December 2009

Hi there-

I want to let you know that I currently work at ITT in Admissions. I feel your pain and I can definitely see EVERYTHING that you said to be true. However, it is not true at every school or is this something that is common at ITT.

Are there unqualified instructors? Yes. Are there changes in curriculum? Yes. Are there things that are said that untrue? Yes. However, these things happen JUST ABOUT EVERY SCHOOL. I'm talking about community colleges, universities, and private schools like ITT.

It sounds like you've had some bad breaks. I wish you well in your pursuit for some justice.

Our goal is to have satisfied students. We know that we will never have 100% of our students be satisfied. You can go to Harvard and not have 100%.

Good luck ...


From Web Master:


This individual did not leave any contact information so I have no way of verifying the authenticity of this comment.


Most schools do not publish their own books and profit from them the way ITT Tech does.

Community colleges and higher education are required to verify the qualifications of their instructors to a greater extent than ITT seems to do themselves.


Though many of these same colleges and universities have the same lack of respect for student complaints with their faculty and rarely discipline or fire their instructors no matter how numerous the complaints.


Upper management from ITT could learn a lot from this posting.


Not once have I, or most of the others who have commented before, ever received such a nice recognition of an obvious problem.

Perhaps if all the upper administration took such an humble attitude there would not be so many disgruntled students.


If this person is who they claim to be... thank you and please tell the Deans and Corporate: that is how one replies to student complaints.



I went to the Strongsville, Ohio ITT Tech and it was the biggest mistake of my life. I Dropped out in high school and had a rough childhood so when i turned 18 i got my GED (which they never asked for) to turn my life around.


I wanted to go to college for computers so i decided they would be a good choice. All the students were druggies and the teachers had no clue what they were doing. Even if they had a little clue, they couldn't teach me or anyone else how.


The computers in the lab were always broken and took weeks to get fixed if they ever did. And I was told by a teacher i would pass college math 2 if i did some extra work he gave me. I did it all then he failed me anyway. (Remember i dropped out in 9th grade so i'm struggling to get through college level math)


The dean wouldn't help me and i couldn't get tutoring on my available days. No one wanted to help.

Now i'm 26 and struggling to get out of debt from going there while all my friends growing up either had kids they can't afford and are on welfare or have criminal records (which they've almost gotten cleaned up) or both. Me, i'm worse off than any of them cuz i chose to try and get an education.



I recently was a student at ITT at the Lathrop, Ca campus. I have many problems with ITT Tech.


From Web Master:

I'm sure we'd all love to hear the details.


I believe your website is very informed. I am going to ITT Tech in Tulsa, Oklahoma right now. I will have my BS in Criminal Justice in March 2010.


My ITT Tech was a great school when I first started there. They cared what the students thought. After being there for also four years it has changed. My instructors have been great. The classes that dealt with the Criminal Justice field were from the field and know what they were talking about.


The other classes were not sure or the books were just bad.

When I first started I had four to five instructors fired for lack of [knowledge in] the areas they were teaching.



I attended ITT Tech from 2006 to 2008. I did graduate.  AAS CNS degree.  My experience is really similar to everybody else that has commented.  I am, after interest and all that BS, about 48k in debt.


I really wanted to leave ITT Tech after the first semester but I was not able to thanks to my parents.  Not joking - since neither one of them have been to college they were proud that (in my words here) attempting "something" (cause I sure as hell wouldn't call ITT an education) after college.


Anyway, when I went to tell them that I wasn't going back to ITT Tech because it wasn't a school at all just a scam, (1.) they didn't believe me, and (2.) I swear to God, threatened to kick me out of the house and "out into the real world" as they put it if I did stop going.


But there is light at the end of the tunnel for me.  I am going back to school and just forgetting ITT Tech even happened (to the best of my ability).  ITT definitely messed up my future but I told myself I wouldn't dwell on it.


So what I did, and I should of youtubed it cause I'm sure it would of got a lot of hits, was I had a big bon fire party the day before my first day at the community college and threw my ITT Tech waste of paper diploma into the fire for, in my opinion, a "new beginning".


I hope the best of luck to anyone else who has already been threw this "lack of higher education" school. To the ones looking at going to it in the Future....RECONSIDER!



I applied to teach math. I had an interview, but they have not contacted me. The people were pleasant, but like working with a con artist, the promised returns have not materialized.

 I've called back, but no reply. Strange. Truth does not mind coming into the light. I'm going to do more research and follow up, perhaps with BBB.


November 2009


yup... i agree with you.. i totally understand what you went through. ITT Rancho Corodova, CA. The staff there all friendly and nice. Luckily we do have some very strong solid electronic instructors that taught us but it really sucks cause ITT laid them off. I have more to say about ITT too.. it really sucks!



October 2009


I feel like a lot of what you said may be true at other locations. I feel a lot of what I've learned, at least thus far in my time at ITT, I self taught myself. (Though honestly the calculus i just don't get.)


I think it varies school to school since i do feel some of the teachers are VERY smart, but there are those, especially in the core classes, (English, Math etc) that just read out of the book and the books themselves are not very well written.


None the less, i self taught myself enough that i feel i'll get by: taken in what i can from the smart teachers and learning the rest on my own.


I know I'm paying a lot to be teaching myself, but at this point it's just become payment on the degree to put on my resume. I DO plan to switch to another school for my Bachelors Program, but i fear i'll probably be stuck with another trade school since they won't transfer many credits otherwise.


FYI: i attend the campus in Arnold, MO. It's not bad but for the price; i'd recommend just going somewhere else. It's nothing special as made out in the commercials.


Some of the teachers who have masters degrees from Universities DID say they'd love to have gone to ITT over their other schools, but then again, they wouldn't have their masters then, since ITT Tech doesn't offer Master Programs.



I completely agree with you.  I have been asking them for years to help me with the problem of not being properly taught at this institution, and I have attended two different campuses, and they're the same at both.


I am in one class right now, Computer Forensics and Investigations, and the course materials like the book and the labs are so outdated that we cannot do most of the labs.


I will give you an example: some of the labs in the book are to be done on a floppy disc, a floppy disc, really? Am I really paying over 1800 dollars a class to be insulted like this? Wow I do think its 2009, and I am pretty sure no one makes floppies anymore.


People have asked me why I stayed if I am not learning; and I tell them, everything that you hear about ITT is so frequently expressed as a hands on school, that I really wanted to believe that what they told me to my questions were true.


When they say:

    "We want to give you a proper education."


   "Stick in there, that's just how college is."


   "Don't worry, your first year on your job you will learn more than all four years here."


   "You are learning more than you think you are."


   "We will look into it."


Etc, etc, etc.  Well I have given this place so many chances to prove to me that I will get labs and proper instruction, yet I am still not receiving an education that can by any means be justified as even close to fair.


What is interesting is that you can pass without really knowing much at all, and I mean with good grades too, that's disturbing at the least.


I have had a similar experience with ITT back in 2003.  It seems we can't file a class action law suit because we signed contracts. Their contracts are filled with legal jargon.

I wouldn't know where to begin to see if they breached our contracts.


I had incompetent instructors.  Dean and program chair told instructors to pass students.  And their textbooks were a joke and of no supplement to the course at all.


What a joke!!  I am now enrolled at Florida Institute of Technology pursuing my BS in Computer Information Systems, and nothing, not even my general ed credits would transfer.  So now I am in debt 60,000 dollars 50% ITT Tuition, 50% INTEREST!! 



Needless to say i was not a very smart child only because i never study, but toward the end of my high school years i was getting on track. I graduated and decided i wanted to attend ITT TECH (a BIG F$%@ Mistake).


In the last years of high school I only got past Algebra 1 but took the required test you had to take to attend ITT, and i passed and the test was like trigonometry or something and I don't get that.


If it wasn't trig it dam sho wasn't algebra 1.................I NEED A LAWYER

And now these bastards are trying to get ... 30 thousand dollars for two years, and i only did 1yr & 1/2 ....really, really.



So far ITT Tech has been a joke.


September 2009


I recently enrolled and attended my three ITT classes once. They were honest about not being able to transfer credits.


What I didn't realize is the cost of education is highly inflated. I am withdrawing immediately.


I checked my local community college and 12 credits cost $876.00 versus ITT's cost of $5916.00.


Wow! Gee, you think any normal person would pick ITT?


O.k I am going to tell the complete truth about ITT:

The teachers I do have are really pretty good. My CAD Teacher, if you can get past the accent, is really pretty good and does have the students education at best interest.


The loan: well I'm gonna work as hard as I can to make sure when I do get my Associates Degree I'm not in debt.



The student president at my school, I really pity him and I will pray for him. He really thinks this one woman in my class likes him (really she is playing him for a chump).




So over all what I have to say is:

If you can teach yourself
Have nothing else better to do

Then go ahead and join the carnival known as the ITT student body.  You will meet lots of people who will never use their degree...

Trust me, I did.  I'm in my 3rd week and already I feel that I have been dumbed down and should have to ride the short bus and apply for my VISA to stay in the USA.


I do plan on making the AIA.  Really I don't see that happening if I get all my degrees at ITT.


August 2009


My experience isn't quite like that but I'm being sexually harassed by another student and I'm about to drop out because of it. I'm there to further my education and he treats it like a pick up joint.


I've tried getting help from the campus but so far no luck.


July 2009


Read the fine print!

Unfortunately, the deans and the chairs will lie about the situation as much as they can. They must earn their salary by not sharing inconvenient news with the students.

I was former faculty for 2 quarters before I left ITT...

I can assure you this business is not first a school--its a money-making sweat shop.  They run their business corporately like a sweat shop, treat their faculty like sweat shop slaves, and the level of education there is far below your average university with tenured faculty--and what is sick is that most of those average universities are not even that good! They do have a well written program and curriculum, but beyond that they can't deliver!  Faculty that actually do their job and teach get punished for being tough! If you are faculty with experience and have been there for more than 20 years, you are asked to leave.  Here is a list of other realities of this school:

They are not accredited and credits don't transfer.

Faculty are paid maybe $1500 (Their top rate) per class per quarter--most are adjunct, yet they require you to have better than a Masters degree, even though they will hire you if you don't, just as long as you get one in the near future.  Although, once you get a Masters or PHD, their rate of pay won't change. Most teachers won't get more than 2 classes a quarter, but the more experienced and well received get upwards of 5, their gross pay for a PHD might make $30,000 a year--that's the same level of pay as what they advertise their students getting upon graduation! This is why they can't recruit the best and brightest faculty--like their students, they will recruit anyone! Most campuses I've seen or heard about are all understaffed, and I've seen management place completely unqualified people in teaching positions, or in the case of one as an associate dean. Their department chairs normally make upwards of $40,000 a year, but are required to not only teach upwards of 5 classes, but spend additional time marketing and getting involved in community outreach for the company.  

In order to work here, you may realistically have to put in 60-80 hours a week just to do your job, so good luck with working on that Masters if you don't already have one.  And when you have some free time, then you can be forced to join their company phone-a-thons once every 2 weeks to campaign for more students the next quarter! Forget about your family, you work the hours that are required, and those requirements may change on a daily basis!  In fact you may be teaching classes that are outside of your area of expertise, if you have any to begin with!

Join a Pizza party...classes with good behavior get free pizza for lunch!  Ice cream for dinner, and steak for A students!  Its a realllll Extravaganza!!  They actually consider a good student to be one who accepts their loan agreements, shows up to class daily and doesn't complain--achievement isn't a factor in how good of a student you are! 

It is true they will recruit anyone to be a student.  I've seen students with mental retardation who need assistance tying their shoes and can't even speak or write English.  There are students with severe legal and personal troubles. They will find a loan for you (even if you have no ability to pay) and if you drop out after one quarter, it doesn't matter, they got the loan money, and the students are stuck with the bill. 

They conduct their aggressive marketing campaigns at each campus, and specifically target students who can't get into other schools, for whatever reason! Normally those who are under achievers, drop outs, people with criminal histories, low SAT, etc...Its all a Jerry Lewis Telethon here!

BTW...the school corporately, is publicly traded.  They have stock--they are not accountable to anyone except the stockholders. As long as the stock remains high and profitable, nothing else matters.  At one point I did entertain the idea that this company's board is run by the mob...a lot of Italian sounding folk on it! I have no way of proving this, but its entertaining to think about! They definitely have a mob mentality in the way their hierarchy functions.  The directors and executives make all the profit, and the rest of faculty are their goons!

ITT does keep good records of their business, and they have a method of sheltering their activities and the accounts of their business within the system.  In 2004 10 campuses were raided by the US department of Justice to investigate evidence of fraud, but the school keeps a clean record, so the case was dropped.  I assure you the reality of what is going on versus what is kept as record is cleaned--this is a pure racketeering operation! 

I could go on, but It would require a book. 

Bottom line, if you are considering schools for your future, do some research and find the schools that will benefit you, and can deliver the education you need! 



Teach yourself more, use your degree and find a job.

Best of luck!  ;]

I'm at ITT and in a bind too. I have an AA in IT-CNS (computer networking) and still do not know how to network computers like a pro. :\

I have to "review" what I "learned" by this awesome educational facility. $_$

 . . .

ITT will [accept] anyone willing to take their debt.!


June 2009


I have been attending ITT Tech in Lexington, KY since Dec 08.  So far the teachers I have had has been very knowledgeable of the course material and such.  Its a new school and is just now having its first graduating class and up to now have had no problems with it.

I read earlier complaints about students passing no matter what, and that seemed to be true at the school I am attending, but most of them have been passing with D's, which is terrible for them really because a D only gets them in debt and messes with their GPA rather than just failing a course and having to retake it.

I have noticed that ITT Tech is extremely expensive for an Associates degree and with reading all the complaints other people have attended ITT Tech has had, I am a bit worried and may drop out and attend a community college.

I think that if I cut my losses, 13k in debt, and run to a university I will come out much farther ahead.

There is just a few things that throws me off: I have seen the FBI and quite a few major companies come there to recruit, which seems odd for a degree that alot of people are complaining about. Not to stand up for ITT Tech or anything, but I think passing all those students on low grades to put butts in the seats to make money has come back to haunt them in the form of a bad reputation.

I also have noticed that they basically force you into a field that you may or may not be interested in, I believe, because they have a better chance of placing you in a job in that field.  As far as Salley Mae or whatever goes, I accrued about 5k of that 13k of debt at another institution and nearly had it cut to half before deciding to go back to school at ITT Tech.

[That] didnt seem so bad with just owing them that 5k, dont know about this 13k though.  Anyway, all this shady college stuff has worried me to death. Will I be able to find a job when done? Is the degree any good to begin with? Am I wasting my time? Holy s___ why didnt I just go to a normal community college?

I should have asked more questions instead of jumping into this, and I will probably drop ITT for the local community college, I just hate to have to start over and waist all that time, but its better than wasting more time and having to start over anyway eh..... gl on whatever you are trying to accomplish :P


By creating this web site, it is my hope to help others be able to cut their losses and get out of ITT TECH before they accrue too much debt.  I hope it has been a help to this person.


I agree that ITT-TECH is a waste of money. I just finished my associates (CEET) last week and will be graduating next month.

For the most part the instructors are a joke only about 20% of them actually know what they are teaching. I couldn't understand most of my instructors because they barely spoke English I don't think they understood English either, I would ask the instructor a question and they would just laugh as if i had just told them a joke or something.


there is so much more that i could say, but i don't have the time,
If you are thinking about going to ITT-TECH don't do it!!!!.
      DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 2009


I went to school at ITT in San Bernardino, CA. This place is amazing all I had to do was show up to received an A.

Seriously, if u have the money and show up to class once every three weeks in order to prevent being dropped, you too can earn a BullS___ degree just like me!

Trust me, go to a traditional school and learn something. Don't waste you time, and most of all MONEY!

You are going to feel like a jackass after some employer hires you, then has to fire u cause u don't know s___.

If u do decide to make a stupid decision, like attend ITT, watch finance's every move and have them explain everything very well. They screwed up my monthly payment plan which was supposed to pay everything off by graduation. By the time I was ready to graduate I had a balance of 6G's because they jacked up some paperwork.

All they want to do is get u in and out as fast as possible. Don't even get me started on the faculty. These bums insult the school to the students face. I quote one of my teachers saying "this isn't a real school." Hell one of my teachers was supposed to be teaching us how to build a portfolio, but instead taught us some crazy psychotherapy course she learned. We were learning about our feelings when we should have been building a damn resume.

Needless to say I'm starting from scratch at traditional school. Learn from my mistake, not your own! But, to each's own. Oh and the Veterans affairs rep wasn't a Vet and didn't know anything.  I had to seek council from a local community college rep. Good luck in whatever you choose.

Oh man where to start.  My teachers didn't know the subjects.  I once had a teacher arrive drunk and couldn't stand or speak.

I had idiots in class that only came maybe ten times in the whole semester and still passed.

I was promised job placement and ended up in a crappy job because I wasn't qualified for a high tech job due to the bad education I received.

The classes are not transferable so I couldn't go to a real college and get a real education.

You name it, it happened. I hate those ITT commercials and wonder how much they paid those guys to appear in them.

I'm wondering what are you thinking ? Did you ever read the books ?? I know they are kinda crappy and so are the teachers, some of them, because I go to ITT Tech as well.  Some teachers do suck, some of them don't even speak English completely. I had a Linux teacher that had no idea about Linux. And I understand, you and me paid for education and expect to learn from it.

However, you have to take things into your own hands, read those books, don't bother doing labs, but try to do something on your own regarding a subject to learn more because ITT will not give you a real world scenario.  This is how I learned most of the stuff in the IT department, don't care about any of the general ed classes.


As I posted: ITT expects students to do more learning on their own, outside of class, as this person says.  I don't know what this person means by saying, "don't bother doing labs".  I found ITT labs were not worth the effort.

I have a lot to say, but I feel that I need to wait until after I graduate this fall.  I'm highly involved at the school with clubs and student council... plus I work there because I was laid off in January.  If your site is still around then... I'll have plenty to say.  Keep up the good work.  :o)

Here's what I think.  I believe most of everything in this article has some relevance.  I think that some of the content, however, is opinionated.

I believe that all technical schools ie: BCTI, ITT, Pioneer Pacific College, Heald College, etc... all have issues in getting qualified instructors as well as supplying relevant education.

These schools all need to be scrutinized/audited by some official department by the federal government or states in which they are in business.

I have been involved with one of these schools and received poor education.  I was "promised", basically seduced into believing that I would receive better wages upon completion.

To put it mildly, it did not happen as expected.  You have to end up making up bull crap in order to give your degree/certificate the appearance of something of which it isn't.

I think that you need to file a class action law suit.  You only need a couple of students and possibly an admission (subpeona if needed) from a teacher past or present that will validate the claim.  Then before you know it, you will win a monetary settlement and deservingly discredit the program and school for not providing you a contractually binding education based upon the syllabus, getting unqualified instructors, etc...

You have a good case so, go get a lawyer and quit procrastinating.

Best of luck


I do have legal representation currently and a strong case on my side is getting stronger.  I'll post details on this site at a later date.


i went to itt but [it] was a joke. ....  I quit and went to a real college and graduated with a degree [from a] community university. itt was way too expensive, not worth all the time and the money.  Go to a real school and get a good degree in something you can get a job in.

I went to school at ITT in San Bernardino, CA. This place is amazing all I had to do was show up to received an A. Seriously, if u have the money and show up to class once every three weeks in order to prevent being dropped, you too can earn a bulls*** degree just like me! Trust me, go to a traditional school and learn something. Don't waste you time, and most of all MONEY!

You are going to feel like a jackass after some employer hires you, then has to fire u cause u don't know s***.

If u do decide to make a stupid decision, like attend ITT watch finance's every move and have them explain everything very well. They screwed up my monthly payment plan which was supposed to pay everything off by graduation. By the time I was ready to graduate I had a balance of 6G's because they jacked up some paperwork.

All they want to do is get u in and out as fast as possible. Don't even get me started on the faculty. These bums insult the school to the students face. I quote one of my teachers saying "this isn't a real school." Hell one of my teachers was supposed to be teaching us how to build a portfolio, but instead taught us some crazy psychotherapy course she learned. We were learning about our feelings when we should have been building a damn resume.

Needless to say I'm starting from scratch at traditional school. Learn from my mistake, not your own! But, to each-his-own. Oh and the Veterans affairs rep wasn't a Vet and didn't know anything. I had to seek council from a local community college rep.

Good luck in whatever you choose.

April 2009

Your comments and others successfully stopped my daughter from sinking into debt for this "college." I personally felt uncomfortable during our meetings with the staff in that it seems like, by design, only one staff member is allowed to be in a room with a prospective student at any given time. If we had a question that a staff member could not answer, that staff member would leave and another one would enter. After the question was answered, staff member #2 would leave and the original staff member would return.

I regulate drug distributors in my job so, by nature, I am highly suspicious of this process. It is apparent that they do not want any staff witnesses to what a staff member says during the recruitment process.  I urge anyone who wants an education to visit state universities and community colleges, which are accredited by legitimate credentialing agencies.

If you want a federal job, the Federal Job site warns that it does not [accept] course credits from schools, like ITT, that are not accredited by accepted accreditation agencies.


This is the link to Federal Jobs, specifically regarding how they transfer degrees to a Grade Pay Scale.

This is the link to Federal Jobs site regarding the Student Career Experience Program which mentions the school must be accredited.

My story is similar to others except I attended ITT Tech for less than a year - not even four quarters - and I'm expected to payback nearly $30,000 for nothing. I withdrew because I was disgusted how ITT conducted themselves as a business and "school."

Instructors were extremely poor examples of real college professors. They were mostly late to classes more often than not. They were not up to date with curriculum and were unwilling to help you & often referred you to tutors instead of taking time to work with you. I also believe that orientation they made a very clear promise that they do not want you to fail, and if you need help with the subject that instructors are always willing to assist you. It was pretty hard to communicate with instructors after never receiving a student email. I had a couple instructors get confrontational with me. One instructor for programming came in obviously under the influence to hand out exams. Another instructor for math read my grades in front of the entire class and made fun of me. Most of the staff was unavailable I never knew who my financial aid advisor was since they kept changing the advisor I needed to talk to. The dean was never there. The registrar was never there, especially when I needed to change my schedule around. ITT Tech had trouble working with my work schedule which was important to me in order to pay for their over-priced "education." It was either on their time or not at all. Schedules were sent out as drafts, so instead of receiving a final copy of your schedule you would have to go to the school on the day of your first class to find out that you already missed your class or it was a night class with out a hint of notification. Then they had the audacity to send you an attendance reminder. The books were as worthless...if you were lucky enough to get one. I spent 3 weeks waiting to get a book and I fell behind because I was unable to study or do homework. It makes me wonder how they can run out of books when their tuition is the highest in the state of Ohio! I never did get the concept of having an online class inside a classroom!

So basically, in review Classes, instructors, financial aid, books, Staff pretty much make up the unsatisfactory education that I received when I attended for the brief time. Not only do I refuse to pay this ridiculously overpriced student loan but there is no way I can afford to. I can't go back to school because I'm nearing default and ITT Tech's credits do not transfer to any school that I want to attend. I refuse to return to any for-profit school in my lifetime. Since my withdraw in 2007 I have written to the Dean of the ITT Tech in Norwood, Ohio. Ombudsman, BBB, ACICS & my congressmen. I've been trying to obtain a refund not for myself but to Sallie Mae. Unfortunately ACICS & ITT say I'm making false accusations. BBB really couldn't assist me because of some privacy act issue which I had trouble getting a hold of. My congressmen couldn't really get involved because they are not with the government. I'm still trying to fight this. I've been on numerous other complaint sites and have found others not only in my area but across the country who are trying to fight the same cause as me. "ITT Tech Education For Your Soul."

March 2009

I am an adjunct instructor with ITT, and I totally agree with your comments.  I am preparing to leave them after teaching for only a few quarters.  I am an ethical person and have violated just about everything I stand for in the few quarters I've been with them.  I am highly qualified to teach the courses, especially considering the real world aspect ITT advertises.  The following are the problems I have with the school.

They "expect" grades to be inflated so that students can pass - most raw test scores are below 50%.  I did this based on "coaxing" from the dean and chair with their sob story about how the students have families and jobs and can't always do the required work.  I have been "coaxed" into marking students present when they were really absent - to keep an automatic drop from occurring.  I have received POOR AND INCOMPLETE materials to work with, then been told I had to cover ALL of ITT's objectives, then told I have to BE SELECTIVE WITH THE CONTENT because it's above the students' capabilities.  The brighter students are mad because their 4.0 is competing in the job market with the 4.0 of someone who can't read a part number off of an IC.  I could go on for several pages, but I'll end here saying that the students are not getting a proper education.  By the way, the school loves me as a teacher ... they have no idea I'm leaving.

February 2009

Itt dropped me from a class in the last week. The reason is because i missed three classes in a row because of medical reasons.  I kept in contact with my instructor the whole time and completed all my work.  now, because of a black and white policy.  I have to retake the class.

I have the same problem.  I attend ITT in Colorado.  For my bachelors degree I swear to God they let anyone teach at this school. This one lady, Meleanie Acousta, she does not know her head from her ass; her labs suck for the Bachelor program in Information Security.

I graduate in August and I have not learned anything about securing information.

Its a bulls*** school and is not worth the time and money.

I have had a very negative experience with ITT as far as accreditation.  I received my degree from ITT in CNS 2007, and then transferred to WCCC because I chose to change my field. But WCCC would not accept any of my credits from ITT, and they are requesting that I now take the very same classes over.  So basically I will be paying double for the same class, that I already took and passed at ITT.

When I called ITT to tell them they are telling me that I should contact WCCC and show them the program course and try and convince them to take my credits.  Why should I have to convince a school to take my credits?  Shouldn't, if a school is accredited, the credits automatically transfer?

I highly would not recommend ITT if you plan on furthering your education at another facility.  Because no other school will take them.  If anyone knows if there is a way to bring legal action against ITT then please contact me.


WCCC: probably Wayne County Community College in Lansing, Michigan.

January 2009

The quality of student far lacks that of any other educational setting I've been in. It feels like high school all over again.

Drugs, Violence, Neglect... I feel like I'm that movie Dangerous Minds... without the happy ending. It feels like I'm the only one that knows what is going on. ITT gets paid per student and they recruit anyone. I've been told that the entrance exam's IQ requirement is that slightly above of someone who requires supervision.

I was previously enrolled in an actual university and the two years I've been here at ITT have just now completed what was taught in the first three quarters there. Somehow ITT has access to funds that my traditional university wasn't able to get to. They will make sure you go into debt.

I second that.  I quit ITT before they got too much of my money.  Now I keep receiving communication from them after many requests to be removed from mailing list and phone lists. Formal complaint have been filed with UCE.GOV and the State Attorney Generals office.


i too feel sickened by itt... i went there today for a tour. i grew up with itt on the tv and figured it was a top notch school.

when i went into the kennesaw GA campus, i was greeted by mike, very nervous fella. he gave me a tour of the campus that was more like an oversized office. mike was very nervous and kept tellin me he had too much coffee. this mike guy was so nervous that he would say ugh in between every sentence and thats when i realized this was a sales pitch and he was trying to sell me.

i used to work for golds gym and its exactly like this. we would have them fill out a guest info sheet with their info just incase we didnt sell them a membership we could call them back next day. then we would tour the gym and after that sit them down and give our pitch.

well mike from itt did just that and i started counting how many times he said "ugh" it was 46 times. wtf?! i told this mike fella just to stop there i dont like feeling like im buying a car.

they then gave me some little computer quiz. they didnt even tell me the score they just said i passed. they then took me to financial aid where the guy cody told me how much aid ill get. he was very rushed to get me signing. i asked "i thought you guys needed transcripts from hs" he said for me to just bring a copy in wtf..!?

then when he told me that itt will give me a line of credit he asked for a cosigner... he told me to write their name, address, and phone down so i did. he then told me its not going to go on their credit if i dont pay and right after saying that he said i could just sign their name its no big deal... haaa i laughed and said you f**kin kidding what kind of circus u sellin here??

i decided that this was def a sales commission waiting to happen and i left.

i want these guys shut down this is a big ass scam!


If you have a local TV News station or news paper, contact them about doing an investigative report.  Let them know what you experienced.  Tell them if you wish to remain anonymous.  It seems ITT prefers to either extend a line of credit, because ITT gets additional income from the interest rates, or they like victims students to get a student loan since it guarantees ITT payment which is almost impossible to be refunded.

And, as always, contact the Better Business Bureau.

It's the same old song an dance here at Fort Wayne's ITT Tech.