December 2012

Nashville, TN,Complaints:

Had a course where I did not have an instructor for over half a semester. Quality of classes and instruction were poor.

I attended Jan 2010 to August 2011. My credit report shows 3 loans taken out 6/11 in the amount of $18,800 in Peaks program and $5,000 Sallie Mae (sub & unsub). My documents for the 2011 year also showed I received a Pell Grant around $4,000 yet my tuition for the year was in $16,000 range. I never received any overages. I now have $35,000+ in student loan debt.

I did not complete the year because I was put into a program I didn't want (visual communications). I wanted to do gaming not graphic design. I wanted to transfer yet none of my classes are transferable.

Concord, CA, ITT-Tech School of Information Technology, NSA(Network Systems Administration) Program

I am a new student in about my 3rd week of class. I came into this school feeling like I can't wait to start making good money, working for Google and living life to the fullest. But now, after having read 20+ reviews on this site and more so on other sites, I am literally shocked about how many of you described my first couple of classes.

I have three classes right now, and the teachers vary. I have the one teacher who knows what he's talking about actually teaching me something then I have the other teacher who doesn't know what the hell he's even teaching, and of course the problem solving teacher who is a complete moron. I have a feeling he doesn't much like me because I point out his mistakes in front of the whole class.

I have raised concern with my program chair so far and he told me that teacher is only temporary and that he'd be gone after the break. I resume school after the winter break and if he's there, I'm really going to raise hell.

When I started I was planning on going into the bachelors program for IT, but from what I've heard every where on the internet, that's no longer the plan. And because its still so early in the quarter, I might starting looking for a way out.

I'm definitely going to bring all of what I've discovered on here to my chair and see what they say.

I recommend that you do find a way out of ITT as soon as you can.  Let us know what the Chair says.  Most of us who have been where you are can probably predict what will be said.

ITT TECH is a rip-off.

I was told by my student adviser that credits will transfer to any university or college, WRONG!!! no other school accepts their credits due to poor quality of education.

I attended ITT in Ft Lauderdale in the Criminal Justice program, what a joke...I moved up north after only 1 year into it, could not attend ITT in Boston due to distance of over 100 miles travel one way, contacted NUMEROUS schools to continue on with education and all responded the same way, "You wasted your time with ITT"

I now owe almost $37,000 for a year of wasted time which will take me forever to pay off.....Thanks ITT Technical Institute, for nothing but problems.

Austin, Texas.

Before enrolling, I heard it was an expensive school and that their credits didn't transfer.. I actually saw all the BAD/HORRIBLE reviews online but just ignored them. The staff was wayy friendly and helped me enrolling with financial aid and choosing the degree I felt most comfortable with, I thought the staff was awesome.

First quarter, didn't learn anything. Thought I might wait till the second, maybe It was gonna get better. I ended up going there FOR A YEAR on a Criminal Justice/Paralegal's associates and regreted it soo bad: Didn't learn a damn thing, I was in the highest honor roll, but IT WAS SOOO EASY, how could you not have A's or a passing grade.... I also talked to my chair about my concern without much luck.

Poor education, as in they'll just pass you if you turn anything in.. Several of my friends got passing grades on their classes without really attending (attending school every 3rd wk) nor doing their finals... ITS A JOKE!! That's why I now go to another school, still, nobody would give me back the time I wasted, nor the money wasted!! :/

If I stayed in that school, I bet I would have had such a hard time on a real, low wage job. THIS SCHOOL IS A SCAM!! I hope people learn from my very expensive, bad experience :(

I am a former student of ITT in Thornton, CO.

Everything that I have read on this site is 100% TRUE! I got my AAS in Computer Networking and actually put forth a lot of work and got what I could out of a majority of the classes that took. I may have been one of the three students in the classes that actually tried to earn a grade but much to my dismay, the idiots around me passed these classes as well.

Example: I took the lead in my capstone class and did 90% of the work on this project. I constantly had to make calls and stay on top of my fellow classmates to at least get a little work out of them. At the end of the class they all got the same grade as me. WTF?????

I wish I had found this site and read these posts before signing my bank account away for the next ten years. ITT is a waste of time and money and I would not recommend this school to my worst enemy.

I am a former instructor at an ITT in Texas.

I am so glad to be out of that place. I felt myself getting dumber and more petty by the day just being in there with those losers. It is filled with morons, from management to the students this is the worst place on earth.

The lying, backstabbing (that's just the staff) to students who constantly lie and complain about their education knowing full well they cannot go to a real school and succeed. The good students really do suffer for the lazy ones who treat life (and apparently) their educations like a joke. Some barely come to class, do no work and complain. Others come to class and act like it's one big party (hence the constant flow or pizza and cake-at school?). Most are worthless students earning a worthless degree.

ITT only cares about the bottom line and that is the dollar. The students are resentful and jealous of anyone who is not like them and so is the staff.

Want to learn something? Stop being a loser thug or redneck, stop getting tatoos, quit having babies everywhere, get off the internet, learn how to read and go to a junior college. Of course if laziness and mediocrity is you, give ITT a try. You'll be in good company.

November 2012

I think that many of your complaints are true. I know from my experience at ITT Tech in Seattle, WA are similar.

Since i started in the new Information Systems and Cybersecurity program, the classes have not been finished on time. For the first 2 quarters it took at LEAST 6 weeks to get all the books for the classes. The virtual infrastructure was not suitable for student use which was required for the labs.

Since all the hands on labs were not capable of being done we had to do written based labs which had nothing to do with the classes. Many of which were also used in the several other classes.

The instructors mention that the text books and exams have inaccurate information and answeres are given to the students so that they can pass. about 80-90% of the content of the classes are covered in multiple other classes.

Several students pass classes when they should not. For example there are several people that are not capable of writing a decent paper and they ended up passing writing classes with an A or B.

Also when we ask a question to the instructors and they don't know the answer we are told to "google it" or ask other students. Many of the class assignments are group projects in which the instructors pair us up with other students at different levels so that the students that are smarter have to help the not as smart people that shouldn't be in the class and everyone passes in the end.

Overall this has been a terrible experience and I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND ITT TECH TO ANYONE EVER.

The ITT that I attend is in Omaha, ne.

I have experienced all of the same experiences that you have. My problem is that here will be complete morons walking around with the same degree that I have and I will look dumb based upon them.

Most of the people in my classes discovered that they could attend 1 of every 3 days at Itt and you would still pass.

I feel ripped off by this so called school but unfortunately I have a whole year left there.

My instructors are unqualified to teach their subjects and I will suffer because of this.

All I know is that there is someone out there rolling around in piles of my cash while laughing at me.

What can we do? I've met people who have completed the course I am trying to complete and they are all idiots. Yet they have the same degree I am paying to receive now. Should I quit?

At least if I stay and finish I will have a degree which is SOMETHING right?

 I am currently seeking help and am lost as to what to do in my situation. I am currently a itt tech student in my 7th quarter but I am contemplating dropping out due to itt tech dropping the bachelor program I wanted to go in

I was told I had to take visual communications before I could move on to game design so I said sure why not? But I get into my 6th quarter and fellow students inform me that they dropped the game design program and aren't allowing students to sign up for the program

I don't really know what to do.  I have my heart set on game design and that's what I want to pursue

they dropped my program meaning that not only do itt tech's credits not transfer but now i'm stuck with $25000 in student loans for something I don't want to do

but if I drop out I would have to start all over again wasting 2 years of my life

itt tech did not even answer my questions regarding the dropped course. I would love some input and help on my options regarding this whole thing

 is there anyway to get my money back so I can go to another school without being seriously in debt?

 My email is thank you for your time any help is appreciated.

October 2012

I am a current employee (the Bessemer, Alabama campus).

We just had an ACICS accreditation audit last week. Just let me say, it was bad. Truly, I do not know how a school with so many major problems in every department can be allowed to continue to operate and continue to fleece huge sums of money from students, parents and the tax paying citizens of this country.

Well, I went today to the Swartz Creek, MI campus.

After finding out their credits are not regionally accredited, after I talked to the counselors, I got curious: seen ripoff report and this website.

All I have to say: I'm not going through with it. Thanks to everyone that post on this site.

From Web Master:
That is what this site is about: providing awareness.

I appreciate your web site and still the same problems are relevant.

I started in the Canton, Mi branch and I am finishing in the Swartz Creek Mi campus. I can safely say that 85% of my instructors had no business instructing anybody in anything.

I am only still there to finish what I started so I don't walk away completely empty handed.

ITT Technical Institute is a joke. It's a tech school with a screwed up printing network. The dean of academics was the economics instructor. He was there maybe 7 of 11 classes. I have a list similar to yours and it's 10-9-2012.

They want money and that's it. Just last year one of the owners or the owner was busted for stuffing his own pockets with millions. This place is a joke.

I will never recommend ITT to anybody. Go to community collage, you'll learn something and not be slammed with outrageous payments.

I just left the Hilliard, OH branch where I was 'majoring' in computer networking systems.

After a year of trying to give the school a shot, I basically told them that I was leaving. Very few of the instructors were qualified to be teaching the course material. In most classes were we given A's almost exclusively based on attendance.

As long as you attended each class and acted like you were learning then it was not hard at all to get an A.

Sadly for me though I gave them a chance.

I had about 2 teachers that were good at what they did and the others I did not learn anything from.

This school pretty much stole over $20k from me. Once I told them I was leaving to transfer to another school they sent me a notice to repay $13k within 5 days of the letter being written. I received that letter on the fifth day. After confronting them about all of this, they did not seem to care too much and said they were just going to report me to a credit agency.

I want to report them to anyone I can, I have lots more terrible tales to tell and plan on getting even.

Beware, this school is nothing but a fraud. Sure you can get a piece of paper with your name on it but you don't learn enough to achieve anything!

September 2012

I am not able to give my name. But I am an "adjunct instructor" at ITT. I only do one class at a time and was recently called back up to help out. I had truly forgotten why I had been out for a while and not returned.

First: A few positives. Most of the instructors really do seem to care to some degree about the students. It is a privilege and responsibility to be part of a student's life and learning.

But..., Even though it's none of my business, I really have a hard time knowing how much money the students are spending and for a degree that MAY get them an ENTRY LEVEL job. Many jobs won't accept these degrees. $45,000 for an associate's is crazy. Let alone one that doesn't count at some employers.

Community college accepts everyone and always lets you keep trying until you get it (just like ITT). But the cost is 1/10.

There is a REASON why the typical student at ITT is notably different than others. (I won't go into what I mean by 'different' but if you have been there you know)

I am paid $1,500 for an entire 12 week course. And this has been the pay since at least 6 years ago (when I first started). When I casually asked the director about raises he mentioned that 'clearly we weren't in it for the money but rather to make an impact on student's lives'. SOMEBODY is making a boat load.

When I started up last week I was given my key and course material the day before I started. Not uncommon at all. I was well prepared. (Sarcasm)

When I was preparing my syllabus I wanted to include the start and end times for the class but I couldn't remember them for certain. I asked a fellow instructor and he mentioned 6pm to 10:45pm. WHAT???!!?!?!? It used to be 10:20! This was not told to me when I rehired. And, no the pay is the same.

With marginal prep time (which most instructors would naturally do) this still puts the pay at about $20 per hour. Not too great for someone with a Master's Degree.

They require instructors to CALL students who have missed class. I strongly disagree with this. This is supposed to be ADULT learning. AND the reason that they give is that it shows that you care for the student. Although that COULD be true, the REAL reason that they have you call is that they need the student to be there so the student doesn't disqualify for student financial aid. There's no question about that.

The course work is ho-hum. My 8th grader could blow it away without a sweat. I know that everyone is at different levels and have different capabilities and should have the chance to learn, but again, the community college is GREAT for that. Take Math 099 as many times as you need until you get it. At ITT I spent a whole quarter teaching... if A=B*C, what is B? Really, a whole quarter. Yikes.

The instructors CAN get small bonuses. But they are based on STUDENT SURVEYS! Not performance reviews. But rather how well the student liked the class. This is a conflict of interest.

I could go on, but I am venting here for the benefit of others as well as to merge my own thoughts as to why I will be leaving again ASAP. Even though I could have a good impact on a student's life by being there, ultimately I don't want to be part of a system that I don't believe in. A system that I wouldn't send my own kids to.

Because I care about you (even though I don't know you =)...PLEASE consider your local community college. If you DO go to community college then you also will have the option to go to an accredited university later on. (Credits likely to transfer to a university. ITT credits don't transfer much of anywhere. Often even within ITT!)

I'm a former employee of the Bessemer, AL campus and everything I'm reading here is pretty much true.

People are hired in management positions who should never even be let out on the streets. Directors are only there to crack the whip on the employees and keep them lying and cheating to get money coming in to the school. Pretty much, no Director or Dean had any idea how to run a school the whole time I worked there.

Also, in 2011 there was an almost 100% turnover of employees, including instructors who quit in mid-class. Students were told to just not come to class but they all received a good grade anyway, that is, if their loans were all paying out to the school.

It was a terrible working environment mainly because everyone knew it was a rip-off of the students but we weren't allowed to even talk about it among ourselves. One lady was fired because she gave out the phone number to headquarters to a disgruntled student.

The good, caring, hard-working employees are nudged out quickly, leaving behind a bunch of dolts and fools who just plain do not care anything about ethics or morals.

Please do some research on this school before attending! They are under investigation by the government as well as there are numerous lawsuits by students who have been victims of these nefarious people.

I think your website is an excellent start in trying to get the information across about the school in general.

I went to ITT Tech in Tucson, Arizona and that is probably the only regret I have to this day in my life.

My experiences range from multiple teachers quitting and subs being left to guide the class as best as they can. Text books containing mass amounts of grammatical errors in each chapter. Computer systems not able to support the curriculum needs. Lack of hands on training as which was promised by the recruiter. Lack of employers available at the career fairs presented to us. Online classes freezing or giving multiple unknown errors so that work could not be completed or turned in on a timely manner. So much more.

I'm completely irate with this school as well as ALL the students I attended with throughout my bachelors.

August 2012

I attended, and graduated with honors, from ITT Tech in Grand Rapids, MI.....

I had taken classes at a community college while in High School for Electronics Engineering, and ended up just re-learning all of those classes at ITT for over $30,000 more. Not only were instructors clueless without a textbook in front of them, I ( as well as a few others in the class) spent our days correcting what they were trying to teach. It's sad when they don't even know what they are teaching.

Needless to say, I graduated in 2002 and noticed a big change in those two years. First, the motto went from "we'll get you a job in a technical field making good money" to "we'll help you build a foundation for the future", second, the job placement office was never open. If it was, I was always just referred to some local temp agencies.

The last straw was when I went there a couple weeks after graduation to use the library to try and find employment...the librarian knew exactly who I was, and kicked me out because I was no longer a student....after being told that we can use their resources as long as we need to get a job.

I did find a job working on arcade games making a whopping 9 dollars an hour, and was told specifically that I was NOT hired because of my ITT education, rather the community college I attended in High School.

I want to just slap my degree on their desk and demand a refund, as it's been 10 years and I have only heard employers deny me due to the lack of legitimate education.

I am now working in a completely unrelated field, and have absolutely not had any help whatsoever from that stupid "degree".....The only thing I have to show for it is a piece of paper, and some pretty ridiculous loans that I can't afford to pay off.

This school sucks, I completely regret falling for the BS that their scout told me and my parents while I was looking at colleges. I mean, really, I chose this POS school over a university because she promised me and my parents that this is the wave of the future, and they get good jobs for every student by the end of the 2nd year...UGH!

Hopefully there is some sort of suit filed against them, I am 100% all in to get my refund.

I attended an ITT in Florida, and graduated with my BS in Criminal Justice.

I was Salutatorian of my graduating class, and I was a dedicated student. I never missed a day, and I pushed myself to do my best. Obviously, I was the minority of students at ITT who actually attend to learn.

I was unemployed for four months. My career services team sent me leads (loss prevention and prison guard leads, that's about it) and helped me with my resume, but even after interviewing for a couple positions, I had nothing.

My 70,000 dollars of student loan debt were creeping up on me and I took a loss prevention job out of desperation. I quit within a month because I couldn't grasp that I got a Bachelors degree for -that-.

I got hired on at ITT in an office support position because they had an opening and some of the staff remembered me.

When I went to talk to my career services team after that, my director of career services and I started talking about the failed loss prevention job. She looked at me and said, "Well, we sent out your resume to how many places? He was the only one willing to take a chance on you!"... I was dumbfounded. She really tried to pin it on me. I'll admit, it was my fault for going to ITT. I was trying to get out of a bad home situation and thought that I was doing the right thing when I enrolled.

Once you're there, don't look for the rep you took the tour with - they won't remember you. They won't cheer you on and encourage you through tough classes. They certainly won't be there at graduation. They won't know you until they need you again - either for referrals, or because you've finishing your Associate's and thinking about your Bachelor's.

Please, don't go to ITT. If a campus calls you, call them back and ask them to put you on the Do Not Contact list. Send their letters back to them. Don't make the same mistake I and thousands of others have made.

I'm working on studying for the GMAT so I can get into grad school now - if I can find a legitimate school willing to accept the ITT Bachelors degree, I look forward to getting that Masters and forgetting ITT forever.

San Diego CA campus.

I feel like I havent learned anything. Im in my capstone class at the moment and im struggling so bad because of my previous classes.

Dont get me wrong the teachers are great attitude wise but learning wise is a different story. Ive only learned basic things which will not be helpful in this handfull capstone project.

Majority of my classes the labs did not work, or you get credit for just sitting there regardless if you did the labs or not.

I want to let everyone know that this school is not worth the money if you think you're going to learn.

Famous words of a itt tech instructor "google it"

Financial aid... Ha what a joke. they got me sucked in so fast that I didnt even get a chance to say no. I was suckered in because they told me as school went along they would be signing me up for scholarships and free grant money so I wouldnt owe so much afterwards. Well guess what, that was a lie.

now im told that I owe the school money or I wont receieve my degree..  Yeah they tell me that at the beginning of my final qtr.

Now that I need help trying to figure out the money situation my financial aid person tells me there's nothing she can do shes just the "middle man". They pretty much just slapped me in the face.

I think its funny how they constantly tell me that career services tries to call me and my financial aid person tries to call, email, and send me mail... Thats all a lie. Now im stuck with a loan, and plus loan.

Dont know what to do because im worried about ruining my co signers credit (my mom). Any advice would help..

If I had the funds I would sue this school its such a scam. Its wrong that after you sign your life away no one cares to help you.

Please if anyone can help me let me know.

I am a former employee of the Bessemer, Alabama campus.

Every comment that has been made here is true and a lot more that students and parents don't know.

Among and between employees, Directors, Deans, and administrative staff there is rampant sexual harassment, affairs between people married to other people that are consummated during working hours on campus, favoritism granted for sexual favors and other gifts given to management, as well as the daily fraud of the Federal government that pretty much goes on perpetually.

It is a horrific working environment and anyone going in with any optimistic thoughts of improving students' lives etc. soon have any ounce of altruism or feeling crushed out of them. Management and directors are often uneducated morons who have never worked in a school setting EVER and do not have a clue where to begin to do their jobs so they heft their jobs off on overworked, underpaid staff.

One Director of Finance there had everything so badly messed up that he should have been fired, but guess what, ITT upper management MOVED him to Registrar, where everything in that office is now royally screwed up and the financial aid and records staff now do all of his work. These things go on every day at ITT. Unfreekingbelievable!

The whole campus is so unbelievably beyond any type of fixing at this point.

If the taxpayers, the Feds, and the general public knew just a small part of what goes on there the place would be shut down.

Please, students: Go to a REAL SCHOOL, ITT is a rip off and a scam.

July 2012

I worked at the Tallahassee campus. For a long time there was no Diector, and there were 3 changes in Academic Deans.

The place started out with good potential, lots of good hires by the original Ph.D. dean, but it quickly went down the tubes as the educated left or were forced out, by those with minimal to no education.

They only care about getting students roped into loans. The phrase "a Pell and a pulse" are all they are looking for. You may have seen that the federal agency Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is trying to stop money-mills like these, that put people into huge financial debt, with virtually no gain to that person. The CFPB has all ITT's on a "Legal Hold" as they investigate.

Senator Tom Harkin, of Iowa, has held hearings about this. If you are a student who feels ripped off, look up CFPB and Senator Harkin and let both know what happened to you.

Lots of students complain about the constant calls they get from ITT ... before you sign your credit life away with them, they will hound you to sign on the dotted line. The calls after are to make sure you "sit" in class the first 3 meetings, so they can for sure collect that money.

The government also looks at how many who have paid actually graduate and how many find employment in the field they studied, the figures for ITT are WRETCHED! You most likely will not find a job that will pay more than you'd have gotten without the degree.

These degrees don't qualify you for more than entry-level, just as you'd have gotten without the degree.

For employees it is a sweat-shop environment. Outrageous demands. Long hours. Pay for some is okay, if willing to be treated with the courtesy given to slaves back in the 1600s. Speak up and say anything they don't like and you are figuratively kicked to the floor.

I've seen women told that while they are lifting 65 pound boxes, they can be excused from wearing high heels on those days! REALLY!!!

Good teachers won't stay. Adjuncts make only $1,500 per class ... this means 12 weeks of teaching that course for about 4 hours, logging info into the system about which students were there and who didn't show up. CALLING the absent students, logging their responses. Grading the homework, and more.

They lose any chance at bonus money if they lose students during the quarter. They could earn more money standing on a street corner with a sign.

This is a bad place. I'm sure some campuses are better, or hope so. But, in general the good teachers and staff leave or get pushed out by the loafing top administrators, poorly educated and with no "Education" backgrounds worth mentioning.

Did I say this: It's a bad place.

From Web Master:
Read Senator Harkin's report by clicking on the Gov Report button to the left.

ITT Tech is a scam:..., fill your head with s*** while destroying your credit. If you want to learn IT skills,then one must purchase legitimate reading matrerials,teach yourself or find a computer expert to learn from.

I have had the same experiences in Nevada.

The technical instructors are very knowledgeable, but do not know how to, or care to teach the subjects. The answer to most questions is "google it." If I wanted to learn from google, I would not have wasted $50,000 on this school.

I have also found that complaints do no good.

At this point I just want to graduate and get my degree so that I can move on to a "real school."

I am very upset that I wasted most of my GI Bill at this institution, but even more upset for the MANY students who have had to take out student loans and have an ice cube's chance in hell that they will be able to repay them with a job that they MAY get with their degree.

I attended itt tech in vista, ca.

I regret going there, the instructors didnt do s***, to sit down for 3/4 hours just listening to b***s***.

There was only one great instructor there, he did teach us, but out of the rest of the instructors, my problem solving instructor sucked at teaching us, the students had to teach him

Overall its not worth it, waste of time and money.

im attending community college at the moment.  I should have done this in the first place.

ohh yeah, im in debt with loans, I attend school full time so there's no way I can make any payments.

So for those thinking on attending: NO,You're better off at a community college.

5years ago I had called up ITT thinking it would be great.  I feel very lucky I didn't go there because I checked online about it and seen negative reviews on it and didn't want to take the risk.

I know a friend who has gone there and is currently unemployed. Not sure what he owes but he definitely does not have a job nor has gotten one in the IT field yet.

I went to the ITT Tech in Columbia, SC.

I was going for my bachelors in criminal justice. I was almost two years in when I dropped out. I got sick and was at the emergency room a lot and had excuses as to why I was [missing] class, the teachers weren't willing to help at all so I was falling behind.

I started seeing more and more people complain about this institution called a college. I decided I was going back to school, just somewhere else and different major.

I found another school for medical assisting and enrolled, graduated from there with a 4.0GPA, and I busted my butt harder there than at ITT Tech.

I am in the process of paying back $22,963.92 in student loans to PEAKS... not to mention my government loans, I pay over $700 a month in just student loans.

the Bessemer Alabama campus

It is embarrassing to work for this place. I am currently seeking other employment. I know the new director of the campus and the new Director of Finance are sleeping together...he was caught with his hand down her shirt!

The new Director of Recruiting clashes with them because she is not playing their game and realizes that the people that work for her are really low class. I often wonder y she is here. She does not fit.

Smart and professional do not describe the management here. I have told her what I know about the affair between the others and other information I am able to prove regarding cheating on admissions tests. I cannot wait to leave there. I have said bad things about her just to join the crowd of lazy co-workers of mine but she showed me the high road.

I plan to shock them all when I leave because I work hard and do well yet they gave me a below standard performance review. It is all about money.

The current director got fired from Sylvan for sexual harrassment and the Director of Finance is a ghetto woman from Virginia College and the Dean is a failed business man with no people skills.

As a person currently contacting people to attend school at the Bessemer campus with only 2 chairs because the others quit...Just say NO. Just say NO. Go to Lawson or Jeff State and save money and learn something away from the madness. Seriously.

June 2012

I was really thinking about attending Portland ITT Nursing program and I am SO GLAD I found this site.

I was supposed to meet someone this week and I just canceled after reading all these comments.

 I can't believe these people are still in business!

On the BBB site, it gives the school an A+ rating?!?!?! How is this possible?? I should have thought of this when an acquaintance of mine told me he got a 4.0 at an ITT school in Spokane, WA. This guy might be the most retarded person I ever have met so that raised some red flags for me.

Thanks for the site, keep it up!


In response to the BBB rating... if everyone who has posted on this site went to the BBB with their complaints it would drop ITT's rating in a hurry.  I urge everyone who has had problems with ITT, as strongly as possible, please, please, please.... enter a complaint through the BBB.  Their link is on my home page.  Thank you.

I graduated ITT-Tech in September of 2011 with a BS in Technical Project Management, which may as well been a BS in BS.

I must say had I not already had a good job, I would be very disappointed with what I received from ITT.

I went to the ITT-Tech in Arnold, MO where at 1st the staff was great, very welcoming and seemed very knowledgeable. However after being there about a year, I started to see a high amount of turnover in the instructors I had. The instructors lost respect and as students we were teaching ourselves more than an instructor was teaching us.

This upset me as I was paying about $1600 for each class, are you kidding me, $1600 and I have to teach myself??? What kind of side show was going on here was my thought?

So after finishing 7 full quarters one of the Admissions Representatives asked me if I wanted to do my Bachelor's degree, well luckily for me I had tuition reimbursement with my company, however it was limited to $7000 a year, but I asked the people I worked for and they encouraged me to go ahead and purse the BS.

Well I did and moved to online, which is a joke as you can submit a blank page and get 100%; I did it just to see what would happen.

I continued to finish my degree and completed it on time. All good right? NO, not so much, I put a lot into this degree, and actually believe I learned from the school, however the Corporate world does not accept a degree from ITT.

I have submitted to numerous jobs as I continue to try and advance my career, however if the job requires a BS or BA to apply, and you submit an application with one from ITT-Tech, do not expect a call back. Even those call backs I did get and the new job I found, was because of my experience.

The degree is joke and the money they charge for it is RIDICULOUS!!!!

I currently work for ITT Tech and can tell you that you MUST do your research. If you do not plan on staying at the school do NOT attend. The amount of loans and debt you will get into is not worth it.

As far as the education and instructors. I do agree that a handful of the instructors are NOT qualified to teach their courses, but then again I have attended class as community college and the instructors teach IT courses but do NOT know anything about the new technology.

I can confirm that instructors are paid barely anything...just about 1000 dollars a class...if that. The class is 3 months long. While I will say that the instructors are helpful some of them after being there for so long give up on teaching because of drop rates.

Btw,even the CEO mentioned that it is NOT about the quality that stockholders care about but about what can be quantified. An honest Representative will tell you to do your research. There IS a college for everyone. Find yours. Good luck.

I worked at ITT in the midwest and it is a high pressure and high priced scam.

Recruiters are pressured to recruit students who do not have the smarts to succeed at a real college. Most are lower class students with pipe dreams that will not be fulfilled by an ITT education.

The trick is to lure prospects in for an appointment and then quickly do their financial aid and enroll them before they even know what hit them.

Not being mean but the student body resembles an alternative high school with some older adults mixed in.

The part time instructors don't have to have a degree in their subject area and most have never taught before. The cost of the school is ridiculous and is mostly funded with grants and loans and many of the loans end up in default because grads cannot get jobs!

This is NOT a quality school. It is a corporation run by greedy people who do not care about providing a REAL education. Unethical and bordering on illegal in my opinion.

Run away from this place.

Hi, I am a Student planning on intending for ITT Tech, @ Hanover, MD.

The dean at my school seems pretty nice. But when orientation came the Dean had some blurry sentence and his spelling was very terrible. I also wondered if he was nervous. But it seems a sign of this School is a down fall. I don't know.

Does anyone here know if I am correct?

canton mi

I feel like websites is good so people can share their experiences and maybe something can be done about it

well so I was on the waiting list for breckinridge school of nursing which is a 2 year program and you are a register nurse and you also get a associates degree its at itt tech in canton mi

I was mad because june 5 was my admission paperwork and orientation they also said that we was going have to take a admission june 13 which I dont is enough time to study or prepare for and they also said that dont have any other days you can test so I tested today which is june 13th

first they not tell me I was on a time frame no one testing was told and the testers were laughing being very distractive while I tested

I was almost done with my test when one of the testers said we had to be down at 1:00 which was never said and when I looked up its was 10min until 1:00

I didnt get a chance to finish my test with 20 more reading questions to go

 when I went home I got a phone call from one of the tester telling my score was low and also I didnt finish my test which I already knew so basically I cant get in the program

alot of people try to get in the program because unlike a college you dont have to take your perecs ex math biology etc

I wasted my time that school wasnt preparing me for success but failer

 I am so mad this just reminds me how unfair people can be

I wouldnt recommend anyone attend this program unless you dont want to have time to study testing in a week and unorganization and they also say they have flexible they dont

all around a waste of my year waiting on this stupid program

itt gets 2 thumbs down and I wont give up my search for another school or give up trying to better myself

Let me give you a little back story of why I finally left ITT Tech.

I enrolled at ITT Tech in Earth City, MO in 2008. I started going for a Visual Communications Degree to get knowledge in Graphic Design. My major passion was to work designing Video Games. I Excelled in classes..easily passing everything with an A all I had to do pretty much was show up. I had a really bad math instructor who was so scatter brained and unorganized it was ridiculous..I remember getting a 0 on a homework assignment to which I told him I turned this in..he starts digging around in his briefcase to pull out a crumpled up wad of papers which sure enough was my homework and I had a bad VC teacher who came in the class just dripping with sweat then he couldn't even answer simple questions about the program he was teaching..It was almost as if he was just placed in there as a filler teacher and was told to just learn as he went..but it didn't bother me too much.

I noticed that the atmosphere seemed like it was High School all over again and the education seemed a little watered down. Again, not bothered because I said to myself I am going to get in here, stay, succeed and take what I get from this. That was probably the biggest mistake of life. After I received my associates degree I was still working part time at a FedEx warehouse right down the street from school. I was contacting my career services and visiting them almost on a daily basis. I had my resume on the career services website and everything. Never did I receive anything about any jobs except for occasional jobs like fast food, etc. The only thing they told me to do was freelance work to gain experience.

After I enrolled in my Bachelor's I believe it was my second or third quarter I started doing an Internship at a game design company. There I met many of the employees who pretty much laughed at the thought of going to school to get a job in the Gaming Industry anyways. The boss even mentioned ITT Tech specifically.

A few months later I get an email from someone in the Career Services department about a company in St. Louis paying $20 an hour to test video games. Immediately red flags went off in my head but I decided to get some more info about the job anyways..I replied to the email to get more information..she told me to email someone else..I I call up to ITT the next morning to talk to someone in the department. No answer. Leave a message then go to work..when I get off work voicemail from career services, I call back, again no answer. So I go home and start talking to one of the ladies who worked at the company I was interning for about this email. She told me be cautious it was most likely a scam.

When I told her someone from ITT Tech sent it to me she said forward me the email to which I did. I guess she went up there the next day and raised hell, because I get a call from Career Services bright and early in the morning the lady (I think her name was Jessica?) on the phone is biting my head off for why I forwarded this email to someone outside ITT. I told her I was trying to get more information about it, I tried calling Career Services and couldn't get in touch with anyone. She said she was "flabergasted" as to why I would go behind the school's back to do this. Then I hear a guy in the background saying "What you did was irresponsible and inappropriate Matt" assuming I must have been on speaker phone I started to let them have it about copying and pasting emails from google search and sending what could be SCAMS to students, this isn't what I pay high amounts of dollars to attend here for, hell I know I pay at least one of their salaries in that room. She hung up.

 I decided to bring this to my VC chair to which he basically just shrugged his shoulders and said "Don't worry about it, they'll forget who you are by next week." I told him that's not good enough. I said I am taking this to the dean. His response was "he is on vacation" I told him he would hear from me regardless. An hour later I was talking about it to another student in the hallway when the Chair I had talked to earlier walks by and tells me I need to stop then he tells me I need to leave the premise or he is going to call the police..I told him don't bother I am out and I never returned again.

Now I am stuck in over $10,000 dollars worth of private loans from PEAKS and $46,000 in federal loans. My current job? I work at a call center making about $10 an hour..I also am an intern at a gaming company and the sad thing is I have already learned more doing these internships than I ever did at school.

Sorry to make this so long but I just want something to be done about it. I feel robbed and cheated and just want to be heard. I know your frustrations because I am also in the same boat and no matter what wish you the best of luck.

June, 8, 2012
Itt Tech- Knoxville, TN,I will be graduating in September '12 in Criminal Justice.

My fellow classmates and I have been lied to when it comes to CJ. One student is in his 50's and was told he can do anything with his degree even though he has a felony on his records. We were also told on the first day of class that if you are over the age of 35 (I think) that you have no hopes of any government job like FBI or anything. Half of my class was excluded at that point! I told them I wanted to do CSI and I have no interest with patrol work- I found out that I cannot do any CSI work or crime scene work unless I become a patrol officer first and work my way up. I also told them I cannot do classes at night or weekends- that's basically what my classes are!

We were told that the Problem Solving class is absolutely pointless and has no point to our education and degrees- but we're paying for it. Cheating and our work being the same?! You don't have a class like that in an university! It's B.S!

Also I have have 4 classes totally (as of now) that we have had one or more teachers leave and have a new one teach it. My last one was Cyber Crime and the new teacher doesn't even know how to turn the computer on- so he turned it into Cryber Crime Criminology... I ALREADY TOOK CRIMINOLOGY! I AM NOT PAYING FOR IT TWICE! There is actually a student in my class who wanted to do cyber crime- all the teacher said was "lol, sorry." WTF! He has a degree in criminology and nothing to do with computers and yet we are paying for this class and the books and "lab" work- if you call it lab work!

Also, I had a teacher who missed the last 3 weeks of class and none of us (including me) could not do any make up work and so I ended up with a C because he was not there to tell me what I needed. He also did not return e-mails OR e-mail me assignments when I clearly texted him and gave my e-mail EACH TIME and replied back with "okay, thanks." NOTHING!

The vending machines suck and are expensive. Literally I bought a bag of chips ($1.00) and had FIVE (5) CHIPS IN IT! We all counted it before I ate them... 5! They charge an arm and leg for everything!

But my main compliant is I went yesterday to USC Upstate to attend for my bachelors in CJ and she immediately told me after I said ITT that credits do not transfer... She told me straight forward and bluntly, I have to start all over with my education. Turn in all my high school information and start from scratch.

I am lost and do not know what to do now. I will start my last quarter on the 18th and I have no clue what to do, if I should finish it out or quit. What's the point if my credits don't transfer and I have to start all over and rack up new debt?

If anyone has any ideas or help if I can sue just for my debt- e-mail me with anything I need all the help I can take right now or even support. I am lost and it's all because of ITT. This should not be allowed to happen.

Well were do I start.

I went to ITT-Tech for a two year digree in drafting and design. I thought most of the teachers were a joke because when you needed help they really didnt give it two you. I had on teacher that tryed to fail me, but I fought that one and got a passing grade.

Now I have been out of school for 3 years now and I am having a really hard time paying my loans back. I wish i would have went to a community collage instead of a tech school. I dont understand were ITT-Tech got the amount at for going to there school but i thing and it is to much money.

Another thing that I am mad about is that my grandfather cosigned for me and they contact him 4 or 8 time a day if i am a week late. And another thing is that I want to know were my pell money went. I hope that maybe later on down the road that i could finally do something about this.

I think that it is wrong and i wish people would speak up, join together and resolve this cause it is costing a lot of money for younger people to get a education and not be able to use it.

And by the way i got a B+ in English, how did that happen when i cant write a paragraph. By the way i went to Portland OR ITT-tech

I posted a few months ago about needing to test out of psychology in order to double up my nursing classes in the 6th quarter, which I was able to test out and double up.

As bad as my experience with the entire program has been I did see a false statement up there pertaining to the nursing program. One comment said if the school is not accredited when you graduate you will not be allowed to sit for your state boards, that is totally false. Our schools first graduating seniors were allowed to sit for their state board exams and once they did we were accredited in about 12 weeks. I just wanted to clear that up in case some other poor nursing student read it and freaked (like I would have).

I just finished my 6th quarter and I have two more left. I absolutely cannot wait to graduate from ITT, I have turned many would be students from there. I have an appointment with financial aid this next Thursday and I'm scared to death. My other classmates who have had their appointments already were told they have to come up with large sums of money before they graduate in order to receive their diploma, one of them has to pay $5000.00. If that happens to me I don't know what I'll do, I won't be able to get my diploma I guess because I can't magically come up with money I don't have.

All these comments are accurate.

I'm attending a campus at Fort lauderdale, florida and it's about the same here.

It's a shame that we can't receive help from any legal firm.

A lot of things are wrong with this school: program chair put me in trouble in my final quarter. He agreed to let me take capstone and network security at the same time and now he changed his mind because network security is a pre-req class, but the problem here is that a lot of students were allowed to take Network security and WAN 2 plus captone in the same quarter.

I'm very unhappy like eveybody else, however I hope things will change if we all raise our voices.

I went to the itt school in tempe, AZ for 4 years (game design). When all said and done i have an $80k loan that will most likely default because i cant find a job

and seeing how the school is not accredited, basically it means that i will not ever find a career job like they promised.

A waste of 4 years and $80k.

im currently looking into a lawsuit

maybe this site will help us all get what we all deserve.

May 2012

Hello, I am a former student of the ITT Tech campus in Tempe for a Criminal Justice AS degree.

While I did think that some of the teachers I had were good and seemed to know what they were talking about along with wanting to give us a good education, the classes weren't worth the buttload of money I was paying to go there.

I took a criminal justice class in High School, and a lot of stuff I learned there was repeated at ITT. While they tried to act like this was hands on stuff we couldn't do at a normal college, a lot of what we were doing was just powerpoints, short papers we could easily BS our way through and worksheets.

The general classes like strategies and group dynamics also seemed pointless too. The teachers would even change the lesson plan because what the Syllabus said they were supposed to do didn't make any sense. The virtual library and student portal wound up being useless too, most of the people I knew just went on google instead of using the virtual library.

As a whole, there wasn't really much challenge with the work we were given at all. In some of the classes the teachers would even give us the answers to the little worksheets and tests we were given so everyone would pass unless they were just too stupid to listen.

With the test they had me take when I applied back in 09 they also said I had one of the highest scores even though I didn't finish the test and I guessed on several questions. I graduated with a 3.92 GPA and it hardly felt like I had to put in any effort at all to pass most of the time.

I was actually planning to go back to finish off the bachelors degree this year too (Don't know why with all the frustrations I had there...), but right around the end of my AS program I found out that they got rid of the bachelors program because they weren't making any more money than the people who had the associates degree. You would think they would find that out sooner huh?

I also had some frustration with other things like only being given two classes in one quarter which made me take four the next quarter, being given two classes at the SAME EXACT TIME in one quarter, and being given night classes even though I specifically requested to have only morning classes.

People in my classes also had a lot of issues with being given night classes even though they work at night and they would not be able to go to them.

Their people that are supposed to help you find jobs also do nothing more than copying search results from and emailing them to you.

In the end, I just feel like I wasted two years of my life at that place and I hardly learned anything that I did not already know from High School.

I am at an ITT in Texas and let me tell you...this place is horrible.

Most of the students are awful, I mean they honsetly could not attend a real college and pass.

There are some good students who come here hoping to learn but they quickly find out that their needs will not be addressed. Just do yourself a favor, go to a real school with real students who pay to learn.

ITT is unsafe... This is the only place on earth where a functional illiterate can have a 3.98 GPA.

ITT is a joke.

I spent $40K-50K, and guess what I learned? Not much.

ITT is a business. That's all. They're not there to enrich your education... just to make money. I guess that's what you get for going to a tech school...

I just wish I would have known before I went there and wasted 2 years of my life and more money than I can afford on a piece of paper that doesn't mean anything.

I am supposed to graduate next quarter... However, I don't get to graduate because inconveniently for me, my campus isn't offering all of my classes next quarter. They tell you when you sign up that you can go at night, or that they have class times that are convenient for you... that's a joke.

I have had to change my life and my work schedule around school which is not what I signed up for... and now, when I just think that I'm free and can move on with my life and live with my mistake, I find out I have to be there for three more months.

College isn't for everyone, however, I wish I would have been more motivated to go to a real school. My problem was that 2 years seemed so much more appealing to me than 4. Now I'll probably have to go to a real college somewhere and spend 4 years anyway.

My advice to anyone is to make sure you do your research before you sign your name on the dotted line.

If this is the best option for you, then have fun going to class with a bunch of people who weren't smart enough to go to real college, teachers without any real degrees or experience, and an administration that only cares about their paychecks and enrollment numbers.











April 2012

Hey Guys

I'm almost done with a AS in CEET in Arnold MO. I'm trying to figure out whether to finish a bachelor's, only reason being my employer's gonna reimburse me most of the 9 months or so that my GI Bill won't cover.

So far, what I have recieved is a mediocre education. At this point, my main concern is getting a piece of paper that has some kind of degree written on it alongside my name.

I've actually had a few talented and knowledgable instructors along my degree path, but I have definitely come across more than a few who did not know what they were talking about.

I even had one complete s*bag of an instructor go on a 5 minute tirade about how sick and tired he was of us "idiot soldiers coming back from Iraq, and all we can talk about is roadside bombs and dodging suicide bombers." Funny, as he was in the Army during Vietnam, but got sent to Hawaii instead of Hanoi.

The bottom line: If it wasn't a virtually free education, and had I not needed the GI Bill money to survive my first 6 months out of the Army, I would have gone to UMSL or Washington University instead.

I went to ITT in St. ,Rose, La. I am kicking myself because I have passed my certification for education- but can not teach becuase my degree is not from an accredited school. I am mad at myself. I have to go back to school and basically start over. I wish someone would have stopped me when I was going to tech. thanks for this website> I hope someone else can get help.

Currently attending Bessemer AL ITT tech. The date is 19 APR 12 and things are going very well. I'm only in my first quarter, but the information is spot on, and my instructors are not only helpful but really know their stuff.

I am still keeping my eyes and ears open for any foul play but at present everything is fine. Right now my only problem is that the vending machine prices are too damn high!

Keep us posted....

I feel the need to add to this. I went for an AS in Criminal Justice, totally worthless piece of paper. Aside from the fact a fellow student (who I had never actually talked to) who got up in front of the whole class and said, BY MY NAME, that I shouldn't be allowed to attend school because I have tattoos (I really wish I was kidding.) and the instructor did nothing..NOTHING to stop it.

That's not why I'm posting. PEAKS LOAN IS A FRAUD. I signed on for a $17,000 AS degree (I also got $5,000 in PELL grans) with transferrable credits. That's what they told me, anyway. It is now 2 years later, I owe $43,000 and no transferrable credits. I get the credits, it's fine, I'm going to community college for my GEs now. What I am furious about is the $43,000.

Once I finished school and the student loan payments started rolling in, I was like "wtf" and called and asked what was going on. No one could give me an answer. To shorten this story, it has been almost a year and I refuse to pay anything because...surprise! ITT is a scam! I owe $19,000 in federal student loans, and $24,000 in PEAKS loans. First off, where is the $5000 that I got in grants? Second, PEAKS cannot provide me ANY documentation why I owe 24k. This is where I started to get suspicious.

I originally called to defer the payments of $800 a month (800 DOLLARS A MONTH) because who can afford that!? They said they couldn't do that. Red flag. I told them well ok I'm in school (was going to comm college) and they said they could ONLY defer it if I was going to ITT tech. Red flag. I started digging, and the more questions I asked the nastier they got. I asked for papers saying how much I owed, they said they couldn't provide it. Red flag. I said ok, I want a breakdown of how much money you gave out and when, they said they didn't have that information and to call ITT tech. Red flag. I called ITT tech and asked for this information, they said they didn't have it and to call Peaks. Wow, really? So I went into ITT tech, and asked for MY ENTIRE financial paperwork. They refused. The ONLY paper they would give me was a copy of the promissory note.

I called Sallie Mae (who had no problem providing documents) and they told me there was nothing they could do since my issue wasn't with them. I called PEAKS, told them I had to defer my payment, and they got nasty with me. They told me they'd ruin my credit if I didn't pay. Unfortunately, I am more knowledgable than most people my age about finances and credit, so I called BS and told them I'd sue them for everything they're worth. It has now been 6 months, and I haven't heard a peep and haven't paid a cent. If you were 6 months behind on student loans, you would know about it. I just bought a house and a brand new car, and my credit score doesn't even have Peaks on it. It has my 19k from Sallie Mae, and THAT'S IT.

To condense this, PEAKS LOAN IS A SCAM / FRAUD AND DO NOT PAY IT. Contact an attorney immediately if you are paying, and cease all payments immediately. They use scare tactics to get money, IT IS NOT A REAL DEBT.

Bessemer Alabama campus has almost no employees. No directors of Financial Aid, Marketing or Career Services, no academic associate Dean, no Program chairs for CJ,Ceet,Parlegal,Business,and others. They are offering only very limited classes and a whole bunch of students who were supposed to graduate in March had to go another extra quarter or two just because of lack of instructors. More loans, more tuition costs racking up for students.

The Financial Aid office is a complete mess with no one in there to do anything,lost files major accounting mistakes made so students' financial aid does not pay out to their accounts and end up having to pay cash. The one person in financial aid who cared anything about her job was axed because she openly criticized the school's fraudulent practices in financial aid, two people have quit in disgust and one financial aid employee is pregnant by a student (she also did his financial aid package for him) and never shows up to work for weeks at a time (although she still gets ,paid!)

The Nursing Program is still NOT ACCREDITED, but they continue to take applications for it. They have no money for Federal Work Study because the former campus director used it all up last year when school remodeling was done and even students who had been awarded FWS had it taken back off their award letters.No one there knows anything about their jobs or even about running a school.

A new campus director was hired last week with experience from Sylvan Learning Center being his only educational experience.

COME ON DOWN, Department of Education! Please shut this this horror rip-off school down before more students' lives are ruined.

I have been involved in many IT and software engineering hiring decisions in Silicon Valley and if I see a resume with ITT Tech then it goes straight into the circular file or bit bucket.

Even more depressing is that some of the ITT Tech graduates are completely CLUELESS about the extremely competitive software engineering job market. Sorry but an online web degree doesn't get you more than a throw away job. You can also get a BETTER education at the local community college for a fraction of the cost.

The most recent ludricous example of an ITT Tech education was when I was talking to someone who claimed to be an ITT Tech grad claiming that she was having trouble finding a decent paying job at $100K a year. When I diplomatically pointed out that even UC Berkeley and Stanford CS grads were not starting out at $100K then I got the response "Well if they went to a real school like ITT Tech then they might find a job"

March 2012

I have 2 more classes left and I will have my AS in Criminal Justice. I found out last semester that my credits won't transfer having having numerous counselors tell me that they will transfer to most universities.

So, now I don't know what to do. Do I start all over at another school or finish at ITT and hope for the best?

I go online, I have been to other community colleges and find the education to be on the same level. If I had the chance to do it over again I would not go.

I am thinking of speaking with a lawyer since so many representatives there have lied to me about my credits transferring, but I think it would be difficult to prove.

I guess the CJ program is cheaper than most of the technology ones because I only have $15,000.00 in debt and I am almost done. Good luck to everyone!!!

If you are reading this and thinking about going to the school I am begging you not to!!!!!

Unqualified instructors, to say the least.

Students are put through with passing grades. You get a grade for showing up! Hands on training? What a joke! Half the experiments and labs did not or could not possibly work.

It was next to impossible to find an answer to a legitimate question. (No knowledgable people around.) The chair of our dept. did not know that NO and NC stood for normally open and closed. (CEET program.)

Career and services are two words that should not be used together at Itt-Tech.

I want to sue for economic and academic fraud, but cannot find a lawyer to do this kind of law. ANYONE who can help me set this lawsuit in motion please contact me at

I'm graduating from ITT Tech Chantilly, VA on the 17th of March and I'm happy it's finally over. I was shocked to read all the posts on this site because I was hoping it was just the chantilly campus. Between the free pizza etc etc...

I'm disappointed because I really did want to learn everything they promised in a "hands-on" environment. I kept on telling myself it was going to get better, but it didn't.

The Microsoft Exchange class IT 260 took the cake for me... Out of 22 students, 7 people were able to get Exchange working properly. The capstone project has A LOT of exchange in it because you have to show that an email (Outlook) goes through your network to pass. I got stuck on lab 6. Lab 6 is where most students got stuck. I found myself in the final week, so desperate times took desperate measures... I took Lab 6 (which didn't work) and divided the screen shots into 3 additional labs (7-9) and handed them in.

Guess what, I got an A in the class.

If ITT Tech was not business first, it has potential to be a great school.

The United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to know everyone's experience with their student loans, both Federal and Private loans.

February 2012

I have felt my last couple of quarters has been a long and uphill battle with administrators. One of the selling [points] for me choosing ITT-Tech was that our courses were pre-selected. No pesky complications like elective classes.

Last quarter, it was discovered that there had been a mistake in how my classes had been assigned. That said, someone took it upon themselves to drop me from three classes for what should have been my last two quarters to 2 classes for the next three quarters. This messed up my financial aid as well as postponed my graduation date. All of this was done without one person talking to me or asking me about the decisions being made.

Just a few weeks ago my chair had to submit a waiver to HQ to permit me to take a pre-requisite class (the scheduling mistake) concurrently with my Capstone class.

Just a few days ago, I received an email telling me I had to take calculus on-line. This is not the first time I had received this email. I have made it very clear I do not want to take calculus on-line. I am now in a position where my option is either take the course on-line or postpone the course as well as my graduation date. No one so far has been able to tell me if or when this course will be offered on campus again.

I am currently at the director level asking why this calculus class is not being offered on campus. I'm beginning to think since no one is willing to answer a very simple question that there is something not right about all of this.

Anyone who has seen the ITT-Tech television commercials or heard the sales pitches know we, students, are led to believe that scheduling conflicts are resolved easily. Practically, most of us students have also been faced with some sort of similar scheduling conflict like this.

I can also say this; I have the support of a lot of people at the school. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Update on campus located in Bessemer, Alabama: Director of the school has been fired, Director of Marketing quit, Associate Dean quit, many of the instructors have quit, many of the Marketing Reps have quit, Secretary to the Directors is on maternity leave.

What does this mean for students? Basically, the school is being run by 1 Academic Dean who has never worked in a school anywhere and 1 Director of Finance who was a convenience store clerk before she slept her way into her current job.

Many classes have been disrupted in mid-quarter with students just being "passed" with no actual knowledge of the subjects, because they have no instructors to teach. The new nursing program is still not accredited, although they are taking applications for it and processing student's financial aid for it.

Please do the research and DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL!

NEWSFLASH: If you owe money when you graduate to ITT from the Temporary Credit which is the part of your tuition that loans and Pell grant did not cover, you will be allowed to walk across the stage but will NOT receive a diploma until ALL the money owed is paid.

Been there done that.

I go to ITT Tech in Corona, CA and feel like I am learning. Most, if not all, of my instructors have been extremely helpful and highly accredited. An IT director of Kaiser even teaches there and has taught many necessary tools to write many types of programs. Maybe the schools you went to were bogus, but it definitely doesn't stretch out to all of the ITT schools. Good luck to you all.

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Anyone else been to this school with the same experience?
Is this the only ITT Tech school like this?
Is it just one good program?
How are the other programs there?

ITT is so much more expensive than Community College. They pay their "instructors" a fraction of what the real colleges pay their staff...  So, where does all of that extra money go?

I strongly agree with this site.

I have been attending at a campus in Orange CA. which moved from Anaheim CA to Orange and with the move lost the few good instructors it had and began hiring any one that wanted to teach.

Our first new instructor was for Physics, and just like in one of the complains that are posted, he was not prepared for class. It took him four classes to cover what was to be covered in one. Even with the entire class of over 30 students giving him the worst reviews ever he was kept for many more quarters and unfortunately I had the bad luck to have him again in a very important subject for my career, Calculus I; and all that he tried to cover in the 11 weeks a different instructor had to make up for in two weeks on the following quarter in Advanced Calculus.

The campus went from helping students by giving them equipment that they could use for practice to just throwing them away: computers, DMM, oscilloscopes, etc... They want the students to use the equipment at the campus but we are not allowed to use or work in the labs. We have to use the set-up that they have in the LRC which only allows one person at a time to be able to use the equipment and there is not enough room on the table for your proto-board.

I am just happy that I will be graduating after next quarter and won't have to deal with this bs. after receiving my BS.

If I was given the opportunity to go back in time I would stop my self from making the biggest mistake of my life and just go to a different college. Anything is better than ITT Technical institute.

I am attending this school and have 10 months left to graduate IF I can test out of psychology. I have been told from day one I was all set to double up my nursing classes during the 6th quarter but now that the 6th quarter is fast approaching I find out they wouldn't accept my psychology credit because it's 10 years old.

This whole experience has been a nightmare.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! If anyone has tested out of psych here please give me some tips on how to do it. I only have 3 weeks to master it so I can attempt the test out. I have heard from everyone who tries to test out of any classes that they make the CLEP's so hard you can't test out.

The A&P instructor told me himself not to attempt to test out of that class because he's seen the test and he couldn't pass it.

HELP!! I just want to get out of that school (that now has me by the balls) and never look back!!

Troy Michigan & Tampa Flroida campus'

I have attended this school for three years now. I have one year left and wish i attended another school from the beginning. there is so much to say but everyone has already taken the words right from my finger tips.

listen to what everyone on here has already said. there is no exaggeration here.

I do have one question though... When i graduate with my bachelors and this school is guilty of all these offences these people are bringing ITT to court for, does this mean my degree will mean that much less!?!? it already doesn't mean much to a lot of employers because it comes from ITT but will it mean only less to them and if so can i sue ITT for pulling this horrendous stunt on us students?

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I would assume that  anyone who might hire an ITT student (not many seem to want to) would think twice about it if they knew ITT were being sued.  As for your own lawsuit: I recommend getting a few students together with details and approach either a lawyer or a local district attorney.

January 2012

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The comment submitted below is the whole reason I put up this site.

I hope to hear more reports like this one:

Thankfully before I signed up for ITT tech I came across this website.

I went through all the motions, took the test (to which they responded I got the highest score, but refused to show me my grade). I even started the process of financial aid through my GI Bill, but then I saw this site and decided not to show up for our scheduled appointment to sign all of the paperwork.

It kind of threw me off how easy the test was when the woman made such a disclaimer about people usually needing to take the test two times to pass, then when I get it there's basic math and grammar on it. and when I told her that I would be funding myself through my GI Bill rather than their loans it almost seemed like she was unhappy about it or like I did something wrong to her.

Lastly, when I asked her to repeat herself about credits being non transferable to "most" schools I asked her which ones would accept them and she could only name two...other ITT techs and some online university.

I only came in for questions but it seemed like they were trying to rush me to sign everything which really was unsettling for me. Why do I need to sign things to ask questions about your school?

Long story short, after that first experience with them I came home and did some research and came across this site. When they called and asked about our appointment I told them that I wouldn't be there because their school is nationally known as a scam and that I would rather pay the extra money and go to a community college or a university for a real degree. The lady was literally lost for words.

I told her about this website and said for her to remove me from all contact listing. Haven't gotten a call since.

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I strongly encourage prospective students to compare ITT Tech with their local community college.  My recommendation: go to the community college.

I'm a paralegal student at Bessemer, Alabama campus in my last quarter. I was always leery of the loans and the debt & I have no idea how I'll be able to pay them back.

Last year I was told I had to take out a private loan in order to stay in school so now I'll be drowning in payments when I graduate in March and I am a single mother of two.

The classes are far too easy for a real school, I have breezed through them with a 4.0 GPA. At the start of this quarter I was told I had to do an internship with an attorney's office but ITT did not help me find one, I had to do it all on my own. But I succeeded in finding one and was accepted but now I have to go there and work two days a week for free.

Also at the start of this quarter the paralegal students were told that one of the classes we need to graduate would not be offered because there were only 6 students who needed it & the class cost too much to have for just us six. Well, we raised cain! So the school offered to let us do a blended class, which is basically an online course but we have to go to the school to take it. ??? Anyway, the first day of class, the teacher came in and we proceeded to find out that none of us nor the teacher had logins to access the program to get to the class.

OK, this continues for 2 more weeks before we finally can get to the online class. Then on week 4, we show up for the class and we're told that the teacher has quit, we can go back home. Week 5, the Dean of Academics comes in and teaches us, although he knows nothing about the subject and lo and behold HE CANNOT LOGIN TO THE PROGRAM either.

By this time we're all 5 weeks behind in assignments and had very little access to even try to understand the basics of this class. All 6 of us are failing at this point & are in despair of ever being able to pass so we can graduate in March.

The whole school here is extremely unorganized, my schedule has been wrong for the past 4 quarters, books are never there on time for the classes, teachers quit often with no notice and in the middle of a class, financial aid office has not even got any doors so all student information in there (social security numbers, credit check info) are right out in the open in an area where lots of students freely walk through.

It's all just a big mess for students.

I truly wish I had never gone here. In the course of doing this UNPAID internship, the people in the law office told me I'd be very lucky if I could get a job paying $10.00 an hour which will NO WAY enable me to make these massive huge loan payments.


Grand Rapids, Michigan:

I'm currently in my second to last quarter and wish i would have dropped out when i first started!!! every quarter i have my classes changed because they only schedule me for class the days i work which i've told them time and time again.

This time instead of switching my classes they accidently dropped me out of classes altogether, I noticed my name wasn't on the sign in sheet and when i went to talk to my chair i was informed that i could not attend classes anymore because i owed them almost $3000 for dropping was not easy to get re-enrolled but i did.

Career services has helped point out a few jobs they believe are amazing "making less than $10 an hour" while i make over $15. Financial aid wasn't any better than career services: they just want u to sign your name for loans and they won't tell you what its for.

i had to bring in my mother who happens to be a very bright business woman "who told me not to attend itt.. that's one time i wished i listened to her" just so i can understand that i'm signing over my life.

I want to let everybody know that this is a scam!!! If i've learned one thing while going to this school its to look into something further b4 just signing your name!!!

I could have gone to the library, buy the drafting software myself and learn the same thing for a fraction compared to the estimated $50,000. I finished the 2 year course for Computer Drafting & Design, and I still feel intermediate, that's why I switched to Project Management, its all a joke.

The "hands on training" is mediocre. I am now going for my Bachelors in Project Management starting in March of 2012, and this time, the next 2 years better pay off.

The mathematics teachers are the worst of the worst, they expect you to absorb everything on the first time.

Half of the time from ALL of the classes, we didn't even use 5% of the content from the books, so why bother paying for them?

This school is the biggest SCAM ever. I expected much more for the cost of it. Its like High School, but with ash-trays and mediocre staff.

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I hope you're not getting the Bachelors from ITT.  It will only put you in further debt.  The classes are no better than what you've experienced so far.

Read my previous recommendation on self-study here.

I was fired from ITT Tech because I refused to lie to students and because of that, could not make my required numbers to keep my job.

Everything on this site seems to be correct with things that were going on at my ITT school.

A few more things that have not been mentioned:

Some employees do not even have a high school diploma or GED. Some employees in management do not have college degrees. Several of the secretaries in academics department and library have not even graduated high school or passed the GED test.

The college director at my school, John Schuman, (highest manager at a school branch!) did not have a college degree and had no experience at all working in a school. He was hired because he was neighbors with a district manager and their wives were friends. He has now been fired because there were so many law suits filed against the school while he was director.

The director of financial aid got her job because she was sleeping with the director of marketing and the school president (and who knows who else?) She has less than 3 years of experience in financial aid and no experience in management..

While your student loan money is rolling in they will be nice to you (although often unhelpful) but if you drop or have trouble making payments to the school, you are treated like dirt..

Your best option is to attend a local community college. It'll save you loads of money and save your sanity from these evil takers.

ACS, Access vs. First Associates ref: Loan Servicing .....

There was a problem with the upload of the ITT portfolio to First Associates system. First Associates points the finger at ACS and Access. Your credit is at risk. Request complete payment history now, waiting for your concerns to be added to the issues log at First Associates is putting yourself in peril. Demand resolution now. Demand proof of resolution. Demand payment of late fees. Demand waiver of payment processing fees.

Write to the credit bureaus and request notation to your ITT credit lines, stating the uncertain condition of your private loans serviced by ACS/Access and now First Associates.

Make sure all of your communications with First Associates are added to your account record.

In closing, often times when asking for a manager or supervisor they will not be available or on the premises. This is a possible violation of the Fair Debt Collections and Practices Act. You have rights as a consumer.

If you are not provided satisfactory service during this process, report to your school. If you're still not satisfide report to the entity in your state that regulates Post Secondary and Vocational Institutions in your state, possible Ombudsman.

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The following links were provided by an anonymous visitor.
You may find these interesting.

This is a YouTube video from a former student talking of ITT's poor ethics.

This is a YouTube video by a former financial aid administrator

This is an article published on the Huffington Post web site's business section

You can find other videos of disgruntled ITT students on YouTube as well.
I particularly like this one (warning: it does contain some profanity):

I am a current marketing rep at ITT Bessemer, Alabama.

If you are considering going there for a nursing degree, please reconsider. The program was just approved by the state and is not accredited so if it is not accredited before you graduate, you will not be allowed to take the state Board exam.

The credits will only transfer to another ITT, also, not to any other community college or University.

The current cost for 1 academic year which is 3 quarters is $22,900.00. UAB or a community college tuition for the same time period would be less than $7,000.

ITT is also currently being investigated by the Department of Education, the SEC, and several state Attorneys General for fraud as well as having multiple lawsuits pending against them by students and former employees.

Don't do it.

I currently attend ITT Tech in Nashville, TN-set to graduate March 2012, going for my associate's degree. I started March 2010 when I was laid off from work to get a college diploma so that I could get a job. I was told that being laid off and receiving unemployment that I would not have to pay anything out of pocket-my grants and student loans would take care of my tuition-I have since paid them over $2,000.00 out of pocket and they are saying I still owe them more money.

ITT NEVER helped me apply for a job, never even heard from career services until this quarter(my last one)-now they say unless I turn in a resume and have it approved by career services, we cannot pass our portfolio class. Even though I am working at a job that I started in January 2010 (I found it on my own) that I enjoy and pays well with great benefits, it also has opportunities for advancements in my career (career services wants me to quit that job to work at a temp company-making less money with NO benefits)and I told them NO. They said that they couldn't help me if I was unwilling to work with them, Oh well! Sucks for you!

They also wanted me to talk to people at a job fair from Target (how is that even slightly related to my field of study which is software, applications and programming?)

I have to take 4 subjects in my last quarter if I want to graduate on time. I had a C++ class that the instructor did not know the material he was teaching but thought it funny to show inappropriate videos in class (as a woman I was VERY offended). I was also accused of cheating since I did my codes before the rest of the class. I was also accused of lying by this instructor. I went to my chair (nothing happened) I went to the associate dean (nothing happened), I went to the dean(nothing happened).

Every time I was told that I needed to complete the class and they could not approve it if I dropped the class. After 7 weeks, I couldn't take anymore so I dropped the class. ITT wanted me to pay for the dropped class and pay AGAIN to retake the class. I also need to mention at this point I had a 4.0 gpa.

After several meetings with the dean and the director (plus threatening to issue a sexual harassment lawsuit against them) I was allowed to retake the course (if I passed it with a C or higher I didn't have to pay to retake it) I passed it with an A. (although I need to mention that this was the first time the teacher had taught this class and I knew WAY more than he did-he read the book and the powerpoint slides-he had the students take turn reading out loud the book as well.

Labs were a joke since he didn't know how to program so we were on our own to figure it out). I even helped my fellow students in lab so we could pass the course.

In my time at ITT, I have had a few great instructors, some that were okay and some that I am wondering how in the world they even function in the real world. (1 instructor even told us he was only there to get extra Christmas money).

I am thoroughly overall disappointed with my education (or lack thereof) and the cost of the degree is a big joke. All the books given out were outdated (we didn't even get a book for our capstone class-the project that they wanted us to do was thesis level-no way it could be completed in the allotted 11 weeks for a good grade with only 5 people and the languages needed to complete it was not taught in any of my classes.

I had to get advise and help-not to mention pay extra for the outside help-to learn the required language just to complete the class.

The computers in the classroom were outdated and still had windows XP on them-ITT does not pay you to purchase a laptop but you need one to complete your final project.