of your life.

ITT used deceptive recruitment practices to lure students into enrolling (particularly low-income students and veterans) to receive their federal financial aid. These students then receive none of the valuable career skills for which they enrolled in the program and they leave with enormous amounts of debt.

Subsequently, they can't find a job, they default on their loans, and taxpayers' dollars are wasted in the process, all while these companies continue to profit off of student loan debt and federal financial aid.

Only by the grace of God have we not defaulted on the private loan we are struggling to pay off.

We are working on a story about financial losses tied to private loans granted to students of ITT Technical Institute. Many of these educational loans from private lenders, including credit unions, had high interest rates of 13.75 percent or higher.

If you have had trouble repaying one or these loans or have defaulted on your loan, Star reporter Jeff Swiatek would like to talk to you about your experience. You can reach him by phone at (317) 444-6483, by email at or on Twitter @JeffSwiatek.

April 2014

I go to ITT in Orange California.

I went in yesterday to sign updated financial aid docs and found out that instead of the $43,000 I was quoted for a BA it will cost $92,000.00.

The classes are bogus, even the instructors make little comments insinuating same.

I have spoken to over 10 students and they all feel the same way, they are very angry and disappointed and would like to do something.

If you can lead to an attorney who is willing to file a class action, I have and will have many more students willing to testify to the same thing, we were mislead to believe the costs were less, the guarantees of being hired even after an AA, etc.


I signed up to go to ITT in Greenwood, Indiana.

I went until they dropped the entire criminal justice program and forced us to drive to the 86th st campus. Which I could not do due to my work schedule and family.

They also had me sign for a private loan which I did not know about until my wife and I tried to buy a home.

Now I am trying to figure all this out and don't know where to start.

I have called ITT numerous of times, even leaving messages for a financial advisor to call and one time got threw said they would send me a email with information then nothing so more and more calling left the dean 6 messages. Finally went up there and they don't even know what's going on.

I am praying to get this resolved for my family and our future.

I currently enrolled back to ITT Tech in Las Vegas, NV.

I Started back a few years ago and needed 2 more quarters to finish my degree. It's been about 3 years since my last class I had and a lot had changed with the curriculum.

Upon my return, They said that I failed a class that I know I passed, they tole me I dropped that class. Good thing that I kept all my assignments from that class. I told them that I have proof that I passed that class. They did not want to believe me.

So I got my External Hard Drive... Mind you... The same one that ITT Tech provided me for that class... And what do you know... All my assignments appear on the screen. even the final project...

They said that I still failed the class because the instructor placed an "F" for my grade.. I told them I am using my Post 9/11 GI Bill and the VA will state other wise if I shown them this disk. They said nothing.

I have yet to see what they do for my last quarter. If they give me that class again I will notify the VA Again, As I had already advised them of this situation,

I just came back to ITT Tech to complete my degree because I already completed all but 2 quarters. But they are trying to make me repeat classes that I already passed. So that they can get more money from the Post 9/11 GI Bill and the financial aid...

I was told that an associates degree would be from 30k-40k. I only got the associates degree and I am currently paying back 72K.

I had a job in IT before I went into school, and still have an IT job making what I was making before ITT. Now it is considerably less after the monthly (school loan bill).

Because I was already in an IT job they counted it toward their number of students that end up in a job from the field of schooling they took.

NO ONE should EVER go to ITT.

I am a current student who unfortunately did not know how bad ITT Policies are. I am almost done with my associates so I am just going to stick it out.

While the staff and some of the teachers are great we loose good teachers because ITT only looks at numbers If students drop or are failing ITT policy blames the teacher and the teacher's job is on the chopping block. This kind of policy means that in order to keep their job they have to help with cheating or fudging grades.

The good teachers usually just leave and find another job. It is a revolving door with allot of the other staff because bad policies.

I don't believe ITT has always been this bad. I was looking into the bio of the CEO of ITT Tech. He is a CPA (certified public Accountant) that has wormed his way to the top somehow. I believe that he is the reason for the policies that have made this school become a place of incompetent teachers, sending out below par students (mostly not the fault of the students). For an Accountant you would think he would understand the policies he has in place are what is going to harm the numbers.

Before ITT He worked here
Ceribellium Software Kevin M. Modany CFO & COO from Oct 2000 till May 2002,Out of business in September 2002 ?????

His Bio

My thoughts were confirmed by an employee rating ITT on a Job site.

I was an employee in the financial aid office at an ITT campus for six months.

Alarm bells went off when, during the interview, I saw the Director's diploma from the University of Phoenix hanging on his wall. I went ahead and accepted their offer because I just needed a job at the time. I had 10 years of experience in working at a community college but had been laid off due to state budget cuts.

Boy, was ITT a wake-up call! Employees in FA routinely fill out the forms for students, getting them out of classes to just sign in to their student loan accounts or FAFSA accounts using passwords & PINS so they (school personnel) could make changes to their information. We were expected to analyze a dozen or more spreadsheets per week with students' account information and how much they owed to the school. We then had to correct any of the information and upper management (directors & HQ) were CONSTANTLY on our backs to get the loans done, quick.

As well, we had to see new prospects every day and re-sell them on the over-priced substandard education and were expected to have a prospect fully packaged within an hour or so. The Director of Finance said "before they have a chance to experience buyer's remorse."

It was very clear that ITT did not care about either employees or students from the start. They were both only a means to an end which was getting Federal dollars into their banks.

I started looking for another position on day one at ITT. It's like selling your soul to the devil.

I found another job, gave three weeks notice and left as fast as I could. A few months later my current employer told me that ITT had given me a very bad reference but luckily for me, they knew what kind of school they were and they did not pay any attention to it.

Please, students and employees: get out NOW. It's a scam and a fraud.

I went to ITT Tech in Arlington, Texas (2004-2006) and i was lied to sometimes.

I was in a accident and i was in the hospital for a week. even though i had proof from the hospital and employer .... i failed a course and i had to pay $884.00 a month. It was not second session there.

After getting 3 jobs and when i graduated they told me i had a loan come through and they used it.

When i pursued my B.S. in California they told me i owned the school $1600.00 because the loan went back to the provider. how was [that] possible?

I was screwed and i wish i can filed a lawsuit against them.

I just withdrew from this sham of an institution.

Third week in I noticed I had tecieved a zero on an assignment for week one.

I spoke to the instructor about it and long story short she assused me of not emailing the assignment to her. Within five minutes I provided proof I had sent it in.

First it was my email that didnt work. To which I asked then how we ( the instructor and myself) are able to go into the 'send' box and view it. Secondly it was going to the wrong account, third it was the IT guys fault.

It is really hard to accept our email is broke three weeks into an accelerated program as a viable excuse. Especially from an institution called ITT - Technical Institution.

To add further insult the previous day we were lectured by a faculty member about how we were adults and they were not interested in hearing OUR excuses.

But the worst of all is they did not teach me one single thing. Lazy instructing by lazy instructors. See ya!

March 2014

i went to the ITT in clovis california. I had a hard time passing my classes there.

They have an accelerated program which is fine. the problem is that they gave me a schedule with the wrong classes on it. it took 2 weeks for them to fix the mistake and by that time christmas break hit so basically i was 4 weeks behind when classes started up again. This round of classes they did the same thing but it only took a week to fix because i was looking for this mistake again. then the dean says she doesn't believe i can pass the classes and that any other student would have fixed their schedule the first day. as if i'm to blame for going to the wrong class even though they told me to go to it.

they did have a few good teachers though.the instructors that spoke english as a 1st language were good. the school seemed to have a problem hiring people that speak english as a first language though. my computer class teacher was constantly using the wrong words and when i corrected him it's like a switch went off. he started ignoring my questions and then started making up stories about how i would yell at him.

i asked several other class mates and they noticed that he had a problem with me.

a few times i had to leave early to pick up family members from work or something and he would tell me it was ok. then he would mark me absent and say i just left.

This is my experience at ITT Technical Institute in Tucson, AZ.

I was in their programming and software engineering program.

The introductory programming class was taught by an ITT graduate. He read notes verbatim off of a PowerPoint presentation and then assigned exercises from the textbook. If I asked him any questions, he told me to just look in the book. I complained about him to the director and she told me that it was the student's responsibility to teach himself the material and that the classes only provided a framework. She assured me that I wouldn't have to work with that particular instructor again.

Some instructors were better than other, but this was the general tone of the place.

One of the later instructors, who was actually a programmer, asked us every week, "Did you write a program today?" I get the point that it's something that needed to be done every day, but if I'm paying for the course, I expect the school to at least provide assignments that give opportunities to practice what was taught in class and the school did not.

For the last of the eight semesters, I found out I would once again have the incompetent ITT graduate as an instructor. I realized that I was deeply hating the whole experience, not learning very much from it, and that the junior Associates lite degree I would be earning was pretty much meaningless, so I quit seven-eighths of the way through the program and I am still paying off the student loans for this substandard education ten years later.

Maybe ITT Technical Institute has improved greatly since 2004. Maybe my program was a weak one and the other programs are good. Maybe the ITT in Tucson was substandard and the other campuses are better.

My opinion is that this is a purely for-profit school which preys on young people who have no idea what post-secondary education is supposed to be like. I wasn't especially young and had a lot of post-secondary educational experience, so I don't have any excuse for not leaving this pathetic excuse for an institution of learning after the first week, but I wanted to pass on my experience and my opinion to any prospective students.

ITT Tech Levittown, PA campus:

I have been going to this school for almost a year and have been lied to from the start.

They told me that I could take public transportation to school from my house and lied so I am stuck getting lifts by others.

The teachers who teach the important science base class don't know what there talking about. My one teacher didn't even know how to use one of the pieces of technology there. So how the hell am I supposed to learn how to use that technology?

> I have a huge list of testimonials, some that others can't even believe. Plus half the staff is so unprofessional.

Please I need help! I am teaching myself the material! I have contacted the BBB twice already!

Hi There,
I'm a reporter with NBC 4 looking to interview former/current students of ITT who believe they were coerced into loans attending ITT.

I can be reached at 818 821 4812. Thanks!

From Web Master
I'd appreciate any mention of this site.
I will place a link to any news stories / video clips.

Oakland, Ca. (campus only 2 1/2 yrs old), 3/10/2014,

I find this website very informational, kind of a emotional support. In some sick sad way it was therapeutic to finally have my thoughts and feelings backed up. All of a sudden i don't feel like the 'crazy one',or the 'complainer' I knew this S*** was going on, all of it. Almost every story i can relate to or have heard other students talk about theirs. I've [seen] many had instructors make comments which they too are disgustingly similar.

Im not ready to go into details. Its such a LONG played out story, which has already been heard throughout the testimonials on this website.

Hi I'm 28 years old and I attend the GREENFIELD, WISCONSIN campus in Milwaukee and after 2 1/2 years i finally found out that this school is a total sham.

I made a definite mistake by coming here. When I signed up for the school of business my credits automatically transferred from MATC. I honestly thought this was a good thing but it wasn't. How could I be so blind. I blatantly signed a contract with this pool of a loan shark.

My experience begins off good. Made it through a whole whopping 6 quarters passing everything with flying colors. Took a legal absence. They said come back in 6 months. I was gone for 4 months. When I came back they let me re-register for classes no questions asked and suddenly the worst came upon me.

They took me to collections before i even got a bill. My program changed, the chair person left, and i was forced online. I can't even begin to tell you how felt. I flunked a class? One class? Never have I flunked a class ever in my life until then. That's when I refuted the charges and asked for an explanation. Where were the bills? What where the date of charges? They gave me print outs in the mail. Now I was put on a payment plan. Either you pay by the month or else you can not attend. I said I never agreed to a payment plan but then I didn't want to drop out because I'd went this far.

Devastation - How could I win for losing.

It's sad how you could be dropped by one class. Forced online. The cost of online distance learning just isn't worth it. Here they were letting me attend campus. Telling me to pay. I never signed up for online. Before I could choose now I can't because I'm being threatened with BILLS every month of the year. I take classes online. I dropped every one in disappointment, and only needed to pass 5 classes to finish?

Now I'm stuck in a rut can't graduate on time and Why? because they screwed me over that's why. I find myself constantly going back in forth on a daily basis trying to get help as a student. I call my school, I send emails to my teacher, I talk to finance. I've even spoken with the chair. No one helps me student support line can't help me. Too many issues are occurring. Issues regarding books. Issues regarding projects.

I agree with many of the other complaints. Count me in. I want to join the civil lawsuit against them. I pray for the day when this school system gets shut down. The hell with ITT-Tech.

Hi there everyone

I attended ITT Institute straight out of High School in 2006. I went to Knoxville Campus for the first 3 years and then my 4th year I went to Indianapolis online and let me tell you it was the most pathetic college I have ever went to.

I Had a 4 year college scholarship and I was told in 2006 that they would consider using my scholarship if I would attend there school. I was to believe that this was the most upright college here in Tennessee. TOO BE HONEST I didn't learn NOTHING, its like I went there just to get a piece of paper stating hey you graduated but then I realized my diploma should have said welcome to DEBT.

I am so far behind in loans because of ITT. The amount not speaking of the charges that was added in to the loans. I have so many loans that ITT told me I had to get to continue. I have repeatedly talked to ITT and the loan company and they refuse to work with you on reasonable payments and not to mentioned how its ruins your credit because they cant work with payments.

How is someone suppose to pay if ITT had made promises to many students that they will get them a entry level job when they graduate to get them started not to mention that once on your credit some jobs will not accept the fact that no payment or its defaulted or whatever the circumstances are. WHICH ISNT FAIR TO ANY STUDENT.

ITT IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM TO GET PEOPLE INVOLVED AND SCREWED IN LIFE. This is 2014 and still no job because of loans on my credit and no experience even though I have a 4 year degree.

I will never tell anyone ITT is a good one because they are not. ...

The teaching there wait NO TEACHING your basically on your own. The instructors are just there and the lesson plan wasn't even accurate and no we are suppose to have lab courses as well but what lab courses there were no hands on experiences what so ever.

This School is a joke. There's so much to this school that it would take a miracle to get done and fixed.

Murray UT

I went from 2005-2009, took me almost 2 years to find a job in the field I graduated in, 3.6 GPA and while I found the parking and the courses to be suitable the cost is what really has sidelined me.

I was expecting to graduate with about $50,000 in debt - they make it hard to track because every time you do the raft of paperwork they did a whole new stack of loans - so short of manually adding up all 20-30 of them nobody would ever know. When I got close to graduation they did it for me, $90,000.

I am currently making entry level wages in my field, they want me to pay $1400 or more a month and just simply no way in hell that will ever happen.


There are only a handful of jobs locally and the bald reality is that the jobs to pay back this debt don't exist.


I don't see any way out of it short of a national change in how this debt gets handled. I have moved on towards getting a Master's (from somewhere else obviously) that might help but I doubt it.

While ITT might not be to blame for jobs getting offshored for 30 years, they are certainly taking full advantage of desperate people trying to claw a middle class existence out of this world.


Husband took on-line classes with ITT. He had to call them weekly because he couldn't gain access to one section or another he needed to complete his work.

He quit shortly after starting the second semester because he was spending so much time on the phone with them. Now they are trying to bill us for the entire second term.

This school needs to be closed down.

I went to a clive iowa campus

so I'm wondering with all these complaints and all these people that we all have had severe issues with ITT and their policies all we need is a hundred signatures for a civil lawsuit.

its not fair that they're able to keep taking our money and we have nothing in return.

I went to ITT for 2 semesters before I found out what the joke was now I'm in debt damn near eighteen thousand dollars for absolutely nothing.

I finally decide to call it quits after we did not have a teacher for our DC AC electronics class until after midterm. and when he finally did show up he just gave us all the answers so we could pass the class. not only that but after multiple talks with instructors I found out a degree in electrical engineering from ITT was worth jack.

so if there's anybody out there that wants to stand up against them and do something about it email me and let me know you're on board at

From Web Master
This individual is not affiliated with this site in any way.
Keep us updated with your progress.
Check out the Federal Law Suit against ITT just announced at the end of Februaury.
(links on my home page)

February 2014

I'm currently enrolled in the nursing program at ITT in Indy.

I have been lied to from the get go. I have 3 quarters left and the school has decided not to offer the course I need to continue on track.
I have to pay more money and stay in school longer to get my degree.

Not only has this happened, but today I found out I can't transfer to another school without starting over from square one. I've wasted so much time and money.

I'm at a total loss here.

I would like to join the class action lawsuit against them but have no clue how.

Anyone considering ITT should run in the opposite direction fast!!!!!

Please don't let this happen to you.

I taught in Missouri. It only took me one quarter to realize that the "recruiters" were nothing more than salesman.
The students I had in class were very poorly educated and were clearly wasting their money.

I quit when I refused to pass a student after my boss told me to raise their grade so they could keep enrolling.

First, I want to say thank you for this site, my name is Davy Webber, I attended the ITT Tech in knoxville tennesse, in 2000, worst mistake I have ever made in my life.

I really wanted to become an architect and I took the Cadd, course. They were always ready to sign you up for more student loans. At the time I was working 40 hours a week while attending school 20 and maintaining a 3.0 GPA. I attended a year and a half. Then decided to drop out due to sadly realizing I was beeing ripped off.

The money I owed was really scaring me and after reality of what a drafter starting pay of 9 dollars an hour, I was afraid to keep racking up more loans.

The class I was in started with 28 people of which 6 ended up graduating 3 landing jobs. And ITT claimed They had 96% Graduation rate. What a joke. Well then a year or so later my family and friends convinced me to go back and finish because I had came so far. Stupid mistake I went back and racked up more loans same. Mess that class started off with Twenty something and ink Three graduated.

I again dropped out two months before graduating. It would not had mattered if I did graduate the jobs and money for the area I am from was not there.

I have racked up over 34,000.00 in student loans that I have struggled with intrest late fees. From 2000. I used all my deferment time ended up not being able to pay My 300$ a. Month payments having my paycheck garnished which by the way was cheaper than the payments I was suppose to make. They are currently back in deferement in Aug I will have to start paying again. Of which I still can not afford I guess the govt will just have to garnish my wages again.

Oh yeah the govt doesn't even have to take you to court they can just garnish got wages. Itt, is getting away with highway robbery they get your money up front line their greedy pockets. Give you an education that is worthless while leaving you with a life long debt that you can never get out of.

I have wanted to sue them for such a long time but didn't know even where to start. They need to be held accountable for robbing so many of so much money!

Dearborn Campus -

I started out here attending classes on campus. After my 2nd semester, racking up about $12,000 in student debt, was when i noticed i was getting A's for no reason.

My Linux class, my partner and i were the ONLY group to complete the final project. After having a talk with the instructor about our presentation being "too fast and too easy" we got the A. Hard work right? WRONG.

I had another class with a student from my Linux program who didnt bother doing the project at all and he received an A for it!

Following semester i had careless attitude, i did maybe 4 assignments total and bombed the final exam. I passed with a D+...

I transferred to the TROY campus where i thought things would be better. After another semester, i was told that the registrar at the Dearborn campus messed up, i had to take another English class (another $2000). I wanted to drop out so i was advised to speak with my dean. After 3 calls, not once have i heard from him.

I didnt attend my 5th semester classes so naturally i was removed from the courses. About 2 weeks later i get a letter stating that i owe ITT $7980 which is to be paid in full in FIVE DAYS or else it was going to collections. I tried calling the finance dept 2 times with no reply (i mentioned i received said letter). 3rd time i vaguely described wanting to speak with someone about taking more classes, i got a call that day...

I offered to make a payment plan with ITT as i had 5 classes left to a degree. They DECLINED and told me it would have to go to collections and at this point there was nothing they could do.

So here i am, 24 yrs of age with shot credit, 5 classes away from a degree i wont get, getting hassled for $7980 that i wont see.

If i could go back in time, I would do everything different...

This website is a public service. ITT Tech is a scam.

I have a Ph. D in one of the social sciences. I have 20 years' experience in teaching at the university level,mane three prior to my work at ITT teaching online. I worked for this institution for eight months.

The server for their online classes was DOWN for 10 out of 72 days. I was penalized if students failed. I was summarily dismissed- three weeks into an eight week semester- because they did not acknowledge their receipt of what they term ' professional development activities' this is because I had an online supervisor who was responsible for about 400 instructors- this is not an exaggeration. It was nearly impossible for me to get help for the students.

Go to the community college in your local area. If they have online courses at your state university or community college, take online courses through there.

DO NOT spend your money. The courses do not transfer, and the education could be spotty, at best.

From Web Master
I received a few notes from people mentioning the CLEP exams.
Here's a link to Wikipedia information about the College Level Examination Program:
I have also received notes about other for-profit colleges.
I don't post those since this site is exclusivly about ITT experiences.
Go to the Gov Report button on the left for information about other for-profit colleges.

January 2014

Hey, thanks for this website, I'm going to show it to one of my friends who is considering ITT Tech.

Actually, it really does concern me, how many of my close friends in high school are going to be going to these kind of third rate schools. I'm really worried about their futures.

To clarify, I got accepted into CSUN, and waiting for an acceptance letter for UCLA hopefully, or maybe even USC if I'm lucky. None of my friends are going to 4 year universities sadly, but two of my friends are applying at the local community college, which is good. However, my other friends, ITT Tech, Phoenix, Art Institute, Everest College... It's all worrying.. Should I try to intervene? I understand it is their futures.. But I feel like with the knowledge I have.. I should help..

So, how would I go about that? Would you have any important info on these schools that can show people the truth about them easily?

From Web Master:

Yes, I strongly encourage you to refer your friends to this site.

Click on the red Gov Report button to the left for important information you can give them.

At the bottom of that page is a link to the full government report on several for-profit colleges besides ITT.
At the bottom is also a good summary, you can direct them there.

And check out the Pain Funnel link on that page as well!

I just hope that someone from higher up sees this!!! WACO CAMPUS IS A JOKE JOKE JOKE!!!!!!! It blows my mind that I'm trying to go to online and I've talked to the DEAN, my sponsor or whatever, I've had another instructor call me and I've told all them that I'm not coming back for the quarter that I can not afford to go an hour, I am still wanting to finish by all means I just can't drive 3x a week but OH NO they don't communicate up there.

But I tell you one thing they will definitely communicate when they want their money for school. I told the lady yesterday or the day before that I was sending the money and I get a LETTER about it again.

This place cares only about numbers and money this school is a rip off. I want to finish only cause I have 2-3 quarters left but I AM NOT NOT NOT PROUD TO SAY THAT I ATTENDED ITT!!!!

IF ANYONE ASKS ABOUT IT I'LL WILL TRY TO CHANGE THEIR MIND BEST I CAN. I just hope that someone from higher up sees this!!! WACO CAMPUS IS A JOKE JOKE JOKE!!!!!!! It blows my mind that I'm trying to go to online and I've talked to the DEAN, my sponsor or whatever, I've had another instructor call me and I've told all them that I'm not coming back for the quarter that I can not afford to go an hour, I am still wanting to finish by all means I just can't drive 3x a week but OH NO they don't communicate up there.

But I tell you one thing they will definitely communicate when they want their money for school. I told the lady yesterday or the day before that I was sending the money and I get a LETTER about it again.

This place cares only about numbers and money this school is a rip off. I want to finish only cause I have 2-3 quarters left but I AM NOT NOT NOT PROUD TO SAY THAT I ATTENDED ITT!!!!


Im currently engaged in the ITT online bachelors degree program for construction management.

WOW did I think attending the classes at a physical location was a joke...I cant believe what a sham the online gig is.

The teachers dont respond with any information that can help you "learn" a damn thing. I basically could go to a book store and buy books about construction management and learn more.

I could slam my head in a laptop and absorb more information than Im learning from this crappy program! I wish I would have been warned before. When time travel is invented I will go back and kill myself before ever wasting time,energy, money and brain cells on this worthless "institution".

The recruiters should wear ski masks and point a gun at you when you first meet them. At least you will know you are being robbed.

Im pretty much embarrassed to even say Im attending this school because when people ask me where I go, I tell them, and they say "oh, that school in those dopey commercials??" Yeah thats the one!!! F###MYLIFE!!!

From Web Master
My comment from a while back on purchasing the For Dummies series instead of attending ITT agrees with this person.

I am currently enrolled in the Network Systems Administration (NSA, formerly CNS) program that the Johnson City, Tennessee, campus. I started in June 2012 and will be graduating this April with a 3.83 GPA.

I chose the small and relatively new campus of ITT here in town.

What a mistake.

I knew it was going to be expensive to the tune of $43,000. However, from what I did see and was told, it seemed like a good idea. Wrong again. For at least the first year and a half, the faculty was of poor choice. Many didn't know the subject or worse, couldn't teach. I actually helped teach a few of the beginner classes just because they were so easy and I wanted to help out my fellow students.

Then we had an ET teacher, who actually has a bachelor's in CS, teach some of the computer classes. However, he did not stick to the curricula and instead taught from his own experience. An example was in the "Introduction to Programming" class. The school required the use of Visual Basic.NET but instead he taught most of the classes in C which he knew but lost the rest of the class but me. This instructor managed to lose everyone's homework and then required all of us to redo it all and turn it back in!

Besides dealing with that, there were the worthless courses, such as the "Strategies for the Technical Professional", "Advanced Strategies for the Technical Professional", "Group Theory", and "Professional Communications". These classes not only were poorly taught, but nearly all of them contained material that was really irrelevant to what we were trying to teach. My Group Theory class was a joke and honestly a waste of time (the instructor no longer teaches at my campus).

Then there were the teachers who actually knew what they were doing but had a piss-poor curriculum for their class. One instructor in particular, who we all loved, rarely taught from the books because they were so lousy for the subject at hand. He relied on his own real-world knowledge and tried to apply each week's subject using a good example of what it would be used in.

Now I am in the capstone class which is insane with the amount of work required. We are required to use project management skills, of which none were actually taught, to complete an overly detailed and verbose project. In case anyone noticed, many of us don't have the time that this project actually requires. My current GPA is 3.83 (not bad for someone who's been out of school for 20+ years before going to ITT), but I've struggled to keep it up there for the amount of work involved and the lack of quality instruction.

Like many on this site, I have earned a degree from Google University in researching everything on my own.

However, the new administration at the school (the faculty come and go through a revolving door; there are only four faculty/instructors that are there now from when I started June 2012) are trying to make the school a better place, but because of the poor curricula, overly compressed time schedule, and incompetent instructors, there are fatal flaws that cannot easily make this school better.

Oh, yes. I won't go into great details here, but the "working lab" we had to try to get "hands-on" experience was a joke. Half of the computers never worked and those of us who could fix them were not allowed to fix them! Our IT chair who was teaching one of the courses insisted that all of the labs worked when none of them did. We instead spent most of our times trying to "jerry-rig" the computers to work with the labs.


Moral of the story: you're better off to go to a community college, get the basics out of the way, get a degree in your field of choice, and go to a four-year college to continue your education and specialize. It quite possibly may be cheaper or it could be more expensive, but you will get a higher quality of education and be able to have real self-confidence for applying for that great job in your field with the high pay, benefits, and great schedule!

Best of luck to everyone on this site. Don't be disheartened and try to use what you learned the best you can.