December 2013

I wish I knew about this website before I went to ITT-Tech.

Before I even graduated High School i got invited to go see what ITT-tech was about. I didn't know anything about how to find a college, I just wanted to get college over with and I wanted into programming and network management.

The first 2 quarters were good and I could ask questions and get answers. After that however it was like i was back in High School where the teacher (instructor in this case) would look for a student that didn't understand what we were talking about yet and asks a question that they know the student doesn't know. In some cases we had a course that was about something and the instructor would ask a question that was related to another class and ironically we hadn't taken the class yet and the instructor would rub the fact that we didn't know the answer in our faces.

The main problem I had with ITT-tech was that I joined on June 13th 2011 and quit going on January 10th 2013 and the reason was because they got rid of my degree and tried to force me into another degree that was basically the same thing however the credits in each course went up by half a credit and I would have to retake some classes and be forced to pay for everything. I was in CNS btw. The worst problem with CNS being removed at that time is that we were told about it at the last second and they knew they were getting rid of the degree before June 13 2011 when I first started going there.

Something I really hated was being forced into an online class because they got rid of an in-class course here. I had to go into math 2 and the second English class online and it was only the CNS students that had to do this at that time. The online classes suck, I had an instance where students were told to do a worksheet that was sent to their online distribution thing (which was just the instructor posting something on their profile) and there was no worksheet, there are also times where you ask questions because the books don't always make sense and they point you to the page on the book and just copy paste their answer as something from the book which you didn't understand.

I now owe $20,402 and it's going up because I can't find a job.

I went to the ITT-tech in Idaho. There is only 1 here.

Also since I dropped out I've been getting 2 calls a day from them every day just asking me to go back to classes. I've asked them to stop calling but they haven't. It's annoying and they always leave a message if I don't answer telling me to call them back.

Anyway: now I'm unemployed, 21 years old and have $20,402 debt with 2 dollars in a bank waiting with my mother to lose the house we are in and go homeless. This may be a little extreme but going to that collage was the worst thing to do. And now - because there are barely any jobs in Idaho (that I qualify for) besides those that you have to fight people with experience for the job - I never really get a job and can't pay off my debt. I also had my car repossessed when all I owed on it was $1,700.

Now that I posted a lot more than I probably should have. DON'T GO TO ITT-TECH!!! is all I wanted to get across.

November 2013

Michigan, Swartz Creek

I'd first like to say that prior to signing up at ITT, back in January of 2013, I did a little research and found this website. I read all of the horror stories, and I still foolishly signed up.

Back in January 2013 I told myself that I wanted to know how many people graduated from this campus in 2012, or else I wouldn't sign up. I asked everyone I could, including the dean, James Washington. More on him later. I never found out, but against what I had told myself, I still once more... signed up.

Then comes my first round of classes. One teacher, Greg Flowers, claims he does 3D creation for his day job. I have nothing to discredit him against that. However, he is a very terrible instructor. The guy just simply reads from power points, which are flooded with terrible spelling errors and half finished, and knows very little when it comes to the core functions of computers. He even said that different versions of Windows are "flavors". Awful person to be trying to teach introductory classes. He also allowed some "student aid" to smoke a smokeless cigarette thing in class. I reported this and the student aid, who did nothing in the class anyway, was removed.

The one other teacher I had on my first set of classes was David Schelter. He knew nothing about technology, and he fully admitted that. I won't count this against him as he was not teaching any technology classes. He was doing general studies, mathematics and strategies for the technical professional. For what he was trying to teach, he was great! Sadly, after this first quarter, he quit ITT, major loss on their part.

So with my first quarter down, I was willing and ready to ignore all the comments on this website and move forward with my schooling at ITT. I was quite foolish.

My next round of classes consisted of Greg Flowers, Steven Bowen, and Jack Sansom.

Greg was back teaching Windows Server 2008. Now remember that these classes were being taken April of 2013, with Windows Server 2012 released late in 2012. You'd figure if you are the leading college in teaching technical stuff, you'd be doing it with the latest software, but I digress. When we got our books and supplies for class, we were not given any copy of Windows Server 2008. Greg had no idea what to do for four weeks in terms of getting the students copies of it so we could do our assignments, for four weeks. Thank goodness I have the know how of getting what I need to get, legal or not legal. Still just reading off power points, nothing changed.

Jack Sansom, simply awful. Nothing more needs to be said about him.

Steven Bowen says he was in the army for 10+ years, not going to discredit that. He also says he is running a hospitals technology department in Detroit, Michigan. Again, not going to say this is a lie, as I have no proof. However when you are supposed to be teaching a group of people Client - Server networking, do you think it is wise to say that macs and linux suck and that windows is the best? Probably should not do that, just my own idea however. For what he was trying to get across, I suppose it was alright, even though I retained nothing from it. He also did stupid voices while teaching, very annoying.

My third round of classes I pretty much quit going and have no intention on returning. Now I owe them thousands of dollars and have put in motion my return to a community college, something I should of kept doing!

Now to the staff at this campus. James Washington was a great guy to speak to, until he quit at the end of my second quarter. I am flabbergasted that a "student services" person got promoted to the dean position. Marcus Matthews, you are of zero use. The associate dean was a nice lady who the name slips my mind, sorry! When I was signing up, the lady who was helping, she forgot to have me sign a tax form, and was promptly fired for it. At the end of my second quarter, the registrar quit and was replaced by the librarian. As such we were left with no librarian for my third quarter, which can be seen by their attempt to, still to this day, find one.

They also spam your inbox with pointless e-mails like "the creek" which I guess is some book? I have no idea, pointless trash.


WOW! Wish I would've seen this site before attending.I attended ITT in Henderson, NV.

Wish I would've went to a normal college, the teachers don't teach you sh**, they read from the powerpoint slides word for word. When it comes to the labs, hell you would be lucky to get a lab to work. The only good thing was the online class, but half the labs were videos of someone else doing the lab. So, I guess that would say it sucked too.

I am now in my Bach. Last quarter received associates from same school. I would tell anyone interested in going.. NOT TO waste their money!!

Student - ITT Tech Arnold, MO

Pretty much the same as the hundreds upon hundreds of other comments. Please do your research. Even one Google search should change your mind. Please listen.

HORRIBLE - don't do it. Bad instructors, learning materials, and staff in general! I've only been out 6 months and as I can see I'm going to have a long way to go.

Is there anything that can be done against them? I'm just puzzled why all these people are so upset yet nothing can be done?! They continue to pull more and more students in and ruin more and more lives and we all just allow them to do it? Any suggestions?

I have a meeting up at the school later today - I'm going to threaten getting the social media involved. Not sure what it will do but I'm willing to go the full 9 yards to put ITT out of business.

From Web Master:
Enough complaints filed through the Better Business Bureau is the first step.
Your approach through social media is a good one. That's why I have this web site.

Congress is watching: they have even read the complaints on this site.

October 2013

Tulsa, OK ITT Tech Campus

I've been at ITT since June 2011 and should finish June 2014. I'll have an A.S. in Mobile Communications and one in electrical engineering.

The mobile communications degree was a joke. Watered down education, less than adequate lab assignments, and everyone who attends this school is either retarded or a vet. I'm one of the retarded ones who has stayed this long. Nothing against vets, they get to go for free.

I've seen first hand instructors passing students who had no business passing. Instructors would sometimes make up work if labs weren't to their standards. Tests would often have incorrect answers in the instructors answer key causing students to get horrible grades. When this was addressed to the dean, little to nothing was done.

So many problems arose with this particular program, they axed it.

This school is not worth a dime if you're seeking a REAL education.

September 2013

I attended ITT TECH in Springfield Va.

I graduated in Dec of 2012 with a Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

That school is a joke, where do I begin?

First off The school is to expensive for that watered down education and a rip off. I have tried to further my education by earning my bachelors degree at another school but couldn't due to The fact this so called credits cant be transfered.

Second of all The loans are a scam. They have about 3 different Billing departments that fail with communicating with each other, just thirsty for money. I have paid ITT tech monthly under there b**s** payment arrangement and they debit it from my card without applying my payment to my account. I have paid 3 months in a row with The same account balance. I don't know if someone is pocketing The money but its definitely not being applied to my account.

On top of that good luck trying to call their financing department; everyone there is on an all day lunchbreak - all you get is the voicemail. I have called their corporate to deal with The matter today.


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June 2013

Victim of ITT Tech shooting claims school ignored concerns

May 2013

I am a former instructor at an ITT in Texas

This place is not a real school.

Instructors are encouraged to lie about student's academic performance and attendance, when you don't and I wouldn't, problems occur.

You are also told immediately after hire that the students you will be teaching are too dumb to understand real college level work. Foolish me, I decided to try and teach them anyway.

I quickly found out that most of the students I taught could not comprehend anything more complicated than a fairytale. Yet for some reasons were completely convinced they were geniuses. Then I found out that the little assessment they give prospective students almost always tells them that they are, so the deception begins early.

Yeah, a bunch of mentally retarded, learning impaired, emotionally disturbed, dope heads, losers, and criminals are really smart. Okay, gotcha. Most of these people could not succeed at a real school. Engagement in true intellectual discourse is impossible. Their limited mental ability will only result in frustration and anger. They cannot accept instruction let alone correction. Many have flunked out of real colleges. Some are there for financial aid or in effort to keep out of trouble.

The faculty is a front; they are only there to lie about the numbers and make sure students don't drop out. They want that money. I even heard them joke about how dumb the students are. Yet they want their money. I was even told that I was lucky to get out when I did, as those who stay often have a hard time getting on at a real college or university.

If you are smart enough to understand this post, then you are probably too smart to go to ITT. Whatever you do, don't attend classes there, No good can come from it.

I attended online accounting classes at ITT Tech only to find that it didn't have the right accreditation for me to become a CPA.

I wasted a year and a half and $20,000 in student loans and now I am going to have to start over from the beginning at another college because none of my credits will transfer.

If anyone is interested I am trying to organize other students to try to put pressure on Congress to make some changes because I honestly don't see how they can get by with getting federal financial aid when the degree is worthless.

I created a Facebook page called Former Forprofit College Students Speak Out where I can be reached.

Senator Tom Harkin has been leading a Congressional investigation into the issue and he would be interested in hearing from you as well.

Senator Harkin has visited this web site.
Information on his investigation may be found on the GOV REPORT link to the left.

April 2013

I was 18 years old when I started college, and I was naive.

I trusted the financial aid office of a for-profit college and now I'm paying for it by not being able to start a family or own a home due to absorbitant student debt.

I went to ITT Tech at Rancho Cordova, from 2004-2007 and earned an AS degree for Computer Network Systems.

I recall a teacher named Sonny who was a math teacher for the secondary math class, I think it was Algebra. He would give students the answers to exams, and made it very clear that if anyone did not know the answer DURING AN EXAM, to ask him so he could give it to them. Sonny got a picture of himself on the wall at the school, in my second year attending, as teacher of the year.

I also recall many of my classes had teachers who clearly did not understand the curriculum and would devise their own methods of "teaching" us based not on the text books, but on "side projects" they wanted us to complete.

I graduated in 2007 with $48,000 in debt. I couldn't immediately find a good job as I was in the heart of a recession. I had to put my loans into forbearance for 2 years while I worked a $10 p/hour position and had just enough to pay my rent and food/gas.

In that two year span, my loans ballooned from $48,000 to $63,000 because of high capitalized interest. I've been paying close to $500 p/month over the last 30 months on INTEREST ONLY payments. My principal has not budged. After roughly $15,000 worth of payments I'm still sitting at $63,000 in debt.

After calculating my loans it would take me 9 years and 3 months at $1000 p/month to pay $63,000 principal + the $51,500 interest that would accrue during that time. That's $111,500 on an AS degree that originally was set to cost $48,000.

ITT is more interested in enrolling students than educating them. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!!!!

Read those numbers closely. That's the problem: your debt grows and grows yet you have nothing to show for it.
Spend your money on a real education at a real college.
Do not go to ITT!

If you're considering teaching for ITT, don't. I'm not disgruntled, but am seeking other teaching opportunities and will leave at the first good opportunity with a reputable school, and here's why:

  1. Student engagement: a variable instructors (full-time and adjunct) are evaluated on, which is measured by the numbers of students absent in your course each week, as well as how many withdrawal or "drop" from the class (3 consecutive absences or absences for 50+% of classes result in a drop, and students can request to drop themselves). Ergo, faculty are ecouraged by upper management to fudge attendance records to better their engagement rates and minimize drops (keeping tuition profits rolling whether the student is actually in class or not).

  2. Student success: another key variable instructors are evaluated on, this one based on the total number of students in your class receiving a passing grade. If you fail a student - whether legitimately earned or not - you're penalized in this variable. Ergo, faculty are encouraged by upper management to pass all students, regardless of actual performance or comprehension.

  3. Predefined lesson plans: ITT corporate not only insists on standardized syllabi, but even lesson plans (down to exactly which assignments must be given each class). Any deviation or "academic freedom" is expressly prohibited.

The state and campus I've worked for are irrelevant as these apply to ALL ITT campuses and faculty nationwide. I've seen and heard of many full-time instructors and schools chairs being laid off in the last year (one I personally know of who was named school chair of the year before being laid off less than a week later, just before last Christmas), which not only suggests rocky financial solvency within ITT, but a lack of any semblence of dedication to the individuals in the campuses doing the work in the classroom.

The ITT work environment is very "sweat shop," not in the sense that anyone has ever physically mistreated me, but management makes no secret that faculty as seen similar to assembly line workers.

One last point of note: ITT no longer gives any sort of entrance assessment with any sort of qualifying score for admission. If you have a HS diploma/GED, can obtain student loans, and can fog a mirror (and that last point may be waiverable with a couple students I've recently taught) they will gladly accept your student deb.... er, I mean student tuition.

High Point, NC.

Itt f***ing sucks a**, the intro to networking teacher is as bad as they come. the damn class is supposed to be split into lecture and lab and we never get to do any labs. she just stands up there and talks the entire time and only half of the time is she saying s*** that is correct. and when she does say something correct she hurries though it and no one can comprehend what the f*** she is talking about.

I hate this school and there is so much damn outside work because of her not letting us do anything in the class room. there is no way to have a job and get all of her stupid a** homework done and have anytime to sleep. so i guess im just f***ed in the a** with this stupid school they all ready have my f***ing money.

bunch of damn theifs and stupid a** mother f***ers

I went to itt in san bernardino, ca in 2003 and graduated in 2005 for CEET.

At first the classes were ok. Then i started to realize that we werent really doing anything in the lab work besides blowing up resistors for fun.

I held honors twice and highest honors twice and would have had more but in the 6th quarter, i walked out of the final during the microprocessor class because the eprom machines were broken and would not save the program we did. But they still passed me.

After i graduated with a 3.28, i kept in touch with the resources department at itt for any job leads and kept getting the run around. Even when i would apply online and in person to companies, no interviews at all.

After settling for a $12 hour job working in a company that employed ex-felons as their main employees, i went back to an actual university to earn a degree.

Now i have one degree that i can not use for anything because even the credits won't transfer and over $73,000 in debt. I dont know how the total came to this number. 1/2 of this is federal loans which i now get garnished for. The other 1/2 is sally mae loans who seemed to have taken two loans out in my name at a time. The only way i found that out was from my credit report. Sally mae wont give me any information about this either.

I wish those of you out there who are going to itt luck because you will need it.

west palm beach florida iit-tech,network system and it security

im in my 3rd semster and i think im going to finish this semster and find another school.

im frustarted because i feel that im not learning anything. I just started "Introduction to Networking", found out that teacher was hired about a week before class started.

week 1-teacher can't find light switch or run slideshow projector....

week 2 teacher still doesn't clarify what's homework and what's lab work,class is lost on what to do. the teacher doesn't teache or help...Teachers yell at us during lecture time and says we can't multi task, then proceeds to power point presentation that makes no sense while talking about something else entirely, leaving the class confused also gives 3 weeks of homework due in a week and no explanation what so ever,

week 3 teacher changes his mind on whats homework again and says i have just looked at the syllabus for the first time and im confused, we are still clueless on whats homework. get a test with 6 questions not covered in book or powerpoint.

Each week someone walks out because the teacher isnt teaching or answering questions and we are told by teacher that he is a guide and he shouldn't be holding our hands on anything, that we should know this stuff...

we have no dean, she left for a better job and we have been without a dean for about a month....books are outdated, classes are confusing, teachers cant teach, i have seen students openly cheat on tests. some teachers cant be bothered to teach, they just seem to show up.

but i will say I have had 4 really good teachers and they have helped me a lot. the teachers that are good either quit, burn out or leave. most of my teachers have masters but some cant seem or don't want to teach.

im in my 3rd semster and i think im going to finish this semster and find another school. im frustarted because i feel that im not learning anything,

March 2013

I am currently enrolled at the Brooklyn Center, MN campus.

I have the same issues with the classes being "watered down". Teachers do not stick to what has been laid out by ITT. I have had multiple classes where they "teach" sub netting. I have passed every class and still can not tell you how to sub net.

Teachers will change the class to how they see fit and some of them seem lost with what they're doing in class. The current I.T. guy there seems lost every time you ask for help or when he explains what to do he will tell you to look it up online and you will figure it out.

All too often have i been referred to the internet to figure something out. I could have gone to Google college for free. Some teachers are so stuck in their ways that they cannot teach something because they are unwilling to come at it from a different approach and do what they signed up to do, teach.

I have actually also over heard a conversation between a teacher and the dean where the teacher was saying "I am not going to give grades that the student has not earned.". It is speculation as to what exactly they were talking about but it seems obvious that the dean was wanting the teacher to pass people that did not receive a passing grade. That teacher and dean are no longer with the school and no explanation has been giving as to why.

I have also had multiple issues with financial aid and have had to sign the same paperwork over and over again. I am currently having issues with them because I got a call the other day saying that I am no longer enrolled with them and need to pay them $5,700 in order to return to classes and I have been trying to get in contact with the dean and financial aid for just about a week via email, and voice mails.

If I am truly no longer a student that means that I would have to make an appointment to meet with these people and that is not making any progress because not one person there is responding to any of my attempts to get a hold of them so that I can sort this whole situation out.

So far in my education I am not satisfied with my choice to go to ITT and should have made the decision to go to a local college instead.

I have been attending the ITT here in Madison Alabama, for almost long enough to get my Bachelor's degree.


ITT does not care if you learn anything while going there, if they did you would not spend your time in classes like "The Art of Thinking", "Social Psychology", "Environmental Sciences", "Stratigies for the working Professional", "Micro Economics", "Security Issues In Legal Context" and many other useless classes.

For nearly four years I have suffered through classes like these, I can tell you that 90% of the classes have no real world application. Even if they did the instructors could not teach any of the real world techniques, because the quality of student there is not such that actual teaching can go on.

ITT is all about quantity not quality. It's sad really, my $80,000 degree is not worth the paper it is printed on.


ITT, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

ITT is a huge scam. I was specifically told that as long as I am a student (didn't matter where) that I would not have to enter repayment. After 3 1/2 semesters of bs I stopped going and started at the local community college (for $1200 a semester which I paid out of pocket because it was actually affordable)

Not long after, I started getting bills in the mail for over $300 a month (I was told it would be no more than $80 a month). Because I was a full time student and was not working I applied for forberance. Problem is I NEVER got paper mail so was ALWAYS unsure of my balance & of what was going on with my account. Also, my bill went for $300 something to...... wait for it...... over $1100.

Moral of the story is.... ITT will NEVER get a sigle dollar from me.


I started off at tech because it looked really great for a working person, having had little experience with college, I thought the tuition prices were great. After a while though I started questioning why a mom with a full time job should only qualify for enough money to go part time, that's not the way subsidization usually works.

After some research, I decided to attend a full blown university, not the most prestigious, but a university none the less, I pay not even half of what itt was charging and go to school full time, and get back money for living expenses every year.

The worst part is, my Sallie Mae loans are in deferment until I graduate, but this peaks loans that they insisted I needed, even for part time, to afford school is not, so now, even though I am currently attending school, I am paying back student loans every month or, according to peaks, "it can affect my funding for federal loans."

Don't go to itt, stay far away from it, just go to college, most community colleges and universities these days have online classes anyways, and almost all will accept you even if its been a while since your classroom days

February 2013

I agree with most of you.  i went to itt in cedar rapids, ia.  teachers were good but the price is what got me: 40 grand for an associates degree. my cousin has a masters and it only cost him about 60 grand so you do the math. I looked into a local community college and could get the same degree for 18 grand. so what do you think is the better option? Total scam.
I was in my third quarter with a high GPA until the director at the Marlton NJ campus failed to answer my concerns and humiliated me which has left me no choice but to move on.
I am an adjunct instructor at ITT Tech in Omaha, NE teaching my first course for them. I DO NOT PLAN TO RETURN!

I agree that ITT is all about the money and trying keep students enrolled so they can keep collecting that tuition.

I have a masters degree in my subject area and have been in education for 12 years. Because several of my students were failing (based on them deciding not to show up to class or not turn in any homework) the quality of my teaching was called into question. I was asked to sit down to discuss instructional strategies with the Dean.

The instructional materials given to me were inadequate and the pacing is not realistic for the type of student that is enrolled there.

Don't waste your money.

The following link was submitted by a visitor to this site.  Interesting financial information on ITT.  Followed by the visitor's comments.  Go to the GOV REPORT link to the left for more information.


You'll notice the bonuses are given out based on points. At the campus level, points = students. And these figures are just bonuses, not their regular pay which runs into the millions. CEO made $16.9 million last year before his bonus.

January 2013

Awesome website! I wish I would have known what an awful place ITT is. I attended one in Wisconsin and left when I realized what a complete scam it was, sorry it was later than sooner.

All the posts I have read are so true. The books are a joke; misprinted, misspelled, missing directions, basically seemed to be cut and paste jobs from other books. A person would be lucky if they even got a book that came close to matching with the computer class.

The instructors, computer system and materials are ridiculous, don't dare ask any questions you will get no answers and receive no help with anything. The material didn't match the books, just chaos!!

They had dropped all day classes and told me it wasn't their problem I worked at night I would just have to figure it out, I was let go of my full-time night job because I couldn't do both.

The career services people just collect pay checks for themselves and don't help you with anything. I was told they didn't have anything for me that I should just stay with bartending even tho I had lost my job due to them dropping day classes.

When I determined it was time to get out it was the Dean "teaching a class" and decided the curriculum for the night was to go around the room and ask everyone (approx 35 students) "if they were a cartoon character which one would they be?" Are you fricking serious?!?! As I sat there looking around the room at the adult children actually being entertained by this I was disgusted. What does that question have to do with anything...I'm suppose to be paying for a "class" where this is what goes on and the Dean is directing all of it!! This child game went on for about 3 fricking hours. I didn't know if nappy mats and little cartons of milk were going to be passed out next. I never went back nor answered the question when it came to me.

Within days I was sent a letter saying I owed them $$ and needed to pay within 5 days, the letter never stated what it exactly was for nor would I get an answer when I called about it. It was sent to collections on the 6th day. This is an awful scam of a place!! I could go on and on as to what a nightmare it was, everybody needs to run away from this place!! The $$ they say I owe is ridiculous doesn't add up or make sense.

The only thing I learned from this place is that it is a joke and a scam!!
I just saw an ITT Tech commercial. The guy said ITT helped get him a job working with a company that produces "silicone" wafers. At least they could teach students the difference between silicon and silicone.
I will start off by admitting that I have made some mistakes in my life, but I must say this one by far takes the cake! Itt-Technical Institute was by far the worst educational experience I have ever had, the (sales man) treats you as if you have walked into the car lot promising you everything in the world, but providing very little.

I started off with a loan for 2 years worth of school at an astonishing $40,000 but I figured the more you spend on your education the better the education right??...Wrong! Not only was the education very lacking you paid a very large lump some for it as well.

I believe that it really doesn't matter how you performed in class, as long as they were receiving money you were going to pass. I am now almost $70,000 dollars in debt with Itt-tech and harassed constantly by them. This is quiet the debt for someone who makes $40,000 a year.

As with everyone else on here I was promised a job and ended up getting job offers from Itt-Technical institute's career services that I was not qualified for nor were they even in the same field.
ITT Getzville,NY,Graduated 12/2004,Program: Information Technology,Degree: Associates in occupational studies

Well to start off this website is Greattt! Getting the awareness out there about ITT !!

There's not one negative review of ITT that i've read that ISN'T TRUE, as a foolish graduate of ITT it was an on running joke for us while attending that we would graduate and our degrees would only be accepted as greeters of walm*rt (nothing against walm*rt, just believe those greeters are volunteers, get it?) a few classmates were wise and dropped out early after seeing how much of a joke it was. But for us mid life career jumpers we clung on to hope.

Well alil over 8 years later still living check to check after quickly realizing i would need to further my education to make the type of money i need to support my family and was UNABLE to transfer 1 credit of my many from ITT.

They actually told us during a meeting with career services our program should expect to be looking at minimum wage for the first 1 year after graduation, should have been a red flag! You want $42,000 for my education and now you're telling me i'll graduate and only make minimum wage! That's surely not the pay range we were all told during our initial signup to ITT.

What we were told was that we would be making upon graduation a base pay of $45,000- $50,000 range for IT graduates. I asked for statistics on that salary base and was told it was a new program and not enough data had been collected to give accurate staistics.

Classes were a joke, definetly sliding scale as far as grading, they DO NOT want dropouts! I mean come on: our program chair was giving open book final exams. Their CAPSTONE project was a joke as well. I think ITT should be paying back my student loans!!!!


Their instructors are all part time employees now with the exception of program chairs. It's pretty funny how big that "CREDITS ARE UNLIKELY TO TRANSFER" has gotten since i signed up in 2002, there was no such talk of that back then. Oh yeah you will graduate with 3x's the average associates degree credit hours and can transfer them anywhere to further your education. BULLSH*T ITT!!! REFUND PLEASE!
Sometimes I feel like I've sold my soul to be an ITT instructor and it's a shame.

Five years ago it wasn't so bad, way over priced for what the students got. As little is spent on the students as possible unless it was pizza. For many years there was an unending supply of pizza. What they spent on pizza was badly needed in the classroom. Now they don't even spend the money of pizza.

Much like the students new instructors get a bunch of lies about teaching at ITT. How easy it is to get course supplies and materials and how education is #1. It's taken weeks of emails and requests to get what I need and by the time I get it the class is nearly over.

Unless you're getting your degree in IT it will be worthless, all these other programs are scams, I know I teach in one of them. My graduated students can't get jobs in their field because the education they received is a joke. I'm forced to dumb down my classes. If too many students fail or drop I can't teach that course again. It doesn't matter why the student dropped; if they die it still counts against me.

I'm a glorified babysitter and my main job is entertaining the students not teaching them.My students main job is getting out of class early.

I'll often have the same group of students in the following quarter. I make it a habit to ask them a few basic questions we covered in the last week of last quarter and none of them could answer. At first I thought am I that crappy of a teacher. So I used the same test on other instructor's students and they couldn't answer the questions.

It's no wonder my students can't get good jobs, there is no way they can compete with students from universities. I have to dumb down my classes so much I've become stupid myself, why keep up with my field of study if they can't learn it.

Five years ago I would of felt comfortable teaching anywhere, but now I don't think I could teach at the community college level let alone a bachelors program.

I feel so sorry for my graduated students, many stay in contact, they are desperate, they are in dead end jobs and getting billed up to $900 a month on their student loans.

I hope our CEO enjoys the millions he makes every year I just hope I don't meet him in hell someday. His background is in finance and ITT's world is made up of numbers on spread sheets and those numbers are the only thing that matters. When the numbers are bad they don't want to find out the real reasons behind them. I've had to fill in on some of the management meetings. The only things ever discussed are the numbers on spread sheets, nothing about curriculum or anything to do with educating students.

Another bad thing about teaching at ITT is it's just as hard for me to find a new job, as my student, due to ITT's bad reputation. I think it would be easier as a registered sex offender. One thing I have done that is positive for some of my better students especially veterans is to steer them to public colleges. Often I'll have a former student get a hold of them and have a talk. I just can't see taking advantage of these war vets. The rest of the students are hopeless and unemployable, they might as well enjoy the ITT show.
Former employee:

ITT's financial aid policy states that they DO NOT CUT CHECKS to students from any leftover financial aid funds unlike any other college in the whole universe. Mostly there's nothing left but if there is STUDENTS DO NOT GET IT.
From a former employee:

The Digital Game Design was a huge scam that so many young, unknowing students fell for. I know how the Marketing Reps "sold" it: Get a great high-paying job with google, yahoo, microsoft or some other huge company! You could be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs! REALLY - do you think that google would actually hire from ITT??? They turn down MIT grads, Harvard grads, Stanford grads every day!

When the grads from that program could never find jobs with that ridiculous degree (did you ever hear of game designer in Alabama? or Mississippi?) the Department of Education made them quit offering it. So, they used the old bait & switch for a few years till the Department of Ed made them stop that.

Wake up people - make sure others aren't scammed by these greed-mongers like you were!
ITT Tech Pittsburgh, PA

.....I definitely think that attending somewhere else will provide a much better education.
I began attending back in March 2011.

I wasn't looking to go there, I went with my boyfriend who wanted to go and I was only there for moral support. I wasn't being careful however and managed to be included in his appointed and got suckered into enrolling as well. At first things seemed great of course. The instructors were all very nice and helpful (I've only had an issue with one instructor the entire time), they promised flexible schedules, they gave out their own books, and they had a video game design program which is what I wanted to go to school for, however they said I needed to complete visual communications to go into game design (which BTW, is not offered at this campus),

My actual classes for my program started out okay. I felt like I was wasting my time in the first one however. It was essentially a drawing class, and mostly everyone appeared to struggle due to a lack of art skill.

However the instructor was really quite good at teaching, but he was fired after that class ended. Leaving one instructor and the head of the department. The instructor left was not a great teacher. She knew her stuff, but she had a tendency to give you the assignment, leave you to work and 3 hours into class wants to teach you something simple and most weeks it was something she had already taught us. The rest of class she spent on the computer doing who knows what.

At this point I hated attending. Why was I paying money if I wasn't ever learning? To top it off classes were not flexible at all, even though they were promised to be. There were so few students in my course I had to take morning classes and had no option as to what day I wanted to attend.

...the school gives out it's own books, but why!? Maybe other programs use them, but I promise I can count on one hand how many times between all my classes I've used my book. In case you're curious, it's 3.,
at this campus, they kept getting rid of instructors in my program as well as people in financial aid. Even new people have been nice, Even all the instructors have been nice, it's just some run class better than others. I had only one that really shouldn't teach. Despite having good instructors, the classes feel very watered down as well as repetitive.

I've had 3 classes which all of our assignments consist of making event posters or business cards, and assignments have actually been repeated. It's ridiculous!,,My advice to anyone thinking of going, is please do some research. Without a doubt you can find a better education somewhere else.
My son got scammed in the bait and switch from ITT in WI.

He was told he needed to do a Visual Communications class as a stepping stone to the Gaming Design Bachelors degree then they dropped the Gaming Design degree. So, now after having much debt he needs to find a school that he can go to to get his degree adding more debt.,HE got totally screwed.
I attended ITT in Youngstown Ohio 1999-2001 graduated with an Associates Degree in Business Management & Accounting

People really do hold back laughter when I tell them about my Degree. I am now trying to get my Bachelors and will probably have to start all over again due to the fact I have not found a school that will accept my credits.

I am just grateful that my student loans where not as astonishing as some of these I am reading about.