December 2011

I go to ITT in Memphis, TN., (CNS).  I feel your website hits the nail on the head, as do a lot of my fellow classmates.

One big complaint has been consistant since starting, all of their pc's were out of date (Win XP) for example, they are constantly not working properly; we had to switch pc's to find one that would work properly (power on, connect to the internet, use programs needed for assignments).

Their website is the worst (hard to navigate, find information, etc.).  This is a technical school?

I am now in my capstone course and have read the project to be done. I know all the terms (WAN, LAN, routers, etc.), but putting all these into place and building an entire network is over my head; I don't know how to do half of the things asked for.

The IT jobs here are all high level, experienced people. I don't feel like I can honestly compete or even do these jobs, which I have spent 3 years and a lifetime of debt to learn how to.

I now regret my decision to ever attend ITT.

Hi, my name is Reuben, I was a former student at the Clovis, Ca and I was there for almost 2 years.

I was signed up for their 4 year program and going for my bachelors degree in computer network systems.  I felt like a little kid there because the entire time that I was there I can't recall learning anything new or that I could really use so I later dropped out and am now currently attending school at SJVC in Visalia, Ca.  I have already learned what took me months to work up to at ITT in about 2 and a half weeks.

ITT Tech doesn't offer certifications or even mention that you can't even get a job in the technical field without the certifications, and the degree would be useless.  And I am pretty sure that you can't really teach without the certifications either.

One last thing: their entrance exam is crap; it's completely useless since it's all opinion based; asking me if "I like my name"? or "Do I think everyone should attend college right out of high school"? When I was finished with the test they said I had passed with one of the highest scores they have so far.

So, ya, I'm ready to help because I've sent in my paperwork to put off my loans until I graduate: I've sent them in twice and I am still getting phone calls and they're threatening to garnish my wages and disrupt my current student loans and prevent me from finishing schooling getting my degree.

(I've posted this on other message boards as well so if it seems like you've read this before then you probably have)

To the Webmaster; thanks for creating this site and allowing people to be heard!!!!!!!

From Web Master
You're Welcome!
Thanks to all my visitors who have posted this year and the previous years.
And thanks to those who just stop by to read these posts.

May all of you have a better year, next year, without ITT in your lives!

Former employee:
ITT management sends Reps and employees to classrooms to pull out students who are near graduation with associate degree to scare them into signing up for BA degree programs even if the program the student needs is not being offered.

They are told all kinds of lies like all those loan payments are going to come due, your account is going to be turned over to a collection agency (which they are if any money is owed to the school). Any tactic at all to get the student to keep taking out loans (high interest private loans too) and keep the money rolling into ITT.

Itt Career Services is a joke also. I never knew them to get a job for even 1 student in the years that I was employed. Most of the employees in the office where I worked were gone to 4 hour lunches or on facebook all day, even departmental managers did this. They lie and manipulate reports to the Department of Education and the accreditors (who are also on their payroll) in order to keep the scams going.

From Web Master:

When I met with Career Services, it was the same "counselor" each time.  He always acted like it was the first time we met.  Each time he asked for my resume.  I told him to look in my file one time.  He seemed surprised to see a stack of my resumes there already.

The only jobs he would try to line me up with were working in the fast food industry.  There was no attempt to line me up with jobs in my field of study; and this was before the current job market decline.

I am a current instructor for ITT in Alabama, so far the comments I have read seem to match up with what my students have told me.

The classes I have been asked to teach do not cover what the students need to know by any means. The books are a horrific pile of crap to be exact. So much information has been left out of the class and lab manuals there is no possible way to complete the lab assignments.

When the class is finished, if taught straight from the material given by ITT, students will not be able to pass the Microsoft test it supposedly was taken from.

Not sure how long I will be with ITT, I freelanced a lot of my last class to try and help the students learn what they really needed in order to do the job. I found out about 4 weeks into the quarter that the previous instructor did the same thing. He was fired for it..

Attend a local college, get an AS or BS then take a few certification tests (Security +, Network +, Linux +, MSCE, etc...) You will be much better off and owe a lot less in student loans.

As a former employee of ITT Technical Institute I can honestly say that I did a lot there that compromised my ethics.

1. Finance Director, Campus Director and even the District Director for Southeastern schools strongly URGED us to get students' PIN numbers for their FAFSA. They did this by going onto the site and changing student's email addresses to their own so they would have access to print and change info on their FAFSA forms. If financial aid coordinators did not do this (as well as other things) they were threatened and publicly humiliated in meetings sometimes daily.

2. All employees are graded and PAID by a point system which was never fair nor even regulated so employees could see their points, we were just told we had x amount of points. The director was constantly changing points, taking away points from people who spoke out, and giving them to her favorite employees, who backed her when she didn't even know that parent Plus loans are considered Title IV funding among many other rules and regulations regarding Financial Aid she did not know.

3. We were forced to make students apply for high-interest PRIVATE loans through lenders which ITT was getting a kickback from. Peaks and Eli Lilly Credit Union are two of these lenders. They will accept almost anyone but the interest rate is from 14 to 24%. Students became eligible to apply for these loans when they had completed 19 hours. So basically, almost every student's repackage of financial aid had one of these private loans. One student had a balance owing of $24,900 to ITT and he was approved for a private loan at 21% interest. Do you have any idea how much that means he will owe???

4. Employees were bullied, harassed, stressed, and OVERLOADED by managers who did not have a clue as to what they were doing. The finance director was a convenience store clerk before she came to ITT! Most of the underling employees were doing the work of the directors.

5. Since everyone was being paid according to how many students got in on financial aid, most of the financial aid coordinators lied on FAFSA forms for students. And yes, we filled out FAFSA forms for students, mostly because the caliber of students we saw every day were NOT ABLE TO FILL IT OUT THEMSELVES or we were under such time constraints to get it filled out hurriedly and GET SIGNATURES ON LOAN PAPERS at all costs. Management did not care HOW you did it, they just harassed and bullied employees until the file was complete.

I'm sure there's more so I will continue later.

I am a former employee of ITT Technical Institute. I left because I could not continue to do what I was threatened and forced to do every day which was to lie to students and parents. Their main focus is to get the students in the door and get those signatures on student loan papers. As long as the money keeps flowing in everyone is passed.

It's basically government subsidized highway robbery. They are in business ONLY to make money and line the pockets of their wealthy shareholders.

RUN as fast as you can away from this ripoff school!

Your stories here are important. You ALL need to report them to the following people who are investigating this ripoff school: THEY CANNOT CLOSE THESE PLACES DOWN UNLESS YOU REPORT THEM!

I currently attend ITT in Louisiana. I am in the paralegal program. I have honestly only had issues with one instructor that was seemingly incompetent and this instructor taught a general class.

I've been reading all of the reviews of itt and, as a mother of two, the fact that I may have taken on more debt than my degree will be worth kind of scares me. I have not seen any reviews from students in the paralegal program though and am curious as to their experiences as far as job outlook after graduation.

I have been very lucky to have highly educated local attorneys teaching the classes for my major and while ITT's courses are poorly designed and do not teach napoleonic law, the attorneys that have taught me have always changed the courses to teach us what we need here in LA and what paralegals should be capable of.

The reason I feel I'm ok with itt is that it's not likely to have a "degree" In paralegal studies. The most you can get at a university is a certification.

One of the reasons I'm starting to worry about a "degree" from itt is that in actuality, my classes have been challenging and I've worked my butt off to have a very high gpa (I only have a couple of quarters left) and was asked to become a member of the honor society... But reading all these things about grade inflation and easy classes worries me that I may not be given the credit I deserve by future prospective employers.

All of this being said I have had some issues with itt that caused me to see red - I wanted to graduate ASAP so I asked to be put into additional classes, moving my graduation date up a quarter. Somehow this got completely assed up and I find out a QUARTER before I'm supposed to graduate that because of their screw up I have to attend an additional 3 months for a capstone class and an "externship" - originally we had a choice between this "externship" (a non paying internship that counts as a class) and a business law class.

Having worked in law offices before as a legal aide, I have no interest in spending more time away from my children while I'm not working and filing at an office for 10 hrs a week for no pay. Sorry. Yea well... Of course business law (like so many other classes) was suddenly no longer offered. Externship it is - I am not allowed to add my capstone class and this externship to my upcoming quarter bc financial aid will not cover me to take that many "classes" even though I'd only be attending school 4 times a week if they did. Why? Oh because i have to PAY THE FULL CLASS PRICE to complete the NON PAYING EXTERNSHIP?!

Am I wrong for thinking that is ridiculous?! - upon receiving my honor society material I was told by a student worker (and the brochure she gave me) of the thousands of dollars available in scholarship money to honor society members. Apparently that was the amount of money they've given out TOTAL. EVER. there are literally like 2 scholarships you can apply for. Whatever.

Hopefully it will just look nice on my resume and my parents can smile at graduation and hopefully never research the real itt.

I'm sure I've experienced way more negatives than this but it's just what has stood out to me recently. Other than being told (idk how reliable this is yet) that for my upcoming online class (that I didn't want, but it's no longer offered at the school of course) we need to attend the online class for almost 3 hours AT SCHOOL... not to nitpick but doesn't that Eliminate the only positive aspect of taking an online class?! I mean really.

I have to say though that I have had some truly awesome teachers that have far outnumbered the bad ones and that I haven't had too many problems with the majority of the administration although i know people with horror stories. If anyone reads this and has completed the paralegal program and has any info about how it affected their ability to find a job, etc please email me @ , any info would be greatly appreciated.

This is our first post from a paralegal student.

The comments reflect the opinions of others: individual teachers can be great but they have to work outside the boundries of ITT to be effective.
I hope we hear how this student is received by potential employers with ITT on a resume.

November 2011

ITT TECH FORT WAYNE.   I have 3 classes before graduation and our class was told the first day that for now on we have to get b instead of c. Now I probably get kicked out because of a c.

I signed a contract that stated that I had to get c not b and never signed another one that stated differently.

School stated it was cooperate that did that. Then I was told that our nursing chair that just started weeks before went to uindy and voted that we needed b to go on.


I go to ITT Tech in Michigan. I feel that the work is TOOO easy. I don't even study and I get an A in all of my classes. I don't really feel that I have learned much (I'm in the Criminal Justice Program).

Now I find out that the ITT is going to get rid of the CJ program so I can only go for the rest of my 2 years and thats it. I'm not really sure what program they will replace Criminal Justice with. Maybe some type of Business Class or something.

Everyday when I go to my classes, I feel like its completely pointless in even going. Half of the classes that I have taken, I have already learned the information in high school. I messed up. I should have looked more into ITT before joining that school. Now I'm paying tons of money for pretty much a piece of paper in the end when I graduate.

A friend that I talk to says that she checked out ITT but told me that she didn't want to go there for some reason, now she goes to school at [DeVry] University. I think that I would be better off there instead of at ITT. But I can't change my past, so I hope to learn from my mistakes.

Ill finish my 2 years at ITT for the CJ program then Ill go from there.

From Web Master:

I would recommend cutting your losses and not finish at ITT, save the money.
But the decision is yours.

Call places today where you'd like to work and ask if having ITT on your resume is helpful or hurtful.  Let us know what you find out.

I attend ITT Tech in Earth City, Mo for VC. I started out as a CEET student because my friend was going and I figured I needed an education so why not. (Me in there signing the papers would be the dramatic cut scene in a movie when you realize the character has made the decision that will haunt them for the rest of there life)

About 4 months in I was doing real good, had a 3.7 GPA, but I started to realize that ITT wasn't exactly the most serious of schools, more like an advanced highschool level of education. After some serious thought, I decided to switch my major to Visual Communications because i actually had interest in graphic design especially the adobe suite as apposed to circuits and network protocols.

I have been breezing through the VC program and have learned a couple things, i would say I went from a 3/10 level to about a 7/10 level which is ok, not $50,000 ok, but ok. So I was ok with everything, up until my last three quarters, from their scheduling i had two classes for one quarter, one in the next, and then 2 for my final quarter because the classes where not available when i needed them which meant I would have to attend for another 13 weeks after i was supposed to graduate.

Once again I was ok with it, Whatever as long as I get done i was thinking.  Mid way into my first of the last three quarters I get called into the financial aid office. After some smooth and fast talking i walked out with a $7200 Peaks personal - high interest loan and the knowledge that i would not be eligible for any grants for the remainder of my time at ITT since i was no longer a full time student. For some reason, i just trusted them and went along my way.

What sparked me into giving this any thought, is that I am now getting letters saying my loans are coming in repayment soon and i'm still in my second to last quarter of school! I did some research which lead me to here which has opened my eyes to the amazing educational fraud that is ITT Tech. I feel i don't even need to go into detail about the lack of up to date materials and hardware that ITT provides us, the lack of teachers that have any right to be in charge of any type of classroom, and the amazingly high rate that students are charged for these "lacks".

I did some research on ITT and ITT Educational Services and it is pretty obvious what is going on: in 1998 the company was bought by Starwood hotels and resorts worldwide, inc. Do you think they really give a damn about education? Even worse, Starwood got every dime they could out of ITT and then in 1999 sold all of their remaining stock in a public sharing. So that means ITT has NO EDUCATIONAL BACKBONE.

It is run by boardmembers that investors voted on. What do you think an investor's primary goal is? I don't even need to say it..

Needless to say I am seeking legal representation and I can't wait to get back from every attorney, "Well, you signed a contract.."

From Web Master
Here is a link to a history of ITT

I am an attorney investigating certain aspects of ITT's practices. If you are so inclined, will the student who attended ITT in Getzville, NY, please contact me? You can reach me at Thank you.

From Web Master
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This user doesn't have a account ("

i attend itt at the maumee/toledo campus in ohio.

i have some reviews also about the education at itt. but i have realized that i have learned alot of great and awesome information since i have been there. (im in cns) chances are i probably will not get my bachs. there but the point of itt is that a high majority of there students are between the ages of 25 and 35. these people are the ones that either should of went to college a long time ago like myself but opted not to.

Yes the homework and the labs are easy il admit sometimes i find that its a little to easy and i dont feel challenged.
but when you work full time you have to pay bills im actually glade theat most of the work is a little easy. I hear to many people in my classes bitch about how much homework there is blah blah blah but funny part is, is that if they where to go to a university or community college they would fail misserably.

theres probably times where people think that the teachers dont know anything. il agree at times they are wrong
but finish the class and move on quite being a p**** cause when ur in the real world what re your options?

i guess my point is that i do agree on some issues and with 2 quarters left i can either drop out which i dont plan on doing or finish by degree and find another college to get my ba in computers that accepts most of itt credits. and there are colleges that do

I'm not sure if this person is trying to say they approve of ITT or not.
It seems to me they do agree that ITT has problems.

Their point about students who do well at ITT would probably fail at a Univeristy or Community College fits the ITT profile:  they hand out high grades and issue degrees even with poor student performance.

This person ends by saying they will find another college to get a BA which will accept most of ITT's credits.  I hope this person will report back with a list of colleges they find because myself and many others who have posted here don't find any colleges which will take ITT credits.

I'm thinking, based on the spelling and grammer of this posting, the English classes at this ITT school are of little help.

October  2011

So, I attended ITT Tech in Getzville, NY. I dropped out of highschool in 9th grade because I was just a very lazy, unfocussed individual throughout high school. Not to mention I was 16 in 9th grade. Eventually I went and recieved my G.E.D. Roofing was getting tiring and old so I eventually decided to check out ITT Tech. The "recruiter" at this school was very chipper. She acted as if this was my second chance and this school is a dream come true.

I decided to go with the Computer Aided Drafting Design field. I chose this because I have always enjoyed construction and blueprints etc. Thinking maybe I can learn to become an architect and make some good money while enjoying my job. Turns out ITT does not teach Architectural. I had 2 classes out of... 24 classes that had anything to do with architectural design.

These Architectural design texts books were not very educating. Seeming like they were written by former students and did not teach me much of anything. Also the instructor was an architect himself but was too tired every night class to teach me properly. It always seemed as if he could not wait to meet his bed. So this being said, every class we just pushed through and "got it over with".

Having a tired teacher is pretty boring. Having a boring class does not help me learn. Every class I took that had to do with my course of study,the teachers were too worn out to even care about the students education. They just seemed to want to go home because they were over worked at their day job.

Long story as of right now but trust me I could go on and on and on!! I am now a graduate with a "CDD" degree which I've yet to recieve. It turns out that the school is holding my degree until I can afford to make an extra $892 from my current roofing position which I only make $12.50 an hour doing.

So I have graduated a few months ago and I don't have a degree yet! How in the world am I supposed to find a carreer without my degree in hand?! I do not think this is legal for them to hold my degree over $892 dollars as opposed to the $40,000 I am currently in debt with.

Let it be known that I was not informed that ITT was giving me a "personal loan" out of their pocket in which I would have to pay back before recieving my degree.

ITT Tech has totally put me in a very hard spot and it is enough to drive a 25 year old man insane...

I really do not know what I am going to do with my future. My final GPA is over a 3.5 and I feel like I do not know enough to even land a job let alone a good paying job.

They have ruined my life "period"!

My fiance is in ITT's nursing Cohort 1 and what a nightmare. The instructors are inept; they cannot even pass their own tests! The worst is that in the middle of the 2-year contract they changed the contract to make it so that you must get a B average or you fail. The original contract says C average. You cannot change a contract in the middle of the course!

 I am staring at the forms right now and we got about 40 signatures rejecting their new rules. I also have a lawyer relative who is considering a class-action lawsuit. Also, we just found out that since ITT is not accredited we cannot transfer ANY of the credits out to another college. Since she did not sign the form yet accepting the new criteria they decided to call it an "assignment" and gave her an F on it!

This just goes on and on. DO NOT ATTEND ITT TECH! IT'S A JOKE. There are many other, better colleges around that are accredited.

From Web Master
If you do proceed with a law suit, be sure to keep us all posted!

I am a current student at ITT and wish I could transfer my credits someplace else but they do not transfer. At the moment I have learned more from my classmates than I have from the instructors.

This school used to be amazing but now it is just another way for us to give away money. Also, everything mentioned on this web site is spot on!!!

For the past 5 weeks my instructor has been 45 minutes late to class each week and never comes back after dinner break, corporate does not care!,

I wish I would have listened to my brother when he told me not to attend ITT Tech. He graduated in 2004 and had a very hard time getting a job. He eventually found a great job through a friend.

He has friends in high positions and they let him know that they really don't like hiring people from ITT because they give degrees to everyone. In fact, they even made the news in my city when a student submitted a recipe and received an "A" with a "Good Job" comment.

My problems with ITT Tech occurred quickly. I first enrolled in August of 2009, but due to a family emergency I had to drop...way before classes started. I re enrolled in December and noticed right away that you will be given an "A" no matter what kind of work you turn in.

After three months of utter crap I decided to dropout and attend another school. Right before I did I found out that they never turned in my financial aid papers on top of that they kept my Pell Grant from August. They never sent it back like they were suppose to do. I contacted the Dept of Education and they said what ITT Tech did was illegal. That's not the worse of it, when I called to drop out the woman was extremely angry and unprofessional.

I made sure that I was officially dropped out and signed at a different school and thank heavens I did because two weeks later after I was officially dropped from the school. I found out that they tried to take a loan out under my name. If I hadn't signed up at a different school when I did..they would have gotten away with it.

Also if you're thinking about enrolling at ITT Tech do a little searching on the web because many of their campuses have been raided!

From web master:
Below are links to articles which reference the above-mentioned raid.

Another article on the same story:

A 3rd article on the same event:

Here's Wikipedia: scroll to the "Controversies" section.

I am currently a student at  ITT Tech in Henderson, NV and have been doing a lot of research about this school. So far, not so good.  I'm considering dropping out because some of the teachers are not teaching me what I really need to learn. All the tests and Quizes that they hand out have nothing to do with whats in the book or even what we have learned. We have a disk to help us understand it but they don't even let us use it. They say we don't need it. So, probably i'm just gonna drop before it gets too far.

September 2011

I love this site and the next issue that arises, I will be here unloading on them. I have gone through so much the past month. Stay tuned, because I am sure I will have something for you.

Don't wait too long!  We're anxious to hear what you have to say.
Tell your classmates about this site and have them share comments as well.

ITT is a JOKE. Hopefully my experience will help others. I highly recommend that anyone actually wanting a true education go elsewhere.

I started with ITT in Sacramento, CA right after High School. I graduated from High School in 1991 and started ITT in 1992.

I was a typical High school graduate and really knew nothing. I thought a tech school sounded like a great idea because it would give me direct education and experience in exactly what I wanted to do with my life. So I enrolled in the Electronic Engineering Technology course. Two years later I had my degree (AAS).

During this time I had long fights with the school over lack of proper education due to instructors leaving in the middle of the course.  In one quarter I had 3 different instructors because 2 quit after 2 weeks each. That should have been my wake up call. But because I was still a teen I still didnt know anything.

After graduation, I tried to get a job. This is where the ITT lies really started to show their true colors. When I started at  ITT they told me they had a 82% placement rate with the lowest pay scale of $32k.

 After graduation (and I graduated valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA) I couldnt even find a job paying minimum wage. I actually had one employer tell me that he may have actually hired me if I had my degree from any other school but he would not touch ITT graduates with a 10 foot pole.

I ended up getting a job driving trucks instead because I could not get any positions in electronics.

Flash forward to 1999. I broke my back in an accident. Not paralyzed but injured to the point  I cannot drive professionally any longer. As part of my workers compensation I was to be retrained for another job. Now this is where I didnt learn my lessons from before. I again entered ITT.

This time in Oxnard CA. I thought my experiences with ITT may have been just a localized problem. So I started in the CNS (computer networking services). My first problem is that they told me that ALL my general ed classes were out of date from my first degree and I'd have to retake them. This sounded fishy but I opted to simply test out of those courses. Now I was going for a bachelors in the CNS so it was a 3 year course.

 About 2 years into it, ITT started with a new program called Internet Security Services. This was right up my alley and I was the first student to enroll in this course. Now many of the classes from the CNS and ISS courses are the same, I got to skip much of the first year of classes. Since the course was brand new, I had to wait for them to catch up to me. Once they did I started getting really involved and I enjoyed it immensely, I found I really had a talent for it.

About 2 months later, the school came to me and told me that they had disallowed my transfer credits and that I would have to retake 9 classes.


I tested out of many of them again. At this point I actually found a well paying job, but it required a lot of overtime so I actually had to drop out for a while. Besides I was really starting to get pissed at the B*ll S*it that ITT was putting me through.

Now I'm at the point in my job that they will pay me to finish my degree. I went back to the school and again, they disallowed many of the xfer credits AGAIN.

I had to test out of 3 more classes that I had already taken twice with this school. For those counting ITT disallowed a total of 15 classes, granted of those 5 of them I had to take twice and 3 of them I had to take 3 times.  And to top it all off, the only thing the degree's have ever done for me is occasionally get me an interview, until they see where the degree came from.

Luckily I have actual work experience now to fall back on. If it was only the degree I'd be out of luck. 

Listen people: ITT charges a little over 90k for a bachelors degree now. If you're gonna spend that kind of money, do yourself a favor and go to a State University. You'll thank yourself.

And when you see those ITT commercials on TV, think of the stereotypical used car salesmen. Go in looking for an education and you will defiantly get one, just not in the area you expect.

From Web Master:

This web site was down due to technical problems from the end of July thru August, hence, no comments during this time.

July 2011
I graduated in 2009 with Bachelors in CJ. I did not know this school was not regional accredited till yesterday.
What can I do? I have been trying to continue my education so that I can get a Masters Degree but the schools will not accept my credits.

Unfortunately this is a very common complaint.   All you can do is try to see if the schools will let you test out of classes, but they usually charge almost as much as taking the course.  Plus, you may not have actually learned what you needed at ITT to take the tests.

I would also challenge ITT's recent, regional accreditation.  Ask the other schools if they would take ITT's credits from future students with this accreditation: probably still won't.  Just because a trade school is accredited, other schools don't have to accept them.

I'm sorry that you have had this experience.  I and the other's who have posted to this site know what it's like.

From Web Master:
This web site was down due to technical problems between March & June, hence, no comments during this time.

February 2011

My name is C____ D_____, and I am a student at ITT Tech out in Tucson, Arizona.
I've been attending school there for a little over a year now, and feel as though I was heavily lied to and lead on.
The coursework is a joke, as are many of the text books. Some of the instructors don't even use the textbooks because they are so ridiculous. I would like to point out that I hold nothing against the local teachers and staff. They have been wonderful to me. The problem is not with them, but with the higher ups in the system.
I believe something can be done about this. Can the school be changed? Maybe not. But can we perhaps make enough of a stand to get our money back, or some sort of compensation? Maybe so. It has been done in the past with ITT. And some of my classmates and I want to do just that. We need to bring this to the public's attention. Or threaten to. Because ITT won't like the fact that they are a degree mill out in the open.

We are looking to make a stand, and I hope you are willing to as well, whether you are a past student, current student, or (I pray we find a) past teacher. We are going to handle this professionally. If you are interested in joining us, PLEASE email me at
They can make a few people disappear with their powerful lawyers. But they can't make us all go away. If you feel strongly about this, please take a stand with us. Email us for more information. We will have a blog soon.

I encourage you to start by having as many people as you can place a complaint through the BBB in addition to any legal action.  Corporate gets real edgy when they're contacted by the BBB in regard to a complaint.

Let us know how it turns out.

i am currently in an itt school in charlotte nc and am dealing with almost every single complaint that you have. i am transferring out because i have learned nothing in this school. keep on keeping on my friend you speak the truth
sincerely yours,
Christopher A. G.

thanks for this website and comments.  i am currently attending itt and i have one more class to graduate.

i was wondering: should i attend the bachelers program or not? the out side world wants a 4 year degree. i am in the CEET program.
From Web Master:
While I cannot give you personal advice, I think you could probably guess my thoughts about continuing with ITT.  I suggest you talk with students who are currently in your school and in their 3rd or 4th years.  Ask them their impressions of classes, even if they're in another field of study.

If you've studied electronics then you probably know that the current trends are with surface-mount technology.  Do they have the tools to teach you how to work with such small components: testing, removing, installing?  Review the syllabus for the core studies and compare that with what labs they have.  Does the hardware and software they have meet up with the level of training they claim to give?

Then check out a 4-year campus.  You don't have to enroll, just tell them you're interested in a program and want a tour, compare their labs with what you've seen around your ITT building.  Some 4-year schools have their catalogs on line with a full syllabus published.  Compare theirs to ITT's.

Let us know what you decide.

It was breathtaking reading all this, through all of the 2010 archives, and some of 2009.

I was in denial for two quarters, but thankfully backed out early fourth.

I believe they are still trying to make me pay for the 4 class meetings I attended.

I've made all my friends read this as well.

ITT Tech is not a college, but a business, one that gives you 1% for your 100%.   It is a "school" designed to lubricate your pathway so you can slide towards your "degree" blind and deaf.   If you want an easy "school" and don't want to do any hard coursework, sure, this is perfect for you, but if you want a career, this is at the bottom of the list.
The work was too easy in the CEET program.  ALL the electronics teachers couldn't speak proper English; all work and tests were 10 question multiple choice. The only hard part was actually learning, which I found myself doing at home, speeding through those laughable books.
I just wish there was some way to get back the money they took. If you have any advice about leaving and after, it would be much appreciated.

From Web Master
Because of the signed paperwork, there is not a lot one can do.  I recommend contacting your local
Better Business Bureau.  If your town has a local news outlet, you might contact them to see if they'll do their own investigation and publish what they find.  Also: send a formal complaint to ITT Local and Corporate Headquarters.

January 2011

I attend the ITT Tech campus in Madison, MS and the students here had those same concerns about quality of education,
 qualified instructors, qualified deans, and qualified school director.

A large percentage of full-time students have been lied to and forced to part-time status and prolong graduation because of not having instructors to teach these classes. I am one of those students.

One day you are full-time the next day your are forced out of class in the middle of a quarter, put on part-time status or less, because of their incompetence of not knowing how to run a school, which is overpriced and unorganized.

We are just a number! ITT Tech is just a business, not a educational based school.

If it weren't for the student loans that I owe for attending ITT Tech I would leave; but I can't walk away without having this degree, which is probaly not worth the paper that it is on.

I will owe students loans anyway! I might as well try to finish this so called CEET program. We should all get reimbursed for our money wasted (at least $45,000 and counting) and definetly our time!!!

I wouldn't recommend ITT Tech to my worst enemy!!! These ITT Tech commercials are such a big misrepresentation of what this so called school provides. Maybe this is why the school is so expensive, these commercials that false advertise.

One of the biggest mistakes in my life: ITT Tech!!! Don't beleive the hype!!!